Sharing Is Caring

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This story is entirely fantasy. All depicted persons having sex are 18 years or over. The term ‘girl’ does not indicate the lady in question being under age.


My blonde kid sister Debbie is a real hottie. And a popular one. She was one of the captains of the cheerleader squad at our high school. More than two years younger than me, even my classmates always thought she was the hottest chick in town. Secretly I agreed with them.

Deb is not only extremely beautiful, a smoking hot scorcher, like our mom, she’s also a smart cookie. It was a no-brainer she went to uni after graduating with straight A’s. Deb is now in her freshman year, studying psychology with a minor in biology. She’s very proud her professor is the famous sex therapist Natalia McMillan.

Deb called me Friday night two weeks ago, sounding a little bit distressed: “Dan, can I drop by? I really need your help!”

“What’s wrong kiddo?”

“Nothing’s wrong, I have a favour to ask you, bro. I’ll come over and explain.”

“All right, sure kiddo, anytime!”

Fifteen minutes later she rang my bell. Her face was slightly red and she was panting lightly from rushing over. She crashed on my sofa.

“Now what is it you need me for, kiddo?”

“Stop it Dan, I’m not your little kid sister anymore! I’m eighteen now and an A-grade student. And besides, you’re only two years older.”

“Alright Deb. What favour do you need?”

“You ever heard of Sigma-Iota-Gamma?”

Did I ever, sure I had. There were lots of rumours around this most notorious sorority at our uni. Maybe I could find out whether the rumours contain any trace of truth.


“Well, I’m a pledge now of ?-?-?. Natalia, my professor, invited me. She says it will give me a big advantage for my future prospects. She sees my potential, and she hinted I might eventually step into her footsteps.”

“That’s a big trust I believe, something you should not throw in the wind lightly. So, you’re going to be a member of ?-?-?! Isn’t that the most sought after Greek letter organisation?”

“Yes I think so. You know what ?-?-? stands for?”


“Sigma-Iota-Gamma means Sharing is caring. The members of ?-?-? share. They share a lot. Natalia suggested even themselves, and occasionally their friends, their partners…”

It’s even more sordid than I could have imagined.

“Geez, Deb! And where comes my help into the picture?”

“Please hear me out Dan. As a pledge they need to test my willingness to obey and if I’m trustworthy. I promised to participate in the next challenge night. I’m afraid that’s tomorrow…”


“I must provide the entertainment for one night. But I really need your help here Dan. Now if you can’t, I’ll understand, that’s fine; then I won’t join ?-?-?, but that’s okay… I think. But if you breach my trust, if you leak any information about ?-?-?, if you tell á-ní-óne, my life will be ruined. And probably yours as well…”

“Uh, okay I guess.”

“They expect me to bring a man to share with them. And they mean share literally I’m afraid. I understand that at the Share Nights one sister shares her friend with the sisterhood. The shared man is obliged to give his services to every sister who wants to enjoy his talents.”

“Well, why did you think of me?”

“Uh, you do like the ladies! I heard from Barbara, from our cheerleader squad, that you do have a solid cock, your quote-unquote “magical pillar” as she called it. She always bragged about your stamina and how you fucked her pussy raw and giving her multiple orgasms.”

“I have to admit she does have first-hand experience with my member. I have good memories myself of boning that cunt! Oops, sorry for my language sis, I got a little bit carried away.”

“So I reckon you wouldn’t mind “boning” a few cute freshman chicks and quite a number of hot co-eds. And maybe even a few well known alumni. I was instructed the man to share needs to be well endowed and exhibit a real good stamina. He must have a “long big straight fuck stick” as they called it.”

I wondered if the sharing would mean that Deb will have to fuck her ‘friend’ as well to make it a real sharing experience… If she hadn’t thought of this herself I for sure wasn’t going to raise the question and maybe give her cold feet… I decided that I would indeed fuck my sister if it should come to that. Hell, I would even count that as a bonus!

“Don’t worry kiddo, my nine incher is way above average and straight as a torpedo. You don’t have to worry about whether I can deliver the desired performance. Just share me with this filthy sorority if you have to enrol!”

Deb was visibly relieved. And I wasn’t going to ruin this. I simply had to take this chance to get intimate with this bunch of hot students, no doubt some of the most sought after sex trophies.

“Yes, I’ll be discreet, and I for sure will not jeopardize your chances. The last thing I want is to stand between you and a bright professional future. If you want to become teen porno a ?-?-? I’ll support you all the way.”

