Sexual Frustration Act 1768 – Melanie applies for

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Sexual Frustration Act 1768 – Melanie applies forMELANIE – THE NYMPHOMANIACToday was Melanie’s big day, she had looked forward to it all year, it was her s*******nth birthday, and she had timed it just right that today was the day she would present herself before the Examining Magistrates as required in her application for a nymphomania licence.She had wanted to apply for such a licence on her sixteenth birthday, i.e., as soon as she was sexually of a legal age to consent, however, being under eighteen she needed her father’s permission, and this had not been forth-coming until she had proved, after a year, that she still wanted a nymphomania licence.Melanie had always been very interested in her own sexuality and had taken every opportunity to explore sexual pleasures. At age f******n, her breasts having recently burgeoned into womanhood, she had been rummaging for a scarf in her mother’s dressing room, when she found a ‘thing’. She had thought that the ‘thing’ was a fossilised black man’s penis; On handling the veined surface she had felt a warm feeling between her legs and just knew what the ‘thing’ was for.She had forgotten all about the scarf search and taken the ‘thing’ to her own bedroom, where she had removed her panties and laid back to experiment. She had rubbed it up and down her cunt slit drawing beads of moisture, her clitoris had swelled and for the first time, of its own volition, it had popped above its hood. She had tried to insert the ‘thing’ into her cunt, she drew a little blood and a little pain and stopped – it was too big for her delicate virginal hole, she had continued rubbing it along the slit and fantasised about its future possibilities.This had been the first time she had used something other than her fingers to touch herself intimately, and it had given her her best orgasm to date. She put the ‘thing’ back in her mother’s dressing room, and determined to get herself something similar. After all there was nothing in the law of the land that prevented her from satisfying her onanistic tendencies, just so long as she did it to herself without involving a male or an adult.She had discussed the ‘thing’ with one of the older girls at school, and had learned that it was called a ‘dildo’, that the dildo she had found was probably made out of ebony, that they came in different sizes, and that you could get battery powered ones that gave a most pleasant vibration to ones private parts. She had asked about getting such a dildo for herself, and the older girl had told her that for the sum of £20 she could get her big sister to purchase a small vibrating black veined dildo. This transaction was duly carried out.Within a week of having found her mother’s dildo, Melanie stood the proud owner of her own dildo, and was at last alone in her bedroom and able to sample its pleasures. And sample its pleasures she did, prodigiously every day. At first it had all been experimentation, as to which bits produced which sensations, as to how to prolong the orgasm; she had explored her anus and her nipples all to her delight.She had gone back to her mother’s dressing room and compared her new friend to the ‘thing’. Her mother’s dildo was twice the size of her new friend and it did not vibrate; She had day dreamed about whether one day she would be able to accommodate such a monster, this had made her wet herself and she had had to go and masturbate yet again.Her favourite had been to bury the five inch length of her dildo in her vaginal tube and turn it on to vibrate slowly, pull her panties up tight into her crutch and go out into the world, hoping no one would detect the feint buzzing sound or her gasps as she controlled an orgasm in public.Her most notable disaster had been losing control during a maths lesson, when she had screamed and fallen out of her desk. She had refused to explain to the maths master just what had been the cause of her disorderly behaviour, he had given her a ‘note’ and sent her, together with the class assistant, to the headmaster. She had begged the assistant to let her go to the girls room, but he insisted on taking her directly to the headmaster. Again she could not bring herself to explain the cause of her unruliness, and he had said “Bend over my desk, pull up your skirt and receive three of the cane for insolence and three of the cane for misbehaviour.” Melanie’s distress was further compounded by her having on white skimpy thong panties. She could feel her dildo straining against the thin gusset as her soppy wet cunt tried to hold it in. The headmaster told her to prepare for a further two strokes of the cane for failure to wear regulation school uniform panties. The first four strokes had brought tears to her eyes, they had been ferocious full force stingers, she could feel her bared arse cheeks start to bruise and swell into wheals; And then, she could