Sexing The Neighbor’s Husband Chapters 8 , 9

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Chapter 7After a long day, the three were happy to share one another’s company at Bree’s home. They were in the dining room eating zucchini pasta with butter garlic shrimp.They each gave an account of what they experienced with Jenna. Bree held a wine glass in her right hand as she spoke, “I was like Ms. Ma’am if you don’t get away from me looking like a hot mess, poor li’l dog looked miserable as she dragged him down the block.”Kate crackled, “Oh God, Bree you are a riot.”“The dog probably wanted you to rescue it.”“Someone should rescue him, but it can’t be me,” she sipped her drink.“You don’t like dogs?” asked Allen.“I love them, but I need a big dog, one that can bite someone’s throat out if I’m being attacked. We had German Shepherds when I was back home.”Allen nodded. He wanted a dog, but he and Kate could never decide on what kind. Plus, with her energy being low, she didn’t feel she could provide a pet with much attention. Her garden was the only thing she liked to devote time to besides time with Allen and now Bree.Kate pushed her plate aside, “The food was amazing, but I can’t take another bite.”“It’s okay, I’ll grab those plates.” Bree stood and cleared the area and walked to the kitchen, she spoke loudly, “I got the invite to the pool party.”“Oh great.”She walked back in with more wine, and Kate nodded. Bree filled her glass and gave Allen a little more. “Is it okay if I bring a friend? She’s moving up from Florida and needs a place to crash until her house is ready.”“Of course bring as many friends as you like.”“And swimsuits?”Allen chimed in, “Nothing too revealing.”Kate laughed, “Josh will be there along with some of his friends. I’m sure he’ll be eyeing you pretty hard.”Allen grunted, “I was this close to, he’s just so…”“I’ll be sure to be covered up.”Kate looked at the time, it was getting late. And since she had a few glasses of wine, she did feel a little frisky. She rubbed Allen’s cock under the table, “We should get home.”He nodded, “I’ll be over shortly.”She stood and kissed his forehead before leaving out the back door. He stood and walked over to Bree, “Friday, I’m dropping Kate off at the airport, can you take the day off and ride with me?”She nodded, “I would love that.”He kissed Ataşehir Escort her mouth and left.Allen went home excited about fucking his wife. When got home he found her already in bed naked. Her delicious curves made him throb. He quickly undressed and got under the covers. He caressed her canvas while looking sweetly into her eyes. She still did it for him. He pushed his fingers into her sweet cunt and stroked slowly while kissing her mouth.He felt her pussy so wet, how she moaned from his touch. She grabbed his head as it hit her, “Oh Allen,” she moaned and then laughed, “Fuck.” She kissed his mouth, “Lie back,” she directed him as she disappeared under the sheets. Allen was in heaven. Kate was naked under the sheets, bobbing her head up and down his shaft. He looked down at his sweet wife polishing his knob just like she used to.“That’s it, Kate, yes, fuck, yes,” Allen insisted and encouraged her as she took as much of his long cock in her mouth gagging as it hit the back of her throat. She played with his tip by circling her tongue and kissing his slit savoring a tiny amount of precum then she smiled.“I miss sucking your big cock.”He grinned, “Yeah?”She was so ready to mount his cock and ride him into the sunset. Kate realized that having Bree pinch-hit allowed her time to build up that sexual tension needed to satisfy Allen with a decent session. She sat on his cock and rocked back and forth, he moaned and pulled her into him for a kiss, “I love you, babe.”“I love you too.” Her pussy contracted and she hollered, “Oh god fuck Allen!” She had hit the peak and was suddenly spent, but Allen was still roaring. She rolled off but he turned her over and pushed his cock into her ass and thrust away.The sensation of the tightness of her tight hole sent an amazing rush throughout his body. He listened as the rhythm of her moans became soft and sweet. “Oh, Allen.”“Yes, babe.”“Allen.”He continued to stroke until his cock unloaded and left her hole drenched. He kissed the back of her neck, pulled out, and went to the bathroom.Kate joined Allen in the bathroom to clean up. He had a glow on his face. She smiled, “You look happy.”“I am,” he pulled her close and gave her a peck, Ataşehir Escort Bayan “Are you?”