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Mark stood in his living room, peering out the window through white wooden slat blinds. With a practiced touch, he adjusted the louver just slightly enough for the blinds not to appear completely closed, but enough to darken the room and obscure his figure from the outside. The cookie-cutter houses across the street epitomized American suburbia, each with slight differences designed to convince homeowners that their own house was unique in some special way.

It was sunny outside, but still cold enough to see the exhaust puffing from the rear of the family car as it idled in the driveway. His wife, Jennifer, had called up from the bottom of the stairs while Mark was working, “I have a hair appointment and a few other errands to run. I’ll be back in a couple hours.”

“Ok. See you in a bit.” Mark had hollered back down to her.

Working together from home had been great for a while. They shared an upstairs office with two desks that had been converted from a former guestroom. It was cozy but functional, and they had enjoyed decorating with items to serve as token visual expressions of their personality for backgrounds on video calls. More recently however, it had only been one of them in the upstairs office at a time while the other worked from the kitchen table or a couch. When it was nice outside, one of them would often find a spot at the patio table, nested under a shade umbrella. Mark wasn’t sure if they were spreading out because they were tired of being around one another, or if it was just a function of getting more relaxed about working from home every day.

When both of their jobs abruptly shifted to working from home during the pandemic, he was initially excited about the prospect of being together more often. He envisioned workdays taken over by mutual sexual desire. He dreamed it would be an unrelenting rotation between lovemaking in the bedroom, passionate quickies on the couch, and blowjobs in the kitchen. Sadly, Mark’s imagination — and libido were both much more wild than Jennifer’s. They had fucked like rabbits initially, back when being at home together during the day was something new. However, things had long since gone back to the way they were. Had it been more than a month? He couldn’t remember. It seemed as if things were even worse now than they were before being at home together all the time. Every once in a while something sexual would happen, but never with the impulsiveness and passion that he desired.

The light filling the room from outside changed as their car backed out of the driveway. With a familiar purr, it accelerated forward, moving down the street, past the other houses, and out of sight.

Mark smirked, amused that something as mundane as watching his wife leave in the car could arouse him. He could feel the building pressure of blood flowing to his dick as it began to grow and press against the zipper of his blue jeans. That feeling of pressure, in turn, increased the excitement, causing the stiffening to continue until the bulge ran out of room to grow within the confines of his jeans.

Backing away from the window, he moved about the house with a sense of purpose. Anticipating a good release was as calming as it was exciting. He wasn’t embarrassed about masturbation, but he wasn’t public about it either. This was his time. Being able to orgasm and cum now would serve to hold him over until he and Jennifer had sex again. Mark grabbed a fresh towel form the laundry cabinet and headed upstairs to the office where he grabbed his laptop. From there he walked to the bathroom and knelt down, reaching to the back of the cabinet underneath the sink. He felt around for a travel-sized squirt bottle. Finding it right where it should be, he pulled the bottle out from within the cabinet, closing the door afterward. The bottle of lube with its bright blue label was slightly sticky from having its contents previously spilled and now dried on the outside of the bottle. It was a familiar touch, and it added to his anticipation.

Moving to the bedroom, Mark closed and locked the door. He knew locking it was pointless while in the house by himself, but it was part of the same routine that made him comfortable something wouldn’t be forgotten. He didn’t want a simple oversight to force an awkward conversation with his wife.

The wood frame of their bed gave a creak as he flopped onto the soft comforter and sank into the mattress. He unzipped and wiggled out of his pants and underwear, noticing that his erection had eased up just a bit. He loved looking at his own dick when it was at this stage — not overtly erect, but not flaccid either. It was at that perfect in-between state where it looked plump, like how he’d want someone to see it if he stood naked before them. He wished it would always be at this state.

Mark continued to admire his package. The smooth head. The strong thick shaft. Balls snugged up tight at the base. Was it just porn videos where chicks were obsessed with dicks? He had seen so many almanbahis videos of women pausing mid blowjob to admire the form and details of a dick, then gobble it back up as if unable to control themselves. Does that ever actually happen in real life?

