Shelter Pet Pt. 03

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Kitty finds her way home.


Author’s Note

The events and characters in this story are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

The two main characters in this story are in a dominant-submissive relationship. It is safe, sane, and consensual as well as kind and loving. But if this type of relationship is not your thing, you may want to skip this story and find something else to read.

Part one of the story introduced you to all of the characters and set the wheels in motion. Part two got intensely sexual. Now it’s time to throw these lovely ladies a curve and see how their relationship holds up.

You may want to brush up on the musical Cats for this part, or at least skim the Wikipedia article if you’ve never seen it. It will help you understand some of what’s going on as Brianna takes the stage.


This is a continuation of my experiment in writing very streamlined fiction — striking out adverbs, many of the attributives (e.g. “she said”) and anything else that does not serve to move the story along. Descriptions of characters and scenes will also be sparse, leaving your imagination to fill in the details. Dialog will be used in favor of narrative whenever possible. I’m hoping it works out well. Let me know how it works for you in the comments.

Also, be aware that this is a story in three parts. It will make more sense if you read them all, and in order.

-Wax Philosophic


Friday, July 27th

This is it, opening night. The curtain opens as most of the cast begins singing about the life of Jellicle Cats. I’m in full costume, though my fur is currently hanging off my shoulders so that I won’t overheat. I take a small sip of water and wait backstage. As soon as Rum Tum Tugger finishes hamming it up with his Elvis impression, I’m on.

I am bolstered by the fact that I know Mandy is out there somewhere in the audience. I can’t see her with the bright lights on me, but I try to imagine that she is the only one in the theater, and I sing directly to her. It works, and I exit the stage no worse for wear.

After The Jellicle Ball, I am joined by Jellylorum and Jemima for a short reprise of my first appearance, then it’s on to my shining moment — the song that everyone recognizes — as we wrap up the first act. The curtain closes, and the audience erupts.

I am reminded again why it is that I love this.

All the nervousness and self-doubt are erased by the rush of the applause, as it washes over me. I make my way to the dressing room, head held high.

Most of the second act is a blur. But when the Jellicle choice is made, I feel the rush once again as I prepare for my journey to the heaviside layer. It’s the song that everybody knows, and I’m the one up here singing it.

I love this.

After the show, the entire cast is in the lobby, mingling with the audience. Praise and congratulations surround us. “Brianna,” I hear. I recognize the voice, but it’s not the one I was expecting, or even wanting to hear for that matter.

“Ethan, what are you doing here?”

“Been here all week with my summer camp kids. Thought I’d check out the show.” His gaze shifted to my fingers as he lifted my hand in his. “You’re looking great, Brianna.”

“Thanks.” I pulled my hand back.

“Um, I was thinking — uh — could I take you out for a drink? You know, to celebrate opening night?”

“Ethan, I don’t know how else to say this, but you dumped me, remember?”

“I know. I’m — uh — I’m thinking maybe now that things are different. Maybe if …”

“Oh, there you are honey!” Finally, the voice I wanted to hear. Mandy’s timing was impeccable.

“Hi, baby. I just need to get changed and I’m ready to go.” I gave her a quick peck, tasteful enough for public display, but on the lips so that there would be no mistaking what kind of kiss it was.

“Sorry Ethan, what was it you were saying?”

“Never mind. Great show. See ya ’round.”

“Not likely,” I muttered, after he was out of earshot.

“Old flame?”

“Yeah. Except he’s under the impression it’s still burning.”

“I think that kiss you just laid on me may have doused it.”

“Yeah, sorry about that. I didn’t mean to assume that we were at the public kissing stage.”

“Brianna,” she whispered, “you’ve had your tongue in my pussy. I think a little kissing is OK.”

I shivered. “It’s just — well — this is in public.”

“It’s the twenty-first century, honey, I don’t think we shocked anyone,” she said. “You’re not ashamed of us are you?”

“Well, no.”

“Good.” She kissed me again. “I believe the young gentleman was offering to buy you a drink.” She extended her arm. “I would be delighted if Grizabella would accompany me instead.”

I smiled. “Would you settle for Brianna? Grizabella’s costume belongs to the university theater department, and is not to leave the premises.”

“OK, fine.” She put on an exaggerated pout. “I’ll wait here.”

I stuck my tongue kırşehir escort out at her and wandered off to the dressing room.


“You weren’t kidding about crazy cat ladies in white cargo vans, were you?” We were rolling around on a pile of blankets, both slightly buzzed. “How many other girls have you seduced back here?”

