Simon Vsits Cousin Becky – Round 02

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Author’s Note: In my last submission (which was my first), I introduced my cousin Becky. I happened to have a couple of weeks off and went to see her. She and I have been really close over the years and during my visit, we found out that we enjoyed each other’s company. She lives in a small community out in California and I have to say the visit was well worth the time. Here is “round two”. This is a true experience, but the names and places have been changed seeing how our ‘interactions’ might not be viewed in the best light with our families.

Becky got up from the bed, stretched, and pulled me up from my knees. “I’m going to shower, you want to come and join me,” she said. She grabbed my hand after I got up and pulled me down the hall into her bathroom. All I could do is watch her start the shower and her nice ass wiggle as she did so.

My cock was rising and I then knew this was going to be a long, wonderful week. I began to think I may not survive.

Becky pulled the shower curtain back, stepped in, and turned to look at me. “Are you ready for round two?”

“Sure,” I stated as I stepped into the shower with her. Becky stood close to the shower head and reached for the body wash bottle. I just stood there in awe of what I was witnessing; this absolutely beautiful woman, stark naked in front of me. My cock was just as in awe as I was, it was rock hard, standing out and aimed directly above her very nice ass. I could see the small dimples on each side, right above her ass cheeks, still wondering how exactly I was lucky enough to get in this situation.

Becky turned around and asked if I would help wash her hair as if this was a normal thing. A few minutes earlier I was on my knees lapping at her delicious pussy, intent on making her cum as many times as I could, tasting the sweet pussy juice that accompanied each orgasm. She seemed to think this was an everyday thing. I was shocked at her ‘normality’ of it all.

“What? Oh, I can do that,” as I reach out and started massaging the soap into her hair. I was doing my best not to stare at her breasts as they wiggled side to side as I soaped her head up.

“My, I would have thought you had enough, but it looks like you are enjoying this,” stated Becky as she emphasized her breasts. She pinched each nipple, making them stand out hard. I just wanted to kiss each nipple as she pinched them but I was still shocked watching her play with her breasts.

“Well, it’s not often I have a beautiful lady in the shower with me, especially my cousin,” I pointed out. “I think our perspective families might take issue with what we are doing. We are naked, together, in the shower and I’m betting that we are going to have a good time while I’m on vacation.”

Becky smiled up at me, “Well, we are two grown adults, and our families are not here. We are not at a family reunion, so what we do is between us. Do we need to rethink this? I mean, I’m enjoying this and I think from what I am seeing, you are enjoying this, so…”

My cock was now pointing a bit above her cute belly button. She stepped closer to me, causing my cock to push up her belly and slide back and forth, over her smooth skin. The feeling was amazing and I really had to concentrate on soaping her hair to prevent spewing cum all over her chest.

“I think we are going to have a great vacation if you just relax and let things go where they may,” Becky said as she reached down and stroked the top of my cock. I just moaned at the feeling she was giving me and closed my eyes enjoying her hand on my cock.

“I’m game if you are, I just don’t want you to think I’m being pushy or needy and it changes our relationship during future family reunions,” I said as I was soaping her hair. I was enjoying what she was doing and her facial expression showed me she was enjoying what I was doing as well.

“Hey, I think my hair has had enough, but I have other parts that might like what you are doing too,” Becky said as she turned around, placed both her hands on the shower wall, and pushed her beautiful ass out. My cock slid right between her cheeks and all I could do was revel as I felt the slick crack of her ass envelope my rigid cock.

Soap was flowing down her back into her ass crack. I got a washcloth and started washing her back. Her hair was getting in the way and I moved down her backside and rubbed the cloth over her cheeks. I was afraid of stepping back and washing her ass and rosebud and not having my cock in contact with such a beautiful body.

“Don’t be afraid, I really like your cock there, but I like other things as well, and I need to be clean to really enjoy our fun,” Becky said.

I rubbed the cloth down her crack, washing her cute cheeks and her rosebud that was hidden by water and soap. “Oh, now that feels wonderful,” Becky said in a very sultry voice. “Wash a bit farther down and get my pussy too.”