“Thank you so much Dan!”

“Deb, you mentioned tomorrow: what time, where?”

“Eight o’clock, at the chapter lodge.”


As we entered the hall of the chapter lodge we were greeted by a senior student.

“Welcome in the home of ?-?-?. I’m Samantha, the president of this sorority. Good to see you Debbie. I see you brought your friend! Very good.”

“This is Danny. I know him a long time and very well. I brought him for tonight’s festivities.”

“Hi Danny. Welcome. Tonight Debbie will try to advance from a pledge to a full member of ?-?-?. For this feat she has to produce a prime stud to share with our sisters. Now I reckon you are Debbie’s friend she wants to share with us.”

“Hi, yes I’m Danny. I’m ready to help Debbie out tonight.”

“Well, I need an oath from both of you that you won’t ever tell anyone anything of who and what you are about to see in our chapter room. And no matter what the outcome will be of tonight.”

“I agree with the procedure,” I said.

“Me too,” said Deb, “I acknowledge the rules which are in force tonight, whatever they are. I will do anything you’ll ask from me.”

“Very well, let’s move on and prepare you both for the chapter room. Please follow me to the second floor where we meet Carly and Chloe to assist you.”

We followed Sam upstairs on a central stately staircase, into a long corridor. At the end two senior co-eds awaited us. The first took Deb’s hand and pulled her through a door. The second did the same with me, leading me into a spacious bathroom.

“I’m Chloe, I suppose you’re Danny, Deb’s friend?”

“Yeah,” I answered.

Chloe stripped me completely out of my clothes and ran the shower.

“Clean yourself thoroughly, make sure you don’t leave any spot or nookie undone. You better take your time and do it well. I’m right outside the stall if you need any help.”

As I stepped out of the shower completely cleaned up I saw Chloe had set up a massage table. She wore a pink bathrobe with the letters ?-?-? embroidered on it.

“Hop on top big boy, on your back please.”

As soon as I lay flat on my back Chloe started to clip away my pubic hair with a small scissor. Then she applied a generous amount of shaving gel creating a nice frothy white mess in my crotch. Her manipulations stirred my cock and made it stand up.

“Very nice Danny, now I can shave your tool fast and thoroughly.”

And indeed within ten minutes my cock and balls got a complete close shave. Chloe applied an oily substance on my hardware, making it glisten all over. She slid a heavy cock ring over my balls, and then pushed and pulled my thick member through the ring as well, making my hard-on standing up very upright. She made me stand up and handed me a black bathrobe to wrap up my naked body. As we stepped outside the bathroom into the corridor Deb, Sam and Carly awaited us, all clothed in pink bathrobes embroidered with Greek letters.


Deb and I were escorted to another flight of stairs leading up to the next floor, where we were led through a long narrow corridor ending in the middle of a dark room. Soft music played and a distinct scent hung in the air. After the first minute my eyes got a bit used to the light conditions, and started to see more of the room. We were in a circular room with a central round stage some twelve feet wide. Around the podium the floor rose with wide step-like landings all around the stage.

We had entered the room in the middle, right at the edge of the podium. Chloe walked me to the centre where a table of sorts had been erected. She made me lay down on top of it and my limbs were fixed in position with Velcro strips, making me completely immobile. Suddenly the stage was lit with several lights, showing everybody in the room my predicament. Sam, Deb and Carly stood at the door to the corridor.

“Tonight pledge Debbie wants to convert to our sisterhood,” Samantha said. “For this feat she brought a friend which she wants to share with all of us. Debbie, why do you want to become a member of Sigma-Iota-Gamma?”

“Because I know I still need so much to learn, besides of what I learn at the university from Mrs Rubicon. I don’t want to learn in the street, but prefer to do so from all of you right here.”

“Very well. You know you need to share a friend with us all.”

“Yes, I brought a friend. He’s willing to be shared with you.”

“A friend, Debbie? Is he your boyfriend?”

“Uh, I know him very well Samantha. But we never had sex, if that’s what you want to know. However, my best friend did. She tells me he’s the best lay she’s ever had. I know she’s really very experienced, so I trust her.”

“Have you told Danny what will happen tonight?”

“I thought I wasn’t allowed to, but I hinted him there could be sex involved tonight.”

