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What an incredible buzz sex gives you. The feelings of horniness, excitement, physical contact, and my favourite the feeling of anticipation. The joy of knowing that you are going to have sex in the future whether it be one minute, one hour, , one day or even one week away is enough to send me into a quivering mess. So you can imagine how I felt when the seemingly impossible and improbable event arrived…you and I finally getting it together. Distance, time and venue were problems of the past and we had a date. Oh joy, how long I had waited for this moment, how I had hungered for your body.

Oh yes, it had been a long wait, desire mounting with every new day, my computer cyber mate was finally going to be near me, close enough to touch, to taste, to smell, and strangely enough to see. It seemed odd wanting somebody so bad, never having seen them. I had never really liked blind dates or meeting people out of questionable magazines, and yet this felt different. I felt as if I knew you…we had certainly been chatting for a while, and got to know each other that way, and I even felt as if I knew your body. In my mind our “cyber” sex had conjured up all sorts of images, ultimately knowing that they would be wrong and yet they stayed in my mind. At times those images went to bed with me to relive the experiences we had shared over the “waves”. Reliving the heat and horniness our sessions had created and recreating the climatic ending which we both enjoyed so much.

In ten minutes you would be at the door and the waiting and the anticipation would be over. For that I felt a certain sadness, but for you to be in front of me, within reach was worth it… It had been a long wait. I looked in the mirror, not particularly pleased at my image, wondering how you would see me. How much would I differ to the images you had in your mind about me? Was I accurate about my descriptions of myself, or had I slightly twisted the truth? I felt the need to run upstairs to the computer and read through our history files.

I stopped myself however, hopefully you would be as confused about my descriptions as me…and I don’t think I could lose 20lbs or dye my hair in the minutes I had left!!

The standard uniform the “little black number” would have to do. I felt quite good about the underneath having lashed out and bought some new sexy underclothing – black suspender belt, lacy top fishnet stockings, g string and lacy black bra, and I wondered if they would be appreciated or ignored in the heat of the moment. No time to ponder that question, I heard footsteps, the obligatory bark from the dog, and a knock at the door. My heart jumped, I felt sick, excited, nervous, and strangely horny all at once. I went to the door cleared my throat, fluffed out my hair, and opened it.

There you were finally, and we just looked at each other, mentally changing our internal imagery of each, adjusting height, weight, hair and facial features. Was I disappointed…I don’t think so, you were different to the images I had conjured up certainly, and yet I knew it was you. However, when you spoke I had a few doubts. Funnily enough the voice was the one thing I didn’t think about. People don’t write with an accent or a certain inflection or intone, and here you were a stranger in that department. I wished I had talked to you before, had our phone sex as you often requested, it would have prepared me. These thoughts however were fleeting, and we went straight into each others arms.

Your arms surrounded me and I felt safe, secure atakent escort and happy. Horniness I must admit evaded me at that moment…just contentment. So much for my bragging about ripping all your clothes off and having my wicked, wonton way with you. However when your lips mine and we kissed those feeling slowly started to surface again. Your lips were so soft, so desirable and so very kissable. As we kissed more and more deeply my body started to respond and I knew it would be a good night.

We finally moved from the hallway into the lounge and got comfortable. Being the good hostess I try to be I offered you a drink, and we shared some wine. The situation felt awkward, as it can be neither of us knowing how to start. I stood up for some reason, and you did too, and we found our way into each others arms again. I could smell you, and taste you with we kissed and our passion started to rise. I could feel your hardness against my leg. This of course, led to the point of no return.

Leading me to the sofa, never stopping our kissing, we sat started to tentatively feel each others bodies. Your hands roamed over my face, my head and my ears, and you ran your fingers through my hair. Deeply kissing our tongues met,

and you sucked my tongue into your mouth. Oh that made me squirm, my passion rising, and I sought your body. I need to investigate, to touch and caress, and it seemed like you were very open to that. In eagerness you grabbed my hand and held it and lowered it down to your crutch, and I could feel the hardness through your jeans. I moaned wanting you, wanting you to feel me, feel my wetness, and taste my juices, as I so wanted to taste yours. However I knew we had the whole night and I wanted it to be special, and long, and starting with a quick fuck was not my style.

So I reluctantly pulled my hand away, and held your face and my hands and started to explore, from the top down. I know you were disappointed, your body pressed into mine with more urgency. I knew however, the wait would be worth it, and I continued to explore. My mouth sought out your ears and I nibbled them, my breath hot into your ear. I’m sure you could almost hear my excitement my breath coming faster. I was so hot and horny and I could start to smell sex. I knew my pussy wet, so wet and I know you knew it too.

I dragged myself into a better position, onto your lap, and you could feel my breasts against your chest. Our deep kissing continued and your hands lowered to my breasts and started to explore them through my shirt. My nipples were rock hard, even through the layers of satin and lace. I moaned as you honed in on the nipple and rolled it between my fingers. You unbuttoned my shirt and took it off. We both could see my hard nipples through the very sheer lacy bra I was wearing. Personally I wanted to rip it off, and all your clothes and really make wild passion love. However, I stuck to my word and we continued to explore slowly.

My hands sought your chest through the buttoned up area, and I could feel your skin. Oh how soft it was. I wasn’t surprised not to find much chest hair. I think we had discussed it once, you having told me you grew a goatee to make up for the lack of chest hair. I love the soft feel of you, and then came to the hard nipples I was seeking. It was time to rip your shirt off, however to stay in tune with the mood I slowly unbuttoned your shirt, and helped take it from your shoulders. I knew you had a tan, and you ataköy escort were so golden brown. You body was nice and firm, and the muscles in your arm bulged. Wow what a turn on.

I lowered my head and pointed my tongue and flicked them over your nipple.

