Shower Delite

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Shower DeliteI turn the hand shower on myself. I’m lost in my thoughts about you. The warm water pours over my body washing the soap off me. You can’t take any more. You stand there enthralled by my wet body. Your cock begins to stir. You quietly slide your jeans down your long legs, and pull your T-shirt up over your head, tousling your dark hair. As I rinse my hair I close my eyes, and you step into the shower behind me.You run your large strong hands up my body, cupping my breasts from behind. I push back into you. I know you like the way my bum feels against your hardened cock. I hear a moan escape your lips as I push back a little harder. You tighten your grip on my nipples pulling them to full erection.”Welcome home, baby.” I whisper.I feel your hot breath on my neck. You begin kissing and gently nibbling at my neck. You know this makes me so hot. You want me so bad. There is urgency about us, but also the want to show care and love towards each other. My hands reach behind and pull your bum in towards me. I love the feel of your rigid member pressing into me.”You know what I want, don’t you Sweetheart?” Your lips and hot breath brush past my ear. As if on cue, I reach for the large bar of soap. I love the way your cock feels when it’s lathered in soap. I rub the soap between my hands, and pass it to you. You cover your hands as well and place the soap back in the holder. My hands go directly to your penis. Yours go right to my bum. You ease your hands between my ample cheeks, and gently massage my little hole. I arch my back a bit türbanlı manisa escort to give better access. You work a finger into my ass. I moan. God, it feels so good. You know me so well. We meshed sexually since the very first time we were together. I know you just as well and love to please you.I can feel you harden in my hand. You are a steel rod. Your shaft is so ready for me. You have worked my opening and gotten it ready for your cock. You lean into me and press against my back. Our bodies melt together. You kiss my neck and ears. I run my hands up and down your back. I press my ass into you.You take a small step back. You look my wet backside up and down. It’s delicious and you know it. You take your cock and run it up and down the crevice. I’m the one that releases the moan this time. “Hun, I need you inside of me so bad.”With that, you press the head into my hole. You pause to enjoy the sensation. You press into me farther. It feels good to have you fill me. I jut my hips back into you. Begging for more with no words, I want it all. You ram the rest of your engorged member into me.Your hands slide down to my hips. You pull me back to you. You pull me, matching your strokes with my hips. You dig in your fingers. I can do nothing but enjoy the feeling of you filling me with your cock. I reach down and start to rub my swollen clit. It has begun to throb demanding some attention. You loosen your grip on me. You slide a hand around to my breasts, gently pulling and twisting a türbanlı manisa escort bayan hard nipple. Your hand finds mine. We rub my clit together. I relent, letting your hand slide beneath mine. I’m showing your hand where and how I want it. You push into me with a steady rhythm. You nibble at my ears. You’re sliding effortlessly in and out of my bum. I grip and release you at every thrust, building the tensions. Your fingers find their way inside of my dripping pussy. I continue rubbing my clit as you fuck my wet hole and fill my bum. My god do I feel full. Your cock feels bigger than ever today. My pussy is wetter than it has been in days. The sheer eroticism of the scene had heated us beyond all logic.Your pumping continues in both holes. I’m building to one monster of an orgasm. I let off my clit. I want this to last and if I get myself off, you will be shortly behind me. Knowing you make me cum usually sets you into motion. I reach under and massage your balls. I squeeze them gently and feel you harden. “I need to fill you up, darling. I need to give you all my cum, Babe.”With those words, I begin to rub my clit a bit harder working your balls feverishly. You’re thrusting faster and harder. My pussy’s on fire. I need release as well as you do. You start fucking me hard and rough. I love that feeling. You released my nipple wrapping your hand in my hair. You gently tug it.This sends me into frenzy. You fuck harder. I rub harder.”Give it to me, Babe. Cum for me, my girl.” You türbanlı escort manisa tug my hair harder. I rub my clit harder. Your thrusts are full of lust. Your cock is rock hard and ready to explode. “Fuck me. Make me cum hard. Give it to me, Baby. I need your hot cum up my ass.”We are at the peak. I feel you get so hard inside of me. You feel my body start to tense. You fuck me with abandon. You thrust, drawing full lengths of your cock. My hand twists and pulls at my clit as well as your balls. I start to explode first. You feel my contractions start on your hand.You pull my hair hard. You shove your hand up my wet pussy as far as you can reach. You thrust deeply into me giving me the first hot blast of your load as my pussy gives way to my pleasure, trembling with my climax. My bum tightens around you. I milk your cock for all it’s worth. I want it all. You bury your cock inside of me releasing the last ropes of your load into me. My contracting hole has given you what you want and I feel every last drop of you inside of me. We stand together like that for what seems an eternity. I lean back into you as you release my hair, turning my head to kiss you. You support my weight with your strong arms wrapped around me. I’m feeling weak. I feel as though if you let go I will collapse right here. I love cumming with you. It’s always intense and passionate. You pulled yourself out of me gently letting your cum drip out of my wrinkled hole. I feel your hot load drip out. You take the hand shower and rinsed us both off. You watch as your cum washes down my legs. You spray yourself off. You take me in your arms and carry me to the bed. We kiss and touch and revel in our love. I curl up towards your side and lie my arm over the expanse of your chest, as you wrap your arms around me, protecting me the way you always do while we drift to sleep, curled up in each others arms under the cool covers.

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