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The offer was received like manna from heaven. Greg’s mother Alice rang Libby’s mother Christine to invite Libby to share the house that had been left to her by her father. It wouldn’t be free but the rent would be low. The fact that Greg and Libby were going to the same university meant that he wouldn’t have to share the house with a stranger.

Alice and Christine had known each other for years and they moved in the same groups. Alice and her partner were lesbians and so were Christine and her partner. Alice had divorced from her husband after one year soon after Greg was born but well before she partnered with another woman. Christine had always been a lesbian and she and her partner had had a little girl Libby after IVF. It was perfectly natural for same-sex parents to gravitate together and there had been quite a lot of contact over the years between the two families. Certainly Greg and Libby knew each other although there had never been any romantic attachment and they had never gone out.

Greg and Libby moved in with help from their parents and set up the house nicely. The parents left and Greg and Libby watched television for a while before going to bed. Early the next morning, they both got up to get ready for university. Greg stood at the sink to get some boiling water for coffee when Libby appeared in her pyjamas. She took one look at him and without hesitation said,

“Is that a gun or are you just glad to see me?”

Greg looked down – he had not noticed that he had a boner.

“That’s an old line. Where did you get that from? No it’s not a gun.”

“Well you must be excited to see me.”

“Not really. I often wake up with one in the morning.”

Libby was in two minds what to do. She really wanted to touch it – it would have been the first one she had ever touched. On the other hand, was that the right thing to do? She looked at Greg’s face and he smiled at her. It wasn’t exactly a come on or a go ahead but she took her chances and her hand moved down.

Greg was slightly taken aback. He had only had a chance for limited conversation the night before and had sort of hoped that he might become more than just a roommate to Libby. Libby had more or less decided the same thing but wasn’t quite sure how to advance her chances. In that split second of opportunity she decided to chance it. What started as a spark quickly became a fire and Greg pressed Libby’s body to his and kissed her lightly on the lips. He could feel her breasts through her pyjama top.

Libby broke off and said, “We’ve got to have breakfast. There is not much time to get to our first classes this morning. We can continue tonight.”

The whole day Libby and Greg’s hormones were raging wanting to continue from where they had left off. Libby arrived home first and Greg was greeted with Libby’s words while she held his hand, “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that.”

“Don’t be silly. I’m glad you did. Every time I visited your family and saw you I I thought I would like get together with you but the opportunity never seemed to arise.”

“You know, I felt the same.”

The impasse was broken and they kissed each other passionately. Greg’s hand felt for her breasts and Libby’s hand held his erect penis through his pants.

Libby was always the practical one and said, “Let’s wait till after dinner and we’ve got more time.”

While the dinner was being cooked there was much touching and banter and after dinner, as if guided by cupid’s hand, they ended up on the couch with Greg sitting with Libby lying lengthwise with her head in his lap looking into his eyes. Greg’s hand slipped under her blouse and rested on her bra.

Libby tried to take her bra off but instead stood up and took it off revealing a pair of smallish but shapely breasts. Greg pulled her jeans down and then her panties and he was at eye level with Libby’s pubic triangle. His hand moved slowly around the tummy and thighs until his finger locked on to her clitoris and Libby sighed.

“I think we should go into my bedroom. We will be much more comfortable.”

Greg stood up and Libby took his shirt off and dropped his pants to the floor. “I never imagined it would be that big based on what I felt through your pants. I like it. This is my first one ever.”

They were both naked and Greg pushed Libby away, “I want to have a good look at you. You’re so sexy.”

They were the most welcome words that Libby could hear. Above all else she wanted to be sexy. That was the ultimate.

“You look pretty good yourself.” Her hand wrapped itself around his hard penis. casino şirketleri “I didn’t know it was so hard.”

Libby led him to the bedroom and lay on her bed and waited for Greg to lie alongside her. While their hands roamed over each other’s bodies Libby said, “Ever since we moved in together I wanted to ask you a question. I hope you don’t mind. I just want to know what it’s like growing up as a male with two mothers. Do you think it made a difference?”

“Gee, I never thought about that before. Well I guess it did. My real mother treats me like a male. I don’t think she cares whether or not I’m straight or gay except that she has expressed the desire that one day she would become a grandmother. I think she sort of hopes that I will get married and have kids but I’m not sure. I know she thinks that her marriage was ruined because her husband had no idea how to treat a woman. He just had no idea and my mother said many years ago that she wasn’t going to let that happen to me.”

“So what did she do?”

“For starters, she showed me porn and said that this was good porn. She showed me what was bad porn and told me it had no relationship to real love. It demonstrated how men should behave and how we should please a woman. Later on she said that she knew it was her duty to raise me as a man but she couldn’t and didn’t know how. I asked her if she could remember what it was like being with my father but she said that she couldn’t remember any more. She just remembered that sex was nice the first few times and then he became drunk and violent and she didn’t want to be with him anymore.”

“I’m amazed. Did she really say that?”

