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I did an unusual thing last night whilst watching TV with my wife. We were watching a boring (to me) property search program that my wife often watches as over sixties often do. I had been hinting earlier that day at an early night hoping to get a bit of nookie, that seems to get rarer these days. The only interesting thing about the program was the sexy tall blonde girl doing the property searching. I was feeling horny and started to lightly stroke my little cock through my joggers. It only took a few seconds for it to stir and grow to a semi. I was part ogling the hot girl on TV and part thinking about licking my wife’s pussy and my cock grew hard. I soon had my hand down my pants and having a slow rub of my shaft.

Now, the TV is in a corner and I was sitting on the sofa along the wall and my wife on a chair on the adjacent wall to my left with the TV slightly to my right. I could see her out of the corner of my eye engrossed in the program. The lights were off with just a cabinet light behind my wife and the TV itself casting a low light. I had my feet up on footstool. I started to get really horny and thought of going to the toilet for a wank, but the more I thought about her maybe seeing me wanking the more I wanted to just get it out and wank. I even thought about standing up and doing it in front of her to see if she would ask me to go to bed with her.

I bottled that idea and instead just started to slide my pants down bit by bit to release my cock. I kept my left leg bent so as to hide my cock from her. I started to slowly wank away trying not to move too much and catch her attention.

My wife’s malatya seks hikayeleri phone beeped and she started to read a message on it and then replying. Whilst she was busy with that I slid my pants down even further, they were now round my thighs and my bare arse was on the sofa. There was no hiding this if she looked up. I straightened my legs out and spread them slightly and started to slowly wank again in full view of her if she looked.

She was still tapping away on her phone. By now I wanted to be caught. I was in flasher mode. I was close to cumming but trying not to until she saw me. My heart rate was now going through the roof. I was just thinking about licking her piss wet pussy just after she had a wee without washing or wiping after. Then my wife just looked up to watch TV again keeping the phone in her hand glancing back at it occasionally.

I couldn’t hold back any longer so I eased up my shirt and shot my load all over my belly. As the feeling subsided I started to feel embarrassed and wanted to cover up before she saw me. I slowly slid my pants back up and put my shirt down. I could smell the cum and left the room for a shower.

I though about what I’d just done whilst showering and realised that it had given me one of the best thrills I had ever had. I even started getting hard again which is definitely not normal for me after cumming.

Once back downstairs the program had finished and I asked my wife “Can we have something good on now?” “Yeah,” she replied, “you’ll like this.” She switched the TV onto mirror-cast and started playing a video off her phone. There we were watching the last couple of minutes of me wanking and cumming. I didn’t know what to say so I just watched it and my cock started to swell again.

As it finished she asked what had made me do that. So I told her I was just getting horny and couldn’t help it. She asked what I was thinking about whilst doing it so I told her I was thinking about how wet her pussy would be if she’d just had a wee. She asked me how wet I imagined it would get and why I was thinking about that. Well it took me some getting it out and my mouth was dry with nerves but I told that I was thinking about licking it cleaning for her and imagined it dripping wet.

“Really!” she said. I just nodded.

“Looks like your still thinking about it” she said nodding towards the bulge in my shorts.

I just smiled sheepishly. I was rock hard again by now and put my hand down my shorts and slowly stroked it knowing my wife was watching me. I hoped she would come over and suck it or suggest we go to bed.

After a couple of minutes my wife went to the toilet. When she came back in she told me to lay down on the sofa. I did as I was told and thought to my self, “My god has she got a wet pussy?” she took off her dressing gown and was naked under it. She lifted one leg up onto the sofa and squatted her pussy on to my face. The smell hit me first, a quite strong smell of urine. She had often had a faint smell when I’d licked her before, just because she had been to the toilet a few times and only wiped herself with tissue, it does leave a trace behind. But this was just like pure urine. As her pussy got to my mouth droplets of urine that were on her lips wet my mouth and nose. I pulled her down hard onto my face and buried my nose in her pussy as deep as it would go. Then pulling away and licking up lips her slit and all around her lips inside and outside. My cock was throbbing again my heart pounding. When I had cleaned up all the urine I started on her clit and brought her off to a very intense orgasm.

When she calmed down she sat on my cock and I came in a few seconds. “You’ve made it all wet again” she said, “you better clean it up again”. She climbed back up to my face and lowered her cum filled pussy down onto my lips. I almost pushed her away but thought about what I had just enjoyed and wanted it to happen again. I wasn’t about to upset her in any way. At first I didn’t open my mouth, I didn’t like the smell and thought I might gip. But as she pushed down onto my face and slid up and down a little I was getting cum all over my nose and chin. So I opened my mouth and started to lick cum of her pussy. As I cleaned it she rubbed up and down more and this was cleaning it off my face too. Then she pushed her pussy hard onto me with her pussy on my face, I could still smell cum and taste it in my mouth and throat. I was just realising that the initial revulsion had gone and I was happy to be here with her pussy on my face.

She eventually climbed off me and sat on the footstool at the side of me. “No need to worry about the furniture” she said “I’m nice and clean”. “Pity you can’t reach your willy” she said, pointing at the cum that had dribble out on me when she sat on it. There’s no chance of her cleaning it she won’t have cum near her mouth.

“I can’t believe I’ve had to wait till now to experience that” she said, “Let’s do it again soon”.

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