Sissy’s first BBC

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Big Tits

Sissy’s first BBCThis happened awhile ago, i was 19, and i figure some people have asked me to write more so here goes =]I was lookin around on craigslist… so i was horny and wanting it! Scrolling around and found a black guy who wanted some ass. No real specific requests, so i figured i may as well reply. In my town it is a bit rare to find black men who are down to fuck a sissy! I had sucked one BBC before while visiting North Carolina, sucked him off in a park which was great =] But that is another story and not nearly as entertaining.So he replied back. Very little info. A pic of his cock… which did a lot of convincing hehe. Here is the pic on the ad.. yes i kept it =]That and my horniness kind of sealed the deal. So I got all smooth and dressed up. I put my long curly hair into pigtails, naturally hehe. I had basically this outfit on, but instead of the white panties i had on my crotchless black lace boyshorts with tiny pink bows.Then i put on snow pants and a coat, and pushed my hair into a large beanie. It was like january, and snowy, and night time. So i was ready. I got his phone number and got in the car, google mapping the address he gave me. The closer i got the more nervous i got. When i finally got to the neighborhood it was a trailer park… and not a very nice one. There were not paved roads, or they were really terrible. Hard to tell through the snow. But i was super horny, and i reasoned to myself that i was always nervous as fuck driving to a place dressed like a girl to meet a stranger… just go for it.So i got there. And wow. walked through a broken up white fence.. knocked. and he opened the door. Big guy, tall. Not really fat, but very big. He was wearing jim shorts and a t shirt. Didn’t say anything just moved so i could go in. I went in and immediately almost tripped. The entire trailer was covered with clutter. And it was freezing. But i was in.. and he was closing the door. He mumbled something and started walking so i followed him. navigating through boxes and clutter, we got to his room. It was pretty much just a queen sized mattress with a laptop next to it and then piles of clothes. He got straight into bed and under the covers and i just stood there. Nervous as fuck and wondering what i had gotten into.Looking up at me standing there he said “Well get in here, its freezing!” It was true. And it was nice of him to be concerned i supposed. So i stripped off my coat and pants, facing away from him. I pulled off the beanie. And when i turned around he was looking at me.. and just sort of laughed at me and held the covers up for me to get under. When i got in, we were both lying there face down on our elbows. And he was setting a movie up on the laptop. The whole time he was just asking me WHY i dress up and stuff. And sort of scoffing at my terrible attempts to justify it. Then he asked if i had seen Batman The Dark Knight, which i had actually not seen at that point. He scoffed at me not having seen that too.. very judgmental! hahaSo the movie starts and there is a silence for awhile. Eventually i had some of the pint of whiskey i had brought (he had recommended some alcohol might be good) and he had something to drink also. More silence and time went by. And then eventually i just felt his hands on me. Back of my thigh. Coming up. Then my ass… all over squeezing it and m0lesting it.. no permission needed apparently, so he just started. I didn’t say anything. I didn’t say stop or anything and holy fuck i went from awkwardly silent and confused to completely turned on and excitedly terrified! He kept feeling… my silicone tits were next. He seemed to like those. Squeezing and prodding. Then his hand was in my panties, through the crotch bursa escort hole… he hadn’t spit on his fingers and while i had sort of lubed a little at home it was a bit uncomfortable. Pushing into me.. not really penetrating just sort of… mapping my boihole out in the dark. He never seemed to want to touch my lil sissy balls, but he rubbed and prodded right under them a LOT. I still hadn’t said anything. Occasional moans and other noises, maybe trying to show him which things i liked and didn’t so much. Although he didn’t seem so concerned with that. He still hadn’t said anything. Then, seeming abrupt to me, he just sort of got up on all fours, and stepped over me, on all fours about me… and my panties got roughly yanked down. I was in a sort of bodystocking that attached to the leg portions with a stretching lace garter, sewn on. I didn’t want to ruin it, as it was a bit hard to get ahold of clothes while i lived with my parents. So i was stuck. my legs together, panties on my mid thighs, and he had pulled me onto my knees. Still on my elbows looking at.. fucking batman. Then there was the familiar feeling of a man sliding a cold, lubricant covered finger over my fuckslot… i gritted my teeth as the finger went in with little notice. I think i made a little