Sissy Son Sucks Drunk Dad Ch. 02

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As I cinched my mom’s old red corset tight around my little torso I was amazed to realize just how thin my mom actually was. It was hard to catch my breath with it fully tight. But dad says it’s his favorite and I want to look my best for him when he gets home tonight. If I’m lucky I’ll get to taste that beautiful, monster-sized daddy cock again.

I’m laying on my bed, on top of the covers with my bedroom door wide open as daddy finally walks in the front door around 11pm. My stomachs is churning with butterflies as I anxiously await his reaction to my exposed little sissy body, dressed only in mom’s matching red bra and panties, and her tight corset.

He walks immediately to my door and stands in the doorway. He says nothing.

I try to speak but I find a knot in my throat and as my lips part no words come out.

I see daddy grin before saying, “So it wasn’t just a dream last night. You really do dress like a girl.”

I nodded yes, but still couldn’t speak.

His eyes scanned my body up and down.

“You look like a sexier, younger version of your mom, ya know that? But if I remember right, your blow job needs work.”

“I’m sorry daddy,” I finally muttered with my head hung in shame.

Then I looked up to meet his gaze as I announced, “But I want to do better if you will please let me try!”

With that he reached his hand out, gently grasping my jaw as he chuckled and said, “Now you sound just like your mom.”

Then to my excitement he dropped his pants and released his cock from his underwear right at my mouth level.

“You want to be my slut?” He asked.

“Yes sir” I replied.

“You want me to use you for sex, to fuck you and do anything I want?” He asked.

“Yes daddy, please!” I begged.

“Ok” daddy agreed, “but there will be rules. Rule one; daddy’s slut never tells daddy no. And rule two; daddy’s dick never stops at the head. Can you follow daddy’s rules?”

“Yes daddy.” I replied as I put my mouth over daddy’s cock, grabbed him tight by the ass cheeks and began pulling my head as far onto his cock as possible, pushing his erect head to the back of my throat. Pushing harder and harder I suddenly felt something almost pop in my throat bahis siteleri as it opened wide for the first time and his swollen cock throated me hard. Once it went in I felt his hands grip the back of my head and he pushed himself even deeper inside my mouth, before thrusting slowly.

My sissy clitty exploded with dad buried deep in my throat, fucking my face like a cheap pussy. He pulled out to let me catch my breath before shoving it back in again. I’m not sure who was more determined to get it to slide all the way in. Him thrusting and pulling my head, or me pulling myself on him with all my might. But our combined efforts paid off and soon he was fucking me balls deep, grunting angrily as he continued violating my throat with all ten inches of his daddy cock.

Eventually he pulled out, and slowly stroking his spit-covered cock with one hand and said, “Now I get to fuck that ass!”

My words came up as phlegm. Didn’t matter though. They were scared words. But they certainly weren’t the word ‘No’.0

I positioned myself on all fours on the bed and attempted to arch my back as best as the corset allowed, to show him I’m ready.

He climbed up behind me, pulled my panties to one side and said, “What’s daddy’s second rule?”

“Daddy’s dick never stops at the head,” I nervously replied.

“That’s right slut.” He said, “I don’t have time to ease you into this. You want to be a slut? You need to be ready to take all of me at all times!”

Then daddy gripped the back of my neck with one hand while aligning his wet cock with my tight little hole with his other hand.

I shout out a loud, anguishing scream as he pushes his horny, enraged cock through my tiny ass and deep into me. There is no pause from insertion to full on fucking. He now grips all the way around my neck with both hands while he hammers away, stretching me to fit him like a glove. I couldn’t stop the noises of pain escaping my lips, but after a few minutes of unrelenting sodomy I noticed the noises coming from my mouth began to sound more like pleasureful squealing, which eventually evolved to moaning.

Daddy moved his hands to my shoulders and, still not stopping asked, “Do you feel my balls on your little dick, canlı bahis siteleri slut?”