hold back against the pain no longer and she liberally pissed herself, her thong became see through and the headmaster could clearly make out the black end of her dildo sticking out of her cunt, pushing out the piss soaked gusset. The headmaster used this as his bulls eye and aimed the remaining four strokes at her lower nates landing them with full force right onto the end of her dildo, forcing it back into her cunt and spraying droplets of pee from her panties all over her back. She had had to clean up her pee mess and was ordered to report to matron at the start of every school day, for the rest of term, to be inspected for correct panties and foreign objects.Her mind an electrified mass of sexual sensations, Melanie ran herself a bath and started to prepare for the Examining Magistrates. She lay in the bath gently caressing her breasts and cunt and cast her mind back to the fact that if she had been anyone else’s daughter she, would in all probability now, have a KB mark deeply branded into her bosom. Melanie’s sixteenth birthday had been the start of her profligate sexual behaviour. For her penile deflowering she had requested, as a birthday present from her parents, that the local rugby team should be invited and given full permission to use her vagina, anus and mouth in any way that they sought fit. Being a relatively imprecise request, she had soon found herself the impaled object of not thirteen dicks, as she had anticipated, but, including reserves and B teams, she had found herself servicing some thirty two rampant male members, and some more than once.Her sixteenth birthday had certainly opened her up both mentally and physically; She had been given some idea of how her cunt would soon be able to accommodate the ‘thing’. From then on she had given herself over to the pursuit of priapistic men, she worshipped the god of phallus and sought orgiastic sexual situations of the most wanton sort. She attired herself in the skimpiest minimum to keep out the weather and flagrantly flaunted her need for penile attention.She was often the subject of men desiring her to relieve their erect dicks, as well as spending a lot of time with her legs apart being examined for a wet pussy, hardly a day could go by without Melanie being fucked at least once, and more often than not she was fucked six or more times a day.This public display of overt wantonness did attract the attention of the police and ordinary male citizens. On many occasions she had either been arrested or had to appear to answer information as to her being branded a Kinkybitch; Every time it was decided that as men were getting what they wanted from her what would be the point, and more importantly her father was an Appeal Court Judge, who had let it be known that he condoned his daughter’s behaviour and that she was soon to apply for her nymphomania licence – so, really, it was her father’s fault she did not already have the exemption from Kinkybitch status, and not hers.As she lay in the bath, trembling with the after shocks of her most recent volcanic clitoral eruption, she thought that being branded a Kinkybitch might not have been so bad after all. But this way was better, as, once she had got her nymphomania licence, she would be in control.As part of her preparations she had taken the head off the shower and plugged the hose against her bum hole giving herself an enema, and she had completely shaved between her legs; Melanie now stood in front of the cheval mirror with her legs apart and deliberately smacked her exposed cunt as hard as she could several times: This gave her cunt lips and clitoris an added puffy insouciance of desirable eroticism, she perfumed her cunt both inside and out with a light oil of otto mixed with ovulating woman’s pheromones, and finished off by applying a light rouge to her labia and anal rosette.She did not hide her cunt light under a bushel, she would go out unknickered and on full view. Melanie chose a black leather pussy’s pelmet of no more than six inches in width, this certainly had the desired effect. She put on matching black stiletto high heels and strutted about admiring herself in the mirror.Melanie tweaked and pinched at her nipples, again to encourage an engorged erotic look, and applied a little rouge to both nipples. Her 32D breasts she squeezed into a size 10 black leather boob tube with peek-a-boo nipple cut outs, her engorged nipples now stood out at least an inch from the leather. “Very soon my lovelies you are going to get nipple rings fitted.” Melanie said out loud to her nipples.She coiffured her long blonde hair, rouged her lips, kohled her eyes, did her basic light maquillage and perfumed herself. She now felt and knew that she presented an image of the perfect Success de scandale. It was a zephyr of a day, she decide against any over clothing and merely picked up a small black leather clutch bag to complete the ensemble.Her taxi arrived at exactly 10:30 so that she would