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Sissy StartWhen I was a young man and still living at home my parents went away for a weekend which was fairly rare thing to happen. We lived in a cottage on a big estate where I had grown up and mum and dad both worked. They left on the Friday so I have a boozy night out with my mates and got to bed a bit the worst for wear. Next morning I was awoken by a loud knocking on the door, not what I wanted after the night before.I dragged myself down to the door in just my dressing gown and opened it to find Doreen standing on the door step. She was the daughter of one of the other estate workers and several years older than me. As k**s we had played together at times with the other k**s of the same age who were from families who worked the estate. I had not really seen her for some time as she had got married a couple of years back to one of the older farm hands. But here she was all cheery and smile saying hello. I managed a “hi” as she invited herself in. She then told me that my mum had said they were away and had asked her to drop in to see I was okay which knowing my mother sound about right!“So are you going to make me a coffee then” she asked “or just stand there”? I moved to the kitchen to put the kettle on and made the said coffee which I was much in need off. I was not too sure what to say to her but all was fine as she chatted away about when we were k**s and the games we use to play.She laughed at my obvious embarrassment when she talked about how I was dressed as a girl by some of the older girls and then I would play with them as their younger sister. It happened several times and I did remember enjoying the whole thing but it was not something I was now happy talking about. But Doreen persisted in the line and said what a nice little bursa escort girl I made. I was squiring I have to say at this point and then it got worse as she pointed out my now long hair which I had grown since I left school several years ago. “You look even more like a girl now than you did then” she teased “bet you still like to dress up”? If I thought I was squirming before I now was for sure. The answer to her question was “yes” and I had a small stash of woman’s cloths I would dress up in when no one was about. My mind was racing and I answer her in an annoyed voice “no I don’t, who told you that”?“No one told me I saw you a couple of times through your bed room window. I was going to say something to you mum and dad but thought that would be unkind”. I was stuck for words and then she said “I could still say something if you like or I see your friends down the pub sometimes and I could tell them”. I was frozen with embarrassment and the feeling of guilt.She smiled broadly and said “cat got your tongue”? I just blurted out “you won’t say anything will you, I was just fooling around it was nothing”.“ I won’t say anything, not if you’re a good boy, or should I say good girl” she giggled. ”Go and open the front door I have left a bag outside and I what you to bring it in”. Outside was a fairly large hold all which she told me to take to my bedroom and put it on the bed. She then told me to leave her in the bedroom and wait back in the kitchen. After a couple of minutes she came in to the kitchen and I was instructed to go to my room and put on the clothes on the bed and then return to her.On the bed was what was obviously her old school uniform. She was a big girl and always had been so she must have realised that there was a good chance these clothes bursa escort bayan would fit me, which they did apart from the old blazer which was short in the sleeves. Navy knickers, plated skirt, white blouse, white socks (tight fit), and blazer.I walked back in to the kitchen not know what to say or where to look but Doreen seemed pleased. “Very nice, now let’s do your hair”. She sat me in a chair and brushed my hair out and then put it in to small bunches. “Now stand up and let me see you”.She walked around me and smiled. “So pretty, what a pretty girl you are Jane”. Jane had been the name of another girl off the estate and I think it was Doreen’s best friend. “lift you skirt up and let me see your panties”. I lifted it up and she ran her hand over them which gave me an instant hard on.” Do you want to see my sexy panties” she asked and almost at once raised her shirt to show off here floral patterned nylon panties. “Nice? Come and touch them there’s a good girl”. I ran my hands all over them and the feeling was wonderful I have to say. Doreen was letting out little moans. “Take my panties off please”. I obliged and her thick brush came in to sight. My hand was straight up feeling her thick black mass of hair and she almost instantly parted her legs letting out a loud moan at the same time. “Put your finger in me Jane, feel how wet I am for you”.God she was wet, my inexperience made me think she had pissed herself. I pushed my finger deep in to her and she just moaned louder and louder. “O kiss me, kiss me” she pleaded. I straighten up to kiss her lips and she pushed me down “not on my mouth Jane, where you know I like it” and she pushed my face in to her cunt. Again my inexperience told but from her moans I soon found out what she liked escort bursa and did not like.She held my head firmly while I licked her out and finally she had a massive orgasm bucking away at my face. She stood there panting for what seemed an age with her cunt still pushed in to my face. I was desperate to do something to relieve my hard cock so started to rub it slowly at first but then getting more frantic. “stop that” she suddenly shouted “stop now”. I did as she asked and stood there desperate for relief. “I what to see it, so knickers down for me” she ordered and I obliged. “still a tiny little sweet thing” she mocked “but you have been a good girl so I think a treat is in order”.She walked or to the kitchen table and bent over lifting her skirt back up. Her legs parted I could see her hairy cunt which I had just licked out. “Come on then do you best and give me a good fucking”. God I was good to go but I was soon over shooting my spunk up inside her. “Have you come” she asked “Don’t put out of me, keep you cock up me until I say to take it out”. She then started to finger her cunt and the moaning restarted. My cock slowly got limper and then gravity took over and it flopped out.“Lay on the floor on your back, now” she ordered and once I had done this she sat on my face with her cunt over my mouth. She rubbed her cunt backwards and forwards over my mouth and nose “this is our little secret and you are my little bitch, understand”? She lifted herself up just enough so I could answer her in the positive then she pushed her cunt back in my face. “Lick me clean; get that spunk out for my cunt”. I would have but I could hardly move as she pushed down on me. In this position she then rubbed herself off again having another orgasm.She sat on my face for several minute after coming, breathing heavily. Then she raised up again and asked “who’s my good girl, who’s my dirty Lesbian bitch? “You are” I answered and then she pushed her cunt back down again on my face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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