She couldn’t resist him… Part 1

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She couldn’t resist him… Part 1Jack saw her across the bar. It was his ex-girlfriend and just seeing her made the blood flow to his cock. They just broke up a few months ago and he could still feel her soft, supple body under him. She was one of the horniest woman he had ever met and she could never deny her desires when she felt his hard cock. He remembered the first time he pressed it up against her. The surprise on her face and the way she instantly pushed back into it let him know how much she wanted it. He had a fat 8 inch cock and she loved it like no woman ever had before. Oh yeah, he knew that he wanted to give it to her tonight.He made his way across the crowded bar to where he could see her group. She was standing around a table with her friend Linda and two guys. Hmmm, looks like someone is on a date, he chuckled. This could get interesting. He knew she could never resist him.He waited until she went to the bar to get another round of drinks. This was his chance. She went alone and had to wait, since it was 3 deep at the bar waiting for service. God! She looked great in a short black dress with her long legs and perfect tits on display. He could feel the heat in his pants as his hard-on started to grow. He made his way over towards where she was at the bar. She was standing behind a really big guy waiting for him to order some drinks. Wow, she thought, the bar was packed tonight. She was getting bumped and jostled about, when we suddenly detected a faint and familiar scent. Her nostrils flared and her stomach knotted up just before she felt it press into her bottom. Oh no, it couldn’t be. Jack pressed himself right up against her, “hi baby, wow you look great tonight.” She felt his hard-on slip right between her ass kaçak iddaa cheeks as he wrapped one arm around her waist and use his other hand to move the hair out of the way so she could feel his breath on her ear as he whispered to her. She felt a shiver run down her spine as her back instinctively arched to press back into that delicious cock. She closed her eyes and suddenly her pussy felt very empty. She snapped back to reality. She elbowed him hard in the ribs in an effort to force him back. She turned and said, “Jack, what are you doing here?” She could only half turn since he didn’t release his hold around her waist. “Ouch girl, what was that for,” he asked? As she twisted, she was face to face with him and his deep brown eyes were smoldering right in front of her. Suddenly her lips were dry and her voice caught in her throat. He has a way of looking into her that always made her want to take him. She licked her lips and tried to lean back a little further. “Please Jack, let me go. I’m on a date.” Her words were not very convincing and his hard cock was now digging into her thigh and making it hard to focus. He saw her lick her lips and knew he had her right where he wanted her.Her mind flashed back. God, he was the most amazing lover. He loved to eat her pussy until she passed out and when she woke up he would still be between her legs. Then there was that perfect cock that filled her up just right. In bed, he seemed to know exactly what she needed and he always gave it to her at just the right time. Of course, outside of bed he was unreachable, but she did love his cock and it was here, hard and hot, pressing into her. She knew what that cock wanted, the problem was that she felt that need rising up within her. bets10 She wanted to feel it inside her. She needed to feel that hard cock sliding into her until it filled her with that hot potent cum. Stop it she screamed in her head!Blinking her eyes in order to regain focus she pushed him back and turned back towards the bar to get away from those eyes. “Just please let me order my drink Jack, then I’ll go my way and you can go your way.” Turning around got her away from his eyes, but it gave him full access to her ass again. The man in front of her ordered his drinks and was about to pay. Just a few more minutes and she could get away from him. The problem was that in this crowded bar he could put his hands all over her and no one would even take notice. “Come on baby, what kind if greeting is that for an old friend?” She felt him press up against her ass and his hands grasp her waist very firmly. She loved when he took control and he knew it. Suddenly she felt one hand slide slowly down the front of her thigh and when his finger tips touched her bare thigh she jumped. She leaned her head back onto his shoulder and begged, “please don’t.” She felt his finger move agonizingly slowly towards her pussy. “Please…” was the only word she could get out as her eyes closed and her ass pushed back into his thick cock. He moved his fingers up and under her skirt until he found her panty line. He traced his fingers along the leg of her panties until he felt the heat from her pussy through her panties. Then she felt him slip his fingers in through the leg of her panties. She was breathing heavily and she willed her hands to push his hand away. His fingers were hard and they knew right where to go.She gasp when his finger bets10 güvenilir mi hit her hard clit. She realized that that her pussy was really wet as he slid his fingers down between her pussy lips. It was as if her pussy had a mind of it’s own and it was sucking and trying to pull his fingers inside her. Her legs started to shake as she begged him again, “Please baby, please…”His response was only to push into her pussy and ask her “What is it? What do you want? What do you need?” She reached behind her and grabbed his waist pulling him in tighter. She turned her head towards him and with an urgency fueled by need she whispered, “I need you to make me cum! Please!” At that moment she felt him drive two fingers deep into her pussy and she squeezed her legs together and her body exploded in an intense orgasm that make her legs give out. If it wasn’t for him holding her up she would have collapsed. It took her several seconds to realize that he had removed his hand from under her skirt and was just holding her steady by her waist as the bartender looked at her and asked her again, “Do you need something or what?” She turned to look over her should at Jack and said, “yes, four beers please.” She saw the gleam in his eye as he put his fingers in his mouth and sucked her cum off of them.” He smiled and said, “Mmmm delicious, just like I remember.” He then turned to walk away as he said, “enjoy the rest of your date, baby.” He stopped after a few steps, turned, glared right at her and said I’ll see you later tonight so don’t take him home with you.”Oh no, she knew that look. She knew that he was going to come and take her again. She grabbed her beers and headed back towards her date. Her panties were soaked and she knew she had to get to the bathroom or everyone would know that her juice was running down her leg. Dammit Jack, was all she thought as she dropped the beers off and headed towards the bathroom. What was he going to do next?Let me know what to read more…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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