Sherrie’s Secret

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Her day began like most every other day. Get up, shower, get the boys off for school, get her husband off to work, and then get to work herself. Sherrie was a Front End Manger for a grocery store. She had been at this job for almost a year and loved the work. She especially loved working with some of the people there. But secretly, her favorite person was her assistant, Samantha.

Sam was much younger, vivacious, pretty, very open and built much better than Sherrie. While she did not mind that fact, some days just being around her could really drive Sherrie crazy. She would catch herself watching Sam out of the corner of her eye. The way Sam’s hair fell, her stance, the way her breasts filled out the shirt or blouse she might be wearing that day. All those things sometimes combined to make Sherrie so hot at work that it was difficult to concentrate on the job.

This particular day Sherrie went into work already anxious and slightly excited. It had been several days since her last period and this time was always hard for her. Plus the fact that she and her husband had been having a few problems and had not been together for a few weeks really put her emotions into overdrive. So of course, Sam picked this day to wear her thin, almost see-through top and the tight black pants she liked so much. She knew right away this was going to be a tough day. Working together in the office made escort levent it almost impossible not to make contact with each other from time to time. Sherrie knew that today was going to be a “contact” day. At least on her part, that is.

So, just like she thought, as the day progressed and she and Sam continued to work together, she found chances for a quick innocent “brush” against, or accidental “lean into” with Sam. She knew Sam was reading nothing into these encounters but she, on the other hand, was succeeding in heightening her sexual excitement to new levels. Every time her hand touched Sam on the back as she passed or, by chance, brushed against the side of her breast as she was reaching for something on the counter, her heart raced and she knew she could not stand much more of this.

Finally, she had had all she could stand. She knew if she left early she could get home before the boys got home from school and Paul, her husband, got home from work. She would have some quiet time to herself. And today, she really needed that time. So, making some excuse that she had to stop by the DA’s office, she went out, got in her car, and headed home. All the way during the drive she kept imagining Sam and herself being together. It was torture trying to drive when she was feeling this way. It was all she could do not to start now, before she ever reached home. But she knew escort istanbul if she could just hold on till she got there, she would be safe and would have the time she needed.

At last, she pulled into her yard. She got out, walked onto the porch and opened the door and went inside. After locking the door behind her she at once kicked off her shoes and went to the bedroom. God, she was burning up. She went to her bed and pulled the covers back. She had one of those extra large body pillows and she turned it around length ways in the bed. Then she started stripping off her clothes. She was so excited that it was hard not to just leap right into bed. She unbuttoned her blouse and slipped it off. Then she reached down and unclasped her pants and zipped them down and let them drop to the floor. She reached around and unfastened her bra and let her breasts finally get the release they had been craving all day. Finally, reaching down, she removed her hose from her feet. Leaving her soaked panties on she turned and lay down in bed beside her pillow. Thinking of Sam’s body she began to make love to the pillow. Holding it against her and wrapping her legs around it she rolled over on top of the pillow and began pumping her hips up and down. It was Heaven!! She imagined Sam’s face there directly under hers as she looked down. She thought about what it would feel like to have Sam’s escort fatih legs wrapped around her waist as she moved her hips up and down.

Finally, knowing that what she really craved from Sam was to make love to her in the 69 position she turned the pillow around and again lay on top of it. Now her face was on the pillow in the same spot that she had just had her wet panties. She could smell herself there in the wetness on the pillow. It drove her crazy. Imagining that it was Sam’s wet pussy that was under her face, she began licking and kissing the wet pillow. As she did she continued pumping up and down with her hips. Just thinking about being on top of Sam, with Sam’s face between her legs was sending her over the edge. As she got closer and closer to climax she pumped harder and harder. She was sweating all over and practically panting as she finally came. It was, by far, the best orgasm she had had in years. The best ever by herself and she had had a lot of those. Her back arched up and her whole body just locked in position and she was glad she was alone in the house because she could not help saying out loud, and much louder than she intended, “God, Sam, fuck me”. It felt like she just could not stop coming……It was so intense that as she lay there afterwards she was not even able to move for a few minutes.

So, as she lay there on her pillow, wearing nothing but a wet pair of panties, her face in laying in her on wetness, she could not help but think of how she might react the next tine she saw Sam. It was going to be hard, but she knew this was not the last time she was going to do this. Not the last time by any means.

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