Taking a moment to notice I responded between pants, “no sir, I don’t.”

That’s right slut,” daddy replied. “So tell me rule two.”

“Daddy never stops at the head!” I answered.

And with that he thrusted even deeper, holding my shoulders as he shoved all ten inches through parts of my asshole I never knew were there. It felt like the pain returned ten-fold as he took his virgin slut’s cherry.

I couldn’t say ‘stop’, and I couldn’t bring my self to say ‘more’, so I just started uncontrollably screaming, “Please Daddy! Please! Please! Please!”

As tears streamed down my cheeks and somewhere deep in my stomach it felt as if I were being ripped open again and again with each cruel, hard, long thrust.

Somewhere between my screams and daddy bottoming out inside me with each full thrust, he finally reached the satisfaction he needed and exploded his seed deep inside my now quivering ass. He held himself pressed as deep inside me as possible until well after his last spasm of cum spurted into his new slut’s hole.

Before pulling out he learned forward, kissed my neck, and whispered, “Now clean daddy’s cock.”

I couldn’t even focus at this time. I just moved deliriously to his softening cock, wrapped my lips around and sucked and sucked until daddy finally told me I could stop. Then we both fell asleep, with me lying there between his legs.

I remember I dreamed wonderful dreams that night. Dreams of cock and sex and submission. When I awoke I was so happy to find my face stuck to daddy’s giant ballsack. Instinctively I began licking and I heard him wake with a pleasant groan.

“Good gurl,” he said. “That’s just how daddy likes to be woken up.”

I popped a ball from my mouth, smiled up at him and said, “Thank you daddy. Can I please have some cum before breakfast?”

Daddy smiled down at me.

“Of course you may.”

Then slowly standing up he said, “But you need more stretching first. Slide your head off the edge of the bed, daddy’s going to fuck your throat. We don’t want it closing up again.”

I happily complied. Lying on my back, I let my head slump canlı bahis backwards off the bed where daddy’s cock was waiting. I opened my mouth as he held my head and slowly stuffed his delicious dick into my still-tender throat inch by inch until he was all the way in and my gagging eventually signified I needed air. He kindly pulled out before going into a long thrust, to repeatedly expand my throat till I can fit him comfortably.

As he used my head as a fleshlight I began thinking about my other hole and how it’s holding up this morning. I’ve never been fucked that hard before, or hurt so bad. But I definitely didn’t want it closing up either.

I gently tapped daddy’s leg until he pulled out enough for me to speak.

“I changed my mind daddy. Will you please cum in my ass? Deep, so I don’t close up anymore? Please daddy?” I pleaded.

He smiled again and said, “Of course. You want your holes always open. That’s a good thing. But I’m already close, so assume the position and I’ll go straight in.”

I did as he said and he kept his word too. He pressed the head of his dick from the ring of my butthole to being balls deep in one steady thrust, leaving me breathless again, feeling my sides spread and press tighter into the corset I’ve been bound in all night. And after a few more thrusts aimed specifically at maxing his depth in me he came once more into my now-widening sissy ass.

Then I spun around and plopped his dirty cock in my mouth to clean him before he even had the chance to tell me.

Over breakfast daddy explained if I’m to be his full-time slut, there will be requirements outside of “normal” cumbucket duties.

“A good slut must always be feminine and ready to be used. If you are my slut you will be one at ALL times. This means, always dressed for sex and ready to service me anywhere.

This also means you will be in chastity. Your little pecker is useless to me, and you don’t need it for sex so we will lock it up.

And finally, your holes aren’t nearly big enough for the things you will be doing for my entertainment and sexual pleasure. There were things your mom couldn’t even fit, but with enough training, you will.

So I think a trip to the adult book store is first on today’s list. Go put on a thin sun dress and bright panties. I’m going to make you a better slut than your mom ever was!”

“Oh thank you daddy!” I gleefully replied.

“I can’t wait to please you!”

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