Sexual Faux Pas 01

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Sexual Faux Pas 01Sexual Faux Pas 01I have made a lot of sexual faux pas, some unintentional mistakes, some deliberate acts that I regretted, sometimes deeply, afterwards and some just plain weird shit.Sometimes I just do weird shit. I don’t know why. Sometimes I feel what I call ‘The Craziness’ come over me and when that happens is when I do the craziest shit.This one comes to mind first, possibly because it was the most outrageous, shameful and the most public act of all.I was 25 at the time. It was about a year after Brian and I had broken up after almost 6 years together and I was still in a bad place. I was sad, depressed, moody and angry – any or all of these at any given time.I was under court mandated counselling for smashing a plate of ravioli over the head of Brian’s new girlfriend in a crowded restaurant and I hated it. The counselling I hated, I loved smashing that plate of ravioli over that big titted, red haired slut. I refused to call my counsellor ‘doctor’ even though he had a doctorate and deserved the honorary. He was a psychologist, not a medical doctor and I told him it was misleading and deceptive to the general public who were not versed in the academic protocols and who would naturally assume, quite wrongly, that he was a medical doctor.He started it by insisting right at the outset that I call him Dr Matchett. I think he sensed I was going to be a difficult patient and he sought to establish a dominant position early.I refused and always referred to him simply as ‘M’. He retaliated by extending my mandated counselling for a year. Then another year. He was a bit of a cunt actually but at times some of the things he said did make sense and in a strange way I think he actually helped me. In time I grew to like him although I never considered him to be at the apex of his profession and certainly not worthy of a PhD. He was certainly more professional and more emotionally and psychologically robust than my first court appointed counsellor. He was obsessed with sex and thought that sex was the root cause of all my problems. All he wanted me to talk about was sex so I responded by masturbating in front of him during a session. He responded to that in a very unprofessional manner by practically throwing me out of his office and subsequently referring me to M.So M was poking and probing me and that mental poking and probing was worse than any physical poking and probing I had ever been subject to. I had my breast ‘enhancement’ two years previously and all that had achieved was to transfer the basis of my Tit Complex from how small my tits were to how fake they looked now. I hated my new tits. Brian had hated them. Ken hated them. Nobody else had seen them but they would have hated them too if they had seen them.My ‘enhanced’ tits looked like two misshapen, blobs of flesh that had been stuck on my chest, then had a nipple plonked on each one. They looked OK in a bra or a bikini top but set free they looked ghastly. So fucking fake.My finances were in a mess because of the house I had recently bought at Toorak and I was really struggling to service the two ‘No Docs’ loans. So, yeah I was in a bad place.Maxx had been with me the night I did the ravioli thing and she felt bad about not stopping me so she was keeping a close eye on me. They all were. I have four close friends and we have known each other since primary school. We stick together through thick and thin and meet every Sunday morning without fail for Sunday Brunch.They were taking turns to babysit me, afraid I would go after Brian’s girlfriend again or perhaps Brian this time. This meant every weekend one of them would drag me off to a club or a party or bahis firmaları something. I hated it. Maxx dragged me off to a party in the Western Suburbs and it was dreadful. Fuelled by booze and d**gs, noisy, smoky, crowded and Maxx left with some guy leaving me there to fend for myself. How the fuck was I even going to get home from here?I don’t know why I stayed on my own there but I was just cruising along. I had had a few drinks and I was a little drunk but not really drunk. I didn’t feel part of it at all. I felt like it was all flowing around me and past me. I hung back, avoiding people and watched.Everyone seemed to be drunk, stoned or high. People were kissing and groping each other, laughing, talking loudly, arguing, dancing, and wandering around aimlessly.The party was getting rougher and rougher and I was thinking about leaving when I was drawn to this group of people sitting around this large coffee table. They were drinking shots and one guy was lying on top of the coffee table, sprawled out with everyone else sitting on the floor around him.I was standing just behind them, not part of the group, like a lurker or something, just watching, not part of it all.This guy lying on the table, unzipped his pants and took his cock out. His little