Simply Miranda Ch. 02

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Doug’s knuckle brushed on the great white washed oak door. Miranda’s door was off centered, it wasn’t exactly easily seen on the pent house floor. His knuckles had just been about to knock a little louder the second time.

The door slid open and there she stood in perfect lighting. White angelic looking short dress, hair framing her face and shoulders. The halter top bared her skin which looked like a pure white rose petal. Doug felt her scent envelope his olfactory senses, wafting playing with his senses. Her eyes were emerald green with lighter rings around the iris’s.

Her delicate features were emboldened by his presence.

Stepping away from the door slightly leaving room that he would have to brush her full length. She motioned him inside her inner sanctuary. As she planned he walked so close she could feel his muscles in his Armani suit. She knew about his cleaning at the tables.

“Mr. Brooks. Good evening. Here may I help you with your coat? I can help you slip in your smoking jacket.” Miranda holding her hands up to help slip off his Armani suit jacket.

As he slipped the suit coat off, she slid on a velvet jacket. It was like a fine made dinner jacket. She handed him a glass of Cristal and his cigar. Motioning for him to walk behind her a Billy Joel song came on. Piano Man she started to dance as she walked. Keeping her body in motion. Doug’s eye was transfixed to the hem of that short dress. Every once in a great while her custom made white silk panties flashed him. Lace across the two mounds shaping her buttocks. The curve underneath was bare for his enjoyment. Miranda was aware of the flounce of the skirt. Knew he was seeing her firm ass. The music kept her dancing, she even gave him a sight that took his breath away. She high kicked where her foot and ankle went above her beautiful almost six foot body.

Doug’s body went numb his mind was euphoric by this creature. As the music died she turned towards him taking his hand she sat him in an over stuffed chair on her terrace. Sat at his knee’s, lit his cigar

refilled his Cristal. Crossing her legs she allowed them to lay snugly against the other and letting them slipping to the side gracefully.

His eyes watched the beads shaking as she swayed and sashayed. Now looking at this creature at his hand he felt many senses being fed.

“So Miranda, I was pampered I’m sure by you. How did you know I enjoy a great cigar along with Cristal on a terrace after a day of gambling?” Doug asked knowing he wouldn’t get answered.

Miranda smiled into his eyes wanting him to keep talking.

“I mean when we first touched I thought to myself. This woman is special, she isn’t like any other woman. The past few days you made me a believer. So now, Miranda you have my attention. What else do you have to make me see you as the goddess I am becoming aware of?” Doug said drawing on his cigar.

Miranda moved her face side ways, looking into his soul. He wasn’t ready for the evening. She stood up when she heard some Luther Van Dross come on. Slowly she moved her upper body, keeping her eye focused into his eyes. Doug smoking his cigar, sipping his Cristal watched this woman dance for him.

Catching glimpses of her body barely hidden under the crystal beaded dress. As she came to the conclusion she walked a little ways from him then ever so slowly she started to bend from her waist.

Her long graceful arms going down, slowly inching down her thighs and to her knee’s.

She knew what this affect was having on him. He had sat down his drink. He wasn’t moving.

Hitting her knee’s she got to her calves and then ankles. He looked upon the most erotic sight of the woman’s body. The white satin panties were barely there. Hid the lips and he could see her indention in her panties and the lace on each ass cheek, his throat goes dry. His eyes Yalova Escort transfixed, his hand fell down to his slacks. His hot noble muscle was wide awake. As sensually she slowly stood back up. Turning towards him his eyes told her the story. She had gotten to him. Long slow strides she walked to him. Coming around his back she placed one graceful arm around his shoulders. The other she started to massage his hair. Making his spine disconnects he leaned back resting his head in her quivering breasts.

“Yes that’s right Doug just lean back let me take you away.” Miranda sexily whispered. ‘Close your eyes learn that you can trust me to look after your pleasures. All of them.” she said as she cupped his chin in her delicate fingers.

The kiss enchanted and excited Doug to his very soul. Her lips were so giving, yet focused. Virginal yet very expertly capable of bringing him to his knees. Allowing him to soar into free falling passions. He brought his hands around slipping them around her bringing her to his lap. His mouth titillated Miranda’s by pulling on her full lower lip. His tongue teasingly playing just around inside of her lips.

