Silky Hands

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Alec Henson walked through his restaurant, turning off lights as he headed to the front door. He was tired, but in a few days his dream would become reality—he would officially open his own restaurant. It had been a long time getting here but the eighteen-hour days had been worth it.

Locking the door behind him, he headed down the street to where his car was parked. This area of town was currently in flux with trendy new eateries and boutiques springing up to jostle side-by-side with working-class bars and the occasional massage parlor. A flashing neon sign on the opposite side of the street proclaimed “Therapeutic Massage – 24 Hours Daily.” Yeah, right…he knew exactly the sort of massage they provided. Sure, you could get hands-on treatment for muscular aches but the last muscle they took care of was your cock.

However, he had to admit the thought of a woman’s hands on his dick was arousing. Getting a new restaurant up-and-running didn’t leave much time for dating and he could use a good fuck. He was almost at his car when he did an about-face. Screw it, he thought, heading back in the direction of the massage parlor; normally, he never paid for sex—didn’t have to—but tonight he was tired, horny and could use a good orgasm before heading home to sleep.

Entering the shop, he almost cringed at the neon pink walls and cheesy artwork. An older man, with a big gut and unshaved face, sat behind a gaudy gold counter. He looked up as the door opened. “Hey there…looking for a massage?”

Did he really want to do this? His brain was giving an emphatic ‘no’ but his dick was saying ‘yes, yes, yes.’ He nodded. “Sure, why not?”

The man pressed a button and a few seconds later, a line of girls trailed in through an open doorway. “You’re in luck; a new shift just came on so you got lots of choices.”

From what Alec could see, there wasn’t much choice at all. Most of the girls had a hard look, like they’d stroked thousands of cocks in their lifetime and weren’t too excited at the prospect of doing his.

He was about to tell the manager he’d changed his mind when the last girl strolled in. She was different from the others—younger for one—appearing to be in her mid-twenties with a pretty, girl-next-door look and a willowy build. Dark hair flowed down her back and her breasts were the perfect size—not too big, not too small; they’d fit his hand nicely.

“Her,” he said, pointing.

“This way, sir,” said Annie, glancing quickly at him. “I’m Scarlett, your masseuse for the night.” She’d been instructed to use a fake name when hired yesterday because some customers, especially the lonely ones, tried to find out where you lived in hopes of hooking up outside the parlor.

It was hard to believe this guy was lonely though. He appeared to be in his mid-thirties and was movie star handsome with thick blond hair and a muscular body; women must throw themselves at him all the time so why come here to get his rocks off?

She’d never done anything like this before—wouldn’t be doing it now except she was desperate for money. Divorced a year ago, things hadn’t gone exactly to plan. First, her parents believed all of her ex-husband’s lies about their relationship and what a crappy wife she was, to the point where it became clear they loved him more than they loved her…loved his confidence and the way he tossed money around—especially when it came hurtling their way. When she told her mom how bad things had gotten—the fights, the verbal abuse, the rough, painful sex—she’d been told to stop whining because she had a Mercedes and a nice house—as though that made all the rest acceptable.

It didn’t.

So, she’d left, walking away from her marriage and her family, moving across the country to start anew—only with no real work experience, getting a decent paying job hadn’t been easy. She’d never been on her own before and didn’t realize how much a single room apartment cost, not to mention all the additional expenses like utilities, insurance and car payments. She’d run through her savings pretty quickly, forced to move into a sleazy motel room that rented weekly. She’d been laid off her last job, and, with no money coming in, had been forced to apply for work here.

The manager had assured her she didn’t have to do anything she didn’t want so she had taken the job, planning to give nothing more than hand jobs. The other girls had looked on her doubtfully when she told them.

“Honey, if you ain’t got a dick in your mouth or cooch at the end of the job,” declared one, “you ain’t gonna be here very long.”

With those words reverberating in her head, she opened the door to a small room with a massage table placed in the center of it. “In here, please,” waiting for the man to enter before closing the door and locking it.

Glancing around, Alec was relieved to find the room a soothing shade of blue instead of the garish pink of the entry. He smiled at the girl. “This is my first time at a massage parlor,” not sure if he was supposed to strip or if she helped him out of his clothes.

“Oh, it’s your first time too?” escort ataşehir It made her feel more comfortable to know he was as inexperienced as she was.