group all burst out laughing and he began to wave his cock around.I was dumbfounded. I couldn’t believe it but the party was getting rougher and they were all drunk. Much drunker than I was. He was waving his cock at the girls and they responded by flashing their tits at him. It was funny and kind of sexy but more funny than sexy.This guy just lay there with his cock out, laughing away and talking shit. Some of the girls started touching it. Just reaching out and touching it briefly at first then they began to hold onto it. They were all laughing as though it was all a great joke and the girls began taking turns to jerk him off. Not seriously though. It was more playtime than sex time. More laughter than anything else.”OK. Let’s see who gives the best hand job.” The guy on the coffee table said in this very loud, drunken voice.The girls all squealed and laughed and the guys just roared with laughter. But they did it. One girl just took hold of his cock and started jerking him off. I kept thinking someone was going to come over and make them stop. I didn’t know who though. There didn’t seem anyone at this party who would give a fuck about anything anyone as doing.So, I stood there watching and found myself laughing along with them. One by one they all stood up for a better look and I suddenly found myself part of the group. Some guy d****d his arm around my shoulders and asked me if I could work a cock like that. He burst into laughter before I could respond, not that I knew how to respond to that.More and more people came over to watch the Hand Job Competition and I found myself being pushed closer and closer to the table and closer and closer to the people around me until we were all standing shoulder to shoulder, pressed together watching these girls take turns to jerk this guy off.Then I noticed his cock was fully hard. Not surprising I guess but it wasn’t fully hard when he’d first taken it out. I thought it was a bit slutty the way these girls were jerking him off but not too bad, not that high on the Slut Scale, somewhere below the middle.I was kind of turned on but I had this feeling that this wasn’t really sexual. That it was really something else but I had no idea what. I even thought about having a turn myself. Just joining in and giving that cock a few tugs but it had gone way beyond that now.Now those girls looked sort of serious about the whole thing and even kaçak iddaa though they were laughing and making jokes they were all giving that cock a serious work out when their turn came. I thought I could give it a quick tug but I couldn’t withstand the prolonged scrutiny these girls were getting. Everyone was commenting on their various techniques and everyone was watching very closely.I kept thinking this guy was going to cum any moment. Two of the girls had their tits out now and things were starting to really heat up but all the attention was focused on this guy lying sprawled out on the coffee table with his cock out.One of the girls started undoing his jeans, then another one joined in and they pulled his jeans down to his knees. I realised this guy had a really nice cock. Not as big as Brian’s but a decent size and very nice looking.This guy with his cock out declared one of the girls the winner and I felt a twinge of disappointment that it was all over. I was enjoying the spectacle. But it wasn’t over.”OK, we have a winner, now it’s time to see who’s the best cock sucker.”The whole house erupted in laughter. It was deafening. They hooted and howled and fell about laughing.But there weren’t as many takers for the cock sucking competition. I guess it’s one thing to jerk a guy off in front of a room full of people but an entirely different thing to suck a guy’s cock in front of such a crowd.The cock sucking competition took a lot more encouragement to get started. After some serious hesitation, one of the girls who’d been jerking him off, slowly reached out, took hold of his cock, looked around, laughed, shrugged her shoulders then bent over and started sucking his cock.They all cheered, hooted, howled and called out encouragement and she seemed to be inspired by the crowd urging her on. Another one took over and it was on. I was watching a cock sucking competition and everyone around me seemed to think it was amusing, normal and funny and apparently nothing wrong with it. Maybe a dozen girls jerked him off but only three sucked his cock. He started waving his cock around looking around for another participant. “Oh come on, there must be someone.” He cried out, laughing and waving his cock all around, pointing it at girls who squealed and recoiled in mock horror.Nope. No takers. It looked like it was all over.I felt The Craziness come over me. One moment I was standing there just a spectator and the next moment I was pushing my way forward, heading toward that cock waving around in the air.I knelt beside the table and took his cock in my hand. I don’t know if they were