not be late for her 11:00 o’clock appointment. Her father elazığ escort accompanied her to ensure that her appearance would not become dishevelled by any unwanted sexual attention. She arrived at the Magistrates Court with ten minutes to spare, in fact she was lucky to arrive at all, as the taxi driver had spent more time looking in the rear view mirror than he had concentrating on his driving, they nearly crashed four times! When she got up from her seat she looked back and saw a dark damp patch in the upholstery of the rear taxi seat just were her juicy cunt had been, she paid the driver, her father wished her good luck and she went into the Courts.The Court Usher took her particulars and she was taken into the ‘examining’ room. She was shown a large round table with six chairs round it and a revolving platform in the middle, rather like a large Lazy Susan. Two small hassocks had been placed eighteen inches apart some distance from the epicentre of the table, she was instructed to kneel on all fours in the centre of the table and await the Examining Magistrates.Under the lecherous gaze of the old Usher she had climbed onto the table and knelt as instructed; A cooling fan in the corner of the room blew chilled air straight at her pouting cunt and arse hole. The Usher took several digital pictures, both from distance and close up – she assumed that these were for the benefit of her file but she also thought the usher might have his own private portfolio of lovelies.Despite the cooling air, Melanie was hot and erotically charged with sexual thoughts, she minced her arse cheeks together to stimulate herself further, she could feel the juice start to rise and form in droplets mixed with sweat along the crinkled edge of her cunt lips; She was not the only one excited, she could clearly make out the Usher’s erection. She hoped he was not allowed to claim erect dick relief at this stage.Six Examining Magistrates entered, she had been led to believe that three was the norm. The Chairman to the bench introduced himself and said. “I hope you don’t mind but we have three new recruits to the Examining Magistrates Bench who wish to learn the procedure, if you object we could always reschedule”. The die was cast, she had crossed her Rubicon, there was no going back now, “That’s okay.” She mumbled.The Chairman explained that all Examining Magistrates had current medical certificates giving them a clean bill of health and, that for the purposes of anonymity, they would not be using there real names. Melanie noticed that, other than the Chairman, they all had a different letter badge fastened to the fob pocket of their jackets.The Chairman walked round the table and without warning slipped a finger up her slit and into her cunt, she sucked in her breath and the finger was just as rapidly withdrawn. “My you’re a keen one, looks and feels like you decide to start without us.” He chuckled, brought his finger to his nose and added, “Smells divine too.” It was one of those rare occasions which actually made Melanie blush.The Chairman was a dapper handsome man in his mid forties, with the look and cut of a Prussian army officer, he was lean, blue eyed and about six foot three in height, his handmade suit had a let in to allow the right hand dressing of his obviously large manhood; The other Examining Magistrates did nothing for her, they were to all intents and purposes grey non-descript official types along for the ride.The Usher was instructed to fetch ‘the bag’ and get the digital pictures printed. The Examining Magistrates all sat down, with the Chairman tête á tête to Melanie, She could feel warm moist breath coming in waves across her bared behind, which together with the fan was giving a wind chill coolness to the dampness between her legs. She was glad she had decided to present herself sans knickers.The Usher came back in carrying a black Gladstone bag with the gilded crest of the Ministry of Sexual Affairs emblazoned on it. Under the crest, in bold gilded letters, Melanie could see the words “Instruments Nymphomaniacs Examining For The Use Of” The handle bore a security seal indicating that this was a pristine auto claved set of instruments. The usher stood holding the bag.The Chairman had her application form in front of him and went through it with her:-Ch. “Do you intend getting any tattoos or brandings?”Mel. “I thought about a little discreet tattoo on my mons, but I’m not sure of what yet.”Ch. “Are you going to get any sexual piercings?”Mel. “Oh Yes, I want both my nipples done, my clit done, and possibly three rings in either of my pussy lips.”Ch. “That sounds very promising. I’ll move on to section four next – about your cunt.”Mel. “Okay, what more do you want to know?”Ch. “First things first. Mr. X would you be so kind as to fetch the ruler, pull out her cunt lips and measure their maximum stretch.”She braced herself as a rough set of fingers and thumb pinched her cunt lips together and pulled so