Sex with best friends part 2

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Sex with best friends part 2So I was still in shock that these two girls were undressing right in front of me. They did not care and said so what were best friends. I didn’t mind at all. Now memory was in nothing but a pink lace bra with matching panties and trying to find a sleep shirt to put on and some pajama pants. Then I notice Whitney removing her shirt as well. She had on a nice sexy black bra with matching panties also. I could feel my cock wantin to bust out of my jeans. Then Whitney finds a sleep shirt to put on and just keeps her panties on. So after this we are all sitting around talking and memory ask me about Alexis and I don’t really say much but we are still dating at the time. I then get a phone call from a buddy that was at the party we were at before and ask if we are coming back I told him they didn’t want to they had already started drinking and that Whitney wants him to come to where we are. He says ok. So I leave to go meet him to follow me cause he doesn’t know where the house is. Once we arrive back I tell him the girls are already bout drunk. We walk in the camper and they are still drinking and having fun. So we all four sit and talk for a maybe and hour or so. Then Daryl decides he needs to leave. So he walks out to his truck and Whitney goes with him they talked for another couple of mins. Once Whitney returns to the camper she goes and jumps on the bed and covers her head with a pillow and starts screaming. Memory ask what’s wrong? Whitney says she is sad. What are you said Whitney. She said because I kissed Daryl. Well memory ask why are you said then. And Whitney states because I wanted to fuck him. But now Daryl has already left. So we bring Whitney back to the kitchen table where we were. We talk for a few mins and memory comes to sit on my lap on the couch. I didn’t think nothin about it because there was a load of laundry on the other side of the couch. So she sits on my lap facing me stratleing my legs. We continue to talk and memory is texting on her phone. She is already tipsy. But then she drops her phone to the floor behind her. As she reaches back to get it she falls aliağa escort backwards. So I go a try to catch her so she doesn’t hit her head. Once I do the next thing I know is I’m on top of memory and she just laughs cause she fell and we are looking at each other and just start kissing. I never would have thought I would be kissing my best friend. Whitney is still at the table and can’t believe her eyes and is in shock just like me. She said what are y’all doing? We didn’t stop kissing for a couple of mins. After that I picked up memory and carried her to the bed. One there it was on to more kissing. My cock was hard as a rock at this point already. I ran my hand up memory’s shirt feeling her nice tones body and her perky tits squeezing her small nipples. This went on for a couple of mins and she said well what about Alexis? I said I don’t care I’m tired of Alexis. Memory said what if she finds out. I simply said I’m not going to tell her. And remember that memory and Alexis and next door neighbors. Anyways we start back kissing I remove memory’s shirt.then she starts to undo my jeans. She pulls them down and my hard cock springs out hitting mem in the face. Whitney is still in the kitchen at this point and memory tells her to come in here.she didnt want to at first but I guess she could here what was goin on a decided to come in. Memory then starts stroking my hard dick and kissing and licking it. She then opens her mouth wide and shoves my cock down her throat. She is gagging on my cock and strokeing it and she sucks it. I reach around and pull mems pants down below her as and feel her pussyfoot start to get wet I slide my fingers in and out if her tight pussy. I then see Whitney walk up the steps in her tshirt and panties. She stands and watches and I can see her getting horny. She slowly runs her hand up and down her body feeling her breast and down her panties rubbing her pussy as memory deep throats my cock. I then pull memory up and lay her on her back I remove her pants the rest of the way along with her panties to reveal her soaking wet shaved pussy. Whitney then joins us on the bed and starts escort aliağa rubbing memory’s body. I remove Whitney’s shirt and bra to reveal her sweet suck able titties. Whitney then removes memory’s bra and memory’s takes Whitney’s panties of of her. I am now I bed with my two best friends who are completely naked. I still couldn’t believe it. I’ve always been attracted to them but knew we were to close of friends to ever be anything. But anyway. I spread memory’s legs And get between them and kiss her again. She then pull Whitney in also and we are all three kissing each other. I then begin to move down on her. I start kissing her neck and ears and slowly move to her chest and tease her nipples and move to her stomach until my face is to her pussy. Her pussy is soaking wet and smells so sweet . I begin softly licking her slit feeling her wetness and tasting her juices. As I look up I see Whitney about to set on memory’s face. Whitney’s squats down and puts her pussy in memory’s face. Mem then begins lickin her. This is so hot. Whitney is facing me getting her pussy eatin by memory as I am eating memory’s pussy. I bury my head into memory licking her clit shoving my tongue into her fuck hole. As I go deeper she goes deeper into Whitney and I can hear Whitney screaming and moaning. Whitney grabs my head and shoves it into memory cause she know memory will then do the same to her. As I’m licking her clit I can feel memory cuming. She hollers and then bends Whitney over farther so they are in 69 now. I sat up and watch for a min as they eat each out. I’m hard as a rock still. I then move to put my cock in Whitney’s face she begins to suck it and deep throat it like memory was earlier. She then grabs my cock and put the head at memory’s pussy. She guides it in for me. Memory let’s out a loud moan. I can feel her pussy juices flowing over my cock. Whitney gets off and starts kissing memory. I’m still pounding memory hard and deep. She’s so wet. She’s moaning so loud and Whitney is sucking her titties now. As I’m pounding memory’s pussy I feel her body tensing up. Whitney starts to kiss me while I bang aliağa escort bayan our best friend. I pump a few more get times and memory let’s loose screaming IM CUMiNG!!!! Omg I’m CUMING. I can feel her coming on my cock. I give her a break and bend Whitney over on all fours. I get behind her and slowly put my cock in giving her a tease as she lets out a soft moan. I pick up the pace and start pound her sweet young pussy. Memory sets up and kisses Whitney and kisses me tell me to pound my best friend harder. I do just that. Memory then pulls my cock out and sucks Whitney’s wetness off my cock. She grab my cock and puts it back in Whitney and I start pounding again. Memory gets behind me and pushes me into Whitney hard and deep. Before I know it Whitney is squirting all over my cock screaming my name. I pull out and mem rubs Whitney clit until another gush of wetness come shooting out all over mems face. I then kiss memory licking Whitney’s juices off her face. At this time I can feel my balls getting tighter and I’m about to blow. The girls lay me down and memory stands above me and squats down on my cock. She takes her hand and guides it into her pussy. She takes control and rides my cock like the freak she is. Taking every inch of it all the way to my balls. I grab Whitney and tell her to sit in my face. She squats down and I start working my tongue in her pussy and her clit. I can feel her tensing again and Whitney squirts a load In my face and bury my face in her deeper taking every bit of it. Mem is still taking control of my cock goin faster and faster until she hollers out she is cuming again. At this time I knew I couldn’t take it any longer. As Whitney just came on my face and memory on my cock. I felt it tense up and said I’m about to come. They both told me to come in her pussy every drop. So I did just that. Memory went downs few more strokes and that’s all I needed. I let loose shot after shot of cum deep inside memory’s pussy. She had drained me. With Whitney still on my face memory slowly removed my cock and leaned back. Whitney leaned forward and lick the cum off my cock and from memory’s pussy. This was one of the best times I ever had with my two best friends and the only time this happened. After this I broke up with Alexis cause she was boring. I still to this day don’t know if she ever knew about this. But oh well

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