She Was Pt. 03

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She was (part 3)

Turns out Letti’s mom and I were caught and didn’t know it. Her son Jack had awoken in the night and discovered us mid-sex.

Now angry was an understatement. We were supposed to be friends almost family. I had fucked his mom on the night of his birthday party. I knew the wrong but didn’t regret anything.

Couple days pass, the anger lessened for my compadre. We got into one heated argument in front of his mom, sister also his girlfriend. Which made just about everyone in the world aware of my habits. The females cooled us both out. We shook hands and that was that. Back to routine.

Routine couldn’t have just returned. No, now I was getting texts from Jack’s girlfriend. Her name was Hersilia, most called her Silia. She stood around 5’5″ also she was slightly chunky, green eyes to boot. Usually kind and nice to people around her, though she had an obvious weird side. Her hair had remnants of pink and turquoise dye, her light brown natural hair was visible at the roots but proudly worn.

The texts started out like our usual conversations. Pleasant niceties and comic relief. Until one early fall evening. When I received a text that read, ” Jack’s out of town for a couple nights, you wanna come hang out so I’m not alone and bored?”

Confirmed with a short text “getting a shower, and I’ll be over”. I hopped in the shower without the thought of sex on my mind, as I scrub clean my pulse begins to fill my cock. I began stroking it real slow until I was hard. Suddenly realizing I was in a bit of a rush, I kick it into high gear. Vigorously stroking myself until I cum on the shower wall. Relieved, I clean and rinse off. Out to dry and get ready.

As I pull into Jack and Silia’s place. I start to get a feeling in my stomach. Nervous. Anxious. But I haven’t even planned to do wrong. Was my own body more aware than myself?

I get out of the car and start walking up to their country trailer with an almost all dirt driveway. Before I could knock on the door, began to open.

Through the 2-3 inch gap in the door I could see she wasn’t wearing the normal Halloween pajama pants. No, no pants at all. Soft pink cotton panties stretched tight over her mound and squeezing at her love handle muffin tops. She was wearing a loose pink shirt that had clasps in the front. As the door opens she has a naughty smile. She knew what she wanted. She backed a step away, arms at her side. As I close and lock the door, I turn my attention back to Silia. Her smile turned devilish with a bite of her lip. I knew I was in for it. She stepped into me, looking up into my eyes. Reaching her arms around me going straight for my ass. I put my arms around her, one high and one low resting just above her panty line. Her eyes closed behind Ümraniye Escort her glasses, extending her lips to mine. The kiss was lightening. Quickly gaining on a full make out in the entryway. She withdrew her kiss, finally she said. “Let’s go find something to watch on the couch.” Although my dick began to swell I agreed.

Reaching the couch she found her spot at the right end of the couch, patting beside her ushering me into place. I settle in next to her, go to light a cigarette as she does the same. She finds a Rick and Morty episode she likes and places the remote on the coffee table. Resting herself under my left arm.

A few minutes into the episode, our cigarettes at their end. I butt mine out into green glass ashtray Silia was holding. With one last draw she put hers out, returning the ashtray to the table. Bringing her torso around she wrapped herself around my side. When her leg hiked up onto my lap I began rubbing at her ankle. Up her tense calf muscle.

Around the bend of her knee, up to her under thigh. She kind of lifted her ass with a wiggle. Letting the shirt fall away from her side. Bringing her cotton pink panties into full focus. I paused my rubbing halfway up her thigh. Taking a moment to breath and relax.

Her arm slid under my shirt slowly rubbing up to my chest. Grazing my nipple she rubbed slowly around it. Causing an inhale on my part, large enough to constrict her hands movement under my shirt.

She leaned into my ear whispering, “anal only, sugar. Hope that’s fine with you?”

I questioned it not. Responding only with a groaning “mmhmm”.

Kissing her shoulder, rubbing up to her ass. Grabbing, deep massaging her fluffy and sexy ass cheek. She tongued away under my earlobe. Until she lifted her leg back off of me. Her hand still under my shirt swiftly moved to my abdomen. Prying and popping open the top button of my pants. The sound of my zipper being undone seemingly louder than it should be. Pubes being tugged at as my underwear were being pulled down.

The tension broke as my hard cock shot straight up to attention.

” Someone wants attention…” She whimpered.

Hovering her head over my dick, I could feel the hotness of her breath. Her lips closed in on my tip with a simple smooch. Then she sat up with a small bottle of lube in hand. Surprisingly, she squirted the lube into her mouth. Snapping the lube lid closed as she returned to my pulsating cock.

A rush of energy had overtaken me as she forcefully taken me almost all the way in. The wetness was without explanation, the slurps rattling along my shaft. Her back teeth seemed to drop in temperature when she inhaled. The muscles in my foot tensed. I struggled to fight against my urge dribble her İstanbul Escort dome down on my dick like a basketball. She took it in as deep as she could, pausing elongated the pleasure. She then slowly slid my cock from her throat/mouth. Slurping loudly at the tip. Tongue lashing me to death.

