Sex Studio Secrets #22: Jennifer-6

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Sex Studio Secrets #22: Jennifer-6Juicy Jennifer is up in our ropes to celebrate her eighteenth birthday and her sexual initiation!She has come tremendously over dozens of times in all possible positions and still she is a virginJennifer has only one hot wish: to become a real woman in the hands of Petra and her hot granddad:She is about to loose her maidenhood to the penetration by the pretty prick of hot Professor PeterFor the final surprises I instruct pretty Petra in French so Jennifer will not know our intentionsPour le grand final, il faux qu’on est bien préparé! Immobilisation complètement et un gingembreT’es très pervers aujourd’hui, mon grandpère! Pauvre pétite, pretty Petra answers with a smileWith ten beautiful black leather straps we tightly tie the arms and legs of Jennifer to the ropes!Blindfold our beautiful birthday girl jolly juicy Jennifer for a fine final, my dear pretty PetraWe like to offer her our last two tasty sexy surprises as long as she is on offer for us in ropesJennifer looks like beyond looking anyway, I bet she has her eyes closed from coming often for usShe asyabahis only moans and takes everything as it comes to keep coming. We can do what we want with her!We whip her awesome ass and cunny all over with my cat-o-nine-tails till Jennifer is almost numbAt this stage she is so high that all pain directly transfers to pleasure, so we take her higherJennifer feels something cold is inserted into her virgin arse, soon her sphincter starts to burn I slowly move it deeper and within minutes all anal canal feels like in flames, Jenny is terrifiedJennifer feels like floating while we untie her to turn her around and hang her again well tied upShe feels very vulnerable now, unable to resist any further intrusions of pervert Professor Peter!Jennifer fears for her fate, but at the same time hopes he won’t stop his wonderful lessons in loveShe is all mixed up, lets her head dangle down, whereupon Petra immediately grabs her hair: Eat me!Jennifer is hungry to munch some wet twat! Her tongue eagerly seeks Petra’s love lips for her clitShe hardly can breath as Petra pulls her close asyabahis güvenilir mi to her pussy by her hairs till they fill that splitJennifer feels like a pussy pet at one side, while down there she is burning and waiting for more!She doesn’t remember where she is, only how hot it is and knowing much more is to come to her soonJennifer is so sexy and juicy! I long to have my long hot hammer to take her half closed frontdoorShe notices her brain is replaying all her favourite foxy scenes from films in a few sexy secondsJennifer feels the pain mainly at her burning bums, inside her anal canal. And only one new flash!She realises only partly she is finally a real woman now, not that she might become also a mother!I like to mix a cunning cocktail for you Jennifer! I tease you till you will meet my meat sunshineA short sharp flash of pain and suddenly Jennifer feels filled up at both her hot horny holy holes!She feels overwhelmed and overpowered, as if taken against her will by a lovely sweet and brutal man Professor Peter keeps slapping her bums, which burn asyabahis giriş both at the outside and inside by his intrusion!Jennifer keeps climbing the stairs to heaven, reaching new heighths with every orgasms rolling wavesMean man is this pervert Professor Peter, but boy do I love that burning pain in my ass he offers meJenny’s head is filled with a weird mix of images, like a slave girl on display at some pirate ship!Her first flaming fantasy as a young teen, discovering dirty dreaming during her private parts playsJennifer blushes deeper as she feels ashamed of her naughty thoughts, hoping many would watch her nowImagine I would be on camera now! I could watch it over and over again how Professor Peter treats me!Jennifers stream of thoughts stop as she feels something very sexy and special is about to happen nowI empty my balls to the last drop deep inside juicy Jenny and pray she will make me a dear daughter!Jennifers cunning cute coming cunny sucks all my semen deep inside her to cool down her burning bellyShe sighs deeply when I take out the ginger root from her red rose, only to mount it with my manhoodJenny is a virgin at her backdoor as well, the ginger juices there makes my member swell very well!She feels how my left hand reaches the top of her love lips to do a dirty dance at her hill and comes!To be continued very soon Copyright by Poet PETER

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