sister Caught in the Act

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sister Caught in the Act”Hey, you made it. Cool, right?” Bill asked as he greeted me at the door. This was a party for the sorority Delta Kappa Epsilon, and was held at one of the girl’s parent’s house, who went out of town every winter. Well, they should have stuck around for this one, it was not to be missed. I looked past my friend Bill, up at the impressive three story stairway at the even more impressive girls walking down it.”Have you seen my sister?” I asked, as I shook his hand. Becky was a new member and I was going to surprise her by crashing her party. We’ve always butted heads and now that she was in college, I was going to try even harder to make her life miserable by embarrassing her in front of her new friends.”Ah… No… She’s here somewhere I bet.” He paused before telling me this next part. Bill grinned as he described the main event.”I told you this was going to be a wild party, there’s a glory hole in the garage, check it out after you grab a beer.” He laughed. I sure as shit wasn’t going to wait for shit and headed straight for it. When I got there, a tall girl with glasses was sitting at a table just in front of a curtain. “That’ll be twenty five dollars.” She said matter-of-factly. I dug my money out of my pocket and handed her a couple crumpled bills, asking her how it was going.”We’ve just about reached our goal, and it’s only ten O’clock!” She cheerfully responded. I looked dumbly back at her and she grinned with her answer.”Our sorority wants to go to Jamaica for spring break, and this is our final fund raiser.” Like she thought I knew that already. I nodded as she directed me to wait my turn around the corner. There were two guys ahead of me and they were as nervous as I was, shuffling their feet and impatiently waiting to get head.”The good part of this is, it doesn’t matter what she looks like as long as she sucks.” One of the guys standing there told me. I grunted my agreement and watched as a heavy guy just came out of the area built with a couple bed sheets to accommodate the glory hole area. He raised his hands over his head and pumped them as he walked by us. I was getting more impatient by the second now.A few more minutes and I was at the head of the line. A dark haired girl with a cute ass walked past me and went around the corner. I heard her ask another girl, who I assumed was the one servicing all the guys, if she wanted a break. There was a muffled reply which I couldn’t quite make out.”Well, one more then really, you should take a rest, you’ve done twenty guys tonight, for god’s sake — you’re doing all the work for everybody!” A few more seconds passed and the same girl went by me again and I stared at her lips and imagined who it would be to have them wrapped around my cock. Then I thought about the girl inside the makeshift booth. Twenty guys? Was that counting the one she was doing now or not? God, what a slut this girl must be. I guessed she really loved giving head — or really wanted to go to Jamaica.The guy in the booth yelled out that he was cumming and a few seconds later I heard him thank the girl, and he walked out, staggering.”Fuck, that girl can suck! She won’t let you cum in her mouth though, but still, fucking incredible!” He told me as he went back to the party.My mouth was adiosbet yeni giriş dry and I wished I’d taken Bill’s advice and gotten a beer first. I paused to catch my breath and opened up the curtain and went inside. It was small, about six foot square. It was pretty dark and the only light was shining through the sheet from the garage. I looked down and saw the hole. Unzipping my pants, I gave myself a few strokes and stuck my dick through it.”You can’t cum in my mouth, understand? If you do, there’s a hundred dollar fine, got it?” The girl warned me. After I swore I wouldn’t, she took my cock between her lips and began to suck me off. My hips were pressed against the fabric as she used her hand to hold what wouldn’t fit in her mouth. I wished I could see her, but imagined she was as pretty as the one who was waiting to relieve her. There was something about her voice, and I was trying to place where I heard it before, when she began jacking me off harder, leaving the head of my cock in her mouth as she picked up the pace. Fuck! No wonder none of the guys ahead of me lasted too long. This girl was good!I moaned, getting closer by the second. The girl ran her tongue around the head of my dick as she jerked me off in her mouth. Her lips tightened their grip and she started making sexy noises, like she couldn’t wait to have me unload. I raised up on the balls of my feet as I grunted out that I was cumming, and sent the first shot into the air as she pulled her mouth off my dick.”Oh, fuck, that feels good!” I moaned as I shot another three or four good blasts out. She kept jerking me as I came, making sure I was a satisfied customer.”Oh, thanks… You’re incredible…” I panted as she released my cock.”Tell the next guy to come in, OK?” The girl told me. Suddenly it dawned on me where I heard that voice before. I grabbed a hold of the sheet and gave it a pull, revealing the girl behind it. “Becky?” I asked in shock.”Jason? What the fuck are you doing here?” She responded. I looked down at her. There was a cum stained pillow under her knees, and cum all over the floor and her legs as well.”I could ask you that one too.” I shot back, raising my voice, disgusted to see her like this.”I’m in the sorority.” My sister said like I was some kind of fool. Just then, the tall girl from up front came around the corner and saw me holding the sheet that was suppose to be keeping her hidden. “You have to keep the sheet in place, you know…” I was cautioned by the new girl.”So what the fuck are you doing here?” I asked my sister, ignoring what the other girl had told me.”You moron, I’m helping out with our fund raiser, now get the fuck out, already.” She spat back, not being sorry in the least for her actions.The tall girl looked back and forth at us and asked, “Do you two know each other?””Yea.” I replied, still pissed off to find my sister sucking cock at this thing. My head was pounding as I prepared to tell the world what just happened.”She’s my…” I started to say, but Becky interrupted me.”Girlfriend.” She said, catching me off guard. I stared at her, but thought better of correcting her. I mean, what would they think if they found out their newest member just sucked off her own brother?”Oh…” The girl looked nervous adiosbet giriş and turned her attention back to Becky. “You guys OK?” She asked, not really wanting