“You ready to fuck this ass babe?” She questioned.

“Oh yeah I am” I quickly spurted.

She throws her shirt to the carpet as she positioned herself on the couch. Ass up, arms crossed resting on the back of the couch looking back eagerly. I stood up shedding my pants and underwear before finally getting my shirt off of me. Standing behind her big soft fluffy ass with my dick still dribbling with her slobber. With both hands I rub and massage up her back muscles reaching to her shoulders, my wet tip leaving a spot on her panties as I pressed gently between her cheeks.

Usually anal is an event that takes place after decent sex has been laid down. But I knew I couldn’t, “anal only” is what she said. Working my hands back down from her shoulders, I rub down to the sides of her ass. Feeling the cotton panties stretching to fit, taught with lust. Pulling and kneading, I could see her crack open and close. My dick throbbed harder.

Her soft moans let me know I was in the right place at the right time. Her ass and feet protruding out from the couch as she pushed back almost begging me to commence. I leaned over her as I started to slip her panties down just revealing the top half of her smooth crack. I began kissing at the small of her back, my fingers still tucked into her panties.

With great patience I reached the top of her crack, turning my head to the side I began to tongue at her tail bone. I start down the crack tongueing fast then slow, up the walls and back down into the valley. Her taste was of freshly cleaned linen, with a pinch of lusty sweat. I slide her panties down further revealing the crown of her asshole. I tongue closer and closer, her back arching deeper and deeper. Her moans growing, anticipating.

As my tongue reaches her rim, her sphincter squeezed in delight. I slobber around the edge, grazing the hole lightly a couple times. I pull her panties down to the bottom of the thighs. Now able to spread her cheeks, I stretch them as far as they would go. Spreading her asshole taught. Around the rim my tongue went again, finally reaching her center. I kiss, suck and tongue at her opening causing a good moan to escape her mouth.

With my hands opening her I push up giving access to her pussy. I slurped at the divide, making her pit of pleasure open wide. Getting low, nose in her pussy and tongue on her clit, I licked and kissed slowly coming back up to her spread ass. Stopping to tongue deep in Anadolu Yakası Escort her canal, before giving her asshole a wet slobbery kiss.

I let go of her ass as I stood up, stroking with one hand and spitting in the other. With a moist thumb I rubbed in circles letting her asshole know I was ready. It opened easy, allowing my entire thumb inside as I jerked slowly on my cock.

I grabbed my hard dick adding pressure to the tip. Pushing it into her awaiting hole. I pressed the tip in just passed the rim before pulling out. Her body quivering at my teasing motion, I re-enter. Shoving myself in to the hilt. She gasped almost in pain.

“That ass loves dick doesn’t it?” I said beginning my slow repetitions.

“Yes, this ass needs all that dick” she desperately replied.

Grabbing her waste I began to fuck her asshole nice and steady.

“Harder” she cries.

So I got her hair in my left hand, her right shoulder in my other hand, pulling her back so I can force myself as deep into her as our bodies would allow. Her back bucked, must’ve hit a nerve, she almost yells “ow ow ow, too deep” Her asshole was frightened and tightened. Causing me to force my way back in with each thrust. Her knuckles whitening as she clutched the cushions.

“Harder, harder” she groans. So I raise my right foot onto the couch giving me the extra leverage to pound deep each time. Letting go of her hair I reach around her neck, grabbing her throat. She gasped out ” harder, choke me like you mean it!” I place my other hand over her mouth simultaneously pinching her nose closed. Allowing only slight breathes from her mouth to pass through my fingers. This restriction of breathe drove her wild. Her hands open pressed into the top of the couch.

She started to pull away, then I pulled her back harder by the face and throat. “Ohhhh” she muttered in my hand.

She jerked and jumped, letting go of an intense orgasm. My balls slapping at her pussy, I knew my excitement was reaching it’s precipice. Clutching tighter at her mouth and throat. I slowed down my rythem to focus on my tip breaking past her guard. I feel myself growing harder with a roar in my loins. Releasing all of myself into Silia’s ass hole. Her snow white cheeks blushing pink. The last few strokes, came to a knee rattling end. I shakily backed out of her asshole as she collapse face first in to the back of the couch. She was gaped open, the abyss wet and dripping cum over her pussy, down onto her panties with some landing on the couch. After a few seconds of us catching our breaths, she spun around. She started sucking my dick clean. Aftershocks rocked my knees as she swallowed the residual drops. With cum on her lip she looked up and smiled.

“That was fun, hehe ” she said. I agreed. After getting dressed we rested on the couch enjoying our cigarettes. Finished a couple more episodes with her close but not as close as she was beforehand. The night drew to it’s end. I went back home with a smile on my face. Sure that she wore a smile of her own.

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