Sharing a Hotel Room

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Start:As I become more experienced with life, the more I learn that every now and then one simple event can trigger a series of life changes. (I’ll explain that in a second.) My husband Rick and I have enjoyed a beautiful life together. We’ve been married for just over ten years. Life has been great, a little stressful at times, but Rick knows how to release me from the worries of day to day life. More importantly, he knows how to make me feel wanted.Rick is warm and caring, and a massive flirt! All my girlfriends love him, and I’m sure a few want him in bed. It’s so hard to resist his charm and those amazing green eyes of his. Rick has always had a rock hard six foot five body and works hard to maintain it, and when his arms are around me I feel safe. I think his arms are as big as my legs. Together we take the world on. Being a woman I do my best to stay toned, and yes, I flirt too. I love to show off my legs and even a little cleavage. Yes, I love attention just like the next girl. My family has been blessed with good genetics’ as my mom gave me her firm 36c breasts and long thick hair. Hair can be fun and playful, to hide behind if you will. What I mean is that by having my hair long I feel like no one can see into my soul as I can keep my dark hair covering my face, and by playful I can change the color to match my spirit of the week.My husband has always loved his job and that’s great for him. Mine, however, has its challenges. One of the things that sucks about my job is all the travel. Sure, at first traveling for work sounds like it’s exciting and fun, but reality quickly sets in as you learn that living out of a suit case just sucks. Then, there is all the time wasted at airports, and traveling to and from them. But, it’s something I have to do. On my last trip my colleague and good friend Lisa had traveled with me. We had to fly up to Chicago for a trade show and to meet with some clients. We were looking forward to coming home even before we Anadolu Yakası Escort left.Lisa is a hottie and the men in our office lust after her. The guys always crack me up with their lame pick up lines. Lisa looks like she’s the twin sister of Heather Graham. Lisa loves having her hair a couple of inches below her shoulders as her ex-boyfriend preferred her to keep it short. Lisa loves to flirt with my husband as she loves to show off too much cleavage around him. I love watching her, the way she will move, just enough to show off her firm breasts. We both the same size so I don’t feel any jealousy, plus it’s all good and fun. And I would love to see my husband expose her breasts one of these days!All of my trips lately have had problems, and this trip was no different. Lisa and I were delayed an hour at the airport and had to sit on the plane without decent air conditioning. Flying Delta we had to fly through Atlanta and yes, we were delayed there for another hour. Finally we made it to Chicago at around eight at night. We grabbed a cab and went straight to the hotel. We both were starving and wanted to grab something to eat but I first had to call my hubby!We were still in our work clothes as I called my husband. However, Lisa started to undress while I was on the phone. I found myself watching her take her clothes off, and something felt different. It’s been years since I’ve seen another girl change, back to my college days. Lisa removed her jacket, blouse, and then her skirt. She was a foot away from me wearing only her bra and black pantyhose. I had forgotten that I was on the phone until Rick’s voice pulled me back to reality. “Hey there sexy, are you in your hotel? How was your day?”It took me a second to clear my head, “Hi, honey. What are you doing tonight?””Not much, a little work. How was your day?””Well, it sucked. Our whole day completely sucked.””Why? What happened?””Well, our flight was late and Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan Lisa’s hotel room was double booked. So, she’s sharing a room with me.””Oh?” I’m sure that Rick grinned, “Oh!””You are such a guy!”Lisa moved next to me and said in a sexy voice, “Yea you’re a dawg, but don’t worry – I’ll take real good care of your wife.””Yea honey. I’m in good hands, oh Lisa!””Yea honey, I’m molesting your wife.””You girls!””Enough fun and games, I have to eat. I’m sorry hon but I’ll call you when we get back. We didn’t eat all day.””No worries, call me if you’re not too tired.” My husband was very secure in our marriage and had never checked up on me. Well, I had never given him a reason to. It felt great, and there was no pressure to call him. However, I knew that I would!”Love ya.” With that I hung up the phone. Lisa had this look in her eye, she was up to something. “OK, you’re my date so let’s go get something to eat.”We both quickly changed into more comfortable clothes and left to find some food. At this point of the night, dinner was a necessity. Most days I live to eat, but tonight I just needed to eat. We were both starving and wanted something fast. Luckily I knew of a pretty good place not too far away.This restaurant is a mom and pop place with good food and a very nice wine selection. They always have new wines and recommend the perfect wine. The interior is cozy and very comfortable, relaxing if you will. Lisa and I always have a good time together and that night was no exception, at times the conversation was a little steamy and I think Lisa was flirting with me! Well, she was a little touchy and very flirty. Still, it was a nice break and helped put me in a great mood. The food was good and fast as we both wanted something light. We both enjoyed the fresh shrimp salad. Great food, a little wine, and with in forty minutes we were back in our hotel room.Lisa slapped my butt, “Hey, you Escort Anadolu Yakası have to call Honey.””I will.””You know you could be nice and share him.” She laughed, “I wonder what he’s thinking about right now?””Lisa!” Even for her that was out of line; however, now I knew what she wanted.”Well! I’m lonely. Should we have some fun and really tease him?”I looked at my friend, “What do you have in mind? I know he’s thinking about us.”Lisa smiled and then looked down at the floor, “You think?””Please, he’s wishing he was here with us.””Ok, don’t call him till I change. We can have some fun with him.””Fine.” Lisa went into the rest room and brushed her teeth and freshened up a little. After all a girl can’t sleep with her make up on! I peeled off my clothes and put on one of Rick’s tee shirts. There’s something special about having him on me, it’s strange but it makes me feel close to him. “Are you wearing one of his shirts?” Lisa asked when she came back.”Yea.””Do you have an extra one?” Lisa walked over to me and hugged me. I’m sure she was looking for his scent. Lisa has this way about her; she walked with confidence and with ease. It’s easy to take her in.”What?””Please?””Lisa, he’s my man!””Are you sure you can’t share?””Do you ever stop?””Sure, when you share him.””Girl, I’m going to bed its cold!” I moved over to the bed and went under the covers. A Florida girl is not made for weather like this.Lisa removed her blouse and then her skirt. Her eyes never left mine. I, of course, couldn’t help but look her over – after all, I’m not dead! Her nipples hardened and looked rather sexy! Right then I knew why Rick loves to watch me undress. Lisa looked hot, standing there a foot away from me wearing just a lacey bra and matching thong panty. Lisa grabbed her cell phone and jumped on the bed, “Damn it’s cold!” She snuggled up to me which was a first. Sure we’ve flirted a little over the years but that was to tease the men in our lives. We’ve never done something like this with just the two of us.”Girl, you are so bad!”Lisa started to dial a phone number, “Hey baby, how are you?” She listened to him as she snuggled up next to me. I enjoyed having her legs rub against mine. “Good, so tell me stud, what are you wearing?” I was on my back and a little shocked when she moved her leg between mine.

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