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She Wanted

By Blueheatt

…She was a unwanted child, her parents were old when they had her by mistake, and ignored her pretty much. We kind of looked after her. I would tease her in a fun way, and she liked the attention.

….I would hold her hand a lot, like a daughter. I became a father figure to her. I would hug her a lot and teach her to pick back at me, in play teasing. My girlfriend loved it, and encouraged it. I would sit by her and put my arm around her, hold her hand and tell how beautiful she was.
She would blush, but didn’t say much. I taught her about boys, and how to watch out for the bad things that could happen if they had unprotected sex with her.
…When we moved closer to her parents, time had passed, and now she was in her late teens, and a total beauty. Tits bigger, body more shape and a nice ass. I got the hots for her right away, and did all the touching I could.

…I now started in again, hugging her and holding her sweet hand, like a boyfriend. She had had only one boyfriend and he was a dud. She now looked at me with those far away eyes, and half grinned, like her mind was a million miles away.

….What ever she was thinking, it made her smile. I would catch her taking long looks at me, again with that grin. She would follow me around the house, stand by me and would sit by me anytime she could.

…. One day I was looking at her bare legs and her short shorts. I reached out and rubbed her thigh, and said: “Damn, Liz, you have hot legs.” She blushed, but put her hand on my hand. I continued to rub her leg, then both legs.
I heard her breathing pick up and she leaned over and put her head on my shoulder. I kept rubbing and she held my arm, but..I could feel her hands tremble. I let my arm rub up against her tits while rubbing her legs.

…She jumped slightly, and I heard a little tiny moan. She started rubbing my arm up and down slowly. My girlfriend was gone for 5 days to visit girl friends out of town, and all was quiet. I turned her and held her like a baby.
Her legs were jumpy, and she closed her eyes. She started rubbing my arm again, and whispered very quietly in my ear : ( “could I maybe have one kiss?” ) Her breath was panting pretty heavy now.

…I slowly brought her close to me, ran my hand through her hair and kissed her quivering lips softly. She rubbed her legs together and squirmed. She gasp, and got up and went in bathroom. She stayed in there a long time, then came out with a slight blush, like nothing happened. I said nothing and went about my usual stuff.

…She was shook up, she couldn’t hold still, taking deep breaths now and again like she was trying to compose herself. Walking slowly around the house in deep thought. I went down the hall just as she came around the corner, she gasp, and just looked deep into my eyes.

…She was up against the wall, her hands behind her, just staring at me with a grin. I stood right in front of her close. Then closer. Even I could feel her heart beating. Her tits moved up and bursa escort bayan down as she was trying to get air.

…I whispered softly: (now, could I have just one kiss?) We leaned into each other as our arms slowly wrapped around us. We kissed with passion this time. She had to stop to gasp for air, then back on my lips.
I felt her tongue exploring mine, and we held that kiss. I put my arms around her and pulled her to me, and my ‘now’ full boner. She jumped, as we pushed it firm into her pussy.
I felt her legs start to get weak, as she started to sink in my arms. I held her tight as her legs wobbled for support. She broke the kiss and gasped for air. I looked at her eyes, half open.
Was she really about to black out?

…I held on to her, then picked her up and carried her to our bedroom. I laid her down gently, her arms barely strong enough to hang on to my neck.
…She mumbled she was so hot. I fanned her with my hand. She closed her eyes, and just panted. I said: “You need to take a rest, I’ll be back to check on you later.
…What I didn’t realize is that she went from a little crush on me, to a full bore ‘I have to have you’ with me now.
It had been storing up inside her for several years now, and when we finally got together and kissed,…. it was more that she could take. I went back in about 30 minutes, and she was sound asleep. I sat down on the edge of the bed and started rubbing her beautiful legs.

….She slowly woke up, and smiled. She put her hands up to her face in embarrassment and said: “I’m sorry, but you made me faint.” She reached out for me, and pulled me down to her. She whispered softly: “You just don’t know how bad I want you, do you?”

…I laid down, my head down next hers and said: “I guess not, tell me.” She told me about how she started dreaming about me when we moved close to her parents, day and night. It grew and grew and now it exploded when we kissed. “I have to have you, or I’ll go crazy until I do. Have sex with me now, I want you so bad, it hurts.” She didn’t wait for an answer, and started unbuttoning my shirt. She had a wild look in her eyes I had never seen before. She was going for it like nothing was going to stop her.
…I started taking her top off, she got my shirt off, I went for her shorts, I undid her bra, she undid my belt, button and zipper. We finally were both naked. We lay sideways, and felt our body’s, I finally got my hands on her beautiful tits, and squeezed them, rolling her nipples in my fingers.

…She moved her fingers down to my rock hard boner and felt it, my balls and pubic hair. She moaned….”this is just like I dreamed it would be.” She took in air, and attacked my lips, kissing like it was the last kiss she’d ever get.
Her wet and lovable tongue slowly started going in my mouth and my tongue met hers, twisting and enjoying it all. She started jacking my dick, then quietly asked, “Is this the way you like it?”
I said: “You can always tell by the moans, if a man or a woman likes escort bursa it.” She smiled and whispered: “I want to make you moan like no other woman ever has!” I said: “Liz, I’ve watched you grow up, and I had to hold back loving you so many times. The time is finally here. My dream is finally coming true too.” She grabbed me and started kissing me hot and heavy. She panted and jacked my dick like a wild woman, She quick turned and started kissing my dick, and played with it and my balls. I had never seen this side of her, and I was liking it.

