Sexual Beginnings Ch. 01

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Sabrina Jenkins sat alone in her bedroom on a warm Friday evening, near the end of May. Her husband, Larry, was gone on yet another long sales trip. It seemed that he had been taking more and more of them in the previous year. He was one year older than her, but despite the emotional distance that had developed between them, she still loved him dearly. She thought of him as a very handsome man, and when he wanted to be, he could be a fantastic lover. He made good money, and provided almost anything she or the kids needed financially. But she longed for more than what money could buy.

She had left her job as a math teacher to spend more time with her family, almost ten years ago. But now with her kids nearly grown, her parents gone, and Larry seldom home, she was spending far too much time alone. The previous month had marked their twenty year anniversary. But even that night, Larry had been away. As with most nights, Sabrina thought about her life.

Their home was a nice three bedroom, two story house. It had a large, modernly equipped kitchen, exercise room, and a spacious living room area. In the backyard was a full sized in ground pool, and a patio deck with a wooden hot tub that was big enough for six people. Attached to the house, also on the deck, was a four person sauna. The yard was mostly private thanks to a five foot high wooden fence. Since they lived in southern California, the climate was pleasant enough to allow the use of the tub practically year around.

Nicole’s and Sam’s bedrooms faced each others, and were just down the hallway from their parent’s. She had brought two children into the world, Sam and his twin sister Nicole, both four months past age eighteen. They were athletic, and kept their bodies in prime condition. They just graduated from high school the prior week. During school, both ran on the track team, and Sam had also played basketball. Nicole spent three years on the swim team, and enjoyed being a cheerleader throughout junior and senior high school. Like their mother,she had natural red hair. Sam seemed rather shy when it came to girls, and had only dated a few times. Sabrina had a feeling that her son had never gotten too far with any of them.

Nicole’s looks were visually stunning to most any male. Even with her popularity, Nicole felt that many of the girls in school had seemed conceited, and the boys were more interested in her body. Kristine was by far her best friend, and had been for over five years, but she would be leaving for college in the fall. Nicole’s main concern was that she was still a virgin. And thus far, she had not experienced any intimate contact outside of kissing. She was not ready to pursue further schooling just yet. On Monday, she would begin her third summer of working in the swimwear and tanning area of a big ocean front shop. The business also sold surfing equipment, as well as most anything needed for the popular area water activities. The building next door housed a exercise room, and also an indoor pool for those who did not prefer the sun and sand of the beach. It was there that her brother Sam worked as a lifeguard for the summer. He had plans to go to college in the fall to study film making. Nicole loved her job, and had become very talented at helping the customers pick out the right styles of swimsuits for their figures. Almost daily, she would help with fitting a suit, it was not uncommon to see some of the females partially undressed. This aroused her sexual curiosity even more. She also knew many of the women tanned fully nude, and often wished that she could assist them, just to get a peek at their bodies. What she liked the best, was the opportunity to wear a bikini to work almost all the time.

That night, Sabrina removed her blouse and laid it on a chair, then sat down on the bed, kicked off her shoes, and slipped out of her snug jeans. She was left dressed in only a plain white bra and high-cut blue panties. She gazed at her reflection in the closet door full-length mirror. She reached behind and unhooked her bra, and carefully examined her breasts. They were full, with soft nipples that called out to be touched. They did not sag at all, but stood firm and proud. She cradled one in each hand, enjoying the feeling, but wishing they were her husband’s hands, and not her own. Next, she peeled off the blue panties, and examined her nude figure critically. The few remaining stretch marks on her abdomen were so faint that they were scarcely noticeable. Her pubic hair matched the red hair on her head, and formed a lush triangle below her waist. Her legs were well toned, the result of daily exercising, and occasional lengthy walks. She considered herself attractive for a woman of thirty-nine.