I reached farther down and forward, finding her pussy. I washed her pussy lips and farther forward over her shaved mound. Becky just bent forward more, exposing porno izle more skin and wiggling her ass as I cleaned. My cock was made of steel at this point and I really wanted to push forward into her pussy or ass or whatever I could, but decided soap in the pussy might be a bit painful. I know if I got soap in my cock, it hurt, so I resisted pushing forward, but just barely.

“Quit and let me turn around,” Becky said. As she turned around, she took my hand with the washcloth and placed it at the top of her pussy mound. “Make sure you get here too, I need a bit of soap to finish up.”

Becky reached to a soap dish and took a razor in hand. “Now stand still while I shave my pussy. I would hate nicking it.” I didn’t’ move a muscle while she pulled the razor across her mound. I had never had a girl let me watch this, but I did appreciate the effort the lady took to make her pussy all smooth and delicious.

“I have to say, I thought it was smooth a bit ago, but I do love a smooth pussy. I just want to root around it, lick it and suck it. If I were a girl, I wouldn’t leave the bed,” I told Becky as I watched her shave.

“I do leave my bed, but while you are here, I think we are going to be busy,” Becky stated as she finished her task. She took my hand with the washcloth, and rubbed it over her mound, washing away the soap. “There, all clean and ready to eat,” Becky said with a smile.

Becky grasped my rigid cock, making it jump at her touch. “Now your turn.”

She leaned her head back into the shower water, rinsing the soap from her hair. As she leaned forward, she took the washcloth from my hand and rinsed it under the water.

“Lift your arms, you have to be clean too,” Becky said as she started soaping up my pits. This was a first for me, having someone wash me, but I was going with the flow and loving every minute of Becky’s body and her ministrations.

She soaped both pits and my neck, face, and then down my chest. She wasn’t exactly easy with her washing. She was making sure that I was clean from top to bottom. She grasped my cock firmly and washed all around my shaft, paying attention to my ball sack. “Hey, go easy with the boys, they aren’t exactly ready for volleyball,” I pointed out as she was moving them around and washing them with the cloth.

“If I’m going to be down there rooting around, sucking and licking your cock, I want it clean too,” she plainly stated.

“Ok, I get that,” I thought.

She reached the shaft of my cock and began washing it more carefully. I spread my legs so she could get better access and needless to say, I loved every stroke of her hands as they washed from the base to the tip. “There, clean enough to eat off of,” she said as she bent over and lightly kissed the tip of my very hard cock. “Tastes yummy too…”

“Turn around,” she ordered.

I turned around only to be accosted by a wild woman; she plunged her washcloth into my backside! None too gentle either, “If we are going to be “rooting around” I’m going to make sure you are as clean as can be,” Becky said as she worked up a healthy lather of soap in my ass crack. She was going to make sure I was clean or raw from her washing.

“I think I can do that by myself,” I started trying to turn around and take over; however, Becky would have none of it. “You stay right where you are mister. I’m liking this more than you know.”

I think from her treatment, I knew she was liking this and so was I.

“Now rinse.” I traded Becky places and rinsed. After getting the soap out of my eyes, I was treated by the most beautiful woman, arms akimbo, watching me wash all the soap off. Her hair was all pulled back, her breasts firm and nipples just begging to be sucked. I looked up and down her body, stopping to admire the sight before me. Her smooth pussy was dripping water and all I could do was stare at her.

“Done. Get out and dry off. The towels are to the right and get one for me, please,” I was commanded. I reached for two towels, stepped out of the shower, and gave one to Becky. We proceeded to dry ourselves.

“Since we are all nice and clean now, thank you very much, can we think about getting a bite to eat. After our fun time and this rather vigorous washing, I’m famished,” I told Becky.

“Sure, I just know the right place,” she said.

We walked back to the bedroom and I started rummaging through my stuff to find a pair of underwear, shorts, and a shirt to get ready for dinner.

I had just pulled up my underwear and looked over at the prettiest ass I had ever seen. Becky was bent at the waist, pulling up a black Victoria Secrets thong. She pulled out the string and then reseated it into the crack of her ass.

She turned around to notice my semi beginning to rise. “Um, you need to control that thing of yours. We are going out to eat and I don’t need everyone in town seeing your hard cock walking down the street five minutes ahead of you,” she said.

I didn’t know what to say, but watching her get dressed was making me think I would rather stay altyazılı porno in and eat out.