laughing so loudly because they all thought I was an unlikely cock sucker or if the laughter was the same, but it sounded and felt different to me.I was going to deep throat this cock in front of everyone. None of the girls had gone further than half way down his cock and I knew I could take it all in. Thanks to Brian. I knew this was The Craziness talking but there was nothing I could do about it. I leaned over and took his cock in my mouth. The crowd roared, cheered and laughed. I was a bit drunk and I miscalculated and choked on it before it was halfway down. I had to stop and start again. The crowd howled. I choked again and realised I was a lot drunker than I thought I was.I began to slide my mouth up and down his cock, sucking it the way Ken had taught me. Up and down, up and down, sucking and moving rhythmically.I got my mojo back. I slowly slid my mouth down his cock, down, down, halfway, past halfway, feeling his cock slide over the back of my mouth and down my throat. I fell short with my lips just brushing his pubic hair and I had to start again. kaçak bahis I really was much drunker than I thought. I should have been able to deep throat this cock easily. Back to the top and this time I took it much, much slower and I saw everyone crowding around, bending over for a better look. This time it went down very smoothly and I had his cock all the way down my throat with my lips buried in his pubic hair, tickling my nose, my lips pressed hard against his pelvis around the base of his cock and my throat full of cock.The owner of the cock in my throat had gone quiet now. He was lying there just moaning softly.Then I noticed something very strange. Deathly quiet. The place had gone deathly still and quiet except for the music still blaring away in the distance. They were all looking at me in utter and freaky silence. Up till that moment I had never thought deep throating a cock was such a big deal. I had always assumed most women could do it but I knew that not everyone could or did. It had taken me about 6 months of dedicated practice to teach myself how to do it properly but I figured most women would learn much quicker than me, or perhaps it just came naturally to them.So there I was bending over a coffee table in a room full of people, all watching me, with some strange guy’s cock all the way down my throat wondering what the big deal was.I wasn’t game to take that cock out. I knew the moment I raised my head they would all be looking at me so I just stayed there with this guy’s cock down my throat until I had to get it out.I took it out of my mouth, looked around and saw to my horror they were all just standing there staring at me in silence.”We have a winner.” Coffee Table Guy yelled out and the room erupted into bedlam again.He tried to grab my head and pull me back onto his cock but I was already pushing my way through the crowd, desperate to get out of there and to get as far away as I could.I fought my way through the crowd and even though everyone was looking for me they were all too drunk to keep track of me. I slipped out the back door of that house and I ran. I pounded down the footpath with no idea where I was going or where the nearest train or bus station was and I began to laugh. Quietly at first then the full blown uninhibited laughter of a lunatic.I had just deep throated some strange guy at a party in front of a room full of people. I didn’t even know his name. I didn’t know anyone there, it was a friend of a friend of Maxx’s whose party it was and I didn’t even know who. I hoped noone knew me. I doubted it. But you never know.I flagged down a taxi to take me to the nearest train station and caught a train then a bus home. I had a shower, and an amazing wank session deep throating Red Devil while I frantically rubbed my clit. Red Devil is my favourite vibrator. It’s a 9 inch bright red gel vibrator that I only ever use as a dildo.You need a few inches of extra length to hold onto.But… I lived in dread for months that word of my deep throating display would get back to Maxx and that would have been mortifying. But all I ever heard was that some drunken slut had deep throated some guy at that party in front of everyone.I know it was a shameful, slutty thing to do but no worse than just sucking a cock and three other girls had already done that so… no big deal really.Although it actually was a big deal for me for a long time. I was terrified Maxx would find out or somehow word would get out that I was that drunken, deep throating slut. I don’t think much about the actual act itself. At the time I was doing it I was barely even aware of all the people watching me. I get like that sometimes when The craziness comes over me. I kind of tune out of my surroundings.M says The Craziness is a defensive mechanism to help me cope with awkward and difficult situations but it gets me into more of them than it gets me out of.

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