She seemed to always wonder why, if she looked this good yet, that she was home alone. It was something she could not figure out. Larry was gone on the average of two weeks each month. Whenever she commented about it, he insisted that the trips were absolutely Esenyurt Escort necessary for his job. But even when he was home, their relationship felt the strain. The love-making, which for years had been passionate and frequent, was now completely different. Even when they did have sex, it seemed that he was only doing it out of husbandry responsibilities, and not because he desired her. She had freely given him every sensual pleasure she could think of. They had experimented with various positions and even anal sex at times. One thing she adored was oral sex. Even though she enjoyed receiving, giving him pleasure that way turned her on immensely.

Larry had suggested a few years back that they trade in their full-sized bed for a larger king size. Sabrina remembered thinking that it would give them more room to make their sexual life better. And at first, it had. But that phase passed much too quickly, and the bigger bed become a place that Larry used to pull away from her. Even when he did have sex with her, Sabrina felt almost invisible after their brief bouts. Most nights, the large mattress was only a place for her to lie alone, often crying until she managed to get much sleep.

Sabrina slipped into a silky negligee, shuddering as the soft material slid over her soft curves. She touched her nipples through the fabric, and felt tingles of sheer delight. She desperately needed to be made love to. She reclined on the bed, pulled the covers over her, and turned out the light. Lying in the dark, she felt the sexual need gnawing at her. Even though she had been with several lovers before her husband, none had showed the interest that he used to, in giving satisfaction. Those thoughts only increased the need for relief. She continued to caress her breasts, and felt her body respond even more

“Has it come to this?” she thought. “Am I meant to be alone, pleasuring myself?” She couldn’t stop because it felt so good, and needed the release badly, even if had be self provided. She lifted the hem of her nightgown above her waist, moving her hands to the forest of soft curls. Barely audible groans escaped her lips as her fingers touched her clit, causing her hips to thrust upward in response. As one hand stroked the pleasure bud, the other traveled up to her breasts, pulling on the erect nipples.

“Oh yes…this feels…so…good. Oh yes!” she moaned,trying to keep quiet. Nicole was on a date at the time, but Sabrina did not want to advertise her actions to her son. She felt certain that her kids knew she masturbated, but still preferred to keep it private. Her fingers quickly took her to the brink of orgasm. Then it happened, the sweet release swept over her, filling her with much needed relief. She somehow managed to keep her moans soft, and hoped she had not been heard. Even though pleasuring herself had been nice, it just wasn’t what she needed. The way things were currently going in her life, she was considering other men.

Even the the recent orgasm, it was not enough. Sabrina reached under the mattress, and retrieved a recently purchased, and yet unused, sex toy. That was something she had not used since her teenage years. But at that moment, it certainly seemed tempting. She recalled driving to the adult shop, and hesitantly entering the building. Several men of various ages were standing around looking at the video racks. She could feel their eyes looking at her as she looked at the various vibrators. One middle aged man had even approached her, and with a pleasant voice, asked her to join him in the arcade booth. When she asked him why, he simply requested a blowjob. She turned him down politely, and he walked away, Sabrina had thought about calling him back and doing what he asked for. But instead, she picked out a vibrator, and headed to the purchase counter.

Now, weeks later, her hands trembled as she unwrapped the fake cock, and held it in her hands. The next thought entering her mind was not a pleasant one. It seemed so long since she had felt anything that hard. She put the batteries in the device and turned it on. The toy began to hum and vibrate. She stripped off her negligee, and found herself growing excited as she glided it along her nipples. With a mind almost tormented by confusing emotions, she slid the buzzing machine between her trembling thighs and rubbed it against her clit. Soft moans escaped her lips she teased herself with the humming toy. At last, she moved the tip between the lips of her vagina and slowly inserted it inside. It felt unbelievably good, and took only a few minutes before Sabrina realized she was within moments of orgasm. With sheer need and determination, she began working the humming device deeper into her vagina. Before she knew it, she cried out as her body convulsed in a powerful climax, one of the strongest she could remember in far too long. Sabrina felt insecure about the method she had used to bring herself off, but yet excited by the immense pleasure Esenyurt Escort bayan it had brought her. There had been no way to control the pleasure of her second climax, and she was certain that her son had heard. But that could not be helped. As she fell asleep, hopes of someday feeling that kind of pleasure with her husband filled her mind.