We finished dressing, and I had to concentrate on what I was putting on rather than what Becky was putting on.

The afternoon waned on, we left her apartment and she took me downtown to a nice little hole-in-the-wall diner. As we walked in the door, Becky was greeted by a waitress and the cook, yelling out her name and waving.

“You’ve eaten here before I take it,” I said.

“A few times,” she replied.

We were ushered to a booth and our orders were taken by a very beautiful red-haired woman. She was buxom and tall, but she had some breasts that rivaled Becky’s and her ass had just enough wiggle in it that I stared a bit too long.

“Down boy. You are mine this weekend and I think Sandy might be a bit out of your league,” Becky chided me. I thought that if Sandy was out of my league, Becky was tiers above that and I was in some serious trouble.

We ate, talked about our lives, and did silly stuff. I couldn’t help but look Becky in the eyes while we talked. They had to bluest tint, and her pupils would dilate as she laughed at something I said. I marveled at her humor and insight into all the topics we discussed. Becky was a very bright, intelligent girl, with a body that wouldn’t quit to boot.

She was all mine too.

We got back in her car, stuffed to the gills and she showed me around her town. The grocery store that had been there for over 75 years and the elderly folks who still owned it. The place where she gets her mani-pedi from and still wonders what the folks say about her when she visits there.

It was getting dark and Becky drove us back to her apartment. We walked in the door and I followed. As soon as I closed the door, Becky turned the deadbolt. She looked up and me with bedroom eyes and pulled my head down to her and kissed me most passionately.

Our tongues found each other and tangled, her hands reaching behind my head and pulling me closer. My hands reached around her waist and pulled her body closer to mine.

“Maybe we should find a place a bit more comfortable. You are too tall for me to keep this up for long,” she said.

“I think that can be arranged,” I replied.

I stood up straight and Becky took my hand and walked me into the living room, and sat on the couch. It was fluffy to some extent and we both sank into it.

“Where were we?” Becky said as she pulled me into her. We started where we left off, kissing and feeling each other’s bodies.

I ran my hand up from her thighs to her tight shirt, over her covered breasts. One of her hands was on my thigh running up to my very hard erection. My pants were making things uncomfortable and I had to readjust how I was sitting to take some pressure off.

“I know you want this, and I want this. I just want to say I am overwhelmed by you and if this is what you want, I’m ready. If you are unsure about any of this, now is the time to say something,” I stated clearly.

I didn’t want to presume that Becky was mine for the taking, but I wanted to give her some time to think about what we were doing and give her the chance to back out. I love my cousin, but this was going in directions that make or break family bonds.

Becky pulled back and stared me dead in the face. I could see she was really thinking this over, working out what I had said.

Slowly, she reached down and pulled her shirt over her head. Her bra was a demi-cup, supporting her beautiful breasts and showing her nipples standing erect. They were bright pink in the middle of quarter-sized areolas. She moved her hands behind her back and unfastened her bra. It fell into her lap, exposing two very firm breasts. There was no need for the bra really; there was no sag in either breast. I looked down for just an instant, thanking whoever above for this vision of beauty.

“I know you like what you see. I know I like what I see. Shut the fuck up and strip. I’m going to fuck you like no one has done before and before morning; I better have had a cock in my mouth, in my pussy, and your mouth everywhere on me. If you aren’t ready for this, we can quit right here and now.” Becky stated firmly.

I stood up and took her by the hand. I kissed her lips with everything I had and cupped one of her breasts, pinching her nipple running my thumb over the other nipple, feeling how hard it wa

“Let’s go to the bedroom. I’m going to fuck you silly,” I said.

“Fuck the bedroom, I want you here and now,” she said as she started undoing her pants. She bent over, pushing her pants down around her ankles. She stepped out of them and kicked them to the side of the room. “What are you waiting for? It’s not going to lick itself.”

Game on.

I stripped out of my shirt and pants as fast as I could. Between taking off my clothes and Becky trying to either kiss me or grab my now steel-hard cock from my underwear, I almost tripped and killed myself on her coffee table. I finally was down to just my underwear and sex hikaye I was beginning to push them down to my ankles when Becky took control.