“You’re the first, Brianna.” Mandy bent her head to kiss me. “And it’s only because I need to sober up so I can drive us home safely.”

“We could just sit in the front and listen to the radio.”

“Sure, if that’s what you want to do.” Mandy was pushing herself up off of me.

“I was teasing.” I put my hand on the back of her neck and pulled her down again. I trapped her lower lip between my teeth to provide a little extra insurance. Mandy finally gave up on her feigned indifference, and pressed her lips to mine.

Tongues mingled in their familiar dance. I showed my appreciation by letting my hands wander the length of Mandy’s back. My butt received a nice squeeze in return. I tugged at her shirt. She reached up and brushed me aside. “Just kissing, Brianna.”

I pulled back for a breath. “Never stop kissing me,” I heaved. She smiled for a moment, and then resumed her tender assault.

Her lips began to pull away. I wove my fingers into Mandy’s hair, bringing her back in. I pressed my tongue into her mouth and the dance resumed. We played at our tender, little tug-of-war for a while longer. Finally, Mandy rolled off of me. I gave her a pout.

“We can continue,” she said, “but somewhere more comfortable, OK?”

I sighed. She was right — I knew it, my back knew it — so I didn’t try to stop her when she climbed into the driver’s seat and took us back to the farm.


“Hello, Yoshimi.” The little tabby weaved between my legs, brushing against my ankles. “In a minute, OK?”

Mandy had me by the hand and was urging me toward the bedroom. I tilted my head and gave Yoshimi my best, ‘sorry, make it up to you later’ shrug as Mandy practically pulled me off my feet. “You could give me a little kitty time,” I complained.

“I’m not looking for a kitty tonight, Brianna.”

“I meant Yosh-” Mandy’s lips cut me off midstream. She had one hand wrapped up in my hair, holding me close, while her other hand tugged at my shirt. I held my arms over my head as Mandy finished the job.

She tossed me onto the bed. “Hey!” was all I managed. Mandy’s mouth stifled the possibility of any more complaints. I moaned into her, as my remaining clothing joined the pile started by my shirt. With the two of us undressed, Mandy seemed to be shifting gears, taking her time.

Mandy’s tongue inched its way from from the notch of my collarbone, over my throat, to the tip of my chin. I just shivered and moaned. The end of her journey was punctuated with a little peck on the lips. She then set out to blaze a new trail.

Mandy started in the same place as before, though this time taking a more southerly route. I twisted and arched my back in an effort to bring my nipples closer to her mouth. She resisted, instead laying the trail through the valley of my breasts. I heaved and squirmed. “Oh, god, Mandy. Stop teasing.”

She didn’t stop. Her tongue flicked over one nipple, just long enough to make it slippery, before turning her attention to the other side. I moaned, what else could I do? She had my other nipple caught between her teeth. She was gentle, but held it fast while her tongue worked its magic. A final caress between her lips, and she set me free with an audible pop.

The other side got a similar treatment, while Mandy simultaneously brushed her fingertips over the inside of my thigh. She did a marvelous job of maintaining just a light contact, particularly considering how much I was shaking. I groaned a bit, as I felt my nipple bursting free from Mandy’s mouth. Her tongue resumed its journey.

I tried not to giggle as Mandy explored every bit of my trembling abdomen. “Tickles,” I complained. She didn’t seem to care. I did my best to remain still as Mandy’s tongue wandered southward, drawing ever closer to where I wanted it to be. Damn, if she wasn’t taking her time though.

Mandy finally stopped teasing me with her tongue. In fact, she stopped everything. I ground my hips on the mattress, as if that would somehow make her continue. I felt her hands on either side of me, holding me still, and I heard Mandy inhale. “Are you?” I started. — Oh my god, she was — she was breathing in my scent. “Ohhh,” I moaned, as my quivering resumed.

A shudder that started in my toes, and went all the way up to the base of my skull, was my reaction as finally, Mandy laid her tongue on me. She drew it ever so slowly upward, laying me open. “So cute,” she whispered.

Did she just say my pussy was cute?

I didn’t have the time, or the presence of mind to ask. Mandy had begun her assault in earnest now, and the only thing out of my mouth was unintelligible babble. “Ohh — mmm — fuh — gah — yes — yes!” And when Mandy’s finger entered me, I lost my power of speech entirely.

Guttural moans and cries were the only sounds filling the air.