hard that she nearly came off the hassocks. He held the stretched flesh for, what seemed like, an eternity, she could feel the base of the ruler tickling round the side of her cunt. Mr. X. “Just over two inches as far as I can stretch them Mr Chairman.”Ch. “Hmm, you have only put one inch on your application form, half what it should be, don’t like misinformation. Did you not stretch yourself properly?”Mel. With wet eyes. “I thought I had, its not easy doing it to yourself and measuring at the same time.”Ch. “You should have got a friend to do it for you then. There had better not be any more inaccuracies. Mr. Y would you be so kind as to stimulate the clitoris and measure its maximum burgeoning when stretched in the vacuum pump”The Lazy Susan revolved so that her rear now faced Mr Y.Mel. “Please, I only measured my clitoris to its normal state of arousal. I don’t know how much stretch you would get if you sucked it into a vacuum pump.”Ch. “Oh dear, and the form clearly states ‘to max stretch’, do you have problems with simple English?”Mel. “No, I just……”Ch. “Enough. Mr Y proceed”Soft podgy fingers separated her cunt lips and pushed back her clitoral hood, she could the feel cool air on her clit. One of the fingers slowly started flicking and massaging the nub. She could feel herself becoming stimulated, the blood rushing to inflate her clit, she involuntarily wriggled her bum and was told to keep still. The cold end of the vacuum glass was applied, and with a few swift pumps, her clit was drawn into the tube. This was a new experience for Melanie, not un-pleasant at all, she could feel her own heart beat pulsating in the super inflated clit. Mr. Y then pulled the tube as hard as he dare without breaking the vacuum, “Whoa” she thought this is getting painful; Again she could feel the base of the ruler tickle her.Mr. Y. “I’ve managed to suck up and pull the clit out from its base to a length of an inch and a half, Mr. Chairman.”Ch. “Bit different to what it says on your form. I shall correct the form, and, provided there are no more mistakes, we shall overlook your inability to understand English, after all you do claim to be an aficionado of sex and not an English language student.”Melanie started to thank the Chairman for being so understanding when she was interrupted -Mr. Y. “It appears that the applicant has caused me to have an erect dick, may I claim my legal entitlement to relief?”Ch. “Yes, and I’m sure if you check she will have a wet pussy that needs penile relief.”Mr. X “I’ve got an erection as well that needs relief.”Ch. “Okay, boys take it in turns and fuck her good.”Melanie despaired, she did not relish the thought of being sexually used by these two aged fat oafs, she wanted the Chairman to fuck her. Then she had a thought.Mel. “Surely I am entitled to time period respite between being used sexually?”Ch. “The declaration, that you have signed, on your application form clearly states that you have given permission to be examined as we think fit. If however, you do not wish to continue with your application, We could all adjourn to the local office of the Ministry of Sexual Affairs and find a Judge in Chambers to declare you, and brand you, a Kinkybitch. Do we continue or what?”Mel. “Sorry, please continue.”The table creaked as Mr Y climbed aboard, knelt behind Melanie and thrust his small bent penis into her wet but not really willing cunt. Three lunges later it was over: the table creaked twice as Mr Y got off and Mr X clambered on. Melanie wondered if she should yawn, but decided against it. Mr. X’s manhood felt like someone was pushing a pencil into her love tube, she could feel it banging at the entrance to her womb but nowhere else. Mr. X did last nearly two minutes thrusting and grunting like a feral a****l before he came in long agonised spurts.For Melanie, at least, the ordeal of being fucked by the two men had not lasted long, and she thought, ‘I bet the other three suits will have to fuck me, but so long as I get the Chairman to take me it’ll be worth it.’Ch. “Well if we are all satisfied we may continue. Mr Usher, would you please mop up the spunk dribbling out of the applicant’s hole.”The usher had a cloth ready for just such spillages: Melanie could feel its rough towelling fabric being wiped up and down on the delicate sensitive bits between her legs, the Usher then screwed a corner of the cloth into a tight wick and forced it inside her cunt, she winced as the cloth was twisted round and around drawing out all spunk and moisture from her vaginal tube.Ch. “Mr Z would you please insert the vaginal speculum and locate the G spot.”Again the Lazy Susan moved and her rear was presented to Mr Z.Melanie let out a long drawn out ooooh as the cold oiled steel speculum entered her vaginal tube. The handles were squeezed together and she felt herself opened out like the Blackwall Tunnel. Mr Z. “The biggest bumpiest escort elazığ egg tray of a G spot I have ever encountered. Mr