Sharon Turns Professional

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Propping up the hotel bar I feel a little neglected until this guy interrupts my reveries, “Excuse me, I do hate to see a woman drinking alone, trust you are alright” he kindly asks.

“Yes, I’m fine, my husband got tied up in a conference call for work that’s all” I politely reply. Then turn back to the bar. He pulls up a barstool and sits next to me. I glance at him and he smiles back.

“Sorry I can’t leave you by yourself. I’ll just sit here till your husband comes down.” I smile at him happily.

“My name is Colin, I know what it’s like to get called away from your loved ones by work, frustrating, to say the least!” he is pleasantly persistent, also quite good looking I notice by his reflection in the bar mirror.

Being polite, I turn toward him, our knees touch and I feel an electric thrill run up my leg.

“I’m Sharon, my husband is Ken. He’s a corporate lawyer, he’s got to talk through some late changes to a merger contract apparently,” I waffle.

Colin signal’s the barman for more drinks, I don’t object. Our knees are still touching, I like it.

“Been both ends of that conversation myself, can’t be helped sometimes, corporate law has no time restraints to it” he chuckles. He spills a bit of drink on his hand and wiping it on his trousers accidentally runs over my knee.

“I am sorry, didn’t mean to do that” Colin mumbles. Like hell you didn’t I grin to myself.

As I say nothing and do not move my knee he feels emboldened, and puts his hand deliberately just above my knee, gripping it firmly.

“That’s what I meant to do” he grins.

I smile back, “It’s a nice, firm grip you have.”

His hand moves slowly up my leg to mid-thigh, circling his fingers gently around, caressing me. I push my leg firmly against his, opening them apart slightly, slowly higher he creeps to the bare skin above my stocking top.

“Sorry I’ve been so long Sharon, I see you are being looked after,” Ken says.

“Hello, I’m Colin. You must be Ken, been hearing a lot about you. I hope you got everything sorted out” Colin smoothly says.

“Yes thanks, and thank you for taking care of my wife” Ken replies.

“It’s been a pleasure,” he looks into my eyes, “I would take care of Sharon anytime” he whispers seductively. A shiver runs up my spine. Damn Ken, you could have taken a bit longer! I lament.

“Well do you think you could have gone all the way with Colin?” Ken asks as we discuss the encounter over dinner. “Definitely, in fact, I cursed you for turning up when you did” I laugh.

“What if he’s about tomorrow night, shall I leave you all evening?” Ken questions.

I look at him lovingly. “Would you please?” I plead.

A little history might help here, Ken and me are in our late twenties, married for 8 years, successful in our careers, highly motivated, and crucially highly sexed. We have a great sex life, adventurous, creative, and curious. That is why we are here tonight, one of our fantasies is for me to be picked up in a bar, and ravished by a stranger. It has never quite happened before and now I may have missed a chance.

The following night I am eating a light meal in the bar when Colin strides into view. He doesn’t see me and sits at the bar, orders his drink, and starts glancing around the room. Spotting me, he waves cheerily, collects his drink and wanders over. Yes, he is fit, muscular but not large, trim and athletic, lovely to look at. I muse to myself.

“Alone again Sharon, what is that husband of yours thinking?” he states.

“He’s had a sheath of paperwork delivered to wade through, supposed to be a romantic break for us” I sigh.

“I am sorry, may I join you?” I nod in acceptance. “You’ve eaten I see, can I get you a drink? He asks as he waves to the barman,” same again?” he looks at me, I nod again.

The drink is soon delivered. “To absent husbands” he toasts jovially. I smile. “Absent husbands”

He sidles up to me, pushing me into the corner of the banquette. “Now where were we” and he places his hand high on my leg, pushing under my skirt onto my bare flesh, “yes about here I think” he grins lasciviously.

I gaziantep escort look into his eyes as my legs part of their own accord. “Feels about right” I huskily reply. I twist around toward him, presenting him with a better line up my leg, which he smoothly follows. “I do like silk underwear” he breathes heavily as he fingers my knickers, running them over my damp slit. “would love to see them” he smoothly says.

“Not the best place for that here” I hint, “perhaps elsewhere else?”

He leads me out of the bar and to his room, this is nice, a suite of rooms, very nice.

He spins me around, facing him, bends down, and kisses me greedily on the lips, I return with vigor, he lifts me easily and carries me to the bedroom, placing me gently on the bed.

He looks down at me like a predator eyeing up a meal, leans forward, and plants his lips firmly and hungrily back onto mine, I happily reciprocate and love the feel of his body covering mine, it’s so firm. Colin stands back up, reaches down, and pulls my skirt up over my waist, “lovely knickers” he says as he runs his hand over them, down between my legs, his fingers pushing along my slit. I lift my hips to urge him on. He needs no help, deftly sliding them down my legs and off, followed by my skirt, then my blouse being unbuttoned and removed, my bra swiftly follows. I lay naked before him, except for my stockings and suspender belt. I reach up to undo his belt, but he backs off.