“Yes. Later on when I had my 18th birthday, she got her partner to show me her clitoris and vagina and explained how I should behave with a girl. It was funny, she wouldn’t show me her own but her partner was very happy to do it. My mother wasn’t there when it happened. One day a few days later when my mother was out, her partner said to me that she would let me look at her pussy if she could see my penis and touch it. She was just very curious. Of course I was very happy to look at her and she showed me how to give a woman an orgasm and then she held my penis for a few minutes and looked at me. I think it was my 18th birthday present. I never told my mother.”

“I wondered how you knew what to do.”

“What about you? Did it make any difference to you?”

“Nothing like you but my mother also wants to have grandchildren and so she also showed me some porn. Just hand jobs. She gave me a vibrator and told me how to use it and make sure that I enjoyed sex. She watched me have my first orgasm and gave me a big hug. That was very important for her.”

“It sounds like she didn’t try to influence you to become a lesbian.”

“No. We discussed that but she said it was an individual thing and you didn’t inherit it. She just said that I had to make up my own mind and I did and that’s why I wanted to share with you. I always thought you were nice and I was right.”

“Kiss me again. I like that.”

There had been a lot of talking and now their hands and fingers became very active. Greg’s finger landed on Libby’s clitoris while her hand clasped his erect penis.

“I think I know something that you’d enjoy better than this. I can smell your pussy and I’d like to lick you. Would you like that?”

“I really don’t know because nobody’s ever done to me before but from what I hear it’s the most enjoyable thing you can do.”

Greg lifted himself up and positioned himself between her open knees. He wondered how similar it would look to the only one he had ever seen before. He did not have long to wait as Libby separated her lips with her fingers and said,

“Do I look sexy?”

“Oh boy. You look wonderful.”

There was no doubt that Libby’s clitoris was not as big as the one he had seen before but then again she was an older woman. Perhaps Libby’s was still growing. Who knew? Greg had been vaguely aware of an unusual smell and as he got closer to her pussy it intensified and sent his brain reeling. His tongue lapped around the edges until he began squeezing and sucking on her clitoris with his lips. If his face had not been in her pussy he would have been able to see that her face was contorting in delight and her hands were clenched together until extremely strong spasms rocked her body and she lay puffing and she exclaimed, “Where did you learn to do that?. My God. I’ve never had an orgasm like that in my life.”

Libby drew his lips up to hers to give him a kiss. It was a new experience casino firmaları to taste her pussy juices on his lips but she liked it. Libby clasped Greg tightly and kissed him passionately.

“Now it’s your turn.”

She rolled Greg on his back and began to look closely at his erect penis which was standing straight up. She looked and looked.

“You know your penis has got exactly the same shape as the vibrator my mother gave me only a bit longer – not much.”

She reached underneath the tip of his and rubbed on his fraenulum.

“Is that nice? I read that that’s the most sensitive part.”

“It is really nice. Try licking it.”

Libby needed no invitation. Her mouth worked his tip like a pro while her hand yanked up and down. She could feel the first spasm as it arrived and she removed her mouth causing him to make a mess all over himself.

“I know you want to put it in and I want you to put it in but you’ll have to wait a few weeks until I’m safe. I’ll get a prescription for the pill tomorrow. I think it’s time for a shower. We need to clean up.”

It was the first time they had ever showered with another person but they took to it like ducks to water. He lathered all over her and she lathered all over him causing Greg to get another erection. They rubbed their bodies together and Greg enjoyed the feeling of her breasts on his chest. Libby kept rubbing until she could see his semen spurt and run down the plug hole.

“I think that’s the most fun you can have standing up.”

“I agree.”

Next day – message to Greg at 12:31 PM.

‘From now on you’re only allowed in my bed before breakfast at weekends. I can’t concentrate on my lectures while I’m continually on the edge of an orgasm.’

Reply from Greg to Libby.’ Oh.’

Friday night 11 PM.

“Greg, I love being with you but you’ve got to go back to your own bed. I’ve got to get some sleep.”

“I’ll see you in the morning or you can come to my bed.”

“Okay. I’ll come over.”

Saturday morning. 8 AM.

“Wake up. I’m here. I’ve got coffee and a muffin.”

“Sounds good.”

“Don’t get any crumbs on the bed.”

“I won’t.”

Libby slipped into bed next to Greg and they embraced.

“Did you sleep well?”

“What do you think? If having sex once makes you sleep well, what you think having sex three times does? I can see you sleep very well after an orgasm too.”

“You’re right.”

They embraced tightly.

“You said your mother gave you a vibrator. I’d like to see you use it.”


“Yes, I would like to see you use it.”

Libby got out of bed and went to her own room and came back with a nice pink vibrator. She was putting new batteries into it and said, “The worst thing is when the batteries stop and I have not used it since I came here with you.”

“Let me see what you do.”

“I have got to warm it up. There’s nothing worse than a cold vibrator.” She rubbed it and put it close to her body.