“I am. This is perfect.”Allen thought about his fantasy. His birthday was fast approaching at the end of June. He wanted to plan a trip to New Orleans since Kate had never been. And since Bree was from there, she could tag along and be a guide amongst other things.Kate knew when Allen was up to something. He had this look of mischief on his face, “What are you up to?”“Huh?” he laughed, “Well, my birthday is at the end of June.”“Umm hmmm.”“Bree and I thought it would be fun if we all went to New Orleans and you know hung out.”“And by hanging out you mean what exactly?”He grinned, “I mean, would you ever consider it?”“Allen Christopher Galanis. I knew you were up to something,” she walked into the bedroom and got under the sheets.He slid in next to her, “If it makes you uncomfortable, don’t worry about it.”“It doesn’t make me uncomfortable at all, I’ve been with women before.”His eyes widened, “You never told me that.”“Of course not. I haven’t divulged all of my sex stories to you, just like I’m sure you haven’t told me all of yours.” She kissed his lips, “My only concern is Bree. Does she want that?”“Yeah, sure,” he replied, but he didn’t know for sure. He only hoped.Kate had missed the taste of sweet nectar. She never considered herself a Lesbian or Bi-sexual. She wasn’t into labels like that. She just knew that certain people ignited her sexually; sometimes they were men and sometimes they were women.She blushed at the thought of tasting Bree. She kissed Allen’s lips.Chapter 9Bree sat at her desk reviewing reports when she received a text from Allen. A gif of a woman bouncing on a man’s thick cock, “Can’t wait until this weekend.”She smiled and sent one to him of a man and a woman delighting in oral pleasure, “Is 69 on the menu?”He quickly replied, “Oh you bet!”He waited a few minutes before sending another gif of a man providing pleasure to two women. One sat on his cock as the other rode his face.She immediately called him, “I see you’re dropping hints.”He chuckled, “My birthday is in June. I already talked to Kate. She said she’s up to it if you are.”Bree was silent, Escort Ataşehir “I don’t know. It’s not a no, but…I have to think about it. Maybe you can convince me this weekend.”“I can do whatever you want this weekend if you say yes.”“We’ll see about that Mr. Allen.”He laughed, “I’ll talk to you later.*****On Friday morning Allen and Bree dropped Kate off at the airport in Raleigh, then they ventured off to the beach for a fun weekend.As soon as they walked into the adorable beachfront property that had a large sliding glass door that opened to a deck with patio furniture outdoors, Allen kissed Bree’s neck. He nibbled on her ear.“Um,” she moaned and giggled as she turned to him, “Are we going on the beach first or…”He kissed her mouth and peeled off her left strap. Her breast was exposed. He found her nipple and sucked until it hardened in his mouth, “I guess this means later.”She undid the navy-blue shorts he wore and pulled his cock from his boxers. She massaged it in her hand until it was stiff. She wanted it inside of her. It had been a long week and she did crave Allen.He looked up into her brown eyes as he lifted her onto a table that was off to the left of the small kitchen. He moved the thong Bree wore to the side and massaged her clit. When he penetrated two fingers and stroked her kitty, she threw her head back and moaned as she rubbed the top of his head.She looked down at this fine specimen of a man feasting on her morsels and smiled. He stopped to witness her sweet look and blushed. She bit her lip and pulled him close. They shared a passionate kiss as his cock penetrated. Bree closed her eyes savoring the feeling, “Oh god yes.”Allen buried his face in her breasts and sucked wildly while thrusting. Bree reached for his shirt and pulled it off. She loved how toned his chest was and how his abs rippled down to his waist. She kissed his neck and bit his shoulder.He lifted her off the table and bounced her on his shaft. She smiled, “Bounce me on that cock like you said you would.”“Um-hmm, you like it?”“I love it, baby.” And she did. Her body quaked as a surge of energy went through her and she squealed and held onto him tightly. He couldn’t help but chuckle at how adorable it sounded. He walked to the sofa and sat with his meli (honey in Greek) in his lap.She was sweeter than honey to him and he enjoyed every bit of her. It was perfect. He had the best of both worlds guilt-free. He never imagined being able to care for and attend to two beautiful souls. He kissed her mouth and then suckled her breasts.

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