I thrashed my head — every muscle in my body was tensed, almost to the point of being painful — and then I felt it. Release. Glorious release. Wave after wave after wave washed over me, as I spasmed under Mandy’s touch. She was relentless, driving me onward. I had to inch my way up the bed to escape.

“Too sensitive.” I complained, under the final flicks of her tongue.

I lay there, a quivering wreck, not speaking a word. What was there to say? It was Mandy who finally broke the silence. “So, how was it?”

I chuckled. “Seriously? You couldn’t tell?”

“I want to hear your thoughts.”

“Oh, Mandy, it was — oh, god — it was incredible.”

“Good. I’ve never given an orgasm freely to anyone before. You know, without the tying up and the begging first. I wasn’t sure I’d be any good at it.”


“Yeah, really. I told you I don’t get attached.”


“What was that for?”

“You. You and your rule about not getting attached.”

“Brianna, please. Please don’t make this any harder for me than it already is. I told you I’m not very good at it.”

I said nothing further, just held her head to my chest and hugged her tight.


Yoshimi jumped up onto the bed as soon as Mandy wandered off to use the bathroom. The little kitty was pacing and butting me with her nose. I gave in and started scratching behind her ears.

By the time Mandy returned, Yoshimi had decided that the best place to settle down for the night was wrapped around my head. I think poor Mandy got a faceful of tail as she kissed me goodnight. It didn’t stop her from snuggling up to me until morning though.


Saturday, July 28th

I walked in, and made my way to the back of the pet store. I wasn’t on stage until tonight, my understudy handled the matinee performances, but we had a cast meeting this morning. As a result, I was running late.

“Oh, isn’t this just the cutest little tabby,” I overheard a woman saying.

“Can we take her home, Mommy? Please?” the little boy with her whined.

“I’m sorry, someone already has an adoption application in for this little cutie. But, if you want to play with her for a while, I can get you set up in one of those rooms over there.” Mandy motioned to the glass-enclosed area. “Her name is Yoshimi, by the way.”

I caught up to Mandy a few seconds later. “Thanks,” I said.

“Brianna, I wouldn’t dream of letting anyone else go home with your favorite kitty.”

“I don’t know what I’m going to do. I can’t afford my own place, and I’ll probably end up back in the dorms. And Yoshimi can’t stay with me there.”

“I’m sure we can work something out. At least you can come visit on Saturdays.”

“Yeah, I suppose.”

“Hey, when do you have to leave for the theater tonight? Let’s order pizza.”

“Sure. As long as I can be there by 6:30, that’ll work. Is there anything I can do to help out while I’m here?”

“Why don’t you spend a little time with Yoshimi. She misses you.”


Two kitties found their forever homes today.


Thursday, August 23rd

After a few trips from the parking lot, Mandy and I had all of my things out of her van and into my dorm room. We stood in the center of a pile of boxes, looking at each other. I reached out and took her hand in mine. “Thanks for a really wonderful summer. I’m going to miss you.”

“I’m not that far away. You know just where to find me any Saturday. I’m sure Yoshimi would be happy to see you, too.”

“I know.” I stared at my shoes.

“Good-bye, Brianna.” Mandy lifted my chin to plant a little peck on my lips.

“Good-bye, Mandy.”

I sniffled. The first thing I unpacked was a box of tissues.


“Hi, I’m Angie. I’m an aerospace engineer. Well, I will be. This is my first semester.”

“Brianna. Theater major. I’m graduating in the spring.”

“Oh, cool. So, you’re old enough to buy me beer? ‘Cause my boyfriend’s not twenty-one yet.”

“Um, no. Not gonna happen, sister.”

I grabbed my book bag and headed down to the commons area. I could finish unpacking later.


Saturday, September 8th

I walked to the back of the pet store. “Hi, Mandy. I missed you.”

“Brianna. How’s school?”

“Classes are OK, I guess. Not so sure about my roommate. Just one more year though, right?”

Mandy dug around in her pocket and pulled out a tissue. I just looked at her. “For your nose, Brianna. I think you’ve got the start of a cold coming on.”

“Probably just need some of your chicken soup,” I replied. Mandy smiled, with that easy smile of hers. God, I missed that smile.

“You wanna help pass out adoption flyers?”

“Uh, sure, in a bit. I’d like to spend spend some time with Yoshimi first — if that’s OK.”

“Sure, Brianna.”

“Can you sit with me too? If you’re not too busy, that is.”

“Maybe for a few minutes, if I can get away.”


Mandy said that three kitties found their forever homes today. I felt kind of guilty, since I just stayed in the back with Yoshimi for the whole time.


