Shag on the Green under Pale Moon

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Alicia and I were both project managers with the same company, but our branch offices were about a three-hour drive apart, so we weren’t able to see each other on a regular basis. We had previously discovered our lust for each other at a company party, and continued to find opportunities for occasional sexual rendezvous. At the time, neither of us really wanted a more serious relationship or life change, and for personal and professional reasons we wanted to keep our sexual relations discreet from our co-workers. Essentially, we were enjoying a “friends with benefits” type of relationship, and sharing the erotic fun of building sexual tension and excitement between us and then the thrill and adventure of passionate trysts.

It was late-July and we were attending a two-day company meeting with about 75 other co-workers in a conference room at a golf resort hotel. Knowing that the overnight stay would provide us with an opportunity to indulge our lust, we teased each other ruthlessly by email and phone with our erotic thoughts during the week leading up to the meeting. By the time we arrived for the meetings on the first morning, we could barely contain our sexual tension, but didn’t really have a plan about where and when we would indulge our passion for each other.

In the conference room we found seats next to each other at a table in the back of the room. Trying to maintain our composure, and our eyes on the speakers and presentations, we relieved our boredom and stoked our lust further by discreetly teasing each other below the table, hidden from view by the table skirts. Alicia was wearing a blouse and knee-length skirt. It was hot and humid outside, and I noticed that the air-conditioning in the meeting room had caused goose bumps to rise over her crossed legs. When she shifted in her chair and uncrossed her legs I slid my hand down over her leg, slowly rubbing the warmth of my hand over her. With our laptops opened on the table in front of us, any casual observer wouldn’t have noticed anything unusual.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw her smile slightly at the feel of my hand caressing her leg and she eased the hem of her dress back towards her hip, exposing her thigh for me. Alicia casually rested her chin in her hands, trying to look attentive during the presentation as I massaged my hand over her thigh and under her dress.

My fingers traced lightly over her bare inner thigh, and I pushed her dress back further as I rubbed my hand slowly up her thigh, feeling her smooth silky warmth as I moved closer to her pussy. She parted her legs slightly, allowing my hand between her thighs and against her heat radiating under satin panties. I pressed the side of my hand over her panties and felt the warm, damp outline of her moistening lips.

Looking straight ahead, she shifted her hips and pushed forward slightly, pressing her pussy firmly against the pressure of my hand. Slowly rubbing the side of my hand against the length of her pussy, I teased and rubbed my little finger between her lips, feeling her wetness as my palm massaged over her inner thigh. Alicia was slowly squeezing and releasing her thighs together, trying to press my fingers harder against her pussy. Feeling her heat and growing moisture against my fingers was making my cock stir and swell, rising against my pants.

I glanced at her face out of the corner of my eye, and saw that she was now slightly flushed as she almanbahis focused her eyes forward, trying to hold her composure. I grinned and slowly eased my hand from between her thighs, and saw her eyes close briefly as she exhaled softly at the sudden emptiness between her legs.

With a mischievous grin, Alicia glanced down at the bulge of my cock growing against my pants, and she retaliated by placing her hand over my thigh, grazing her nails slowly across my inner thigh. Sliding her palm over my cock, she pressed her hand down firmly and squeezed her fingers around my hardening shaft, feeling my warmth as I swelled and twitched in her grasp. I saw her smile widen at my reaction and she eased her grip, and then lightly teased her fingernails along the length of my straining cock, tracing my hardness and occasionally to squeeze my shaft and feel me throb and grow harder for her.

I was staring ahead to maintain my look of attention to the speaker, but wasn’t really listening to what was being said as I struggled to control the pleasure from Alicia’s teasing. I could feel my pulse quicken, the heat radiating from my loins and my balls growing heavy as I tried not to squirm while she slowly stroked her fingertips over my hard cock. Suddenly she pulled her hand away, leaving me flushed and aching for more of her attention. Our eyes met briefly, and her wicked grin stoked my lust for her.

When the morning meeting ended, we were separated for the rest of the day during small group seminars. Also, lunch and dinner were catered into the conference room, so there wasn’t a good opportunity for a quick passion lunch or dinner tryst without being obvious. Seated at different tables during lunch and dinner, we caught occasionally caught each other’s eyes and simmered in our lust.

After dinner there was an informal “meet and greet” type of company party for all of us, and we mixed in with the rest of the group. Not wanting to draw attention to ourselves by immediately bolting from the party together, we mingled and had some drinks and continued to flirt with our eyes as we did the “company thing”.

The party was at an outdoor patio bar that overlooked the golf course. As the sunset, a nearly full moon rose in the early evening sky over the lush tree-lined fairways of the golf course. My eyes wandered to Alicia, her sensuous curves and movements were highlighted by the fading glow of dusk. Erotic memories of our past encounters flowed together with the pent up sexual tension of our recent teasing and I couldn’t resist my craving for Alicia any longer.

Inspired by the sight of her against the backdrop of twilight over the golf course, I wandered over to the bar and wrote a note on a napkin, giving her instructions of where and when to meet me. Alicia was talking and drinking with a small group, and I already knew some of the others she was with, so I casually joined in with the group and stood next to her. While everyone’s attention was diverted in conversation, I slipped my note into her hand. Soon after, I excused myself and wished everyone a good night. Glancing into Alicia’s eyes, I could sense her smoldering lust as she offered a seductive smile and wished me a “good night”.

The pale moonlight cast shadows from the trees surrounding the fairway and green of the golf course. I stood within the shadow of the shelter between the tee and green of the 14th and 15th holes watching almanbahis adres Alicia approach. Grinning, I could sense the anticipation and excitement in her strides, silhouetted against the moonlit sky as she followed the golf cart trail. When she saw me step out of the darkness of the shelter, I heard her giggle and she started running towards me. I playfully ran away, leading her short distance to the green, then stopped and turned around for her. Jumping up into my arms, she squealed with excitement and wrapped her arms around my neck and legs around my waist as we locked in a passionate kiss.

