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Sexy weekend alone…I had worked hard all week and kept my hands off myself after work. I got off work at 11pm and went home and went to bed. I slept well and woke up without an alarm clock after 10 hours of sleep. I made coffee and pored a cup while I ran a hot bath. I like taking sweet, soapy baths. I listened to classical music and soaked until I heard rain began pouring on top of my metal roof so I turned off the radio and listened. I shaved down like I do when I have the time. Everything except my legs and arms.I do shave my legs sometimes in the winter if I know no one will see them. My legs are long and nice and when they are shaven they really look like womens legs so I have to watch it. I got out of the tub and went to the den. I was getting horny and knowing I had the weekend off decided to paint my toenails a nice dark red. I sat in the floor nude with my coffee listening to the rain. My feet are sexy and look like womens feet specially with my nails painted.I had taken care of all the canlı bahis şirketleri business I had to do during the week so I was just going to hang out alone all day. I decided to give myself a colonic so after my nails dried I took my big red enema bag outside with warm water inside it and hung it on the wooden wall of my outdoor shower. After a couple of huge warm oily purges I really felt myself getting horny for a fat toy.The rain was coming down and was quite loud outside hitting all the metal and concrete. I went to the back yard in my little cutoffs where I could be alone, hidden from view behind hedge. I was going to **** myself on the concrete pad as it was being pounded with rain.I bought out the toys I wanted. My probe, my thick dong, my mineral oil and my poppers. I took off the cutoffs but kept on a large sun hat so the rain would not get in my eyes. I is a large gardening hat like a lady might wear.My sac was nice and tight from the cool rain and my asshole was canlı poker oyna nice and pouty. I lubed up the probe and started off with a sudden dive into my hole and then began working it hard and fast without any warm up. I thought ahead and slipped a condom on before to catch my man juice and its a good thing I did. I did what I call a Hot 100, that is 100 slams with a toy without stopping. The condom filled with almost a shot glass of my cum. I layed there pounding my hole on the wet concrete with my painted toes pointed to the gray sky. I had a wonderful assgasm and was all over myself with lust. I pulled over a mirror that I keep outside and posed in front of it like a sissy bitch. Doing all the little freaky things I wanted to see on my day alone. I sucked my pretty toes and spanked my ass. I then lubed up my thick rubber dong and stuck it to the concrete with the suction cup. As I watched in the mirror, I sat my skinny little ass over the toy and docked up. I lubed it up with bets10 güvenilir mi the mineral oil and pushed it in and just chilled out. Looking at my self in the mirror. My long legs, and toned body. My pretty feet with the crinkly soles turned me on as the thunder and rain kept it interesting. Than I began to ride it up and down. Cum flowed into the condom as I moaned like a sissy slut. When I thought I got all the cum that there was from reaming, I took off the condom with all its contents. I reached over and took the poppers, opened the bottle all while still riding up and down on the thick purple toy with the big head. I took a huge whiff and closed the top. It takes about 10 seconds to feel the poppers began it’s rush. While watching my sissy ass in the mirror, breath held with poppers I started ass gasming. I reached down for the condom and poured the contents into my mouth. All of this while watching myself in the mirror. I began stroking my oily cock and as all these things met in the middle, orgasmed. And orgasmed. After an orgasm, anal and cock, I layed on the wet concrete with the rain pouring on my. The thunder kept coming and after 5-10 minutes I walked back into the house to have a nice warm shower. I nice hot, soapy shower for a sissy-slut…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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