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A note from Michy.

This is another episode in my banker or whore series. There are two previous submissions that you might like to read before this one, but that’s up to you. Just enjoy me as the men in this and the previous stories did.


Although her arse was a bit big, her thighs were a little chunky and there was slight bulge on her stomach the rest of her was very tasty. Good tits, at least a C cup, spiky blonde hair with dark streaks, a pert nose, full lips and the most come to bed eyes he had seen for ages. That they were behind glasses seemed a shame at first, but the more he looked the sexier he found them.

As he ran quite quickly on the cross trainer at the gym he couldn’t stop his eyes, not that he wanted them to, from ogling her. But in that, he wasn’t alone. There weren’t that many women at the Reebok gym in Canary Wharf at five thirty in the morning. Those that were there tended to be stick insect thin, wannabee traders in one of the banks, who at present had to put up with being a PA or travel organiser or, as they were known on the floors, ‘trader trash.’

Michaela was used to being the only woman amongst a group of men so being in the minority in the gym in the new financial centre of London, Canary Wharf, didn’t bother her at all.

As she power-walked on her cross trainer two machines down the line from Luke, she had glanced a number times towards the trainer on which he was running. She had seen him at the gym several times and had admired his physique. She had surreptitiously glanced at his broad chest in the running singlet, his sturdy legs in the short, shorts, his pert bum and his quite obvious cock and balls swinging around in his loose shorts. She wondered sometimes whether he wore anything under his shorts and on ‘bad frustration days’ as she called them she felt a little shiver go through her.

But they had never spoken although they had exchanged eye contacts, smiled and nodded at each other. Today, though they both finished at the same time, stopped the machines and tentatively after thirty minutes of activity they stood on solid ground in the middle of the gym looking at each other.

“Ok?” he asked.

“Yes thanks.”

“Good workout?”

“Smashing and you?” the forty five year old woman asked.

“Wonderful” the eighteen years old replied.

That was the start. Just a brief chat, but it set a pattern that developed into life-changing magnitude for both of them.


“You ever been with an older woman?” Luke asked his colleague in the distribution office of the soft drinks bottling plant in Beckton just a few stops on the DLR from Canary Wharf.

“Yeah several why?”

“Just curious.”

“Have you?”

“No, not yet I haven’t.” In fact Luke hadn’t ‘gone all the way’ yet with any woman let alone an older one.

“Would you like to? They are fucking great” Danny told him.

Danny was a real player and pulled loads of girls. Luke often wished that he could get to go out with Danny, but they led different lives; Danny was from Romford in Essex and the twain just didn’t meet.

“Dunno really” Luke lied for since he had been talking to Michaela, but call me Michy if you like, he had thought of little else. Every day since that first short chat, he had jacked off at least once thinking of her. He had fucked her in every position, licked her cunt until she moaned with acute pleasure and she had sucked his cock and looking right into his eyes she had swallowed his cum.

* In the first class cabin of the afternoon BA flight to New York Michaela’s thoughts drifted back to the morning in the gym. She and the young guy had been exchanging pleasantries for a couple of weeks. They had started with ‘you ok’ and ‘workout good’ to more questions and chats about the gym. Then this morning when she had said she was going to have a juice he had followed her. They had sat opposite each other and talked at more length.

He had explained that he lived on the Isle of Dogs and worked at Beckton just a few miles down the Thames towards Barking.

“Never been there” she said adding. “The furthest I have been that way is City Airport.

Michaela explained that she was Danish and had moved to London with her job a year or so ago. “So I don’t know my way round that well” she explained.

“I’ve lived in the East End all my life, probably will die here” Luke had smiled, wondering if he could get away with offering to show her round East London?

Michy was flattered at the young man’s interest in her and genuinely found him interesting. In her post as Global Head of Private Wealth Management for a US based international investment bank, she rarely met ‘normal’ people. Since starting to chat to Luke, she had realised that more and more and had vowed to do something about.

For the past ten years she had held very senior posts in the bank, firstly as European based MDs in Copenhagen, then Frankfurt and latterly London. The last move had wrecked her marriage for ataşehir escort her husband Erik refused to live in London so they separated. They still saw each other most months, however, when Michy popped home and did what married couples do, fuck like rabbits and then row.

