Sexual abuse in the workplace [ true story ]

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Sexual abuse in the workplace [ true story ]First off let me explain that this is a true story, and that this actually happened to my wife. This is the first time I have gone public other than close friends and family.About 12yrs ago my wife wanted to get a part time job to help with our weekly income. At the time we were living up north in the state of Maine. She found an opening at a local shoe shop and landed a job starting the following Monday. Monday morning she showed up at 7am and the floor manager said they had a new machine that he’d like to teach her to run. He also added that it could mean an extra dollar per hr to run it. He said we’ll start on that tomorrow if you want to learn it. Well my wife came home that night all excited telling me about it. The next day when she came in, she told him that yes she wanted to learn the machine. He then asked her to follow him and took her into the room housing the machine.He gave her the basic run down on how it worked and what it did. Then he asked her to stand at the controls and he would walk her through everything. She said that he leaned over her and pushed the start button. kaçak iddaa As the machine runs you have to lean over and feed the parts into it 3 at a time. She said that within a few minutes it felt like he was pressing himself against her when she leaned over, and that it didn’t take her long to realize that he had an erection and was pressing and rubbing himself on her ass. She said that her heart started racing, but that the coffee break bell rang at the same time. When she came back from break they started running the machine again, but now he had backed off some and things were good.She said that 10 maybe 15mins went by and he hadn’t said anything. She turned to ask how she was doing and said he had his penis out and was masturbating ! When she asked what he was doing, he said… on I just realized my fly was down and was fixing it. She said, well that’s not what it looked like to me. She finished out the day, but never said anything to me about it when she got home, fearing I would make her quit. I have heart issues and we live on my disability check each month which isn’t much. The next day started out fine and she kaçak bahis thought things were going to be ok after all.That turned out to be short lived. He started pressing himself against her again but stayed there not backing off. My wife was just about to tell him to back up, when he reached up, grabbed her hand and place it on his penis which was out and pressing against her ass telling her if she wants to keep her job shes going to jerk him off !!She said she just froze with shock and fear thinking she was going to be ****d . She said he told her to turn around and look at him, took her hand and rubbed it up and down saying stroke my cock till I cum and you keep your job.I guess this went on for 3 days and on the forth day he came into the room telling her he she knew what he needed pulling out his dick. But this time she said he told her to unbutton her blouse and she said no. He reached over and pulled her blouse up pulling her bra up at the same time ! That was the straw that broke the camels back. She told him to go fuck himself, walking out of the room and str8 to the office to report him. They gave her all kinds güvenilir bahis of bull shit saying that he’d been with the Co for 15yrs and had a great work ethic ect,ect,ect.Also giving her a stack of paper work to fill out.Here is where the problem came in. Even though this went on for 4 days, she NEVER told me a thing about it knowing I would prob go there with fucking bat and kill this piece of shit ! Because I had just had a recent heart attack she chose not to tell me. Well about a year later we were watching the local news and this story comes on talking about this plant manager who had just been charged with 6 counts of sexual misconduct and other charges pending. That night is when my wife opened up to me and told me the whole story , and why she had quit that job after only 4 days.Now this all happened over 12yrs ago, and was never talked about much between us. However recently she has started telling me all the details and it actually turns me on. It’s kind of a joke between us because she will start talking about it knowing it gets me going. Also.. I notice that when I have her talk about it she gets sexually excited as well.I want to repeat that this is not something made up ! This actually happened and not even our closest family members were ever told. Hell I only found out because he was arrested and she felt it was time to open up to me.

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