Shot of Jack?

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Walking ever so gracefully across the floor you float towards me. For a very brief second I am not sure it is me that you are approaching in this smoky atmosphere but with your eyes never leaving mine I am sure it is me that you mean to speak with. I must admit I love aggressive women maybe do to my unwillingness to approach others with the thoughts I carry around in this bag of mine. Gracefully parting your way through the seas of people that separate us you reach me still wondering why it is I caught you eye from so far away. Surely I do not stand out in this crowd of my peers… or do I?

“So are you going to buy me a drink or just stare in my direction all evening” she yells above the overture of the band playing on stage.

Being taken back by her approach I reply “Oh my I’m sorry I didn’t realize I was staring, of course I will buy you a drink. What is it you are drinking?”

“Shot of Jack?”


Stumbling up the stairs together to her apartment I think to myself….She had to choose Jack out of everything behind the bar.

Jack Daniels is one drink that brings out the more aggressive side of me. I can handle beer and most other drinks how ever Jack is the one beverage that brings the animal out in me as most of you have witnessed in the past.

Being that the “line” that new found lovers have had already been breached far before we had even left the bar. It was a bit of a surprise that either of us had any clothing on by the time we had reached the door of her apartment. She inserted the key clumsily into the lock while I stood behind her tilting her neck to one side so that my teeth could gently bury themselves into the soft tender skin. She let out a small gasp of pleasure as I could feel her heart rate beat even harder and with that the door fell open allowing us to the privacy we had yearned for the entire evening. She turns into my arms and I instinctively grab her tightly lifting her and rushing into the open entrance. Barging into the open room my foot closes the door with a slamming motion behind us.

She hurriedly reaches for the bottom of my shirt and I now feel her cool sweaty hands upon my abdomen as she lifts my shirt to expose my chest. My own hands at this moment seem to know what they are doing prior to me even moving them. I aggressively casino şirketleri tear her shirt over her head revealing a very soft black elegant micro fiber brassier. Now that we are both standing there topless I press her body upon the nearest wall and our mouths meet aggressively yet again. I may have the body mass to be the dominant but I can’t be sure at this point who the real aggressor is. Our embrace is that of two lovers that haven’t seen one another in a very long time. Each of us seems to know the others body so well yet readily exploring every inch with our excited hands and salivating mouths. Behind her eyes there is so much fury that she no longer tries to hide. She had hidden that fury that heat earlier in the evening. Now however I am at her mercy.

Pressing her ferociously against the wall trying to re-establish dominance her legs wrap tightly around my waist. The heat coming from her is something I have only felt once before. Her every moan begs for more contact more more more….

Her hands cling to my shoulder blades digging her nails lightly into my skin as our tongues dance in each others mouths. Breaking our kiss I look quickly for the best place to continue this. She had to be reading my thoughts because between breaths.

She shouts “COUCH!”

Happily agreeing I carry “Beauty” toward the couch landing on top of her as I place her in a position that is appealing to me. Her hands leave my shoulders but only to strip me of my thick worn leather belt. With her hands fumbling with my belt I excitedly open the clasp on her jeans now exposing a similar feeling fabric matching her brassier. Tugging heavily at her tightly worn jeans I can only smile seeing more of this beauties soft lovely skin. She gets through the difficult opening of my jeans and she stares into my eyes with a grin upon her face that could only be described as possibly evil.

Pulling her jeans completely off her body and feeling so far from Beauty I kiss at the top of her right foot, working my mouth up her gorgeous leg to her inner thigh. Just then a glorious sent hits me and leads my lips to what could be only described as the “prize”. Wrapping my arms beneath her thighs I slide her panties to the side with one empty hand as the other reaches for her hard nipple upon that perfect set of breasts. Gently casino firmaları licking at her hard clitoris one of her legs wraps back behind my neck forcing my mouth harder into her.

The hand that Beauty moved her panties I now use to tease the clitoris and my mouth is sucking at her lips like one would suck at the juices off of a freshly pealed peach. Her leg that had be forcing me into her now begins to shiver and loses its original strength. I know this is my queue that she is about to explode. Wanting her to orgasm using only my oral talents I continue in the hope that her entire body will shake violently….

With her legs tensing and her hands grabbing my hair tightly, Beauty loses control and screams out in passion.

“Oh oh….. oh …MY … GOD!”

Beauty’s muscles in her stomach tighten. Then total release and she becomes nearly as limp as a branch upon a weeping willow. She has only a few whimpers left from the massive explosion that has just rattled her entire body.

Still clinging to my hair she pushes me upward with a strength that must have taken a few seconds to muster. I am lifted by my hair into a seated position and its clear to me she is certainly not finished with me. My pants have only fallen half way down at this point. She straddles me with a large smile upon her face. My cock gently brushing against the soft lips between her thighs only make me want to be within Beauty’s warm inviting space. Her juices are dripping onto my aching member from her intense orgasm and it is turning me on more than anything I had ever known. I want to be inside her so badly at this point and by the look on her face… she knows it!

She reaches her hand between her legs and forms a tight grasp around my thickness. Beauty moans as she rubs my head upon her clitoris. Then oddly enough she gives me a playful growl as she allows the head to pass her quivering lips. Teasing the thought of having me completely within her she rocks back and forth only allowing the first few inches of my length in her.

Now having all my frustration brought to a breaking point I desperately arch my hips upward forcing just a bit more into her, yet she must have planned for such an event cause she has placed her hands upon my stomach gently hold herself above me. I wasn’t going to be denied at this point güvenilir casino so I grabbed her by those soft hips and forced her all the way down my shaft and held her there briefly while she must have been shocked by the depth I could see in her eyes she was relieved. Her jaw dropped but not a sound came from her mouth for that brief second. She shivered a bit and began to rock back and forth slowly as she had before.

After becoming used to the size she started rocking her hips on me like I were a bull trying to buck her to the dirt. (Which was not the case) As her hips bucked up and down upon my thick shaft her perfect breasts shook with her every motion. With that kind of enticement I readily grabbed for them leaning in sucking one nipple while holding hard constant pressure on the other with my free hand. It seemed the harder the pressure I held the harder and louder she became until very shortly again her muscles began to tense as they did earlier and her body being covered in sweat at this point, collapses into mine.

Still slowly and gently thrusting myself in and out of her, she is gasping with each inch pushed in and out of her, I whisper into her ear that I am not quite done with her yet.

To which she replies “MMMMMMMM”

Immediately I grab her by the hair like she had done to me prior and I force her over onto all fours. I’m a bit stunned by how easily she is submitting to me now but I am still rock hard and she is still at this point soaking wet and quivering. Before I can even lean forward and press my self into her Beauty is already leaning into me, needing to keep feeling the heat coming off of me within her. Beauty peers back at me like I had stolen something precious from her so with no further hesitation I aggressively thrust everything I have back into her and I take her with a fury now.

“Ugh… Ugh… Ugh…” She gasps with every inward stroke.

Still holding her hair I turn her head so that I may see her beautiful facial expressions while I pound at her. Just looking at her sends the coldest chills up my spine and I can feel myself ready to explode at any moment.

“Oh my god I’m going to cum!” I shout.

Quickly she pulls away from me before I explode and takes my throbbing member into her mouth as far as she can. As soon as I feel myself hit the back of her soft warm throat I explode with a huge orgasm. Holding her head against me until I am sure she has taken every drop like a good girl, I release her and she continues to bob her head on my slowly softening shaft until I am completely satisfied.

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