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Subject: Showing off to the painter – chapter 2 – EXHIBITIONIST CONNOR. Showing off to the painter — Chapter 2 — EXHIBITIONIST CONNOR. You’ve come to the internet looking for erotic dreams and you have found this website. Places like are necessary to you to live all kind of sexual fantasies. If you can, make survive and help it with some donations. Read a story of beggars which, for a change, is not a tragedy. It is love, friendship, beauty, liberty and happiness the faces of life which are shown here. You can read my trilogy either in Spanish, Luces de la Tierra, in or in English, Lights of the Earth -Dad, I’d love to, but I don’t think it would be fair. -Connor, please look at me now and listen to my words. Justice is a debatable notion. You know we have given each other a drug we will now always be addicted to. I know well enough I will lust for you all my life. And I can be comfortable saying this to you, cause I know you like it, you obviously enjoy your father’s lust. That’s my drug and now let’s go with yours. After now, you will always feel the desire to show off, especially to somebody like me who really finds you sexy. And you needn’t turn gay. It will be just a man blowing you. And for God’s sake, Connor: don’t ever suck my cock; I would feel awful if you ever did, knowing you like girls and are really happy with Jill. -If I allowed you, dad, I would not only be exhibitionist, but also narcissistic. It is true I would like you to suck my cock, dad. But I should also suck yours. -If I want to be given a blowjob, I only have to go to gay bars and I will surely find somebody willing to do it. I’m sure I would never allow you to suck my cock, Connor. But I am bisexual; would you never let me blow you? -Ok, dad, I know it is not fair but I know I could be pleasing you if I allow you. So if you’re sure you can have some fun out of it, you can do it, dad. That was the moment I had seen him hardest and his erection was clearly showing that he really desired the next stage with his incestuous father. I made him sit on the couch and approached him and was first a good long while licking his balls. “You’re driving me crazy, dad”, that’s all he said. But if I had begun to please him, I had to do it perfect for him. And after just a minute, I timidly but horny as hell started running my tongue up his cock. I just asked him. -Tell me if you like it, Connor. I’m having the fun of my life and I’m sure you like seeing your father’s fun. But if I can do it better, tell me. -Dad, I’ve never been blown like this by any girl. Not sure yet that this is quite fair, I ask you please to go on but only if it’s real fun for you. -Now, if you allow me, I will give you many more blowjobs. But the first one had to be perfect. I could check that day how long Connor could resist even in the utmost of his arousal. And my tongue never got tired. I gulped it down completely and was like this for a couple of minutes and next so he could resist, I pulled it out of my mouth, and started licking again down all the extension of that sexy shaft he had. A new minute in his balls and returned up and swallowed again. With constant journeys up and down his cock, he moaned deliriously. -You’re so perfect, dad. It’s incredible how good you are. I am here writhing and envying the guys you must have been with, guessing the pleasure you must have given them. -I hope I have given them this pleasure –I said all the time sucking his cock-. But never before to such a sexy cock. If you’re still worried about justice, you should never forget how grateful I am to you for this pleasure you’re allowing me. Now I devoted the next minutes to swallow and suck expertly and never taking it out of my mouth again. I would continue swallowing and massaging him with my tongue till he gave me the final gift of his jizz in my mouth. He moaned, cried, thanked me, and started to touch me and thus he was a long time till he told me he was gonna cum and five seconds later I noticed finally his semen bathing my mouth and horny at the taste, knowing whose dick it had come from, I let it spill down my throat and relishing that taste, unconsciously my own dick erupted too. -So now I can devote myself to immortalize that sexy cock you have. I hope we have a deal now. So, as I really don’t want to paint Orion with an erection, you’d better tell me and I would stop the painting and give you another blowjob. And if gaziantep escort you resist and are not hard, I will give you a new blowjob after dinner. -Ok, dad, I’m sure Orion the hunter will be one of your best paintings. I’ll try not to get hard. Ok, paint my cock. But I started painting his balls, being very attentive to the rugosities he had, to every vein, to his pubic hair which I would also paint before finally tackling his cock. He was behaving as an expert model and could resist without a boner for a very long time. He would confess me later that he had to think about awful things so he could be limp. But even without a boner his cock was long enough. I had to transmit to the canvas every detail of his cock, every millimeter of his manhood, so it could be well painted for posterity, always doing justice to that beautiful chunk of meat, for me the sexiest cock in the world for it was Connor’s. I was hard all the time but I did not care. He saw me with my clothes on and with my astounding erection and told me he liked to see me like that but he had turned such a narcissist now that he found himself capable of just wanking many times watching his cock in the painting. I told him he would not hurt anyone by having pleasure at his own self and added that cock of his was a real masturbatory image, not only for me, but for him too if he wanted, why not? Finally his dick was there for anyone to see and I thought that people watching my next exhibition could not help but have big boners when looking at Orion. -I will paint some of your ass tomorrow and the