Chairman you should see this for yourself.”Around went the Lazy Susan and her rear presented itself to the Chairman. Melanie could feel his gaze penetrating the depths of her sex, she could feel his deep breaths as he took in her sexually perfumed aroma. She heard the click of a torch and new that her most intimate charms were now being shown to this handsome man. A finger, his finger, was gently massaging her G spot, Melanie could contain herself no longer, her body shuddered into a convoluted wet orgasm accompanied by a small release of piss and a long moan of pleasure escaped her lips. She began to say she was sorry for her lack of control.Ch. “That is quite alright Melanie, such natural response does your application the world of good. Yes Mr Z I concur, it is indeed a most marvellous G spot. And she has put down that it is abnormally large and easy to locate. Mr Usher do you think you could oblige with the cloth for this pee.”The cloth was first patted between her legs and then used to mop up the little puddle that had formed on the Lazy Susan. Melanie gave a sigh of relief and thought at least I got something right. The speculum was removed and she hazarded a correct guess as to what was coming next.Ch. “Tell us about the biggest object, what was it?”Melanie told them about the ‘thing’ and how she had always dreamed and fantasised about its enormity. And how only a month ago she had ‘borrowed’ it and had managed to insert its girth but not all its length inside herself.Ch. “Is that the biggest object you have ever managed”Mel. “Yes, but for all I know my vaginal passage could expand to accommodate even larger, if not now, I’m sure it will in the future”Ch. “I assure you it will. You have declared six inch girth on your form. I noticed from the speculum that your cunt can certainly take bigger and still contract to a tight tube. Mr S would you select the seven inch girth dildo and prove my point”The Lazy Susan was moved. The head of the oiled dildo was brought to rest against the puckered cunt lips guarding the entrance to her love tunnel, fingers started to pull the lips back and allow the dildo to proceed.Ch. “Stop, hold it there, Mr Z I see you have a goodly erection, would you please put it in the applicant’s mouth to stop her pulling forward away from the dildo.”Eight inches of sweaty erect manhood meat was pushed into Melanie’s mouth and down the back of her throat, she managed not to gag and breathed heavily through her nose. Now, the dildo started its invasion. It was a little painful at first, but the Chairman had been right, it was going to fit: It grazed past her G spot, expanded her innermost cavern and came to rest firmly pushed against the entrance to her womb. She felt like a roasting pig with a spit through it, all sorts of erotic messages reached her brain and over-rode any feelings of pain coming from the over stretched lining of her cunt – she could feel herself glow and start to get wet, though there was barely any room left in her cunt for moisture.Ch. “Now if you two gentleman could work back and forth, I want to see the applicant swallow your load Mr Z and Mr S if you would time the applicant from now to her orgasm”Two sets of sloppy gurgling noises filled the room, spittle sprayed round her mouth as Mr Z’s manhood burrowed back and forth, cunt juice sprayed round her nates and thighs as the dildo monster forged in and out of her pussy. It did not take long before two orgasms burst upon them in synchronised unison. Mr Z went bright purple and looked as if he was going to suffer a heart attack, Melanie came in great waves of juice and pleasure, she sprayed female cum and piss all over Mr S’s hand and arm, as the ripples subsided she remembered to dutifully swallow the salty male cum. A time of one minute and thirty seconds was declared, and noted down.The Chairman then went through section 2 of the application form in routine manner, merely checking with Melanie as to what she had said about her sex life, she had difficulty in speaking as her body was still being wracked by orgasmic after shocks, as if an earthquake had exploded between her legs.The Chairman fondled her breasts and tweaked her nipples. This did very little to allay her recent sexual explosion: Indeed, her bosoms firmed and her nipples stood out of her peek-a-boo boob tube like little soldiers at attention, the epitome of the proverbial ‘chapel hat pegs’. He gently flicked across the ends of her teats and commented that she had correctly filled in the application form as to nipple arousal. Melanie thought to herself, never mind nipple arousal, this handsome b**st is getting me sexually aroused, again, in other parts.Melanie was so carried away with her own fantasy about the Chairman that she did not hear the table creak. The large hands of Mr. S grabbed her about the middle and with one swift lunge she found herself impaled on yet another pencil like dick. Mr S heaved and laboured for over five