I felt you shudder and then a small moan came out of your mouth. Oh dear, and that excited me more. My g string was never going to be the same again. I was so wet, and so horny. I kept at your nipples, flicking and licking, the response from you was a delight, as I knew you enjoyed it. Each nipple was lovingly licked and sucked and toyed with. I was enjoying myself immensely.

However, I knew we had to move the slow seduction along. We both needed our release. My hands lowered to your jeans. Your bulge was very visible, and I opened the top button and pulled down the zip. I went down to your feet and removed you shoes and socks and tugged your jeans down. It was hard worked and we laughed. Your “bulge” had got in the way, however it was soon done, and all what was left was boxers. I love a guy in boxers. When you first look there is an element of mystery, and I really love it when they tent out, and you know they are hard, and even getting a few peep show through the slit. Now that is a major turn on, and when I went back up to your crotch I was happily rewarded with that sight.

I reached in through the fly first. The material of your boxers was satin and I wanted you to feel your hard cock within the satin with my hands as well. So my hands lightly ran up and down your rod. Like a butterfly I touched you, almost not touching you. You shivered. My breasts and nipples were at your knees, I knew my nipples were so hard, and I pressed the hardness against your knees, delighting in the feel. I ran my fingers through your pubes, they were like silk to touch, and I toyed for a while, just prolonging the event to add to the excitement. I still had not feasted my eyes on that hard cock, and the time had come.

I finally lowered your shorts down, you lifted you ass for me, and when they were off I moved in between your legs, and your knees grabbed me. I looked into your eyes, and then lowered them, I really hungered for the first sight of your cock. Oh God, and what a sight that was. It was sticking up, so stiff and proud and so big. Or it seemed it. Not that I was measuring but it would have been 7 inches long and the girth would have been 2 inches. It was a sight to behold. It was circumcised, and the head was so large and shiny, and you could see the veins trailing up to the tip. I knew it was soft and silky to touch because I had felt it, but even if I hadn’t it looked it. My mouth watered because I had spotted some pre cum and I just had to taste you. Finally after all this time, after all the net hours of getting to know you, it was all here in front of me. No, not just your body, but you, the person I had got to know and care about. However, to see this splendid object, something I had only fantasized about was so very stimulating, and my wet pussy pulsated with delight.

My lips trembled as I lowered my head. My tongue stiffened, ready to collect the precum that had gathered in the eye. I held that stiff cock at the base and just with the flick of my tongue licked that precum away. It melted in my mouth, the texture was so creamy, and the taste was salty/sweet. How hard it is to describe taste, but my taste buds were tantalized to say the least. And I moaned with desire. atalar escort I needed to taste more. My tongue licked the head, and swirled around it and you moaned with desire, thrusting your hips wanting me to take in more. However, I would not been drawn into that, I had a feast in front of me and I wanted to savour it.

I started to nibbled you, going along the underside of your cock and then back up, nibbling and licking, and my hands played with your balls…slighty scratching you, but softly, and you loved it. I took the whole of that very large head into my mouth and started to suck it in and out, starting slowly and then increasing with time, and then I drew you further into my mouth. It was hard to keep you from bucking your hips to meet my mouth. I managed to stop you, at this stage I wanted total control, I wanted to feel, and enjoy the experience and I wanted to prolong it, not to tease just to give you total experience. I looked into your eyes, with a mischievous grin, and continued my mission.

I couldn’t believe how hard your cock was, it felt like an iron rod. I drew you in further, and further until the head hit the back of my throat. The sucking up to this stage had been minor, I was still licking you as I drew you in. However I sensed your urgency and started to suck you harder and harder. I decided to let you moved your hips to meet my mouth, although I tried to control the pace. In and out we went, and each time I sucked harder as you re-entered my mouth. I wanted to draw your cum out of you, I wanted to feel you spurt at the back of my mouth, and I wanted to drink you down, every drop.

I was so wet, and horny. So turned on. My fingers went down to my throbbing clit and found it. It was so rigid and hard. The pussy juices were flowing, and I couldn’t believe a time that I had felt so in tune with another partner, nor so turned on. So whilst I sucked you harder, I played with my clit, and pussy, sliding my fingers up and down my wet slit. I decided not to enter myself, I wanted to save that for you, and I knew anyway that when I came, clitoral stimulation was all that I needed. I also knew that when I came, it would be hard, and long, and I hoped that I could time it that we both came together, and share mutual satisfaction.

I sucked you harder, and you pumped into my mouth deeper and faster. I could feel all of you in my mouth. I could feel every bump, lump, and every vein, my mouth was full. The pace quickened, faster, and deeper, and in desperation you grabbed my hair, pulling me into you. Your urgency was noted, and decided now was the time. My fingers worked my clit, my mouth sucked you, harder, and I was getting so close, and was so wet. Your grip tightened as you gabbed a handful of hair, and I could feel you pulsating and then, just when I felt I could suck no harder…I felt you pulsate, and my clit pulsated at the same time.

Then the spurting started. Jet after jet of creamy cum, spurted at the back of my throat, and there was so much of it. It was hard work keeping up with it all. I swallowed and then my mouth was filled again. “Ah nectar of the Gods.” Keeping up with you, and coming myself was hard but extremely enjoyable, and I was coming just as hard as you. My fingers were drenched. My clit throbbed and I hope my excitement wouldn’t cause me to bite down on you. Waves keep on coming over me, such a hard come, and finally we both stopped our breath finally returning to normal. It had been a very mutually satisfying experience.

Your penis slowly started to deflate in my mouth, and I lightly licked off what cream there was left. I could feel you shiver, you were very sensitive, and I knew my clit would feel like that too. Finally I let you flop out of my mouth, and joined you back on the couch. We kissed deeply, and looked into each others eyes, It had been a great start to the evening!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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