Sexting: A couple of quickies

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Sexting: A couple of quickiesThis is a quick series of texts I received from my wife TODAY:Wife: hi babe. How is your day going?Me: pretty good. Better since I got your text.Wife: you’re so sweet. Hey, Malcolm wants to stop by at lunch time. The class after his lunch period got cancelled.Me: Mmmm. Remind me about Malcolm?Wife: classical tall, dark and handsome.Me: from the bar a couple weeks ago.Wife: yep. From the bar and our couch and our bed, and our shower….and a quick blow job at the front door before he left!Me: oh yeah, he’s the young black college k** from ______ University.Wife: yessir. I think you nicknamed him everreadymbecausemhemkept,coming and didn’t get soft at all. The k** with the nice hot package.Me: sure, will you be having tea?Wife: well…the cream anyway!Me: sure, have fun, my sweet! Any blow by blow reports would be hatay escort greatly appreciated so to speak.Wife: of course. Where would you like me to entertain him?Me: wow, I get to pick?Wife: it’s the least we can do, since you’re giving your wife to a younger, hotter, longer lasting, bigger man!!Me: ouch!!. You say the the cruelest things. No wonder I’m getting a raging hardon!!Wife: Mmmmm. Keep that going. I’m gonna want it when you get home. After you eat your cream pie like a good boy.Me: well, I’d start with a welcome blow job on the sofa first.Wife: absolutely! I’m a very welcoming hostess! I can’t remember if he’s too thick to deepthroat him?Me: bitch! Wife: you know I am going to take that boy around the world, right?Me: oh yeah! Wife: I’m going to take him to our bedroom and do him on your side of the bed. Leave you a nice escort hatay puddle to sleep on!Me: you are such a Cuck queen!Wife: that’s cuck goddess to you, bitch!Me: make him give you head first!Wife. I like that idea. I’ll sit on his face and grind him into the matress if I have to.Me: that’s the spiritWife: I think he’s the k** who likes to prop my ass up on a pillow…your pillow.Me: I love when that happens! you say the dirtiest shit. No wonder I love you!Wife: anything to sexually humiliate you, my darling.Me: how do you expect me to work the rest of the day?Wife: someone’s got to work and bring home the bacon, while I get his big sausage in my married, tight pussy!Me: you’re so fucking hot!Wife: can you leave early to eat a hot cream pie and enjoy some wet, loose, sloppy seconds? And I do mean sloppy!Me: Maybe. Text me after he’s hatay escort bayan run you through the ringer?Wife: ok, if I have the strength. Later on I got this text:Hi babe. He shot a huge load down my throat. It was so thick and Sticky. Now I’m gonna get mine and make him eat my pussy.Me: where are you?!Wife: in the bathroom. Going back for more!!Me: gee, thanks for keeping me informed, I guess?15 minutes later:Wife: I told him I needed to answer a text and that he should keep eating me out.Me: holy shit that’s hot.Wife: yeah, fuck he’s such a good pussy eater for a teenager!!Me: one hardon to go!!Wife: I’m just about to come all over this boy’s face. Gotta goI didn’t get another text until they were finished. When I got home my wife was wiped out on the bed. Her pussy hair was matted down with jizz. Her ass was smeared with cum and a little bit gapping. The sheets were soaked and half way off the bed. My pillow was rolled up and soaked. The whole room smelled like pussy juice, sweat and sperm splatter. I started by cleaning her pussy hair and went south from there!!

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