minutes but to his embarrassment, his penis went limp and he was forced to give up his assault.Ch. “Just as well you are not trying to satisfy a wet pussy outside of these walls, or you might be in danger of committing an offence.”Mr. S. “I’m sorry, I can’t perform properly in front of people.”Ch. “Moving on to your anus, Some women claim to have a hot spot in the arse, rather like an anal G spot, do you have any such anal hot spot?”Mel. “I have not done overmuch experimentation in that department, so I’m not sure, I don’t think I’ve found a hot spot in there yet”.Ch. “Mr T could you do the honours please. I think your long pianist fingers would be ideal to delve into the applicant’s arse. It looks like a very tight rosette, so perhaps a little lube might be required.”The Lazy Susan revolved once again, and the required parts were now presented to Mr T. She felt a cold nozzle pushed against her bum hole and then an intrusion of lubricant forced its way inside, rapidly followed by a long finger. The finger worked its way back and forth spreading the lubricant about its length, the finger then started flexing about different areas of her anal tube, whilst its owner gauged her response to the different stimulations.The pad of the intruding finger was about three to four inches inside flexing her anal tube through the thin membrane against her vaginal parts, when she felt the first flush of imminent sexual stirrings. Her arse gripped against the finger and she moaned.Mr.T. “Found it, she has a hot spot in her arse; Shall I continue?”Ch. “Before you do, we should test her arse for its ability to accommodate an object. I suggest we try the three inch girth dildo to an inserted depth of six inches.”A torpedo shaped stainless steel anal intruder of the required girth replaced Mr. T’s finger, and began its invasion to the six inch mark. Melanie thought, ‘why does everything have to be so cold, can’t these people warm anything’. The anal invader was plied to and fro and was soon warm.Mr. T. “This is an easy fit, I bet she could take something bigger, or longer. Can I fuck her in the arse? Please?”Ch. “No. I want to finish examining the applicant’s concupiscence and her suitability to hold a nymphomania licence. I’m sure that before we are through you will have ample opportunity to use the applicant for your own sexual relief. Please take out the anal invader and use two of your fingers on her newly discovered hot spot and see how quick you can bring her to an anal orgasm”Mr. T did as he was told. The anal invader was roughly withdrawn and two fingers forced in up to the knuckles. Melanie felt very stuffed, but despite this feeling, she warmed to the fingers’ ministrations, she could feel her arse tube making its own lubrication to facilitate the flexing of the intruding fingers. Mr.T’s other hand reached under her and located her clitoral nub, he grasped it between two fingers and pulled it up and down in the manner of wanking a small penis. This double wammy sent Melanie into convulsions of multiple orgasmic pleasures, she bucked and writhed her arse against the invasive fingers and came in a long drawn out sweaty paroxysm, accompanied by screams of delight. Mr. T lost all dignity and came in his pants.Ch. “Mr. T you are a big disappointment, which part of my simple instruction did you not understand. This was a test of anal orgasm, and I see that you played with the applicant’s clitoris for your own pleasure, We’ll talk more about this later”Ch. “Well young lady I think you have certainly proved your libidinosity; Is there anything else you want to say or do to help in your application before we retire to discuss it?”Mel. “I would like to show you how aroused I can make myself, I could show you how well I masturbate myself, even now, I could very quickly give myself another orgasm.”Ch. “That wont be necessary, but the offer has been noted. You may relax while we confer.”Mel. “If I may be so bold, Mr Chairman, you have twice stuck your finger in my pussy and on both occasions, if I am not mistaken, you have found it to be wet, am I not entitled to have ‘you’ fuck me under the wet pussy relief laws; Would you not like to entertain one or all of my holes with your erect manhood, to use my body for your sexual relief?”Even making this bold request had sent Melanie’s brain racing with sexual anticipation and she could feel her vaginal tube start to twitch and juice itself ready for the member that she wanted to invade it.The Chairman was indeed in a flaccid state of controlled sexual arousal, and yes he very much wanted to have his way with the applicant, and yes he had made up his mind he was going to have her, but presented with this erotic embarras du choix what should he choose, as unknown to Melanie the Chairman was ‘The Cudgel elazığ escort bayan of the North’.Ch. “You should be more careful in what you ask for, young lady, when not acquainted with the object of your desire. I fear it is only your hands