yelp. I was very very tight at this point. I still am, although not as much after well.. nights like this one was. Then another finger went in oh my god owwww but i was mostly silent. Another squeal maybe and more teeth gritting. Then i felt something different. Something that felt warmer than my tiny hole did, even after the finger violation. This was it. This was the cock that, when i expressly asked if he had lube, he replied “yes ky. pretty azz wanna see more plz. n hope you can take my size” about. Then it hurt a lot. And i quickly put my hand back and pushed him back a little, squirming away. I said something about how he had to go slow.He stopped for around.. i dunno. probably 15 seconds. Hard to tell. But i think he was super horny so he just started pushing in. I squealed a bit, but then suddenly i felt an inaudible ‘pop’ and the head of that big black cock of his was inside of me. He was nice enough to keep going slow. He rocked back and forth, working into me, but never pulling the head of that monster past my doorway. I was regaining my composure a little. Starting to feel good. Omg. I am full of black cock… i totally forgot about the creepy place that i was, i was a hot little slut getting fucked!Eventually he was going quicker. Burying more of it in me. Most of it. And then i felt his hips hit me every thrust. I was really doing it, riding a black cock all the way! And fuck i loved it. I started to moan and point my perky ass up at him and before long i was flat on the bed, his weight on me pinning me, just taking it as it was given. Still he had said nothing since the conversation about me having seen batman, and since then i had been felt up and was now being fully impaled on what i felt to be a ludicrously massive cock. And i still hadn’t seen it.. it had been under the covers and behind me the whole time. Eventually he started to breath hard, his thrusts were more abrupt, and then i was really feeling his weight as he laid on me, completely on top of me.. completely inside me, and shot hot cum into me. I might have cum too, i mean i loved the fuck out of it, but it was hard when i could barely fill my lungs with air!We laid there for what seemed awhile. Then he pulled out. I felt cum drip on my ass. And he laid back next to me. Back to batman… he finally spoke. All he fucking said was “Did you miss the movie? Were you watching?” and then he got pissed that i had missed it, and went from bursa escort bayan like 30 or 40 minutes into the movie to the beginning again?! wtf.We laid there. drank a shot or two each. Shared a cigarette. All mostly silently.Then it happened again. Groping again. Not for as long. Then he was on top of me. And in me. And i lay there taking the cock that was given to me. My cum filled hole was ruined for the short term, and hungrily accepted the big black cock back inside, and all i had to say for myself were various bitchy little slut moans and giddy little squeals. I didn’t even want to cum. I was just so excited to be his tight little young snow bunny slam-piece. He was bigger than me. Older than me. Stronger than me. And frankly he fucking scared me. But all i wanted to be was his bitch! He was really fucking me now too! It is hard to know if it was in my head or not, but i swear i heard him say under his breath something like “Unnhgg yahhhhh sluttt”Heaven. Then more cum flooded into me. Then he came out, wet and HEAVY big black cock slapping my ass and it popped out. and more fucking batman. This time he didn’t restart. And he had his hand on my ass still. just exploring my body up and down. Once he accidentally grazed my cock and then roughly jammed it back forward under my tummy, hidden. Ow. Point taken.Then he was in me again…holy shit that wasn’t even that long… and i was once again being used. The giant pole flew straight into my sopping wet little cock pocket, and i broke the silence. “YESSS fuck me daddy! Fuck your little snow bunny with that huge black cock!” No reply. But he went faster. Perfect! =]Then he was on me again, his arm was literally across my cheek pushing me into the pillow with him leaning on it, and i was being slammed. I couldn’t really move so i worked my sluttiest muscles around his cock and pulled the cum out of that amazing cock. Whew. amazing. he was off of me and i was starting to breath normally.I am not sure it it was after 3 or 4 uses, but eventually i had to meet the cock up front. I needed to get up close with the creature that was making me into a worthless little fleshlight. So i asked shyly if i could suck it… interrupting the batman movie. He didn’t even look at me. sort of shrugged. and then like at least 30 seconds later he rolled a little so his body faced me.I moved down to it.. and he pulled the blanket over me, wanting to stay warm i guess. Still in the dark. Still couldn’t see it. But i could feel it. He was soft.. and big. I couldn’t get him in my mouth all the way, since the big hot thick floppy cock didn’t have the rigidity to push into my