She Turned Me Down For Cheesecake

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This story has been in my mind for awhile, but it’s hard to figure out where to start. I feel like there should be another chapter before this, but I’m still sorting out all the details in my head so be patient if there’s backstory that seems to be missing. If there’s any interest, I’d be more likely to continue it. Feedback is definitely welcome.

We chitchatted about the weather and I made my complaint of not having much of a winter and being dressed for summer.

“I was obliged to raise the temperature of my house from 65 to 70 for my wife, who by the way, turned me down tonight for cheesecake.Adds to the list of rejections.”

“Well, cheesecakeispretty good,” I couldn’t resist teasing. “What did you offer her?” I was curious.

“Mere hints, really. A kiss on the neck, a guided hand along her side and onto her backside. That resulted in’I’m eating cheesecake…stop.”

“Does she ever kiss you for the sake of just kissing you?”

“Usually in appreciation. Or the standard kiss before bed or as she gets home.”

“Hey, that’s still something.” I countered optimistically.

“True, romance isn’t a problem. Loving isn’t a problem…”

“Right, just sex?”

“Well….yes. The more carnal desires.”

“Is she on any birth control? I’ve heard being on it messes with hormones sometimes.”

“Currently, no. She was several months before. Actually, I don’t know remember how long ago now. And you’re right, it does mess with it a little.”

“She could just be adjusting to it.” I actually didn’t bostancı escort know anything about birth control, but I sensed this conversation was becoming disheartening and I wanted to remain hopeful for him. It was often that I got to hear about my friends’ relationship woes, but lacking in sex was never an issue. Naturally it made me more curious about his situation. “When you do get to do the deed, does she get into it? Sorry, is that being too nosy?” I didn’t want to seem like I was probing.

“Get into it? That’s relative. She gets into it… but not quite like she used to.” He paused, and quickly changed the subject to me. “Have you been ‘pleased’ lately?”

“Haha, what does ‘pleased’ mean?” I ask.

“Satisfied… aroused beyond control… depleted of sexual energy… gotten off.” He sure knew how to paint a rather erotic visual.

“Hmm…I was pleasured this morning.”

Chuckling, “That’s good to hear.”

“But I didn’t let him get me off.”

“Oh? Why’s that?” He knew perfectly why. He told me to deny myself for awhile and to wait for him. It was my birthday today, and while I could hold off on having an orgasm, I wasn’t going to deny myself the pleasure of at least a birthday licking. However, I wasn’t going to let him know he was the reason I put it off. I wasn’t one to let a guy know how much he affected me, especially sexually.

Instead, I told him how I like to just focus on my boyfriend sometimes. My boyfriend hadn’t seen me in two weeks büyükçekmece escort because of that conference and came back seeming even more stressed. I thought it would be good to spoil him with blowjobs, including on my birthday.

“What does he do, if you don’t mind me asking?”

“He’s getting his PhD and it’s a really intensive program. Lots of research and experiments. Stuff that goes way over my head.”

“And mine.”

“What does your wife do?”


“Oh right, you mentioned how she only wanted to get pregnant after the school year.”

“My glass is empty…and I haven’t filled it. What is it about you that causes me to stop drinking? It’s not natural,” he joked, changing the subject once again.

He really didn’t want to talk about his wife and I wasn’t going to push the subject any longer. But this wasn’t the first time he told me I held his attention for so long that he forgot about drinking.

“Where are you located tonight?”

“I’m still at the boyfriend’s.”

“Where is he? Shouldn’t I let you be with him?” He was trying to be respectful, which I appreciated, but I didn’t want to stop talking to him quite yet.

“I am. We’re in the same room, but he’s watching a show.”

“I don’t want to be taking you away from him.”

“We do this often and if I needed to go, I’d say so. Plus, I’ve spent all day with him and we’re not combined at the hip like most couples.”

“I completely understand.”

“I çekmeköy escort could say the same thing for you.”

“What, you kidding? I got turned down for cheesecake tonight.”

I chuckle. “She’s ok with you being on the computer so much?”

“It’s what I do. She reads; I do computer stuff.”

“He sometimes complains my laptop is taking his place on the bed. I just laugh.”

“Poor guy being replaced by a laptop and me getting replaced by cheesecake.”

“The computer satisfies my every need!” I joke. “No, I make it up to him, so he can’t complain.”

“Lucky him. Is he still watching his show?”

“No, he’s coding now.”

“Hard at work; can’t distract him now, can you?”

I grin. “I could…and have. He’s easy. Too easy.”

“Sometimes I wish that would happen to me…get interrupted while I’m working or doing something on the computer. Mind completely off in the distance…working over my screens like only a nerd would. And then she’d slink in through the door wearing something she knows I would like. Nothing fancy. Hell, just tight fitting jeans and a tank top would be fine. Hair down, pushup bra and just the right tint of lipstick.”

At that moment, I get a phone call from friend wishing me a belated birthday. I felt bad leaving him hanging at such a moment. At the sound of the call, my boyfriend realized how late it was and motioned for me to get ready for bed.

“Sorry, got a call.”

“It’s fine. You have a life.”

“I’m actually wearing a wife beater because it’s so hot here.” I offer. I felt guilty leaving him hanging for so long because of the call.

“Don’t tease…” I can almost hear the pain in his voice.

“But I have to go now,” seeing my boyfriend motioning for me to close my laptop. It was the most anti-climatic way to end our conversation, but I had to. I felt terrible.

“Alrite. Have a good night.”

“Good night, Jake.”

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