that are capable of pleasing me. Though, under any other circumstances, than this, you would be correct at law.”Melanie turned herself over and sat on one of the hassocks, stretched her legs out and idly fingered her nipples and pouted her cunt at the Chairman.Mel. “I’m sure other parts of my body can please you as much as I want you to please me, I need one last orgasm, please, pretty please, please.” To Melanie this was a challenge, no man had ever refused her favours.Ch. “Okay, but don’t say I didn’t warn you. When I enter you, you will feel like you are being deflowered for the first time, you will never be the same again.”The Chairman let down his zipper, he was not wearing any underwear, and he let a nine inch piece of meat fall out. Melanie took it in her hands and stroked the foreskin up and down, she bent forward and flicked the glans with her tongue; Without warning the Chairman’s meat took off like a jack in the box, suddenly it was erect at over f******n inches in length and over eight inches in girth, heavily veined and with a knob end bell that could in no way fit in Melanie’s mouth. Melanie did not believe such a b**st could exist, after all it was nearly twice the size of her forearm. He cunt involuntarily clammed tight and she shuddered at the thought of what damage such a monster could do to her young hole, surely there was no way such a monster could ever fit inside herThe Chairman stroked his b**st with one hand and used the other hand to finger open Melanie’s cunt. The b**st appeared to grow even more and Melanie willed her cunt to be dry. But, alas with all the stimulations of the examination and the Chairman’s dexterously administered fingers against her G spot and clitoris, her cunt could only do one thing and that was to get lubricated.The Chairman withdrew his fingers and said. “Wet pussy. You keep quoting the law miss, what happens to wet pussy?”Melanie stammered, in horror at the realisation of what she had let her poor little hole in for. “It must be fucked until sexual relief is obtained, but how…..”The Chairman explained that a cunt and vaginal tube are made out of very accommodating stretchy elastic tissue, after all look at the size of a baby’s head! And with that he pushed her onto her back and pulled her into position with her legs dangling over the edge of the table. He stood between her legs with the b**st pointing at its frightened target.Mel. “Noooh please I’ve changed my mind, I don’t want it.”Ch. “Too late, we must satisfy the law, wouldn’t want you leaving here sexually frustrated.”The Chairman reached down and grasped her petal like cunt lips, one in either hand, and pulled them wide open, she could see pre-cum droplets glistening around the eye of the b**st: He positioned the iron like rod against the entrance to Melanie’s womanhood and rubbed its head around mixing his juices with her juices, slowly he started to push, withdraw and push, withdraw and push. The small minge muscle, that controlled the entrance to Melanie’s sexual cavern, did its best to keep the intruder out, but it was, eventually, forced to stretch and yield to the continuing onslaught.Melanie tried to pull back, but found herself pinned to the table by the other six men in the room. She struggled but was no match for their combined strength. She trembled and broke out in a profuse sweat, her brain in a turmoil of conflict – no it’s hurting and yes I need this.The massive head of the b**st entered her cunt and the minge muscle could relax a little as it slipped over the glans and wrapped itself around the shaft. On the b**st went, pushing up her mons, squeezing back her anal tube and raising her lower stomach from the inside, it took one continuous thrust forward until it pushed up the cervix and threatened to impale her uterus. Here the monster stopped, just over half its length embedded in between Melanie’s legs, the Chairman held still and let the wretched girl adjust to the feel of the intrusion, waited for the muscles of the vaginal wall to expand and accept their fate. She writhed on the end of his manhood like a bull stuck by a picadorMelanie could feel the monster twitch and throb inside her and she tried to respond by clamping her sex muscles together, but they were so stretched there was no clamping to be done. The Chairman let go of her cunt lips, reached forward, pushed up her boob tube and grabbed her breasts, he pulled his b**st back till just the head remained buried in the tender flesh, and then began the fucking in earnest.Melanie thought she was going to die, it felt like hell, a burning bruising sensation as the monster tore back and forth along her love tunnel, banged against her womb with painful ferocity and withdrew. The rhythm started to increase in tempo, her nipples started to engorge under the powerful grip of the Chairman’s hands, the torture in her cunt started to ease, and she could feel her cunt betray her as it twitched and bucked producing nice