“No, in my house we play by my rules” and he slowly disrobes, revealing a lean muscular body and the largest penis I have ever seen, my goggling eyes give me away as I stare at his huge member.

“It’s not so big” he grins, “only 7 inches long.” It’s not the length that enthralls me, it’s the girth. That will do some stretching, my mouth and pussy are both salivating at the thought!

Colin comes towards me, kneels on the bed, and proceeds to caress my body, shunning my attempts to do the same to him. “Just lie back and enjoy” he whispers. I do. I am in a different world as he explores all my hidden treasures, nipping, sucking, kneading, fingers and hands enlivening my entire body, his touch so sensitive and controlled. Then he climbs from the bottom of the bed, crawling along my legs, mouthing at my pussy, teasing, sucking, licking all my exposed parts, bringing me slowly to my first climax. I groan gently as pleasure pulses through me as he expertly plays tunes on my body.

His manhood is now at my pussy, sliding, pushing, nudging at the entrance, spreading my wetness over his cock. I want it inside me, and it is, he slides in gently, stretching me like never before, as his cock plunders the depths of my body. I arch up and groan in a blissful fugue. He is pumping into me, a gentle rhythm, easing in and out, sliding and stretching, caressing my G-spot, faster he goes, banging against my thighs and mound, pushing me along the bed, bringing me to a crashing crescendo of pleasure. I scream in delight and release as wave after wave of pleasure rolls through me, an orgasm like no other. Colin is not done though.

He climbs off me, easily throwing me onto my front, pulls my knees up, pushes my head down into the bed, and enters me from behind. Slowly again, moving to get the position right, he runs that great weapon deep inside of me, taking out the full length at each stroke, then pushing it back in. Again he builds his pace, I am already moaning and squirming in pleasure as another orgasm sends shudders through me. Colin is still pounding into me, he is relentless, his cock seemingly tireless. He stops, leaving his cock inside of me, and pulls me up onto all fours, and starts pumping again. Another change of angle gets me going again, and he is now making my breasts swing back and forth, another pleasure to savor. Once more my body responds to his relentless assault, as Colin begins ramming harder and faster into my sex. This orgasm surpasses anything gone before, and I still want more.

Flipping me over again, onto my back, Colin lifts my legs onto his shoulders and pushes them up to my ears, exposing my wanton sex to his ministrations. His mouth engulfs my full mound, sucking greedily at its juices, stretching my butterfly lips, nibbling at my clitoris, making me jump in unexpected pain and pleasure. Then he’s licking at it, gently swiping his tongue along and across its sensitive nub, teasing and thrilling me in equal measure. I seldom orgasm this way, but I know I will, and savor the pleasure as once again he makes my body shudder in delight.

Colin moves over my body, legs still pinned near my ears, presenting his manhood to my exposed pussy once more. Waiting at the entrance, then in one explosive movement, which takes my breath away, he slams it deep inside of me and I feel it strike my cervix, again and again, he viciously hammers into. I can barely breathe, with all the air in my lungs being expelled by his explosive thrusting. Then he stops, holding himself inside my pussy, pumping his seed deep into my body. I quiver and shake as another orgasm gently relaxes me.

He withdraws and lays down next to me, I lean up on one elbow and look into his eyes “that was extraordinary” I gently purr. Then run my fingers down his torso, sliding my body down and alongside his till my head is at his crotch. I lean over and take his gently pulsating organ into my mouth, whipping my tongue around its head, cleaning away all the juices. Savoring its size in my mouth, caressing it, and salivating as it pulsates and grows!

I glance up at him and see him grinning evilly as he reaches down to me, pulling me up onto his body, making me straddle him as his rejuvenated cock once more penetrates my pussy. I waste no time, and I ride him like he is the last cock on earth. I do like this position, his cock slides over my G-spot on every upstroke, stoking my fires, urging me to take all he can offer. We orgasm together, harmony in satisfaction, he grunts as I keep riding him while he empties himself inside of me again, I scream and moan as this orgasm shows no sign of relenting. But it eventually does and I fall off him to lie there staring at the ceiling, feeling his seed run out of me and warming my bottom.

Colin wakes me from my vacant staring, “up you get, you have a husband to keep company” he smiles.

I stand up and stretch, arms above my head, popping my aching back.

“That is a lovely body you have there, everything in the right place, and so capable, men would die to have a bit of that” Colin cheekily said.

“Sooner they paid than died” I blurted out. “No, sorry I didn’t mean that, that sounded awful” I stammered embarrassingly.

Colin just laughed it off and walked into the living room, “I will use the bathroom you can have the en-suite” he called over his shoulder.