He heard Miranda moan, it really turned him on. Her openness to allow him to hear what he did was touching her sensually. Doing it again this time her moaning was much deeper. He was enraptured with this woman. Realizing for the first time hearing pleasure was intoxicating. He placed his one hand on her back the other was in front of this long legged beauty. This situation was putting them right in the mood. He could see the triangle of white satin.

Taking his hand he went down to the ankle that beguiled him from the first look. Noting her perfect manicured toes. The dainty strap that held her feet in an open sandal. His first actual touch of her sensuous sinfully soft skin. It made him inhale. How could she be so soft? Under the softness was a strong muscle the two sensations drove him almost insane. His hand slowly moved a few more inches. He could feel her watching his hand, smiling at his amazement. He took that as a yes, to go on. Moving slower he got to her knee. They were closed he anticipated her opening them for him. When she didn’t he took his hand slipped between them. That was the most erotic moment he felt nudging them he opened them with the back of his hand. Miranda gasped and moaned at that instant. It only made him bolder. She had started kissing his ear, whispering for him. His hand was still between her knee’s as she passionately kissed his neck.

Slower than he thought was possible his hand moved higher. She was embracing his shoulders awaiting his hand. As he got near the top of her thigh Miranda stopped kissing but kept breathing breathlessly.

Doug seemed transfixed his thumb as he extended could feel her heat. Brushing against the silk he felt the moistness. His breathing became labored as he inhaled her woman scent. He could feel the passions behind, that minute piece of satin. He shifted his hardness it was a pressing matter, now.

“What do you want?” Miranda rasped.

Doug didn’t know exactly this was so sensual. He hadn’t felt himself so hard for years. He wanted to proceed but he didn’t want to let this eroticism go. Feeling Miranda’s legs. Her kissing him he felt like the first time in his dad’s Jaguar when he was sixteen. AnaBeth was his girl they had made plans for that night he had bought a condom. She had dressed in her prettiest laced trimmed cotton panties. He recalled it was very sexually charged night. He also recalled that the actual act didn’t last that long.

He smiled to himself, he knew he could perform much better tonight. Yet, he took his thumb and brushed her satin a few times. Pulling her lips to his he kissed her with such warmth, passions. Releasing her mouth, he looked in her in the eyes. They smiled Yalova Escort Bayan knowing he wanted to build this higher before consummating this.

Miranda gathered her balance and easily stood up. She wasn’t disappointed she also wanted more of this tonight. Leaving for a second she returned with a wheel of warm Brie and some wonderful bread.

She knew this would enhance her fantasy when he tasted the bread. It was flown in this morning.

Placing it on the table next to his hand, she managed to look at the hand that had touched her so intimately. She blushed as he turned to see the appetizer.

“You have to be kidding me, now. I cannot believe this. How in this world did you know, or even get Miss Betsy’s finest? How did you get the most delicious bread from my home town?” Doug was delighted. ‘I don’t recall ever mentioning this to you Miranda.” He smiled as he placed the buttery softness in his mouth.

“You like, then?” Miranda answered smiling at his enthusiasm.

Miranda noted his hardness was only semi soft. She shared cheese and bread and a full fruity bottle of wine with him. Talking under the stars. Listening, listening was her tower of strength. Hearing between the lines. Listening to the nuances, the sighs, the energy in his words. He was talking about memories he had forgotten. Miranda filed the ones she thought useful and urged him on. Laying her head on his shoulder he wrapped her close.

“Are you hungry, Doug? I fixed Beef Wellington, with Bourdelaise sauce. Ratatouille, and thought of Banana’s Foster for dessert.” Miranda smiled into his eyes.

“I am now.” He answered helping her to her feet.

She clasped his hand as they walked through her door. In the corner he saw a beautiful round sheer draped cove with a table and chairs. On the table was burning candles, flowers along with the finest crystal and china. She helped him sit, then sat next to him to keep it intimate. As the dinner was being served they sat in silence. He marveled at the meal. Once it was placed in front of them the curtains slid closed. The floor began to move them around slow enough they both didn’t notice the change at first. The stars were their canopy.


“Will you enjoy dancing? How about a little exotic dance club I know about. It’s private here go in there change your trousers, please. You will understand soon enough. I am going to change myself into something a little more comfortable.” Miranda whispered.

Doug slipped out of his Armani slacks, slipping on his new trousers he felt a little odd. Where his pockets were there wasn’t any inside. He could feel his boxers. He slipped his boxers off put the trousers back on and felt excited.