Her breasts heaving against my chest as our tongues played between our lips, I slid my hands down her back and cupped them under her ass, squeezing her cheeks firmly, then pulled her against me, feeling her press against my already hard cock. Our lips sharing our passion, she pressed her pussy urgently against my hardness, slowly gyrating and grinding her hips in my embrace.

I slid my fingers under her panties, massaging against her ass and the base of her already wet pussy lips. Still holding her in my grasp, I broke our kiss to nuzzle and kiss my way down her neck, she tilted her head back for my access and I kissed down her neck to her partially unbuttoned blouse and exposed cleavage. She was now squirming and moaning softly against the pressure of my massaging fingers over her pussy and anus, and I teasingly bit and nuzzled her breasts through her blouse and bra.

My cock surging, I traced my tongue up her neck, kissing at the base of her ear, I whispered deeply, “I want to lick your pussy!”

Her gleaming eyes widened as she gasped, “Ohh yess, lick me babe!” as I lowered her feet down to the grass.

We enthusiastically stripped each other’s clothes off, scattering them over the green, and embraced in a hard passionate kiss, feeling the heat of our bodies together in the humid night air. I lowered Alicia down to the cool, lush grass. Lying alongside her I kissed down her neck, as I massaged one hand down over her mound, then caressing over her wet pussy lips and her silky inner thighs. I heard her draw in a deep breath as she opened her legs for my touch, raising and spreading her knees as I traced my lips and tongue down to her nipples.

Her fingers combed through my hair as I alternately kissed and circled each of her soft and swollen areola with my tongue. Brushing and teasing over her hard nipples with my mustache, I sucked and pulled her buds between my lips as I teased them with my tongue.

Massaging my fingers over her thighs and pussy, my palm teased against her clit, as she slowly gyrated her hips, rising up from the grass to press against the rhythm of my hand. I moved my lips down from her breasts, kissing and licking over the smooth warmth of her stomach, hearing her moan softly as her breathing become more shallow with excitement. Kissing and licking over her mound, I eased two fingers into her slippery pussy. Feeling her squeeze around my fingers as I slowly stroked within her, teasing my fingertips against her hot pussy walls, as her wetness flowed over my hand.

Pausing to look back and see the pleasure on her face, she was pulling her nipples between her fingers as she watched me. Our eyes met and she smiled seductively as whispered, “Mmm, that feels sooo good!” Her gaze shifted to my hard, swollen cock and she moaned out, “Oh babe, let me almanbahis giriş suck your cock…I want to taste your cock while you lick me!”

I turned and swung my legs and hips around to offer my cock to her lips, and then laid back on the soft grass as she rolled herself up onto me to 69. I wrapped my hands around her thighs and spread her wet pussy open as she nestled herself over my lips and chin.

The sensations of her hand, lips and tongue on my cock sent a wave of electric heat through me and my lust for her pussy surged as I eagerly lapped my tongue over hot, slippery lips and teased along her labia and inner thigh. Reaching up around her hips, I grasped her ass firmly with one hand and then slipped two fingers into her wet hole, stroking inside her as my tongue danced and played around her clit. Hearing her moan with the rhythm of my fingers, I teased against the rim of her ass with my other hand and she pressed her pussy down harder over my lips, gyrating her hips against the flicking motion of my tongue over her clit.

Alicia was lightly massaging my balls with one hand as she squeezed the base of my hard shaft with the other, pumping and sucking the length of my cock between her lips. Feeling me swell in her mouth, she occasionally paused her motion to lick and swirl her tongue around my swollen tip.

Suddenly I felt her squeeze her hand around the base of my shaft, gripping tightly as she pulled her lips from my cock. With a deep moan she leaned back, pressing her pussy down hard against my tongue she started rapidly gyrating her hips, grinding her pussy over my lips and chin. Her swollen clit rubbing against my eager tongue, she gasped out loudly as she thrust against the rhythm of my fingers thrusting within her. Alicia’s thighs tightened and squeezed around me, and I firmly grabbed her hips as she tensed up and stopped her grinding motion, then pressed down on me as he shuddered and groaned out deeply. Her warm juices gushed over me, and I lapped her flowing wetness from her slit.

As her orgasm subsided, she relaxed and eased her hot soaked pussy off my face. I recovered my breath, and slowly eased my fingers between her swollen wet lips, hearing her gasp with pleasure as she leaned forward and started rapidly stroking and sucking my throbbing cock.

She spread her legs further apart and raised her ass up, thrusting back against my fingers and moaning softly as I stroked my fingers into her pussy, keeping pace with her sucking and stroking my cock. Feeling my urge to cum building, my balls tightened in her cupped hand and she started using rapid short strokes at the base of my cock with her other hand. She was licking frantically along the underside and tip of my engorged cock as she massaged my balls, bringing me to the edge of orgasm, sending hot ripples of pleasure through me.

My cock pulsing in her hand, she rapidly stroked my slippery wet shaft as her tongue swirled around my tip and my orgasm suddenly seared through my body. With a loud guttural groan, I grabbed tightly onto her hips from behind as she brought me over the edge. Losing control, my hips thrust up to her, pushing my cock against her as streams of cum splashed over her chin, neck and breasts, and flowed down over her hand. As the ripples of my pleasure subsided, Alicia continued to massage and lick my cock, squeezing out the last of my cum.

We briefly laid in the 69 position on the green, recovering our breath and savoring the afterglow of our passion. Untangling ourselves, we spooned together on the green, feeling the warm summer breeze over our wetness and the lush moist grass of the green against our flushed skin under the pale moonlight.

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