throat. That, and i had very minimal experience deep throating. But soon it was hard. and omg so big. it felt like most of my forearm, almost to my wrist. Naturally my mouth was all over it. Sliding the tip of my tongue into the large cum-hole of his cock, as i love to do, tasting the cum that had either not made it into my cunt last time, or was starting to rise up from my eager cocksucker behavior. Then i just had to. I slapped it on my face. Omg. So heavy. I moaned like a whore and kept beating myself up with it for a few seconds.. then back in. Now his hands were on my head and he was fucking into my mouth. Deeper and deeper and GAG deeper.. omg. he wouldn’t fit my my throat. But i wanted him to so i kept trying and gagging and failing. I was very disappointed. Eventually i think he got bored of feeling too tight a hole in the back of the cocksucker under the cover’s mouth.. the cock came out and he slapped my face with it.. HARD omg yess.. i actually thanked him. “OMG yeahh! Fuck yes cockslap your bitch daddy!” i said.. probably muffled by the covers. Who knows if escort bursa he said anything, all i heard was the cock hitting my face. SLAP SLAP SLAP, sometimes the head smacked my eyes… whatever. so good. when he was done, i was panting and just rubbing it on my face in the darkness. this massive unseen wet cock.. sliding.. up my cheek.. under my nose.. i pressed it across my lips with the head in my eye and flutteredmy eyelash so he could feel my tiny face on such a big cock. He was slapping my faggot ass while i buried my face in cock, I was panting and so horny and LOVING IT. Licking from under his balls all the way to the tip and back… i wish i could fall asleep with a black cock d****d across my face every night. It was wonderful! After more of me sucking that cock i felt him reaching down and grabbed a pigtail and tugged.. leading me back up… then holding my face down as he put his weight on the hand that still held my haird and swung onto me. He was back on top. Only taking me in doggy every time, he definitely must have seen me as a simple sex puppet. This time he fucked me harder, pulled my hair more.. which i loved.. and came faster.. and it was great.Off me again. I went to the bathroom to pee.. yeah thats a machete there on the toilet. Wtf. Im going back into his bed tho fuck who cares. The movie played at least twice.. not including the first attempt at watching. And i think he put something else on eventually. I don’t remember. All i know is he must have shot his cum into me at least 18 times. Only a couple were in my mouth.. sad because i loved his cum. But it was amazing. But it all sort of ran together after awhile. I was pretty far into the whiskey and pretty much there for the ride. But i definitely remember the last one.He was on me again. Here we go. i am sure i was grinning, happy to be up on all fours again doing as he wished. And i was drunk. He had still barely said much. But i was starting to talk a little more.. loosened up in more than one way. I was taking it.. and saying “YEAH ughh FUCKK me dadddy! Fuck your little fucking bitch! YEah!”And then i said something maybe i shouldn’t have. “FUCK ME AS HARD AS YOU CAN AND PULL MY FUCKING HAIR”He did. And idk if his cock grew too or what but even drunk me screamed when that cock hit me. He had grabbed my thighs hard and lifted my lower body up and yanked me onto his thrust. I bounced forward knocking his laptop off the box, i spilled his ashtray and my head was up against the wall.. and then he was just pissed. He finally made some noise. And while i don’t know all of what he said because i was barely fucking thinking, but it was a long stream of insults including things like “WHAT THE FUCK WATCH MY SHIT! WATCH MY SHIT SLUT! DON”T FUCKIN FUCK WIT MY SHIT YOU STUPID LITTLE FAGGOT!”And i was panicking. I mean i was scrambling my arms for somewhere to rest myself but kept hitting shit. All i could see was the wall that my head was hitting and he was fucking holding my hair while i hit it! Also, oh yeah, he was fucking bottoming out inside me, like really full hilt into me and wtf wtf wtf omg this is what black cock is supposed to be! And then i finally came for the first time the whole night/morning. I spurted my sissy cum so hard.. idk where it went.. i was all twisted up against the wall.. and he was finishing. I think he felt me go sort of limp as i came and thought he fucked me u*********s or something.. who knows but he came pretty soon after. He went to the bathroom.. so i cleaned myself up as best i could and got dressed.. i left saying bye shyly and he nodded. The only conversations we had had were briefly in between the later few sessions of pounding me. Most of it was him looking at me with this just confused and mildly put off expression and asking me all about why the fuck i go out and do what i am doing.. and something about me needing jesus. Then back inside me. So weird. Such an amazing experience.

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