painting will be finished. Thanks, you hot model. Now I’m glad the other Connor refused to come –I smiled at him. -Ok dad, since I know you are having fun and you like me no matter what, I can consent to your way of understanding justice. And now if you allow me I will put everything back on. I have told Jill I would be with her all the afternoon. He left me then and I lived a dream all that afternoon, reveling in the taste of my hot son’s long dick and sure that he would allow me now to suck his cock every so often. I wanked three times that afternoon and laughed thinking I had become a greater wanker now. He finally returned at about eleven. We went to dinner and I asked him to strip again, please. -You needn’t beg, dad. Whenever you want to see me naked now, you just have to ask me. After sitting naked I asked him about his afternoon with his girlfriend. -I needed it dad; I certainly needed her. All you and I have done so far is ok and we can repeat but I needed to prove to myself that I would always be horny with her and I still love her. We’ve fucked like jackrabbits this afternoon; I know I can tell you now every detail of my sexual life. But unfortunately she had never allowed me to fuck her ass. After many hours with her I knew I was very late and have returned running the seven kilometers there are from her house to ours. That’s how I could perceive a clear smell of sweat in his body. -Connor, I hope you allow me something more. There are men who are very pig and even eat excrements. Not me, though, I’ve never tried and I don’t want to try. But I discovered I like boys with another thing you might find very dirty. I love the way men smell when they are sweaty. I would like to lick your pits and next I would give you a new blowjob so you can finally go to bed quite satisfied. -Ok, dad, do what you want. -Thank you, Connor. –And with no more wait I raised his left arm and started licking. Fortunately I remembered I had also painted his armpit hair and if he could jack off at the vision of his cock in the painting, I could also do it when he was not naked close to me, and also at the vision of his armpits, whose smell was taking me to heaven now. I constantly said “thank you for this, Connor, oh thank you, thank you, thank you”. I don’t know how many times I said thank you as I was slowly savouring both his pits with a transfigured face that was turning him on so much, he would tell me later, that he also started to beat his meat then, though I did not notice, so focused I was at the taste of his scented pits. The moment I shot my load I did see him blasting a new load, his face twisted in pleasure. -And now I will give you my second blowjob, Connor. I’m glad you have just cum so you can enjoy this blowjob for longer. So there in the kitchen after dinner I devoted the next minutes to swallowing that sexy dick that had already suriyeli escort driven me crazy before. I had to make him sure that he would always have a great fun with his incestuous father now. I did not want to become better than Jill; I did not want Connor to doubt his heterosexuality. At that moment I wondered whether Jill used to give him blowjobs. As now Connor and I started to talk about everything calmly, he would tell me later that Jill preferred being fucked and her blowjobs were scarce. I would tell him later, do not worry, here’s your father to often blow you. But now I should focus in this new blowjob and convey to him the notion that I wanted to often give him that fun for it was also my greatest fun to have his dick in my mouth, and it was an unusual thing to have a son who allowed that pleasure to his father. I increased my power of driving him crazy and he would soon tell me I had given him a better blowjob than the previous one. He finally shot a new load of his tasty semen inside his father’s welcoming mouth. Assuring him that now I would please his cock every day and having the security from him that now he knew how pleasant it was for me, he would allow me, we went to bed for that day. The next day was Sunday and he knew well that today I would paint his arse and the painting would be finished. -You can take your clothes off now, Connor. And then I will make you a new proposition. I’ll wait for you to be naked first. He stripped in just two minutes and I never got tired to see his nudity. -You see, Connor. Now I devote a couple of hours every night to wank over you before sleeping –knowing that, I saw him go instantly hard-. And I have even dreamt of one day feeling that sexy cock you have that I am gonna immortalize, up my butt. Please do not think about justice again: justice could perfectly be giving that great fun to daddy, knowing I can give you a great pleasure in return. You told me you have never fucked an ass. Well, today you can. As I will paint your ass today, first you can have fun with mine and later we will both have fun with your naked ass, me watching it as I paint it and you seeing that also that perfect bum will be painted for posterity. And you can jack off watching yourself nude in the painting, the most perfect Orion ever, and beat off watching yourself in a painting I will never sell. It will always be here at home to arouse us both and often jack off to. Come on, Connor; try an ass at last and fuck your father, please. -Ok, dad, I will. It’s a pity I am not bisexual knowing Victor Satterthwaite, the great painter, is a very hot person. But ok, dad, I want your fun just as often as I want my fun. I will fuck you. He approached my crack then and plunged it in mercilessly, in a single thrust reaching the deepest of my guts. He knew it would not hurt me cause I had been often fucked. I did not tell him but his long dick pounding my ass did hurt me a bit and I returned mentally to that first time I had been fucked and how painful it had been but how determined I was to make my first man, Sullivan was his name, shoot his load in my ass. Just as determined I was now and even though it