sensations and plenty of juice. Her brain soon joined in, and, other than the odd heave against her womb, the pain subsided and turned to pleasure and heaven.The Chairman noticed the change in the impaled girl before him, and instructed the men to let her go. Melanie was past caring, she bucked, heaved, sweated, screamed, moaned, forced her tits up, scratched at the Chairman’s chest and started to pulsate as the first orgasm ripped through her body. The invasion continued with orgasmic juices splattering out around the monster, the monster that would not stop, on and on it went like a train. The second orgasm fired through her body, she gasped for air, went into an eyeball rolling spasm and passed out.She jerked herself back into consciousness and found herself locked in the throes of a continuous multiple orgasm, with every nerve and muscle in her body set on maximum vibration, she just let the waves of wanton pleasure wash over her body. She vaguely had a notion that the old Usher was watching and wanking himself.And then she could feel it coming, it was a tsunami approaching her from the depth’s of the Chairman’s testicles, she could feel a vast peristaltic contraction rise up the monster’s shaft, ripple its way pass her minge muscle and come crashing out of the bell head to explode at the back of her cunt, wave after wave came cascading out of the end of the monster. She met the tsunami with equal vigour, she milked at it with all her might, pissed herself and came in one last explosion that made her momentarily pass out.With a dizzy head, firing sparks at her eyes, Melanie came to, she felt the monster deflate and slide out of her. She lay there, unable to move, her whole body trembling; She could feel juices running out of her cunt, down her arse crack and drip onto the table and floor; Her tits were sore, bruised and throbbing, but this was nothing compared to the residual throb and pain between her legs, she reached down to feel the damage and could safely introduce two fingers into her cunt without touching the sides!!Melanie sat up, with legs still apart, her head spinning and said “Wow, I now know what the mares at the stud feel like after Jupiter’s mated them.” She gently tried to touch herself, but it all felt numb. The Chairman was busy getting the boa constrictor back into his trousers, He called the men together and ignored Melanie.The men took but a minute huddled in the corner of the room to arrive at a decision.Ch. “Mr Usher, would you please fetch the framed photograph.”Melanie was invited to stop playing with herself and pay attention.Ch. “Congratulations, we are pleased to grant you a nymphomania licence”.The Chairman filled out her particulars in black indelible ink on the licence, attached the passport picture and applied the official seal of the Ministry of Sexual Affairs. The Usher returned carrying the photograph she had attached to her original application: It showed her wholly naked sat in an armchair, hands behind her head and legs spread over the armrests. But now the photograph was framed and carried an endorsement ‘Officially Licensed Nymphomaniac’ and the seal of the Ministry of Sexual Affairs. Both items were handed to Melanie. The Usher was told to clean up the spillage of piss and sexual juices: Melanie declined his offer to mop between her legs.The Chairman handed Melanie the framed photograph together with her licence, shook her by the hand and kissed her on both cheeks.Mel. “Thank you all so much, this has been such fun: But what about the DVD I submitted with my application?”Ch. “That remains on your file. Don’t worry we’ve been here since nine o’clock this morning looking at your filmed sexual shenanigans. Liked your birthday party with the rugby team; Oh and the one of you spread and tied between two trees with passers by using you was good; not to mention you masturbating to the camera with different objects.”Melanie got off the table and collapsed onto the floor. “Bit wobbly, I’m afraid.” She said. The Chairman helped her up and let her regain her balance. She tried walking, and managed a crab like side ways shuffle with legs apart and sex juices dribbling down both her legs. Ch. “I think I had better give you an ‘exemption from sexual use’ certificate, how does a week’s exemption sound?”Mel. “Yes, I think that should cover it. I can still do it if I want to though?”Ch. “Oh yesMelanie put the new licence and certificate in her clutch bag, and, holding tightly onto her framed photograph, she adopted a sinusoidal gait and left the building to go straight home.Postscript:The Chairman had been right, physically: her cunt never did fully return to the state it had been in before being ravaged by the ‘Cudgel of the North’, and mentally: she had a new Holy Grail, she was hooked on her new sexual opium – the search for a man or thing that could duplicate the orgasmic effects of the ‘Cudgel of the North’.

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