“‘There could be sex involved’, I like that one! I appreciate your frankness Debbie, travesti porno and I would not have expected otherwise from a pledge nominated by Natalia herself. Now Danny, let me assure you quote-unquote “there will be sex involved tonight”! Please Chloe, give Danny his party pill now.”

Chloe put a blue pill between my lips saying “you probably think at this moment you don’t need any stimulant of chemical enhancer. Our experience is that you do… well, maybe I should say that we need it.”

She put her lips on mine and pushed the pill with her tongue inside. I swallowed. Chloe’s mouth descended again on my mouth. Now her tongue entered between my lips and started a duel with mine. I answered her action and it was great!

Carly took Deb’s hand, brought her next to my side and started to make out. With her left hand behind Deb’s head she forced my sister to participate in her action. Deb’s initial hesitation confirmed my suspicion she was not used to woman love, but she turned out to be a fast learner. Carly’s right hand went down over Deb’s back and around her hip to her front, sneaking inside the bathrobe. The robe got a bit loose. From my vantage point I got a glimpse of Deb’s pussy. The blonde curly pubes I always imagined there were absent. Her box was absolutely clean shaven bald and glimmered from oil. Carly’s middle finger dipped inside her tight slit collecting some of her essence. Retrieving her finger she put it between Deb’s lips so she could taste herself. A second dipping in Deb’s honeypot resulted in a syrup coated finger which Carly put on my lips. I didn’t hesitate and sucked her finger inside to taste my sisters love juice. I was in heaven, and my little friend acknowledged its agreement.

Carly put her right hand again on Deb’s pussy and started to slide her fingers through the wet folds. She ended with two fingers inside the wet pussy and her thumb right on the clit, strumming Deb’s senses. Meanwhile their kissing got really fierce and passionate. Before long Debbie gave in and lost herself in a small orgasm, probably her first induced by a woman.

Meanwhile Chloe got me out of my bathrobe. It was not a standard robe. It actually consisted of three parts that could be easily taken apart. Before I knew it I was completely stripped. I lay on the back part of the robe which now was nothing more than a towel.

I got distracted by Chloe’s mouth. She engulfed my fierce rod and started some serious deep-throating. Boy, was this co-ed experienced! I forced my mind to keep watch on Debbie. I didn’t want to miss one second of the sexual antics she was involved in. Would I ever get another chance to see my sister in sexual heat? Offcource this turned out to be pointless. But seeing my sister getting introduced to lesbian joys and reaching sexual heights enhanced my horniness and my love for my sister.

The effect of my party pill was not yet noticeable, but I appreciated that its merits would be needed before the night was over. I was under serious attack from a hot energetic chick. I gritted my teeth, but as my ordeal was intensified and prolonged I understood that Chloe’s goal was to get me over the edge and make me come. That realization made me let go and I gave in to the glorious feelings she induced in my body. She raced me to a mind blowing sexual height. The extraordinary cock sucking talents of this true pro made me tip over the edge and fill her throat with my first load of hot creamy seed. I rode the waves of pleasure until I came down again from an intense orgasm.

Carly had got my sister off as well. The fingering of Deb’s pussy combined with the manipulation of her clit made her like wax in Carly’s hands. Deb was no game for a seasoned pussy handler Carly is and before long she gave in and enjoyed a shrieking orgasm. Her first induced by another girl. After the release Carly forced Deb’s head towards my crotch.

“Time to clean up your friend. Your present to us looks not presentable right now. Be a good girl and fix him good so we all can start enjoying him as well.”

The pill kicked in, and my own sister slobbering on my cock was an immense feeling. I thought I saw tears welling up in Deb’s eyes, hopefully from joy. After finishing her cleaning job Deb winked at me and her face thawed into a smile.

I managed to get slightly upright and take a look around the room. Around the central stage were two rows of seats on circular concentric platforms. There were maybe some thirty spectators, all female in pink robes. I noticed Samantha had taken a seat on the front row, right between Natalia Rubicon, Deb’s acclaimed professor, and, By Jove… the dean of the university, the presumed pristine Miss Diana McCullough. Was I into surprises tonight. Diana being here meant no doubt she was also an alumna of ?-?-?, and therefore most certainly a practitioner of the art of sharing.

After Deb and I had our orgasms all females present discarded their robes. Without exemption all sported clean shaven pussies, from the youngest cute freshman to the oldest alumna. All were perfect tricky masseur porno examples of sheer beauty. I was surrounded by a bunch of hot co-eds fresh and mature all eager to get intimate with their newest fuck stud.