…She whispered: (“your mine now, all mine. I’ve wanted you day and night for so long. Now I’m gonna fuck you like no other woman has, or ever will.”) I grabbed her hips and started licking her little slit. She had a small patch of soft pubic hair, which I licked. She just kept shuddering as I licked her. She started sucking my dick slow at first, the she jacked it faster as she slowly sank it in her mouth as far as she could. I moaned with each thing she did. Her clit was bright pink as I licked all around it, and when I sucked right on it, she let out a moaning yell, I think the neighbors could hear. She was in a panic, she trembled, turned and pulled me on top of her.

…Her gasping kisses were a real turn on to me. I bent her legs at the knees and rubbed my dick on her clit. “Ohhhhhhh”, she squirmed and moaned. “Put it in me now.” she moaned. “I have to have you in me, no more waiting, put it in me please!”
I didn’t make her wait.

…My dick was the hardest I’ve ever remember it being. I pushed it slowly in her wet warm and tight pussy, She yelled out..”Oh Baby YES! Yes, yes, yes, yeeees! as she started fucking me in a panic. She buried her tongue in my mouth and tried to breathe too. As we fucked fast she started climaxing….she screamed! ….”Ohhhhhhh, Yes!”

… My balls would hold no more and exploded in her pussy. Instantly filling her pussy with cum. It just kept pumping my cum in her. She grabbed my butt cheeks and pulled and locked up her body. She trembled all over. She twitched and fucked me some more, deep in her pussy. She was red hot, the skin all over her complete body turned pink with the heat.

…We held on as her pussy spazmed with jolts of pleasure and squeezed my dick as it milked out every last drop of cum…..

…When I woke up, she was wrapped around me, arms and legs.

…I’d never had a girl obsessed over me before. When she finally got with me, she went kinda crazy. It was so wonderfully exciting, but a touch scary.

…What I didn’t know was my girlfriend had bragged about me to her, and told her just what I liked in a woman, and even told the details of what I liked when we had sex. Being sisters, she got into all the little things we did in bed. How I licked her pussy, how I fingered her G spot, how I could make her squirt doing it. What made me moan, how I would finger her butt hole until she couldn’t stand it and would climax so good. All this built up over the years, and now Liz was determined to have me too.
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…Liz knew we had 4 days left before her sister came back and she had plans. That night she took me in the shower and washed me, of course she had to play with my dick and suck it some. I washed her and felt her soapy slick great tits and ass. We finished and dried each other off.

…She pulled me into the bed, and got up on me and put her pussy right in my face, while she sucked on my dick. (my girlfriend’s favorite). She said: “Lick me, I already know you love it.”
I could feel her little fingers around my dick, just playing with it and licking it. I teased her pussy with my tongue, sliding it up and down her young slit. She squirmed each time I did it.

…She practiced putting as much of my dick in her mouth as she could, and was getting there. I felt her young body. Smooth and warm in my hands. I licked around her clit, but not right on it. Her chest was straining for air as she jerked at my tongue playing with her little clit. She moaned so cute, a moan of contentment and excitement both. Her beautiful legs quivered. She quick turned on top of me. She put my dick in her and laid on top of me and started sliding her body back and forth on my dick, (..another of my girlfriends favorite positions..) That position allowed her to rub her clit on my pubic hair, and control the pressure on it. She started in and started moaning with each stroke…she was in another world controlling her impending climax now. She had her eyes closed and muttering my name over and over. Now with each stroke she squeezed her pussy down tight on my dick at my dick’s deepest point. She paused, sucked a big gulp of air and started to shake and tremble….she put her forehead in my chest and yelled….”Ooooooooo Goddddddd…and climaxed hard. I felt my cum blast in her, filling her pussy over and over again as I moaned with her. We ground our selves together hard, as we moaned more…our breath felt like it had been taken away. We shook with tightened muscles and trembling body’s….we went slowly weak…as spasms continued for both. She began to make wonderful sounds of joy. We drifted slowly into sleep…..

I looked up…it was 2am…Liz was still on top of me sleeping. My dick was semi hard still in her…I closed my eyes and went back to sleep.
I woke up feeling strange, did I dream fucking her…no I don’t think so…
It was 9am. I smelled cooking…bacon…eggs…hash browns…mmmm.
Here she came with a tray for me. She was wearing a blue robe. A towel wrapped around her head. She set the tray down, and began to feed me. She smiled and whispered….(..”I’m keeping you…I’ve waited and waited for my dream, and it came true…I will tell my sister she must share…or leave….either way.”) I laughed and said: “…do ‘I’… have a choice?..”…she kissed me and smiled…and said…”no”. We giggled and she continued to spoil me.

…I had an idea how my girlfriend would react to Liz’s new position. By sharing, she still got me, and a happy sister too. This was my bet.

The girlfriend came back and Liz had a long talk with her. I won my bet. The girlfriend said It looks like you’ve got two girlfriends now….

They took me arm & arm into the bedroom….

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