Libby obliged while lying on her back with her legs apart and lubricated the tip with juices from the entrance to her vagina. The buzzing started and Libby looked as if she was going to become catatonic. Greg watched with great interest as she moved it up and down her clitoris. Greg had other ideas and he gently held it in his hand and began to push it into her vagina. Libby’s eyes opened and she looked into his eyes appealingly as if to say – be gentle. The simple fact was that she had never inserted it before and wasn’t sure if it was going to hurt. She put her hand over Greg’s hand as he pushed in and out, a fraction of an inch at a time until it was finally buried deep inside. All the time the vibrator was still buzzing away and when Greg put his finger on her clitoris she erupted in the most violent way.

“Well that was a big surprise. I never thought I would react like that.”

“I hope you like it as much when it’s me.”

“I’m sure I will. You gave me a surprise and now I’m going to give you a surprise.”

Libby locked her lips over his penis and positioned her vulva over his mouth. She had once seen her mother doing this with her partner when she peeked thro8ugh the door and had wanted to do it for a long time. Now it was reality and it was very good. Greg enjoyed it too.

A few days later Libby said, “In six days the pill will start working and we will be able to have real sex. Does that sound like a good idea?”

“I can’t wait.”

Six days later when Greg came home Libby was ready. Greg opened the door and Libby appeared to the güvenilir casino sound of,’ Here comes the bride’ and she was dressed in long white stockings, white lace panties, a white satin bra and some lace fabric masquerading as a veil.

“It’s honeymoon time.”

Greg laughed as Libby somehow jumped into his arms.

“Carry me across the threshold to the marital bed.”

Greg lowered her gently on the bed and Libby looked up appealingly at him, “I want to be your bride. Be gentle – it’s my first time and for you too. You are my Prince Charming and I am your Princess.”

Greg realised immediately that Libby was playing out a fantasy and that he was one of the players. Libby had lived with the fantasy that one day she would be the fairy princess and would be rescued from her solitude by a handsome young prince who would plunge his lance into her vagina and she would live happily ever after. Somehow it existed in her mind that she was the equal of any man but both ideas happily coexisted. Greg was not a romantic like Libby and his only dream was that he would plant his penis into the vagina of a willing woman who loved him.

“Take it slowly. We’ve got all day.”

Greg was happy to go slowly. It gave him more time to play with her breasts and nipples which he enjoyed and to kiss her. It gave him a feeling of real warmth that he would be able to nuzzle her breasts and suck her nipples and feel them get harder between his lips. He removed her brassiere and his tongue licked first her left aureole and then her right and he could feel her tiny pink nipples getting harder and longer and he sucked them gently. From the corner of his eye he could see Libby’s face glowing in pleasure.

After some time his hand lifted the elastic of her panties and pulled them down and his finger descended into her slit which was by this time extremely moist. After many minutes of slow and then fast and then slow diddling interspersed with passionate kisses she finally said, “I’m ready.”

She drew up and separated her knees exposing her vulva.

Greg placed his knees near her bottom and looked down. Libby’s white stockings were still on and highlighted her hairy slit.

“Oh my Princess, you have a lovely hairy pussy, all the better to make love to you with. Oh my Princess, you have a lovely clitoris and your inner lips are nice and pink. Oh my Princess, I want to make love to you.”

“Oh my shining knight, what a wonderful lance you have. It is so long and straight. I want you to bury it where it truly belongs.”

No other invitation was necessary. Greg entered her welcoming vagina and they made love for some minutes.

“If heaven for you is being wrapped in a warm, moist, furry place then you must be in heaven.”

“You’re right. And what about you?”

“For me, it’s feeling the heat of the meat moving in and out and then knowing that you’ve come inside me.”

Libby pulled the covers up over them as they snuggled together.

The distinctive aroma that occurs just after sex began wafting from under the covers and had the effect of restoring their desire.

Libby lifted herself up and positioned herself at the end of the bed for Greg to enter her from behind. His penis probed forward and Libby said, “No, not there. Just a bit below.”

They were both very satisfied with the new position and when Libby felt the final spasm, she knew that she must be a mess down there. She cupped her hand over her bottom and said, “I’m going to have a shower. You can have one after me.”

She got out of the shower and dried herself between her legs with her hair dryer. Greg got out and when he had finished drying himself with the towel she applied the dryer to him. She lifted up his penis and then his balls so the hot air could get to all those difficult spots.

“Is that nice?”

“Funny feeling but nice.”

“It’s your choice. We can have something to eat or go back to bed again. I can see your friend has become stiff again. What do you think?”

“You smell so nice I can’t resist.”

Libby pushed him down on the bed so that his erection was standing straight up and she positioned herself directly over it and with her hand lightly touched his penis on the left side and then the right side.

She said, “Arise Sir Lancelot, I command you to get in my pants a lot.”

Greg laughed and then she laughed and after a few moments he replied,

“Yes my treasure, I shall do so with pleasure.”

Libby lowered herself down and up and down and then produced her vibrator and applied it to her clitoris until she had a delicious orgasm.

“That’s got to be the best feeling ever. I’m tingling all over, inside and out.”

“I can feel the vibrator too. It’s a wonderful feeling.”

The fairy tale became reality and they lived happily ever after.

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