I luxuriate under the warm running water, soaking some sense back into my befuddled head, what a great time, I wish it could always be this much fun. Then guiltily thinking of Ken, actually, it normally is, it’s just become normal between us. That’s why we have been thinking of doing something like this anyway, to spice things up a bit, add a bit of excitement. Next on the list is swinging if I remember rightly. Wait till I see him I am thinking as I wander into the living area with just a towel around me. I freeze in place, Ken? What’s Ken doing here?

“Hello darling, don’t I get a kiss” he innocently asks. I am frozen in place, Ken walks toward me and kisses me deeply, then whispers in my ear “I love you” and leads me to sit beside him on the sofa, Colin is opposite us. I look from one to the other, bewildered and confused.

“Let me explain,” says Colin. “I use Ken’s company for most of my business legal affairs, I am frequently at their office and have seen you there on occasion, and admired you. One day I happened to mention to Ken that I fancied that girl over there, meaning you. Ken laughed, then he embarrassed me by showing me your wedding picture that’s on his desk to me. If the floor could have swallowed me up I would have welcomed it. However, Ken then went on to explain your ideas to spice life up a bit, hence we set up this meeting in the bar, one of your fantasies. Keeping you in the dark meant no harm done if you didn’t want to go through with it, or simply didn’t like me. If you went ahead, and it was your sole decision, then we all get satisfied.

I looked from one to the other again, and laughed “you bastards, and are you OK with tonight Ken?”

“Yes, we made the choice ages ago, it’s just been fulfilled, onto our next adventure together” Ken confirmed.

We sat there drinking and chatting, the three of us, I am now dressed as is Colin, when Colin piped up. “Thinking of your ideas to have a bit of fun, I might have a proposition for you” he thoughtfully said.

“We’re listening” I nod at Ken.

“Just hear me out and don’t say anything till I have finished.” We nodded. “As you know Ken, I have my fingers in many pies to help smooth transactions and relationships I offer ‘consultancy’ services to select clients. Generally those away from home in a strange city, bored and lonely. I supply someone for a short period, to go out with them, wine and dine them, go to shows, etc. possibly more. The current service is not very satisfactory, people not turning up, unsuitable and not showing an interest in the client. I need someone intelligent, vivacious, polite, able to converse with anybody and make them feel welcome, that they also look attractive is a bonus. Currently, we use this service once or twice a week. Sharon, I need you.”

Ken and I are both a bit taken about it.

“So once or twice a week you want me to ‘consult’ with clients, over meals, drinks, and possibly more. Could the more bit mean sex” I challenged him?

“Quite probably but our contact would never mention that. You would be under contract to supply consultancy services, let me see, at our current usage rate for 240hrs a year, so that’s just less than 6hrs a week, given you will have 6 weeks leave, remuneration of £50,000 per annum. All clients are fully vetted by my staff, and as the clients need me as much as I need them, there should be no need for concern of unsavory behaviour”

I am stunned by the money on offer, which confirms to me that this is a sexual service, the rest is just window dressing.

“You both look a bit surprised, go away and sleep on it, let me know in the morning, I am here till midday. Ken, this in no way affects our working relationship, your work is too valuable to me,” he affirmed.

We wish Colin goodnight and wander dazedly back to our room. All thoughts of a romp with Ken are gone from my mind, we make a cup of tea, sit down and chat well into the night.

The next morning Ken ring’s Colin and he asks us up to his room. We sit as last night, tea in our hands, as we make some polite small talk.

“Colin this offer, is it for real? I ask, and how long is the contract, and get out clause, restrictions, etc.”

“Read through it, I drew it up roughly last night, it might need a bit of polish. I will leave that to you Ken, simply adjust our standard employment contract to suit.” and he hands it over. “Yes it is for real, and legally binding.” Colin confirms.

We both go over it. Colin watched pensively.

“OK, so it’s two hundred and forty hours per annum, that’s one or two appointments a week, in three-hour or six-hour periods. A get-out clause at one hundred and twenty hours and two hundred and forty hours, then two extra years commitment, six weeks leave, and fifty thousand pounds per annum. I see a special clause for possible one-off events, explain that one please” I request.

“Sometimes someone will want to be accompanied to an event, horse racing, dinner party, tennis, you get the gist of it, and these are of course longer events, so exceed the six hour limit, always you will have the last say. You do have work and life outside of this opportunity.” He replies.

I look at Ken, he nods.

“I accept and am happy to be your newest employee” I graciously reply.

“Excellent, you won’t regret it, make this your role, own it and control it, and don’t forget to enjoy it, work should be enjoyed. Ken check the contract out properly and we will sign it next week, a start date I suggest as the first of March, which will give me time to get the wheels in motion and for you to make any arrangements you need to.” Colin earnestly tells us.

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