*** That same evening, Nicole’s breath came in short pants, as she felt her desire level grow rapidly. Her boyfriend Jason’s hands rested almost motionless on her bare breasts. As he tenderly kneaded the soft flesh, she wondered why she had been the one to place them there, and not him. The possible soon to be lovers were parked on a secluded road, just a few miles outside of town. Just minutes before, Nicole had removed her pullover top, and then her white lace bra. On the lower half of her body, she wore denim shorts that fit the delicate curves of her thighs nicely. It was the first time she had exposed her breasts to any man. She really liked Jason a lot, and was at the point in her life when she would freely give him anything he asked for. Like her, he had just graduated from high school. He was not the first boy she had dated, but he certainly was the kindest. The few others seemed to want only to get into her pants. Anytime they tried to move beyond kissing, she always put a halt to it. More than once, she had walked home from a date’s car, just to avoid the pressure. Maybe now, she was getting paid back for the times she did not offer any of them relief.

Jason consistently treated her with respect. But for some reason, he was reserved when it came to becoming intimate. He was also eighteen, and his tender kisses sent flames of desire soaring throughout her body. Until recently, Nicole had been glad that he never pressured her for sex. But since she was now at the point in her life of wanting to experiment, it bothered her. She desired to share things with him that she had only heard about. But anytime she got him stimulated, he asked her to discontinue her actions. That always left her rather feeling puzzled.

“Oh Jason, I love your hand there. It feels so good.”

“I really like you Nicole. But well…I don’t know about this yet…”

There was a gentle softness in her voice as she said, “Jason, its okay. I want you to see me, touch me…”

“I know. Listen…maybe we better stop before it’s too late.”

“No, don’t stop now,” she pleaded, as she placed her hand on his lap. Feeling a definite bulge there, Nicole was pleased to know that he was aroused. Her fingers grasped his zipper to pull it down, but as on other dates, he stopped her. With a frustrated sigh, Nicole pulled her hands away, and tried to somehow calm her heightened excitement. She wondered why he stopped her. Maybe he was undecided of his sexual orientation. Or perhaps he had some untold religious reason. But she hoped that he was probably just concerned about pleasing her. Once more, she reached for his zipper.

“Jason, I want to please you, don’t stop me again.”

“I know Nicole, I…I just can’t. Please don’t…”

“I know you are hard and aroused. Do you really prefer to jerk off at home, alone, rather than letting me help you?”

“If I have to, yea, I will. Sorry Nicole, please try to understand.”

“Would you at least let me watch you do it? I promise I won’t touch it, and I would be willing to masturbate also, if you wanted that.”

Nicole pleasured herself almost daily,and it looked like she would have to do it alone again that night. Her request was politely rejected, as he started the car. Once again, she had to settle for a good night kiss at her door. She went to her room, and sat on her bed. Even though she needed sexual release, she was too upset to bother with it. Before she eventually drifted off to sleep, she wondered if it was time to look for a new boyfriend. But she wanted to give him just one more chance, and see what developed. She knew of another young man named Allen, whom she felt certain would like to ask her out. During the last two years of school, they had studied together many times, and gotten along very well. She considered him her best male friend. Maybe it was about time to reconsider their relationship.


The next morning, Nicole woke to the subtle breeze coming through her bedroom window. The gentle sound of birds chirping mingled softly with the sounds of the peaceful neighborhood as it awakened from its slumber. She looked through her window, and down the tree lined path of her street. Thoughts filled her head, as they often did. Her grandmother had died just over two years before, and not a day passed that Nicole did not look at her photograph on her dresser, and think about all the good times they had shared. Her three other grandparents had also passed on, all much too young she thought. Like her mother, Nicole was accustomed to spending time alone. Her dad had seemed to be old fashioned Escort esenyurt in some of his beliefs. She felt that he expected her to remain pure until her wedding night. But she did not see that happening. Nicole knew that her brother was also on the verge of beginning his sexual life. She had always shared a special bond to Sam. They often openly talked about sexual thoughts, and it seemed totally natural to both to discuss personal things. their talks had include topics such as dating, fantasies, and even the art of self pleasuring.