Alec’s eyebrows rose. “You’ve never given a massage before?” wondering what her story was. Hard up for cash? Putting herself through college? He was intrigued, yet oddly concerned too, and that surprised him. He couldn’t imagine her doing this day-after-day with the sort of people that more typically flowed through the doors.

Annie gave a start. “No…I mean, my first one of the night…not my first ever,” hoping he bought her explanation because she didn’t want him to ask for a more experienced masseuse; she really needed the money.

He didn’t believe her; could even see the nervousness on her face at the prospect of doing this. If he was less horny, he’d have done the right thing and left but his dick wasn’t having it. It wanted her hands on him—and hopefully, more than just her hands.

“You can strip behind the privacy screen and hang your clothes on the wall hook. Once you get up on the massage table, I can give you a towel to cover your…your privates,” said Annie, blushing.

“That’s okay,” he said, crooking a smile at her, “I don’t need the screen.” He pulled his t-shirt over his head, tossing it on a chair at the side of the room, before kicking off his shoes and stripping off his socks and slacks. His briefs were last. As soon as he pulled them down, his cock popped free, already hard. Just talking to this girl had gotten him aroused.

Annie’s eyes widened when she saw his body. Watching him strip was like having a front row seat at a Chippendale’s review; his body was that smoking hot. Built like a rugby player, he had lean, hard muscles and washboard abs—and then there was his cock. It wasn’t so much the length—which was a good eight inches—that made her eyes widen, but the thickness. The head was the size of a large plum and looked like it could do some serious damage—or offer serious pleasure; she wasn’t sure which.

Alec got on the table and lay on his back. “I’m not sure that cloth is going to hide much…might just look like a terry cloth hat,” he said, chuckling, because his cock was pointing to the ceiling and the towel wasn’t going to hide that fact. “I’d like you naked while you do this,” not caring if it cost more—the additional expense would be worth seeing her body.

Feeling slightly shy, Annie stripped off her blue cotton dress and undies, surprised by how comfortable she was standing naked in front of him. She was even slightly aroused at the thought of laying her hands on his body, wondering if the other girls felt this way about their customers.

“If you’ll lay on your stomach, I’ll do your back first.”

She waited until he got into position before pouring massage oil in her palms, rubbing her hands together to warm the liquid before laying them on his back.

Alec couldn’t hold back a soft groan as her hands touched him, causing blood to instantly surge to his cock.

Annie smiled as she heard that masculine sound, her confidence building as she moved her palms along his body, caressing and kneading his tense muscles. She was actually looking forward to the moment when he turned over and she could get her hands on his cock. She worked quietly, admiring his powerful build as her hands slid across his flesh with silky grace.

“Turn over, please.”

Alec had been waiting for this moment. As he rolled onto his back, he revealed a huge erection.

“Do you want a happy ending?” she asked, assuming he was here to be stroked to orgasm. “That service costs a little more than a standard massage.”

“A very happy ending,” he confirmed, chuckling. Her body was as good as he’d expected beneath her clothes, glad he was on his back so he could better appreciate her full, firm breasts and freshly shaved pussy. Reaching out, his finger gently thrummed her clit, hearing her small intake of her breath. “Does that feel good?”

Did it ever! She could hardly believe she was getting wet from this guy’s touch. “Yes,” she admitted, her nipples hardening, as proof of her words.

She drizzled oil in her palms and began the process of massaging his body, starting at his shoulders and slowly working her way down to his feet. She deliberately avoided his cock, not touching it except when accidently grazing it with her hands or arms as she massaged the muscles of his stomach and thighs.

Alec’s cock throbbed with urgent need as her hands danced tantalizing close to his rigid shaft. More than her hands, he wanted this girl’s mouth on him. Soon, he promised himself.

Her fingertips moved back to his chest, before beginning a slow dance to his stomach, following the narrow trail of body hair that led to the base of his cock. When her hand firmly circled the root, his body jerked in response.

This is what he’d come for…and she was doing it well. Her hands were in constant motion on him…sliding, stroking, rubbing, tugging—damn, it felt good! He watched as she linked her fingers together, clamping her kadıköy escort palms tightly around his shaft as they moved up and down…creating a pussy-like tunnel for him to fuck. His hips jerked upward as he stroked into that tight, oily space.