She explained to Luke that she had lived in many places as her dad had been in the oil industry and she had studied in Copenhagen, Oxford and then in California where she gained her MBA.

“I never went to uni for I was going to be a pro footballer until I did my cruciate ligament when I was sixteen. My knee still swells up after a strong workout” he explained adding. “See” as he pushed his leg out from under the table. Michy looked at it and saw the swelling all round his kneecap.

“Wow” she said without thinking rubbing it with her fingers. That sent a shock wave of sensations through both of them and the gazes locked, for just a moment.

“Good to see you again” Warren Emerson the third the Chairman, CEO and significant shareholder in the bank said after his beautiful ‘doorkeeper’ Ms Louise Martinez had kept Michy waiting a few moment in the outer office. She had arrived at Kennedy Airport at five and had been whisked into downtown Manhattan in a company limousine for the meeting at seven.

“And you Warren” Michaela replied.

Whilst according to the company organisation chart she reported to the Bank’s Head of Sales, most of Michy’s dealings were with Warren the Head of Sales bosses boss. In his early seventies, he had inherited his equity and his position in the bank from his father and was now one of the most experienced and venerated bankers in the world. His knowledge of business and industry was immense and his contacts were awesome.

“You have been doing very well recently my dear” he said taking hold of her hand.

“Thank you.”

Michaela had been given a clear objective and that was to help rebuild the bank’s capital base. After the outrageous goings on with sub-prime had devastated most investments bank’s reserves to the point that Lehmans, Bear Stearns and Merrill Lynch had all effectively gone belly up, governments insisted on an infusion of more capital. Warren’s bank was achieving this in a number of ways a key one of which was from high wealth individuals. Michaela’s target was to generate ten billion dollars from this source in her first year. Three months into it, she had gained over two billion and had leads on another three to four. Her inducement was that if she hit the ten bil she would get an additional bonus of two million dollars, which would be on top of the three she would earn by way of salary and accrued bonus, profit shares and share options.

“Quite a combination of new customers really, the British aristocracy and the fucking Mafia” Warren said standing rather too close to her for business purposes.

She smiled and said. “Yes that’s true” but didn’t move away.

“And it wasn’t just the way that you fucked them that won the business it was your other attributes as well you know.”

“I would hope so” Michy said watching Warren’s hand move up and cup her full breast inside her black suit jacket and outside her white cotton, button up blouse.

Soon after being appointed to the job Michaela had managed to make contact with Lord Dempsy. Warren knew the family and had brought her to New York to brief her. He had explained to her that to persuade obscenely rich individuals to change their wealth management needed more than mere investment skills.

“Any fucking bank Goldman’s, Morgan, JP and the big European bastards can get the same returns for the pricks” he had told her as they had sat side by side on his black, six seater settee.

“To win big at this job Michy” Warren had said. “We need more than just the investment geeks we need great sales people. We need people who can make a difference, be extra persuasive and you are one of those people” he had gone on, shuffling along the sofa so they were close together.

He had explained that it was getting to know the fuckwits and getting really close to them that makes that difference.

“Yes I realise that” Michy had gulped.

“And that Michy is why you could earn well over three mil this year” he said quietly thrilling Michy with the sum certainly to a much higher level than having her breasts caressed did. After all making money was what investment banking was all about and that’s how you were measured.

“You want to earn that and more don’t you Michy?” He had asked placing his hand on her knee.

“Yes, yes of course I do” she had replied looking at his pudgy fingers with the beautifully manicured nails as they slid up her leg a little way.

“And you would know how to be that persuasive would you?” He asked as his fingers slid slightly under her skirt. “You would know what to do wouldn’t you?” He went on.

Until that time, Michy had never overtly used sex to help her in business. That meeting in avcılar escort the eminent, aged banker’s office on the fortieth floor of the bank’s Wall Street offices changed all of that and her future.

“Yes I think I would” she had said leaning back on the sofa and saying to her uberboss. “Would this help Warren?” as she opened her legs and let his hand slide up, over her stocking tops and onto the soaked gusset of her Janet Regar panties.