Nicole planned to visit one of the local nursing homes, which she normally did twice a week. She enjoyed listening to the resident’s stories of days gone by. Her favorite was a woman of eighty five, named Joyce Harrington. She always had such fascinating tales to tell. And despite her health, she always maintained a positive, almost youthful, outlook on life. Nicole spent hours just listening to Joyce. And the woman was always glad to lend a friendly ear to her own concerns, and offer advice. Nicole slipped on a robe and went to the kitchen to grab a glass of orange juice. As she passed the living room, she saw Sam on the sofa watching TV. As she stood by the sofa talking to him, Nicole realized her short robe barely covered her thighs, but thought nothing of it. She returned to her room, and removed a pair of shorts and a sports bra from her dresser. She slipped them on, finished her juice, and headed out the door for her usual morning jog. It was a pleasant morning, and just right for a nice run.

When she returned home, Nicole decided to take a refreshing shower. The warm water felt delightful as it splashed against her skin. Still frustrated from her previous night’s date, she considered getting herself off under the gentle spray, but decided to hold that idea for later. She dried off, and returned to her room. Nicole looked at her body in the mirror that sat on her oak dresser. She considered herself to be seductive looking, with full breasts, a narrow waist, and inviting hips that tapered into long toned legs. She was rather proud of her 36C’s, and whenever she masturbated, Nicole always used one hand to gently caress them, and pinch her highly sensitive nipples. That significantly increased the intensity of her orgasms. Her red hair hung in long graceful curves over her shoulders, and cascaded down to the middle of her back. Wispy bangs fell across her forehead. She had only two concerns about her body. At six foot in height, she had been the tallest female in school. The second was that she kept her bush natural. Although she considered the reddish curls rather inviting, Nicole knew from her gym class showers, that many other girls trimmed, and some even shaved completely. She preferred to stay natural, just trimming enough to allow wearing a bikini. Often she wondered what a man would think, once the day came that she allowed one to see her nude.

The phone in her room rang, and when Nicole picked it up, she was happy to hear her father’s voice. She knew he was due home that day, and hoped that somehow, he and her mom would spend some quality time together. She had even made plans with her brother to go bowling, to give their parents time alone. After talking to her dad a few minutes, she called for her mom to pick up. Once she heard her mom’s voice, she hung up the phone in her room.

“Hey honey,” Sabrina heard her husband’s voice say. “I hate to do this, but I have to extend my trip.”

“Oh, Larry,” she responded, unable to hide the disappointment. She had wanted to make a full out effort to revive their relationship. “Do you really have to stay away?”

“Afraid so,” he replied. At that moment, Sabrina heard a feminine voice giggling in the background, and asked her husband where he was calling from.

“I’m in a client’s office,” he replied quickly. Sabrina felt doubt that he was telling the truth. The concerns she had about what he might be doing on his trips had just been amplified.

“Honey, I have to get going. I’ll see you next week.”

“Ok, I love you,” Sabrina said softly. Her ear was met by silence as she heard the phone disconnect. Tears filled her eyes. Their marriage seemed to be coming apart, and she felt helpless to stop it. She was grateful that her kids still lived at home. But she did not figure that to be much longer. And then, she would be left truly alone. She picked up the phone and called Lexie, who had been her good friend for several years. Lexie was in her late twenties, and also married. Sabrina proceeded to give her the most recent updates. Lexie replied by saying she should probably look for someone to give her what she needed.

“You mean I should take a lover?” Sabrina replied. “I’ve never had sex with anyone but Larry since I got married.” Lexie replied that she that she do whatever she needed to find satisfaction. Sabrina had to admit that the idea of an affair was somewhat exciting. But she had changed from the wilder girl she had been prior to marriage, and was hesitant to become that again. She then had to tell her kids that he was not coming home. Somehow, she found herself always defending him to them, and wondered why. Certainly her kids knew about their problems, and that made her feel even worse..

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