They met in the foyer and he saw she had placed a beautiful black dress on. Backless short not as short though. Satin she walked over to him. On the elevator she snuggled to him. He didn’t know what laid before them. She knew she was tapping her toes to the Beatles medley. The door of the dance club was recessed into the wall. You would have to have known it was there. She handed him a small mask as the door opened.

Once inside the music was just perfect. The lighting was dark, candles a beautiful Beatle’s quartet was playing on the high stage. Small tall tables were scattered. Doug could see tables with floor length table clothes. Private booth’s some curtained off. His eyes adjusted a little better. He pulled Miranda onto the dance floor when he noted a couple. They were doing a lot of touching bare skin on bare skin.

Right there on the dance floor. He turned around looking at others they were doing things he hadn’t seen outside of bedrooms.

“You like?” Miranda wickedly smiled’.If you place your hand under the gathered star you may find something you will enjoy.” She smiled Escort Yalova broader.

His hand slid into the gather and he instantly realized he was feeling her naked ass. His mind was blown he had never experienced this type of nudity. He placed his other hand in the other side as she placed her long sensuous arms around his back and neck. He was touching her bare ass. They were dancing on a crowded dance floor. He was touching her intimate skin. He cupped these perfect orbs of firm skin. Cupping them with his hands they danced. He could feel her pressing into his hands. His mind was soaring all around the room. He had lost track of the others, Miranda’s ass was his right here right now if he wanted.

Miranda felt his cock become rock solid it laid in her concave lower tummy. She wanted to touch him so badly. She had resisted so far. His massaging her ass was making her ready for some fun playtime with him. She wanted to touch his cock, feel the erotic veins down the shaft. Explore the ridge of the noble head with her lips and tongue. Song after song was making him more focused to her ass. They continued dancing she pressed into his cock taking it when she could between her hip and his groin as she would grind off of it. Her nipples were stretching for his mouth. They were protruding the lacy top. She needed him to help her, but they were playing so nasty on the dance floor. Yet barely revealing their intimacy.

“Oh Miranda I like it when you grind my rod.” Doug rasped.

“I am enjoying your hands all over my ass, Doug. Stick your finger in my wetness?” She replied.

Doug’s finger left the rest of his hand and delved down into her wetness. She had her mouth around his ear as she let out a guttural moan. His shock registered in his groin that she responded right then.

He couldn’t recall anything so silky being inside her with his middle finger. His palm of his hand rested on the mound. Yet the warmth, the wetness the softness it was luxurious to his touch. His senses were on high alert. He knew she would cum without much effort. Would she flow when she came? When she

barely utter a sound? Perhaps she would scream out. His finger moved around to the music she had her hips swaying they were in their own world. On a crowded dance floor with sex outright being did on the outer part. He felt so electrified. He hadn’t decided yet, then he felt the impossible.

Miranda worked her hand down his pocket brushing his manhood at the bottom of the shaft. His balls were large and slightly hairy, heavy. His shaft was large at the girth. She maneuvered her fingers to slowly walk up the shaft enjoying the bulging veins. She gathered more determination when she felt the underside of his ridge she felt her knee’s buckle.

“Oh my..” She laughed eagerly.

Doug was enjoying this more than he could have imagined. Slipping a second finger inside he was met with another moan and a kiss to his ear lobe. Her palm smoothed over his ridge and engulfed his head.

They were in danger of falling but they neither one wanted to give in. His fingers slid out a little so he could use more of his fingers. His thumb felt the engorged clitoris probing it brought her more tamed towards him.

“Hmm your clitoris has a mind of it’s own.” Doug laughed in her ear. ” If you do the same old same. You only get the same old same you know?” He whispered flicking her clitoris.

Miranda swayed but stood firmly.

“How about you, Doug?” Miranda managed a whisper. ‘You know it’s not all good and not all bad.”

She rubbed his cock openly and his knee’s showed their enjoyment. They were locked into passions becoming ignited by their own minds. Where would their passions fall. On the outside, or inside or perhaps in the middle. Right now they were locked into one another’s nerve center. One or both could explode perhaps separately or together. The music would drown them out. They knew this was the beginning. Doug had never been so filled with raw sexual senses. Miranda had never came up against a man that seemed to know her desires. She needed to keep closer reigns. But not now… Not now…

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