“I’ve got this. I have wanted your cock in my mouth since you got here and that little bit before our shower was just the beginning. I’m going to enjoy this,” she said as she forcefully pushed me down into the couch and she kneeled down between my legs. She pushed in between my legs, grabbed my very solid erection, and engulfed my cock down her throat, not even trying to be easy.

“Holy shit! That feels so good,” I exclaimed. I started to reach for her hair to pull it out of the way.

“I want you to fuck my mouth hard,” she said as she slid up from my cock. “Hold my hair up, but I want to feel your cock all the way down into my pussy.”

Becky jumped back on my cock, bouncing up and down with a passion. She licked from the base to the top, around the tip, and then deep-throated me. She pulled off my cock and lifted it toward my stomach and licked me from my ass to my ball sack. She sucked one of my balls into her mouth and I felt her tongue slide all around it. She stroked my very wet cock as she sucked on one ball and then moved to the other.

She then licked again from my ass to the tip, pushing her pointed tongue down into my pee-hole, tasting all the pre-cum that she was milking from me.

“If you don’t slow down, I’m going to cum a load right in your mouth,” I said. She was a monster devouring my cock like it was the last one she would ever have. Between her lips, her tongue, and the back of her throat, I was ready to blow any second.

“Lover, you blow when you want, I want to taste that sweet cum and I’m not going to stop until I get it.”

She kept deep-throating me, pulling away to stroke me and then going at it again. I was in absolute cock-sucking heaven and I just watched her go at it. I would have thought her gag reflex would kick in, but from the looks of it, she either didn’t have one or my cock wasn’t long enough to make her gag.

She would stop for a second and look up at me and then she would pull off my cock, stroking it and staring me down. I was doing my best to think about anything else to prolong what she was doing and then she did something that I had never done to me before.

She started running a finger along my taint to my asshole.

That was it, I was done.

She stroked along the shaft of my cock, a finger pushing against my asshole and her tongue massaging the underside of the tip of my cock.

I exploded; cum shot straight up in the air; a giant stream gushing from the tip. We both just watched it shoot straight up and come back down on her hand and my stomach. Rope after rope of semen shot from the tip! It was like the fourth of July on my dick and it was amazing! I had electricity running down my cock, up my back, and down my legs. I was paralyzed by the feeling of my orgasm and was thinking this is a new one; I’d never done that with anyone before.

“Yeah, baby! That’s what I was looking for!” Becky screamed. She had a firm grasp of my cock, stroking it up and down watching cum shoot into the air. She leaned forward and put the tip of my cock in her mouth and started sucking all the remaining juice that gushed out. My cock was so sensitive at this moment, that every time her tongue rubbed the underside, my whole body jumped in response.

Becky licked every ounce from my cock, her hand, and anywhere there was a drop of cum, she lapped it up. This girl had mastered cock-sucking and I was in heaven! All I could do was watch her lap up all the drops and I started breathing again. I realized I had held my breath this whole time and if I hadn’t started breathing again, I would have passed out from the sheer pleasure she was giving me.

“Holy fucking shit! I have never had that much cum! I love your mouth, Becky! I think if I would have died right then, I would have died a happy man,” I said as I pulled Becky up to kiss her mouth. I didn’t care that her face was covered with cum and saliva, all I wanted was to kiss the woman who had just given me the mother-of-all blowjobs.

“If you liked that, just wait for what comes next, lover boy,” she said in a very quiet, low tone of voice.

Oh, I thought what could compare to this, but I was about to find out that my cousin Becky was a monster in the sheets and I had just set that monster free.

Becky stood up and crawled up on the couch, presenting her sweet ass and pussy to me. I was still rock hard, which was a first for me, but I was wanting to plug that dripping pussy with my cock and coat her insides with my cum. As I stood up and lined up my cock with her pussy, Becky looked back at me over her shoulder, “Um, if you think you are getting ready for the big finish, you are wrong. Sit down on the floor and eat my pussy,” she stated. Becky was a take-charge kind of woman and while she plainly stated what she wanted, I was very happy to obey.

I sat down and looked up at Becky crouching over my face. Her VS thong was dripping wet with her juices. Her pussy was red, engorged with blood, her outer lips separated by the thong string and I could see her juice coating both sides of her thighs. It was a beautiful sight and as I looked at what I was being presented.

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