Shish Boom Ma? Ch. 02

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Just wanted to give a quick thanks to LoreLai for editing the “Shish Boom Ma” series. I couldn’t have gotten my story together without her help. Please read her stories too. She is an amazing writer. Hr link is in my Favorite Author section of my Bio. Thanks a bunch! -Shoreman76


I stood there completely frozen. I wasn’t sure what to do next. My “Ma” and my girlfriend were getting it on! Both were now staring at me with my dick in my hand…fresh cum dripping from the tip of it. I didn’t know if I should run out of the room, yell at them both, or pass out. Never in a million years did I think I’d be in this situation. Suddenly, still wearing that devilish grin, my “Ma” slowly stood up. “It’s ok, baby…we’ve been waiting for you.” That put me somewhat at ease, but I have to admit…I was still freaking the fuck out. To my surprise, as she walked toward me, she looked at me with a look I’d never seen on her face before…not even when she’d fool around playfully with my dad. I got nervous again though as she got closer…I had no idea what her intentions were. Was she about to send me packing so she and Nicole could be alone? Did she want me to get involved? Was she about to kiss me?! Finally, “Ma” came to stand directly in front of me.

Damn, even at 38 years old, Debbie could’ve easily passed for a young woman in her 20s. She was really fucking hot! Her lips pursed as she ran her hands down over her big, luscious breasts. My gaze lowered from her eyes to her lips then straight down to her huge rack. “Tonight, don’t call me ‘Ma’, baby…tonight, I’m Debbie.” Without waiting for me to respond, “Ma”…I mean, Debbie…slowly, seductively lifted her cheerleader sweater over her head and discarded it on the floor at my feet. My eyes stared at her perfect tits…and I do mean perfect. There they were, her amazing DD tits mere inches away…round, bouncy…perky, taut, pink nipples. They were so hard…pointing directly at me almost taunting me to dare reach out and touch them. My dick was rock hard again now. All I could think about was sliding between those gorgeous tits…I wanted czech gangbang porno to fuck them damn bad at that moment. My mind had wandered so much, in fact, that I’d even forgotten that Nicole was still in the room. Debbie began again, “Do you know why we’re here?”

“No,” I answered simply.

“Nicole came by to find you, but you were running late, so she and I started talking. She’s very afraid, darling. She loves you and wants to have sex with you, but all those kids at school have told her how much sex hurts. I figured you and I together could show Nicole how much fun sex could be…how wonderful it is. What do ya say?” Debbie grabbed me by my shirt and pulled me closer to her. Our lips were centimeters from touching…I could feel her hot breath against my mouth and her bare nipples against my shirt. I just stood there, stunned, and waited for Debbie’s next move. I didn’t answer her. I didn’t even look at Nicole. I just waited for Debbie to take the lead…and I didn’t have to wait long. Still holding onto my shirt collar, she pulled me even closer to her. She looked into my eyes for a second and I saw her lust. Finally, she pressed her sweet, pouty lips to mine and kissed me hard. Her tongue slipped in and started dancing around my mouth. I kissed her back hard, finally bringing my arms up and pulling her tight against me. To my surprise, though, she pulled back abruptly. Leaning in again, she kissed the side of my neck. My dick surged against her tummy. “Let’s show Nicole how it’s done…I mean, really show her. Do anything you want to me…anything at all. Let Nicole see how fun sex can be.”

I still didn’t say a word…however, I did finally take charge and jump into action. I spun Debbie around quickly and leaned her over a nearby chair. I bent her over the back of it…her huge tits swinging out from underneath her and her gorgeous, round ass high up in the air ready for the taking. Debbie laughed. I could tell she was enjoying herself. “That’s it, baby. Show lil’ Nicole here, how it’s done. Fuck me hard!”

I still hadn’t acknowledged Nicole. czech harem porno I really had my hands full here, and I didn’t give a fuck about much else. I’d always secretly wondered what it’d be like to have Debbie and I wasn’t about to miss my opportunity. I kicked off my boxers quickly and dropped to one knee. This surprised them both, I could tell. I took her ankles in my hands and spread her wider, opening her legs up further to me. I licked slowly up the back of her leg…starting at her calf all the way up to the back of her thigh. I could feel her skin get goosebumps instantly. Small moans began escaping Debbie’s mouth. I think I even heard Nicole gasp. I licked at the curve of Debbie’s perfectly round ass, following the line of her bottom straight to her cunt. I spread her cheeks a bit so I could see more of her. To my amazement, I found the most perfect pussy in the world. Her lips were full and puffy…glistening with her juices. She was already soaking wet. I spread her lips just a bit and saw her hole…her tight hole and her swollen clit. I couldn’t wait any longer. I had to taste her. I dove in and began licking her sweet cunt. Fuck, she tasted delicious. I could’ve feasted on her all night. I heard Debbie moan again…louder this time, more urgent. I could feel her hips begin to move…fucking forward against the back of the chair. I licked upward and quickly found her clit. I couldn’t believe how hard it was. I started swirling my tongue over it…flicking it. “Oh fuck yessssssssssssss!” she screamed. To my surprise, I suddenly felt a rush of fluid over my face…she was cumming already. I drank her juices. She tasted so good…so sweet. I kept licking her. I was enjoying hearing her little moans of satisfaction. She was loving this…but I wanted more.

I stood up straight and grabbed Debbie’s hips in my hands. My harder than hard cock lined up perfectly to her tight, soaking wet cunt. I watched as the head of my cock began to disappear inside her. I pushed my way into her until I’d finally disappeared completely inside the wettest cunt ever. I began to pull back out. czech sharking porno I looked down and watched my cock glisten with her juices. I thrust back inside hard. In and out. Harder each time. Deeper and deeper with each thrust. Faster. I grabbed a handful of Debbie’s hair to gain leverage, using it to pull her body back against me. I reached around and pinched one nipple hard between my thumb and forefinger. Debbie’s head turned to the side to look at me. Her cheeks were flushed and she was panting hard. She was undoubtedly getting a great fuck…I knew she was loving it. I pulled her head back harder and took her mouth. I kissed her hard. Her tongue moved into my mouth and I sucked on it hard letting her know who was in charge. She leaned in for more, but I pulled away and moved to her ear. “You’re my whore now,” I informed her.

Pushing away from her and sitting upright again, I started to fuck her roughly with reckless abandon. As she thrashed in ecstasy beneath me, I SLAMMED my cock into her pussy over and over again. In turn, she began screaming, “Fuck me baby! Yes! Yes! That’s it! Just like that! Fuck me!”

My dick was throbbing…I knew I couldn’t hold out my longer. A few more thrusts and sure enough, my legs buckled and I could feel my orgasm rise. I pulled her hair hard and dug my fingers into her hip as I yelled, “I’m cummingggggggggg!”

“That’s it…shoot that hot load into me, baby!” she screamed.

I thrust into her a few more times. My cock felt like it was going to explode. Stream after stream of hot cum filled her until my balls were emptied. Debbie was still moaning…coming down from the ride. I slowly pulled my cock from within her and watched as my hot white cum dripped from within her and down her thighs. I couldn’t help but smile…I just fucked the hell out of my own stepmother and she loved it!

I finally looked up and saw Nicole staring at us. She looked pretty shocked, but also quite turned on. She was sitting back against the arm of the couch now…her skirt hiked up over her thighs. I could see even from across the room that her pussy was wet and ready. Her lips were pursed, her chest heaved forward. She tried to say something, but she stammered, unable to get the words out. I decided to interrupt her. I growled a low growl in my throat as our eyes locked. “Nicole?”

“Yes?” she replied nervously.

“You’re next….”

To Be Continued…

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