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Disclaimer: This is going to sound funny to some, maybe erotic to others. Either way, this was my wife’s idea, I merely went along with it, being your typical red-blooded, horny, all-American male. My wife discovered my penchant for writing erotic literature, so she came up with this brilliant idea…She wanted me to lie on my side, while she would reach around me and play with my cock, and in the meantime I would try to write what I’m feeling. So being how I’m game for anything sexual here goes…

We’re laying on our king sized bed, naked. My netbook sits in front of me, my head propped up with one arm, while my other types. Thank goodness I’m basically a one-handed typist to begin with, I never had typing in school, that was a ‘girl’ thing. My wife scoots in behind me, she presses her 38c breasts against my back. Her nipples poke into my back. The warmth of her body immediately begins to warm me up. My cock begins to twitch and I almost wish we weren’t doing this. I would much rather be fooling around together, but according to the ground rules we laid out in the beginning, I’m not allowed to touch her. She peers over my shoulder and giggles as I type. I just shake my head and smile. It’s all a game.

Finally, she reaches around me and begins by tweaking, rubbing and squeezing my nipples. I feel her pubic hair tickle the back of my thigh. I’m beginning to think that this isn’t going to work, because my mind is more concerned with typing than sex (trust me, I’d much rather have the sex). She trails her fingers down and interweaves them in my pubic hair. My cock begins to stir, and it takes çapa escort but a whole fifteen seconds to achieve its full six inches of hardness. As I sigh, she giggles again. She wraps her tiny hand around my cock and begins a slow up and down stoke. And no, I’m not huge; it’s just that she does have tiny hands (she laughs at this sentence).

Yes, it does feel good but personally I wish she would go a bit faster. With her free hand she probes and prods my balls from behind. I open my legs to give her easier access to then, where she proceeds to gently squeeze them. Meanwhile her hand that is working firmly on my cock, has picked up the pace a little bit (smile). She nuzzles my neck and her tongue begins a light touching sensation, her breath feels hot. I tell her how good it feels and all she does is squeeze my cock as a response. My cock is so hard in her hand; she grips it a little tighter and begins her steady stroking motion again. Some more pre-cum oozes out and dribbles on to the bed. It’s hard to type when you have all these sensations going on around you.

She stops momentarily to tickle the insides of my thighs with her fingernails. My cock bobs in the cool morning air. Begging for attention, it bounces up and down. It doesn’t take long for her to get back to the task at hand. She grips me again and starts with that steady pumping motion. She still does it somewhat slower than I would do myself, but still very, VERY pleasurable. I just want to turn around and fuck her, but that’s not part of this (sorry). God, this is so bizarre. It’s strange not having control, yet very fatih escort arousing at the same time. She makes me want to cum. But not being in command of the situation, I feel helpless, yet very vulnerable.

Oh my god, she’s massaging my balls again and tickling that area between my balls and my asshole. Her hand moves faster up and down my shaft. At this pace, I know I won’t last long. I’m sure she can sense that, just as my balls pull closer to my body. I try to ignore the feelings and concentrate on typing. Well, that doesn’t work. She finally takes her hand from my balls, which leaves me only one sensation to deal with. My god, I am getting closer. Her hand pumps faster. I don’t know what it is, I guess females have a sixth sense about those kinds of things. She giggles some more. I tell her how good it feels, and plead with her not to stop.

Just then she reaches her free hand up to my nose, index finger pointing out. I pick up the distinct aroma of her cunt and come to the realization that she stuck her finger up her pussy. She lowers it to my mouth and lets me lick and suck it off. She tells me to listen to how wet she is, as I hear that distinguished squishy-squashy sound her pussy makes when it’s wet. She does that for a few seconds before giving me a second taste of her juices. Fuck, yeah I want that too. Her right hand pumps my cock harder and faster; the pre-cum oozes from my cock head.

I’m not going to hold out much longer, and I make her aware of that. She giggles then stops abruptly. I feel her shifting on the bed. She tells me she’ll be right back. sarıyer escort bayan And here she is, true to her word. She reaches over me as she takes a pair of her panties and lays them out before me, placing them neatly underneath my cock. She takes the head of my cock and runs it across the crotch of the panties, leaving behind a trail of pre-cum. A long, thread-like strand completes the path.

Once again she starts pumping my cock. Her now firm grip and the steady pumping motion have us picking right up where we left off. She whispers in my ear “Are you going to cum for me? Do you want me to keep jerking you off, so you can shoot your hot, gooey cumin to my panties? Huh? Would you like that?” All I can do is grunt a breathy “Uh-huh” as I am now trying to hold back for as long as I possibly can. Shit. I am so close, soon the inevitable.

She reaches between my legs again from behind and I open them for her. She begins gently squeezing my cum laden balls. Oh my god, I’m almost there. One, two, three more and “Ohhhhhh God” I yell out, as a torrent of cum shoots from my twitching cock. I watch through squinted eyes as she direct each spurt towards her panties. Oh god it feels so good. She continues milking my cock. Trying to be the expert markswoman. I noticed the first glob kind of overshot its mark by a little bit, but with each subsequent spurt on its mark. I am winded, breathing heavy. All I can do is smile. Yes, this was a worthwhile adventure.

When she finally released my now wilting hard on, she takes my hand and puts it on her pussy. I don’t even have to insert a finger; her pubic hair itself is soaked. I finally catch my breath and ask her if she enjoyed her little show. “Stupid question” she responded. Yeah, I suppose it was. Hmmmm…now my little wheels are spinning, how do I repay the favor? I’ll think of something, that’s for sure.

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