She had been in Warren’s office several times since then and on each occasion there were three constants: The beautiful, Hispanic Ms Martinez was outside when she arrived and left, Warren and she had some sexual involvement and they never fucked. However, he did have her jack him off, he did finger her to a climax and he did insist on a blow job.

So this time when Warren squeezed her breasts, unbuttoned her blouse, removed that and her Donna Karan suit jacket and told her to remove her bra Michy didn’t hesitate, but didn’t know what to expect. When she was down to her panties, black holdup stockings and her high heels she found out, for Warren picked up the remote control he used for numerous purposes including locking and unlocking the office door, clicked it and said quite loudly.

“Come in now please Louise.”


Luke was ‘seeing’ a girl. She was eighteen the same age as him and she was equally inexperienced. Their ‘good nights’ after an evening at a pub or a pizza in a cheap restaurant were fumbling, furtive and full of guilt.

Marie was a strong Baptist. Her parents were from Trinidad, but she had been born in the UK. Luke was the first white boy she had been out with and she was the first black girl for him. They were both virgins.

They had been to the cinema and then to a Pizza Express in South Woodford and were on their way home in his car.

“Can we stop somewhere?” He asked as they drove down the A406 towards Beckton.

Marie was always torn when with a boy and particularly with Luke. She really did have an enormous crush on him, worried that she might be falling in love and was scared that she would not be able to hold out when they kissed and groped each other.

She had, of course let him ‘tit her up’ but not until their fourth or fifth date and then only outside her clothing. It was another few dates when Luke’s mum and dad were out and they were alone that she let him get his hand inside her blouse, onto her tits and then in her bra. On their last date, she had let him go further and in the back of his Peugeot he had unbuttoned her top and eased her nice, pert tits with the dark brown areola and nipples out of her bra. As he had at first just caressed them, but then daringly had sucked her nipples, he had made her cum. It was the most amazing feeling she had ever experienced.

Luke liked Marie, but no more. He had no fear of falling in love with her, but hoped against hope that he would get to fuck her and soon. She was slim with a great body, a typically full and rounded black girl’s bum and nice firm tits that were not a bit like Sophie’s, the only other girl’s he had sucked, which were big, soft and saggy, but they were tits.

“Yes ok, but please behave” she smiled looking across at him in the car.

“I know a place just by the Barking Road” he told her.

After driving through some deserted lanes by a place called Rushing Water, past a number of darkened warehouse and into a big empty park Luke drove to the far corner where there was a large tip.

“See Marie if anyone comes we will see them for miles,” Luke said parking behind the tip. He didn’t tell her that he knew this place because this was where he and some of his mates came to smoke pot.

Even the nervous girl realised how relatively safe it was.

After kissing for a while and following Marie’s usual pretence at wanting to stay in the front they were in the back of the car. Luke was patient, for he too was very nervous and was wondering and hoping that tonight would be the night; for the umpteenth time he checked his pocket for the johnnies he had got from the machine in the toilet of the restaurant.

‘So far so good’ he said to himself as he half laid on top of Marie who was pushed back into the corner of the seat. Her top was open, her tits were out of her bra and he had licked and sucked them.

When he had met her earlier, Luke’s heart had pounded and his cock had hardened when he had seen that she was wearing a skirt, a tight, short yellow micro that set off perfectly her long, black, silky smooth bare legs. His hard on didn’t come about purely because of the expanse of leg she was showing, but also due to him thinking how easy it would be to, either roll the skirt up her legs or, to get his hand up there. He hardly lost his hard on during the film when they had kissed a few times or during the meal when he could hardly drag his eyes away from Marie’s legs for the hem of the skirt was almost up at panty level

It had taken some time avrupa yakası escort and lots of kissing before Luke got to squeeze Marie’s tits through the white, scooped front, short-sleeved tee shirt. They felt gorgeous. He was, of course as hard as granite and desperately wanted to press his cock against her, but he knew that would be dodgy so he resisted the urge. Instead, he concentrated on getting his hand inside her top and was surprised at how little resistance she showed. Squeezing, rubbing and pinching he felt marvellous with the softness of her tits through the bra, then the smoothness of her skin when he fiddled his fingers inside the cup.