His thought was interrupted by the head of his dick bouncing slightly as blood resumed pulsing into it. He could see a small amount of precum resting right at the tip. Reaching his hand down to his pelvis, he extended his index finger and lightly brushed the side of his shaft, starting at the base near his balls and working upward. He focused on the feeling. The skin was very soft and noticeably warm. Swollen blood vessels provided a subtle ribbing texture as they intertwined just underneath the skin. His finger slid upward, over the contours and rounding the head of his dick. It gave another bounce, breaking free from his touch. He was fully erect now.

Using two finger fingers, he worked back down. One on top and another beneath his shaft. Mark exhaled deeply. He didn’t realize he had been holding his breath. Focusing on the sensation of touch felt good. The pleasure would be more intense once things really got going.

Reaching over to grab his laptop, he opened a browser window and pecked at the keys to bring up one of his favorite porn sites. Generally, amateur videos were more interesting because they felt genuine to him. However, they could also be frustrating because of their unpredictable quality. He was anxious to cum, and he knew a mainstream porn clip would get him there right away. After just a few clicks, he settled on a video featuring brunettes with big tits. He clicked the play button, set the laptop at his side, and leaned back onto a pillow.

The video began without any story or setup — just two girls licking an oversized cock of some guy whose face was off camera. Mark reached to his other side, finding and grabbing the container of lube. He held it suspended above the head of his dick and squeezed slowly. A long glob of lube slowly stretched from the mouth of the bottle, stretching longer and longer until finally breaking away and landing just below the head of his dick. It was sitting on that most sensitive area beneath the head, at the top of his shaft. The cold lube made his dick bounce again as it landed on it.

Once the glob of lube had spread and was about to slide off the side, he gripped his dick, wiggling his fingers and rotating his hand to spread the slippery liquid. He felt it jump yet again under the sensation of being squeezed. Glancing back over at the video, the girls were taking turns sucking on the man’s cock. Their ability to deep throat the enormous thing was truly impressive.

Mark began stroking his own dick slowly, then faster as the lube coated more and more of the surface. His hand was now gliding with just the right amount of slippery friction. He matched the speed of his strokes with the movements of the girls in the video. He could hear the wet sloshing of lube now just as loud as the moaning and slobbering sounds that came from the video. It was a beautiful combination of his own efforts melding with those of the women on screen.

Mark could feel his balls tighten and knew that it wouldn’t be long before he came. While the stroking felt great, he was anxious to cum. His dick was getting more sensitive. He adjusted his hand to be a little looser and only rubbed the upper part of his penis near the head. The pace of his stroking increased. He was pumping much faster than the girls in the video were sucking. The wet clapping sound of lube and flesh began to drown out the noises from the video, where the bustier of the two women was now jerking the man’s cock over her tits. The video went into slow motion just as the huge cock began to cum. The first spurt shot below the woman’s open mouth, landing on her chin. As that glob started to drip down, a second spurt lobbed onto one of her tits. A third spurt was airborne on its way to her other tit.

Mark began to feel the wave of an orgasm approaching. He slowed his stroke and slid his hand lower on his shaft, so the head of his dick remained above the top of his grip. He shifted his view away from the video and back on himself just in time to see his own cum shoot from the tip of his dick. What seemed like an enormous first shot of cum landed half-way up his chest. Three more smaller spurts rhythmically followed, flowing out rather than shooting. They formed a large puddle of cum on his belly, directly beneath the head of his dick. His stroke changed into a milking motion as he squeezed out even more cum with his fingers in a tight ring, matching the fading pulses of his orgasm.

With the orgasm over and his dick done pulsing, he lay perfectly still on the bed with his hand gripped around the base of his dick. He could smell the sweet chlorine aroma of his cum and felt it cooling in a lake on his stomach. The orgasm heightened his senses and he enjoyed the relaxed moment almanbahis giriş of clarity. The porn video must have ended because he could hear the distant sounds of the world outside. Everything was slow and relaxed. There was no hurry to clean up. He studied the way light fell in the room. Uniform lines of sunlight played across the ceiling and wall, perfectly parallel lines of light cut by the open blinds.