hurt, I never gave him any show of pain, for I wanted him to fuck me now regularly. But what I wasn’t expecting was his load in my ass so soon. That first day he fucked me, I felt fulfilled with my son’s jizz soaking such an intimate part of my body, as fulfilled as if I knew now I was born to be fucked by Connor one day. -Have you enjoyed, Connor? -I’m only sorry that I was so fast dad, but fucking an ass is heaven and I thank you so much. Oh, what a perfect father I have, so sweet, so arousing, allowing his son to have all kinds of sexual experiences and accepting me as the exhibitionist and narcissistic man I have suddenly become. -And so it will always be, Connor. This is utter fun for both and we will continue the fun. Come on, now I will paint your ass and finally Orion the hunter will be finished and we can watch it over and over again for the rest of our lives. -Ok, dad. Paint my ass. His ass was not tanned but I thought a mythological hunter would have a white ass, and I liked it more with his natural colour. I was meticulous with every inch of his flesh and when I came to the moment I should paint his crack, I did take my dick out and started to shamelessly wank before my son. Seeing me he also started to do the same. -Today rus escort you can, Connor. Since I am not gonna paint your dick now, you can have a boner and jerk off as I paint your crack. I think the arousal both of us are feeling right now would give and erotic aspect to your crack. I took a long time to paint his wonderful crack and both of us came, him first, me quickly after seeing him cumming again, and still I was some more minutes painting his ass. When I finally finished I asked him to come close to the picture where he could finally glimpse Orion the hunter, himself, completely painted for posterity. He congratulated me and told me that was my best painting and not only because it was his nude body that he could see. He suggested both of us could honour Orion now, beating off together looking at the painting. It was indeed the first time I whacked off looking at my own creation, but Connor was my own creation too, and seeing him so horny beating of as a Narcissus at his own image, I started to do the same. Jacking off is even good for inspiration sometimes. I had the idea now to make an exhibition which I would call Greek Mythology, and next I could paint Narcissus, Hercules stealing the apples of the garden of the Hesperides, Apollo, even Zeus; some painting with his clothes on, some of them with him again posing nude. I would disguise his face so people would not always see the same face in all the Greek heroes or gods. I would also need some female models for I wanted to also paint Hera or Aphrodite, for instance. I was thinking all this, wildly beating off beside my son and we finally came, of course far from the painting. I would tell him my new idea now and I was sure he would be delighted to know I would like him as my model for some more pictures, not always naked. But I told him again he could be naked now whenever he wanted. He became a real show-off in the long year that my new collection of Greek myths took me. Constantly naked and fortunately fucking me every day, sometimes allowing me to give him a blowjob, sometimes allowing me to jack off looking at him and worshipping him. He sometimes jacked me off, sometimes kissed me. This state of things was perfect for both and he knew it and allowed me many things and sometimes he even surprised me coming to my bed and jumping in to sleep naked with me. And of course in bed I pleased him a bit more. Greek mythology was ready after a year and two months, 32 paintings, 20 of them male models. He was present in my sessions with girls but only, since he did not want to embarrass them, when they had their clothes on. And I did not need any more male models when one day I realized that I could just take the pictures from erotic websites in the internet. It never had my son’s face in them, but usually his body. I remembered I painted 12 pictures with other boys’ bodies and 8 immortalizing Connor’s body again. I sold almost all the paintings in that exhibition, which was a great success but Orion the hunter was never for sale. It remained in our house forever as a memento of the first time Connor had posed naked for me and we both jacked off to that painting often, and I laughed remembering that the day I painted his ass, both of us were masturbating together. I smiled a lot in the exhibitions when I noticed some guys’ clear boners when they were watching the mythological hunter so perfectly portrayed and imagined them later at home wanking at the memory. Soon I thought of another collection called “nude people by the river”, sometimes girls and sometimes boys. I often went to the river with him to paint the water, the rocks, the trees… but always careful not to have sex there. Later we returned home and I painted him naked again and had some sex with him. Three years later he finally did as I feared and married Jill, but even so he comes to my house every afternoon, sometimes with her. Jill is a wonderful daughter-in-law and she is perfect for him. Connor and I have a code. If I tell him hello it means somebody is at home and he remains with his clothes on, but if I welcome him with hi, he knows he can take his clothes off. If he is coming with Jill, he WhatsApps me beforehand and as I am often naked at home, I am very careful to get dressed. So Connor continues to be an exhibitionist, but only for me. Fortunately he never strips in public places or shows off for somebody else, except me. He continues to be my main model and sometimes my lover and I will be allowed to wank over his perfect body for life. And since nobody knows I often paint my own son naked, for he does not come to my exhibitions to avoid that chance, this situation has always been prolonged and to tell the truth, I don’t give a shit about it.

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