As usual when Luke touched her breasts Marie got a blast of sexual excitement and her body screamed out for more. She was so torn how to give it that. She knew that he wanted to go all the way with her and in some ways she wanted that as well, after all she was only one at college who hadn’t yet ‘done it,’ or so the rest claimed, but her moral upbringing along with her fear of pregnancy had so far stopped her. But she was very aware that each time they ‘snogged’ they went further and that, she recognised particularly when she was alone in bed tentatively stroking her breasts or rubbing her clit, was not just due to Luke.

Luke decided that he was really going to go for it tonight. He wanted full sex so badly that he had even thought of visiting the massage parlour in Bow where he had been told the girls let you fuck them or gave hand or blowjobs for a price. He hadn’t done that yet, not so much because of the cost, but due his male pride.

“God you are so gorgeous Mare” he groaned his fingers sliding into the neckline of her top and finding her bra strap. She didn’t stop him doing that or cupping her boob downwards from the neckline. She went to stop him, however, when he went to push the neck down over her shoulder.

“No Luke.”

“Why not Mare” he replied as he eased the neck over her shoulder and a way down her arm.

“You’ll stretch it and we can’t not here.”

“Yes we can, you would let me undo the buttons wouldn’t you?” She didn’t really have an argument to that and after sitting up and looking across the huge car park for a moment, she made a decision. Based on the guess that she could pull the top up and cover herself quickly should a car arrive she said.

“Watch” as she pushed both arms down so that the top snuggled round her tummy.

Luke was amazed at her sudden bravado and wondered whether it was a sign of what might happen later.

“Oh Marie you look awesome” he grinned looking at his girl-friend’s tits in the lemon coloured bra. Even in the dim light, he could see that her black skin and the depth of her cleavage were beautifully set off by the colour of her bra.

They kissed some more and Marie whispered into his ear.

“I have a surprise for you Luke.”

‘She’s gonna say I can fuck her’ he thought, but was wrong.

Marie had been to Marks and Spencer in Canary Wharf that afternoon and had bought the lemon-coloured underwear especially for this evening. She knew Luke would want to park somewhere and had excited herself by wanting to wear something new and sexy that she could show him.

“What’s that?” He asked.

“Sit up a moment.”

Eyes glinting and with a little smile on her face Marie looked at Luke as she reached down between her boobs and unclipped her front-fastening bra. Luke had never seen one before and he thought it was the sexiest thing he had ever witnessed.

“Oh Mare, that’s amazing” he groaned as he watched an even more sexy thing as Marie pulled each cup away from her breasts and bared them for him.

Naturally, they kissed, naturally, their tongues dived round the other’s mouth and even more naturally, Luke caressed, squeezed and pinched and then kissed licked and sucked Marie’s tits and nipples. Just as naturally, he pressed his strainingly hard cock against her hip and then her stomach and as equally naturally, though for the first time Luke put his hand on Marie’s bare leg some ten inches or so above her knee.

Marie was cumming from the attention to her breasts, the feel of Luke’s cock against her and his hand tantalisingly holding her leg just a couple of inches beneath the hem of her tight, thin, short, yellow skirt.

It was as natural and as it was inevitable that Luke slid his hand up her skirt. And it was as inevitable as it was natural that she didn’t stop him; didn’t stop his hand sliding up her leg, sliding up the inside of her leg and sliding up until it pressed against her pussy inside the yellow Marks and Spencer panty thong that matched her front fastening bra.

What wasn’t necessarily natural or inevitable was that somehow, though neither really knew how, Luke’s cock was outside his trousers. And what was equally not necessarily natural or inevitable was that Luke fumbled his fingers inside the elastic of Marie’s panties.

He had fingered a girl before, but it had been some time. He had almost forgotten the combination of sensations, the warmth inside her, the wet smoothness and the tenseness in her body as he moved his fingers around in her cunt. But as he fingered Marie, they all came back to him and along with her, he was quickly gasping with excitement and pleasure.

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