The blinds. The OPEN blinds.


Mark looked out the window but from his vantage point he could only see trees and part of the house next door. He shut the laptop and sat up on the bed, leaning forward. It doing so, more of the house next door became visible, including an upstairs window. The curtains within the room appeared to be open but it was too difficult to see anything detailed inside because of the way the sun was shining. None the less, he slinked off the side of the bed and crawled toward the bathroom until he knew he’d be out of sight. There he cleaned up, got dressed in the same clothes, and grabbed a pile of laundry which included his cum soaked towel. He walked back out into the bedroom and took another quick glance at the neighbor’s window. The curtains to the upstairs window were now closed. “Was someone in there watching me?” he wondered.

The next day was Friday, marking the end of the work week for both him and Jennifer. Although he would have enjoyed having sex with her following his masturbation session the day before, he felt content to the point where he didn’t try to initiate anything. There had been a handful of times in the past where he had rubbed one out and then got lucky with her in the same day. Those were always fun experiences because he could last longer than usual and really got into the sex without getting over stimulated and finishing too quickly. They were set to be home most of the weekend and the weather would be nice. He planned on suggesting a bike ride, knowing that they both enjoyed the exercise and soaking up some sunshine was a great way to put them both in a good, relaxed mood. Within the next day or two he knew he’d need to find his release again, and he much preferred for it to be together with his wife.

They watched a move together late Friday night and were equally exhausted from the week when they finally made it to bed. Mark slept late into the next morning and when he finally woke, Jennifer was already downstairs. He hopped out of bed and threw on an old tee shirt that was soft from being worn and washed so many times over the years. As he reached the bottom of the stairs, his wife looked up with a smile.

“Good morning, sleepy-head.”

“Good morning. You were up early. Sleep okay?”

“Yeah. The sunshine woke me up and my mind starting going.”

“I can see that. What’s the project?”

“Nothing big. I need to book my room for that bachelorette party next weekend. Have you noticed how beautiful it is outside today?”

“Yeah. I was thinking maybe we could go for a bike ride.”

“Interesting idea. Let me get through this and let’s see how we’re feeling.”

“Okay. I’m going to work in the yard for a while.”

“Are you going have some breakfast first?”

“Nah. I’ll find something later. I’m good for now.”

With that, Mark headed through the small laundry room and toward the garage. He grabbed a pair of clippers, work gloves, and a bucket before opening a door to their side yard. Once outside, he squinted in the bright sunlight until throwing on a pair of sunglasses he had previously clipped to his shirt collar.

Their backyard was big enough to comfortably fit a patio table, barbeque, and a modest lawn. They had changed out a few things since buying the house, but were generally happy with what the previous owners had planted. A hedge covered a fence along the back, and fruit trees flanked the sides. There was a nice sense of privacy in the backyard despite the closeness of neighboring houses.

He wandered the yard, hacking at various branches and placing the clippings within the bucket. There wasn’t really a plan to prune anything in particular. He was simply enjoying being outside and roamed, aimlessly clipping anything he felt looked out of place. It had been a while since he’d done any yardwork, so most everything was overgrown. He finally decided to work his way along the hedge that covered the back fence, clipping from top to bottom in rows and attempting to bring it back into shape.

After a couple hours of work and far too many trips emptying the undersized bucket, his progress on the hedge was unimpressive. He had made it about a third of the way across the hedge and bargained with himself to call the day’s work done when he got to the half-way point. It wasn’t until he finally reached that half-way point that he sat down on the lawn to rest.

Through the freshly trimmed portion of the hedge he could now make out a door that had been cut into the fence by the previous owners who had almanbahis yeni giriş children that were friends. He knew the door could still be opened from the other side because had used it last winter while working with the neighbors to mend the fence following a particularly bad storm. That instance had also been his only direct interaction with the neighbors in the house behind. The wife’s name was Erin. He thought the husband’s name also started with an E. Or maybe it just rhymed with Erin. He couldn’t remember. The guy was a bit of a doofus, and he remembered wondering how he could score such a knockout of a wife.