Saturday, September 22nd

I navigated my way to the back of the pet store. “Is Yoshimi here? I really need some kitty time.”

“Sure Brianna. You OK?”

“Yeah, I’m good.” I wiped my nose on my sleeve. “Can you sit with me for a while?”

“I’ll try. It’s pretty busy today. You sure you’re feeling OK?”

“Just a little cold, I think.”

Mandy put her hand to my forehead. “I don’t think you have a fever, but you should really get in to see a doctor. I think you might be coming down with the flu.”


I have no idea how many kitties found their forever home today. I just sat in the back with Yoshimi on my lap, and shivered.


Friday, September 28th

I thought back to how I used to be so scared of needles when I was a kid, as I watched the fine white powder melting into a clear liquid. Honestly, I still didn’t like needles that much, but as the nurse always says, “just a little pinch, honey, and everything’ll be just fine.”

“What the hell was I doing?” I thought. “Six months clean, and now … shit.” I don’t even know what triggered it — the end of my time in the limelight, a new roommate who was turning out to be a lot like my old one, or realizing that my thing with Mandy really was just for the summer — I guess it doesn’t matter. Soon everything would be alright again.

I pushed the plunger down and everything was indeed alright — more than alright, actually — as the warm feeling coursed through my veins. Not a lot, just enough to take the edge off. Just enough to make me feel human again.

I settled back and let the euphoria wash over me.

Mandy’s van was still nowhere in sight as the moon began making its presence known. “What if she parked somewhere else and was already upstairs?” I thought. “What if I missed her?” I decided I would do a Romeo for my sweet Juliet.

Yes! I would serenade her. She’d like that.

I started up with the song that I had recently committed to heart — Memory, from Cats. I stood directly under the window of Mandy’s loft and began belting it out. If she were up there, surely she’d hear it and have no choice but to come down and sweep me off my feet.

I was about halfway through the when I was interrupted.

“Brianna, are you OK? What are you doing?”

“Jeff! Willow! I’m so happy to see you. I love you guys. I’m just waiting for Mandy to come down from her balcony.” I started belting out Memory again.

“Brianna …”

“What’s wrong, Jeff? You don’t like my song? I could do something from Rent. How about Light My Candle? You can sing Roger’s part. Would that be OK with you Willow? — Willow? — Where’d she go?”

“Brianna, why don’t you come inside?”

“I can’t. I’m serenading Mandy.”

“Brianna, she’s not home.”

“Oh, no.” I slumped to my knees. Jeff offered a hand, but I decided it was easier to lean my back against my car instead.

Jeff was still trying to convince me to come inside when I saw a flash of headlights, and heard the familiar crunch of gravel under tires. “Mandy!”

She stepped out of the van. “Willow called and said there was some crazy woman singing showtunes in my driveway.”

“Mandy! I love you.”

“She’s a little messed up.”

“I resent that, Jeffrey. I am just fine, thank you very much. Everything is just fine.” I started belting out Memory again.

“Come on Grizabella, let’s get you upstairs. Can you give me a hand, Jeff?”

“Mandy, you don’t need help, you’re Superwoman. Use your super strength. Wooshhh.”

Eventually, Superwoman and her sidekick got me up the stairs and through the door to her loft.

“Jesus, Brianna, you’re a mess. What happened to your knee?”

“I fell.”

“No kidding. Come into the bathroom. Let’s get you cleaned up before you bleed all over my floor.” Mandy led me in and I plopped my butt down on the toilet lid. “Stand up a sec. I need to get your pants off.”

“Ooh, that sounds like fun. Wanna launch my rocket, baby?”

“Brianna, don’t start with me. I don’t know what kind of shit you’ve gotten yourself into since you moved out, but I really don’t like it.” She was cleaning my knee with some sort of antiseptic. I was crying. It wasn’t the sting of the antiseptic, I wasn’t feeling that at all.

“Mandy — Mandy, I’m sorry. I just want you to love me. Don’t you love me? I love you.”

She hugged me close. “Let’s talk about it in the morning, Brianna. Right now, you need to rest.”


Saturday, September 29th

“How long have you been using, Brianna?” Mandy was sitting next to me on the couch, interrogating me between spoonfuls of chicken broth. Late morning sunlight was streaming through the windows.

“A few weeks. Not a lot. Just enough to help me get through the day.”

“Do you have any more?”

“A little. It’s in the car.” Another sip of broth.

“Get rid of it. Do you understand me? I will not have that shit in this house.”

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