She fucked me in the street while it’s rainin

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She fucked me in the street while it’s rainin- This was a while back , I was walking with someone i knew near the University compound in Alexandria , Egypt , and this girl was supposed to have no interest in anything sexual ! Anyway i can’t say her name or where were we before we arrived near the university.-After we walked for sometime by the sea and walked towards the door of of Law School , it started raining so we went to hide under the building across from the school but she started running in the middle of the street under the rain playing and laughing , I ran after her trying to get her out of the rain but she started joking and laughing and honestly i started to do the same !-Now anyone who knows that area knows that late at night this place is pretty much deserted , and it was late. So after fooling around for a while we found ourselves near the wall of the university where several big tour buses were parked and we were squeezed between two of them.-She looked beautiful in the moon light , all wet from the rain , and i found myself looking at her and watching her, suddenly she stepped towards me pushing me against the bus behind me and kissed me like she’s going to eat me !-I was shocked because i didn’t know that she did shit like that , after the kiss she looked into my eyes breathing heavily and vapor denizli rus escort is coming out of her mouth because it was so cold , then she turned around and backed up on me so now I’m leaning on the bus behind me and she’s leaning on me while I’m behind her. Then she took my right hand and put it on her tits and put my left hand inside her pants and on her pussy !-At that moment i thought i was dreaming, i couldn’t believe it , then i noticed that she’s holding her breath , I squeezed her tits and her pussy at the same time and she exhaled and started breathing heavily again , she was pressing her ass against my dick and grinding up and down on it.-Now I’m kissing her neck from behind , with one hand grabbing her breasts and playing with her pussy with the other , and for a second i realize that we are IN THE STREET ! At that time she turns around to face me , i was going to say let’s go to my car (which parked far away near the water) or let’s go to my house , but before i say anything she started kissing me again and this time she shoved her hands down my pants and boxers and grabbed my cock which by this time was burning hot and her hands were cold as ice, It felt SO GOOD !-The next thing i knew my hands were wrapped around her ass pulling her towards me more denizli rus escort bayan , then she started to take my belt off , unbuttoned my jeans , pulled down my boxers and took my dick out and held it in her hands !!-Right when i thought that this is it , it’s all over , she started walking backwards still holding my dick and pulling me by it until she was leaning against the other bus and I’m facing her , she looked at me and said ” Do you want me ? ” , without saying a word i shook my head up and down twice !!-Very calmly , she started taking her pants off and rolled her panties with her pants all the way down until she took one leg out of them and left them around the other leg , she took my dick and started rubbing it on her pussy , she was extremely wet ,but not from the rain !-She then whispered to me in a voice that makes me horny every time i think about it “Put it in , but not too hard” , i told her “wrap your leg around me”, i put my hand on her left thigh and lifted her leg and wrapped it around me , she put both her hands around my neck , i took my cock and i slowly started to put it inside her , her whole body was shivering , but she was too tight so i took it out again but she whispered in my ear “put it in , put it in ,put it in” , so i put both rus escort denizli my hands on her ass and lifted her up a bit then put the tip of dick inside her then lowered her on it bit by bit.-When i put my whole dick inside her she inhaled a deep breath and held it and hugged me tight ! we stayed like that for about ten seconds , then i stated going in and out of her so she started breathing again , all this is happening in street while it’s raining !!-But at that moment we felt that we were the only ones here , that we were alone in the world , we didn’t even care if someone saw us !-After awhile i felt her whole body started to shake and shiver and her voice started to get louder and louder , so i put my hand over her mouth and that’s when she orgasms and cums all over me , she then smiles in a way that made me lose my fuckin mind , as soon as she smiled like that i felt that I’m almost there too , I’m going to cum ! so i pulled out of her quickly and i exploded !-We looked at each other and we both started laughing , i kissed her and hugged her and we stayed holding each other for a while.-After that time me and that girl fucked in a LOT of public places , like in the bathroom of a very well know cafe , on the stairs of a building that neither of us lived in , in the balcony of a villa on the beach in EL AGAMY and also a lot of times in the car in the parking lots of a lot of places so basically we fucked all over Alexandria !!-It was like an adventure , and the risk was part of the fun , after a while for reasons i can’t share i lost contact with her and i don’t know where she is now , but probably married and have c***dren too…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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