It took sitting down on the lawn to notice the fuzzy shape of a tennis ball back underneath the hedge. He crawled forward and reached in, rescuing the ball from a pile of sticks and leaves. It must have been in there for a while because it was faded and cracked. The neighbors did have a dog back when the fence had been repaired, but it seemed like a long time since he remembered hearing any barking or playing noises. Mark leaned backward as he tossed the ball over the fence to where he assumed it once came from.

“Thank you,” a female voice called.

Mark paused. He hadn’t heard anyone on the other side of the fence and was caught off guard.

“Oh. Sorry,” He replied. “I didn’t know you were there. I hope I didn’t hit you.”

“No, you missed me.”

“Ok good. I wasn’t sure if the ball belonged to you. You have a dog, right?”

“We do, but he’s not here any more. My husband took him along with a load of stuff to the new house.”

“Oh. I didn’t realize you were moving.”

“Yeah. New job means we have to. Part of moving up in the world, I guess.”

“Well, I guess you’ll have to pack the ball too then.”

The conversation paused. Mark felt stupid for suggesting she should pack the crusty old ball. He thought of something to say that would salvage his pride and close out the brief over-the-fence conversation. Erin spoke first and beat him to it.

“I think this one’s a gonner, but I always like a good ball shot and you sure delivered.”

Her tone had a bit of playfulness to it. Could she be talking about seeing him in the window? Should he apologize? No, that would be super weird, especially if she had no idea what he was talking about. He took a moment to carefully choose his words and shot back, trying to match her playful tone.

“Well, it was pretty hard, but I worked it out.”

Another pause in her reply, this one even longer. Was he being too obvious now? This time he ran out of patience and had to fill the silence.

“Well good luck with the move. I guess we won’t need the pass-through gate in the fence any more.”

“I’ll be sure to send you a signal if we do.” “I hope you’re able to find a helping hand for project next time.”

“I don’t mind putting in the work.”

“Well, I’m sure I’ll be seeing you.”

There they were again. More references to her seeing him through the window. And was she ribbing him about masturbating? He played the conversation back in his head as brought the tools into the garage through the side door. So what if her word choices were carefully chosen? It’s not like she was saying “hey why don’t you come over here and fuck me with that dick I saw through your window.” All he knew was that she may or may not have seen him and she may or may not have made a comment about it. At best she was unaware. At worst she was amused and joking with him about it. The situation could have been a lot worse. He was tired, sweaty, and headed upstairs for a shower.

When Mark got to the bathroom, the shower was occupied by Jennifer. She had one leg perched up on a shelf meant for holding a bar of soap and was in the process of shaving her legs. Her stretch gave Mark a perfect view of her pussy, dripping with the soap suds as they ran down the elevated leg she was shaving. Her head was tilted down, so he focused his gaze on her body. She kept her pubic hair trimmed into a clean V shape beginning just above her vagina and rising to within an inch or so of her panty line. The dark lips of her pussy contrasted her otherwise pale body and blonde hair. They protruded just enough to form cute little waves from front to back. She had a petite, fit body, and proportional tits that he considered a perfect handful. In her current bent over position, they looked even larger and more supple than usual. He wasn’t in bad shape, but she was definitely much more diligent about hitting the expensive cycling machine they had purchased back when people weren’t going out. Her dedication was both of their reward. Mark started to undress as he picked up the conversation from earlier.

“So did you get your stuff wrapped up?” He threw his shorts and shirt into the laundry bin.

“Don’t even think about it.”

“Think about what?”

“Don’t even think about climbing in here with me. I can feel you staring at my tits.”

“What? You think I don’t just want to rinse off?”

“I know exactly what you want. I’m almost done shaving and the hot water is starting to run out. I’m afraid you’re going to have to wait for a few.”

“I’ll keep you warm.”

“Oh, I know you’d try. You can keep me warm later when you check my shave job.”

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