“Debbie, good you’ve just cleaned your friend’s tool with your mouth! It’s good to see you are intimate with the one you want to share with us. But before you do share him I suggest you now first mount him yourself… Yes, show us you’ve got what it takes to participate in our share feasts. Can you let go completely in front of your sisters? Sharing is one thing, performing the carnal act in front of your peers is quite another. We need to know if you can do both: We want you to show us how fuckable you think your fuck stud really is. Is he worthy to be shared with all of us? Show us!”

I was glad I had fucked Deb’s friend Barbara all those years ago, and that she had liked my fucking too. The co-leader of Deb’s cheerleader squad proved to be the key to this carnal heaven I now found myself in. The dream I never knew I had come true; my own kid sister was climbing on top of the contraption I was bound to. Standing above me with her feet besides my head she lowered her crotch slowly towards my face. Staring upward I saw Deb licking her lips as her baby smooth pussy neared my mouth. That thin tiny slit of my kid sister showed some sticky fluid seeping out from between the lips. Deb was clearly anticipating this fusion of our genitals just as much as I did. That first time you enter a new pussy is o so special. It’s even more special if that twat belongs to someone you’ve known a very long time and you’ve coveted for years, if it is your sister’s.

The first touchdown of Deb’s cooch on my lips, jeez, what can I say. I’ll never forget it as long as I shall live. The taste of honey seeping from her box right onto my tongue is edged in my brain. Deb pushed her minge on my nose forcing her scent to seep deep inside. It was an instant addiction. I’ll smell her intoxicating fragrance for ever in my nostrils, making my soul longing her sex.

Her horny cunt rose up and nestled again down on my crotch, pushing itself over my rock hard rod. The puffed up outer pussy lips touching my crown and slowly opening to let my penis slide inside is the best view I’ve seen in my entire life. To feel those cunt lips gluing themselves to my hot rod, embracing my shaft as it slowly sank inside my sister’s core…

Before long Deb was crying openly. Tears ran down her cheeks as she happily bounced up and down my cock in sweet pleasure. She was definitely not a virgin. I was annoyed I didn’t know who she’d done it with. It certainly wasn’t me. But now we were, and I loved it. And even better: Deb loved it too! Although she hadn’t imagined doing it with her own brother, we did now and we did it in front of her soon to be sisters of the ?-?-? sorority. Her fate within ?-?-? was sealed with her perfect performance on top of my spear. I didn’t come, but Deb creamed big time making my boner slick again.

After she had dismounted me Carly got on top and drove me home in her grotto. It was the beginning of a crazy fuck fest. As Carly buried my snake inside her snatch some other hot cunt shoved her soaking pussy in my face. She sat her box right on top of my mouth making me eat her flowing essence. Sheer heaven. The event changed into a misty chain of willing pussies taking possession of my mouth and cock.

An endless row of pussies were pushed onto my face, grinding my mouth and rubbing my nose making my head run wild. A lot of tight co-ed cunts attacked my cock and devoured my manhood in an endless array of female flesh. All chicks were eager to receive my weapon, both between their facial lips and their nether lips. I didn’t complain, and besides, it would have been futile. A dream come true I imagined myself in nirvana.

A crazy fuck fest was underway. Because of my first release and the effects of the party pill I showed an endurance I never knew before. But until this night I never had the need for a strength like this, the need to endure like I had to this night.

I loved the sexual intimacy with mature chicks like Natalia, but I simply went crazy from the many tight co-eds that all imposed themselves onto my manhood.

Every student’s dream is to stick his dick in many a co-ed’s cooch. My dreams had come true big time. I lost count of the pussies that were pushed in my face and I was made to eat, the sharp bullet nipples that scraped my torso, and off course the many slits that sank over my rod and tried to milk me dry.

And I lived out some bonus dreams I never dared to admit to myself I had.

Seeing my sister naked! Seeing my sister naked with a bald beaver!! Seeing my sister naked with her bald beaver speared on top of my rod!!

It was a night of many firsts. First time Deb shared me with her friends (and there will be more times to follow). First time Deb was intimate with girls (I believe in SIG it might become a habit). First time I witnessed Deb having an orgasm (so fucking adorable). First time Deb witnessed me having an orgasm (and that makes it a completely different experience). First time I had sex with more than two girls on the same night (and do I love that!) And… the first time Deb and I fucked each other… and as for me definitely not the last time!

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