Yet, suddenly, the tunnel was gone, as her fingertips moved to the tip, gently massaging it before sliding beneath the rim, gliding all around before continuing to work down his length, pausing to devote her full attention to his balls. This was more than a hand job, he realized—this was all-out cock worship.

His cock was gorgeous, thought Annie…as strong and beautifully formed as the rest of him. It felt good in her hands, hot and throbbing with life. She wanted to do more than just stroke him, she wanted to taste him too—wanted to suck the cum straight from his balls—but he hadn’t asked for that, and she’d been told to never give services for free.

“Does that feel good? I want it to be really good for you.”

“Heavenly.” His body was completely relaxed except for his cock. He closed his eyes as she worked his balls, enjoying the sensations. “Do you offer services besides ‘happy endings?'”

Annie’s hands never stopped their slow, deliberate movements. “For you, I would.” She’d told herself she would never do more than hand jobs but something about this guy made her want more. Her juices were sliding down her pussy in a flood, preparing for this man. Would he fuck her? Is that what he wanted? Because it’s what she wanted—more than she would have thought possible. Her breasts jiggled gently as her hands stroked him. “What would make you happy?”

Reaching up, he cupped a breast with his hand, letting his thumb grind lazily over the hardened peak. “Your mouth and cunt would make me happy.” He didn’t ask about the cost because he didn’t care—pounding this girl would be worth any price.

Nodding, Annie got up on the massage table, kneeling between his parted legs. She leaned down, her tongue sliding wetly over the head of his cock, her gaze on his face.

Alec groaned. “Damn, that feels good,” resting his hand on the back of her head as her tongue slithered all over his cock. He applied pressure, needing her to take it deeper. “Suck it, baby.”

She parted her lips, taking him inside her mouth, suckling him deeply while her hands gently massaged his balls.

Alec linked his hands together at the back of her head, holding her tightly to him so she couldn’t escape the thrust of his cock; his hips jerked upward as he forced himself deep into her mouth.

Annie gagged as he rammed the back of her throat, warm saliva dripping to coat the sides of his shaft as it pounded into her.

He continued to pummel her face, his cock stirring up the saliva in her mouth; the wet, lewd sounds exciting him. His shaft was like an iron bar as it jabbed deep. “I want your throat!” he gasped, pulling her head down hard…giving an exultant cry as he felt his shaft penetrate that tight opening and slither in.

Annie gave a shrill scream of surprise as he wedged his dick into her throat but instead of being scared, she was excited. The action was so unexpected…so incredibly erotic…that without warning, she came, her pussy convulsing in hard, sharp contractions. Her finger found her clit, rubbing frantically as she ground her pussy on his thigh, leaving a glistening trail of her juices on his flesh.

“Shit, did you just cum from having me buried in your throat? Did it make you that hot?” He didn’t think it was possible for his cock to get harder, but it did. He pulled back, giving her a chance to breath.

“Yes…yes it did,” said Annie, her fingers still playing with her clit as she plunged her mouth on his cock again, trying to get him back into her throat.

He knew what she was trying to do. Sitting up, he held her head on him, cramming his length into that impossibly tight space and giving a grunt of satisfaction as he sank back in, working himself deeply into her gullet until his balls were mashed tightly beneath her chin. “Fuck yes…take it…take it all!” He began to fuck her face. Christ, it felt good…like heaven on earth! He loved everything about this girl—the way her small hands pressed against his thighs as he thrust, the tiny whimpers she made each time he jabbed deep—but mostly, the way her throat snugly hugged his cock.

“You’re going to make me cum!” he groaned, feeling himself approaching climax but he had no intention of cumming down her throat; he had other plans for this honey.

Slipping from her throat, he flipped her over onto the massage table, belly down. Pushing her legs apart, he could see the juices glistening on her pussy lips, a clear indication of her arousal. He plunged his finger into her sodden hole, pumping deeply, hearing the excited sounds she made. “Feel good, baby?”‘

Annie was almost beyond the ability to answer as tension began to build deep within her; when she came again, it was going to be like a nuclear explosion in her pussy. “Better than good,” she moaned, “it feels wonderful!”

She maltepe escort bayan was supposed to be the one providing pleasure but he was the one who was driving her ever closer to climax as he added a second finger and then a third, pounding hard as his thumb grazed her clit with each stroke. “Please…please…!”