to hear the answer.”No problem, we were thinking of breaking up anyway.” Becky now was standing and right in my face as she spoke. My eyes dropped as I noticed the cum spots on her top.”I hate to say this, but there are a couple guys waiting…” The tall girl told us as she pulled the sheet out of my arms and started to hang it up again. I began to help, though I was still in shock from all this. My sister grabbed the other corner and between the three of us, we got it back in place, the hole centered nice and neat. The girl stood back and cleared her throat.”You need me to relieve you?” She asked my sister quietly. Becky stared at me as she responded.”No, my asshole boyfriend was just leaving.” She challenged me, kneeling in front of the hole.”Like hell I am, not while my cocksucking girlfriend is still here.” I shot back, not budging an inch.”Fine, watch if you like, pervert.” Becky looked up at the tall girl and told her to send the next guy in. Not wanting to be a part of this at all, she walked around the corner as fast as she could. A few moments later, we heard her tell one of the guys that they could go in.I stood there as a cock appeared through the hole. My sister locked her eyes on mine and leaned forward, putting it between her lips, forgetting to tell the guy the rules of the glory hole. My sister and I had always fought, but I never really knew why, but everything I said, she’d take the opposite side, so it figured that she’d enjoy sucking a strange cock in front of me.”You liked sucking me off, didn’t you?” I whispered down at her as she positioned the head of his dick just inside her mouth, then began to jerk off the shaft, giving this unknown guy the same treatment she’d given me. Becky didn’t answer as she guy on the other side of the sheet asked if there as somebody else in there besides her.Just then, the girl who had offered to relieve my sister earlier, poked her head around the corner.”I heard your boyfriend was here, let me finish this guy.” She whispered down to my sister, who just shook her head as she jerked this guys cock as fast as she could, trying to get him to cum humiliating me the best she knew how.”Somebody’s boyfriend is back there?” The guy asked, able to hear everything through the thin sheet.”I’m going to take her place, just a second, huh? Every things OK.” She told him as she got down on the pillow next to my sister, who wasn’t stopping. Becky had his dick tightly between her lips and was looking up at me as she shook her head when her friend asked her again to switch places.”I’m gonna cum …” The guy yelled out. I stepped forward and grabbed a hold of my sister by the hair, prying the cock from her mouth. The new girl just sat there in shock as it started spraying everywhere, getting all over both the girls.”You fucker!’ My sister cursed as I pulled her farther back from the ejaculating cock. One bit gob hit her right on the cheek as she looked up at me.”I can do whatever the fuck I want — you aren’t the boss of me!” My sister continued to curse as she stood up. The guy who’d just cum was asking what the hell was adiosbet güvenilirmi going on back there when my sister started out the door. We both were yelling at each other as we passed the line of guys waiting their turn. Too bad for them that they wouldn’t get the pleasure of my sister’s mouth on their dicks, I thought as I brushed by them.”Twenty guys? I mean it, you are one fucked up bitch!” I grabbed her arm and spun her around to face me as we mad our way outside and were now standing in the cool night air.”You weren’t complaining while it was your dick.” She countered, staring me right in the face as she spoke. I stared in her green eyes and then my gauze dropped to her sexy lips, lips that had been wrapped around my cock not ten minutes ago.”I think you liked having your own sister suck you off, didn’t you?’ She was right in my face now, and mad as a hornet.”Yea… I did…” I began to calm down, and realize I’ve always wanted to stick my dick down her throat — and more.”You’re the sick fuck here, not me.” Becky yelled as she turned and stormed off down the street. As we passed my car, I grabbed her and pushed her inside.”Where are we going?” She asked, giving up the fight.”Home.” I answered, slamming the door and running around to the other side.”Are you going to tell mom?” Becky asked, suddenly sounding worried.”I should, but I think we can work this out between the two of us instead.” I told her as I started the engine. I think she knew that I meant business and didn’t fight me as I pulled her head down in my lap. I took the long way home and each time I got close to cumming, I’d pull out and tell her not until we got to our driveway. I wanted her to know that our folks were going to be right inside as she sucked off her brother.Twenty minutes later, I pulled up to our garage and turned off the engine, the sounds of her slurping getting louder now that my car was off.”We’re home.” I announced, running my hands through her long brown hair. She started to get up, thinking we were finished, but I pressed her head back down.”No, I’m going to cum in your mouth right here. I bet mom is looking out the window, wondering why I don’t come inside. I wonder if they suspect that their daughter is sucking their son’s cock?” Becky didn’t say a word, but just started sucking again. “How many cocks did you suck tonight?” I asked as I pulled out of her mouth.”You fucker.” She answered, her voice raspy from sucking so many cocks this evening.”Well, that’s better than being a cocksucker, isn’t it?” I laughed, making her pay for being such a slut.”I hope you enjoy this, because it’s the last time.” Becky told me as I reached down to slip my hand up her top.”Like hell it is, you’re my new play toy, when I want a blowjob, you’ll open your mouth, understand me?” I threatened. She didn’t answer as I wedged my dick back between her soft lips. I could see the curtain in the living room draw back as our mother looked outside. I wondered if she noticed Becky’s head bobbing up and down in my lap.”And that rule about not cumming in your mouth?” I asked her, not expecting a response. She knew I was going to flood her tonsils and kept sucking as I played with her tits. I especially liked pinching them as she squirmed. Eighteen years of putting up with her shit and finally I was getting my revenge. Two seconds later, I couldn’t hold off any longer and shot a wad of sticky goo in my sister’s mouth. I moved my free hand down her stomach and into her panties as I blasted away. Just as I thought, her slit was wet as hell…

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