Alec smiled, loving how responsive she was—the way she squirmed and wriggled beneath him. Who knew a simple hand job could turn into such a sinful hour of pleasure? “You want my cock in you? Is that what you need?”

“Yes!” she gasped, knowing that was exactly what she needed—needed to feel him stretching her tight sheath to the max—pounding it so hard, her cervix would bruised and sore when he finished.

Withdrawing his fingers, Alec placed the swollen head of his cock at her slit, rubbing up and down, getting it slick with her juices. He surged inside, sinking deep into her hot, buttery depths, groaning aloud from the sheer pleasure her body gave him. “Fuck, yes!” he exclaimed, holding his dick deep, giving her pussy time to adjust to his size.

Annie yelped as his thick cock stretched her pussy but it felt incredibly good at the same time. Unable to help herself, she turned her head to kiss him.

Alec returned her kiss, his tongue dancing with hers. His hips began to move, slowly at first but soon with greater power, until he was banging her with hard, brutal thrusts that left her thighs and pussy reddened. He held her tightly so she couldn’t escape the pounding thrusts as his cock jabbed into her welcoming hole. It felt good…like coming home. She fit him perfectly and, if her gasps and whimpers were any indication, she felt the same.

“I’m going to cum again!”

“Do it, baby…cum all over my cock…” Alec rammed deep, trying to cram his whole body into the sucking hole between her legs.

Annie moaned softly as her hips thrust back against him. It was good…so fucking good. It had never been like this with her husband…or any of her boyfriends before him. It was rare she ever came with a guy—only her fingers were capable of doing that—but something about this guy—and the way he used his cock like a battering ram, got her so hot and excited she knew with complete certainty, she was going to cum with him deep inside her body—was going to cum…right…NOW!

She screamed shrilly as an orgasm ripped through her body, her pussy pulsing hard on his cock, squeezing it like a baby’s fist. “I’m cumming!”

Alec groaned as her cunt gripped him, sucking on him like a whore’s mouth. “Jesus…you’re gonna make me cum too!” he cried, thrusting frantically into her fiery hole.

“CUMMMINGG!!” he yelled, shoving deep, his body frozen as he bathed her cervix with his spicy fluid. “Take it…take every fucking drop!” biting her shoulder hard as he hosed her pussy with his sticky seed.

Annie squealed as he bit her, her pussy contracting sharply from the mix of pleasure and pain. She was shocked at how much it excited her.

Shuddering, Alec slumped onto her body. Christ, that was good. Had he ever cum this hard with a woman before? He didn’t think so.

When finally able to rouse himself, he slid to her side, turning her around to face him. His fingers gripped her chin, forcing her to look at him. “What’s your name?” he asked, staring intently into her eyes.

Annie was confused by his question because she’d told him her name when they first entered the massage room. “Scarlett.”

“No,” he said, shaking his head. “Your real name.”

“Oh…it’s Annie,” she finally admitted, trusting him.

He liked the name…more than that, he liked her. “Nice to meet you, Annie,” he said, a smile on his face. “That was possibly the nicest time I’ve had with a woman, ever.”

She smiled back, eyes warm. “That was the best sex I’ve ever had too.”

He sat up, his legs dangling over the edge of the table as he stared down at her. She was so damn hot with her tanned body contrasting with the white sheet and her dark hair pooled around her head. He ran his fingers through the silky tresses. “And to think I was your first customer.”

She blushed, knowing she couldn’t deny the truth now. “Yes.”

He shook his head, unable to believe his luck. “But why are you doing this—because I’m pretty damn sure this isn’t something you would typically do; I can tell just by looking at you.” A year from now, if she continued in this same line of work, she would be as hard and jaded as the other women, with the same bored expression on her face; he couldn’t bear the thought of that happening.

Annie haltingly told him her circumstances and why she’d taken the job. “I’d rather not do it but I need the money and the manager said I didn’t have to do more than hand jobs.”

“But you did more with me.”

“I know…but you got me so excited, I couldn’t help myself.”

He grinned. “How convenient because you did the same for me.” He sat silently, gathering his thoughts before coming to a decision. “Okay, here’s what we’re going to do. First, I’m going to pay for my services so we can get that out of the way.” Sliding off the massage table, he quickly dressed while Annie did the same. Pulling his credit card from his wallet, he handed it to her, watching as she slid it in the portable card reader and printed off a receipt. He tucked it in his pocket.

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