Sex Pet Recovery Ch. 05 – LEFT FIELD

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It was quiet for a while. Vicki had taken the lead in the clinic and real pet business. She was involved with the adoption fairs, and the daily workings of the clinic and rescue. Tabby was branching out their computer business. She had put them on the internet. Her and Vicki began selling pet accessories online. The clinic had to move into a larger building. They were busy and Dr. Merriweather liked working with Vicki. This was going to work.

Vicki and the other younger girls were talking to each other about Robert’s moving Mary into his bed. They weren’t upset. He owned them, he could do what he wanted, but they had needs, and it was becoming more and more obvious Robert and Mary loved each other. The girls started looking at each other in a new light. Robert had suggested it, and maybe, they should consider it.

Vicki asked Tabby to come to her room to talk about the pet business. When Tabby got there, she sat down.

“Well, what do we need to do?” Vicki smiled and sat beside Tabby.

“I really wanted to talk to you about Robert. We both know he is with Mary now. He had suggested something the rest of us could investigate. Have you thought about that?” Tabby smiled and reached over, put her hand behind Vicki’s head, and pulled her to her. She kissed her softly. Vicki was ready and returned the kiss. Vicki reached up and put her hand under Tabby’s shirt. She squeezed Tabby’s breasts and Tabby put her hand in Vicki’s lap. Vicki opened her legs and closed her eyes.

Vicki took Tabby’s hand and led her to the bed. They began to undress. They were familiar with each other’s body. When they were naked, they slipped under the covers. They embraced and held each other. They both were realizing this would work for them whenever they couldn’t get Robert’s dick. Tabby turned around and they began working on each other. It didn’t take long for each to reward the other with a good orgasm. After they settled down, Tabby returned to Vicki’s mouth. They kissed each other softly.

Tabby got up and smiled. “I could do this a few times.” She blew Vicki a kiss and left. Vicki lay there, thinking about her future.

They continued occasionally for a while. Anna turned out to not be interested in trying the other team. The routine was set, and the businesses were doing very well.

It was then they had their first real problem. They came downstairs one morning to find Roy laying in the middle of the living room. Puppy was beside herself, trying to get Roy to get up. One look at him, and they knew he wasn’t getting up. It was probably a heart attack. These big dogs can have that problem. This was going to be a disaster for Puppy. Vicki called Dr. Merriweather and asked her to send people to get him. They let Puppy stay with Roy until the men arrived. Robert picked her up and took her into his office. She has spent some time in there with him and she had a bed in there. He kept her there until they were gone. After they left, he let her out. She ran to where he had been and sniffed around the spot. She started looking for him in the house. She roamed the house for the rest of the day, looking for him. It broke the heart of everyone in the house, watching her barking, looking for him. They now knew what real love looked like. Robert called William and he sent a sedative, and Vicki gave it to her. They put her on the couch. They wanted her to be around them.

Robert had a quiet few weeks. Puppy gradually began to recover from her loss. She spent a lot of time in Robert’s office in her bed. She began following him around in the house.

Mary spoke what everyone was thinking. “Robert, you realize you have another friend. Puppy is becoming attached to you.”

“Yes, I can see it. If she was a real dog, this would be great. Every guy loves having a dog following him around everywhere. It’s different when it’s a young girl pretending to be a dog. I just wonder if she is so far gone, she is locked into this forever, or is there a way we can get her out of it. Mary, you have a way with young girls. Could you take a shot at seeing if you can get her to stand up and talk to us?”

“Sure, I’ll give it a shot. If I can’t get her out of this, soon you’ll be fucking your dog.” Everyone laughed except Robert. He was concerned about this.

Robert got a call from the last person he expected to hear from. Tony was on the phone.

“Bobby, I can’t believe I have to call you again. This time I am going to have to give you another favor. I have a situation that the boys are very unhappy about. I must clean this up, quietly and quickly, before this blows up in my face.”

Tony is not someone you want to hear from. He is not someone you want to be asking you for a favor. And he is certainly not someone you refuse whatever he asks. “Of course, Tony. You know I will do whatever I can to help. That has never been a question. What do you need?”

“Thank you, Bobby. I knew I count on you. I need you to go to Futuristic Technologies and see Dr. Johnson. I will send Bostancı Escort you the address. This is a hard one. I have no idea how you fix this, but it needs to go anyway quietly, you understand?”

“I do. I’m on it.” This HAS to be bad. To have Tony threaten him, he must be under an extreme amount of pressure. This could blow up in both of their face’s.

He arrived at the receptionist’s desk of Futuristic Technologies within a couple of hours. When he asked for Dr. Johnson, he was whisked into the building. He was scanned and frisked. They navigated hallways and doors, hallways and doors until Robert was totally lost.

They finally stopped three security checkpoints and several locked doors later at a locked door. His guide knocked. The door finally opened, and Robert was escorted in. These guys must be working on state secrets, or something equivalent. Dr. Johnson greeted him and pointed to a chair. He sat down.

“I have been brought here to clean up a serious protocol violation. We have a problem we don’t know how to fix. I understand your friend is hoping you can fix this.”

“I will give it my best shot. Everyone seems to be very upset. I have no idea what you people are talking about. You will need to enlighten me if I am to help you.”

Dr. Johnson took a deep breath. “Ok, follow me, but be prepared.” They really had his attention now. He followed Dr. Johnson into a room behind a hidden door. Johnson went to a control panel. “What I am about to show you, doesn’t exist. If you talk to anyone about this, the people who own this project will hunt you down and kill you.”

That was harsh. “Enough. Either show me why I’m here, or I’m leaving.”

Johnson pushed a button and the panel behind him opened. Behind the panel stood an obviously drugged naked woman. She was probably in her late 30’s and pretty.”

“You have a drugged woman held prisoner in this building. I can see why you are afraid of what I do. This could get us all locked up forever.” Robert went back into the other room and sat down. What have you gotten me into, Tony?

Johnson followed him back into the office and shut the hidden door.

“Technically, you are correct. However, she signed a full consent degree and gave her husband power of attorney. He has signed a full consent decree relieving the company of any responsibilities. Have you heard of nano-bots?”

“I’ve seen the movies.” Robert was afraid this was falling into a science fiction area.

“Forget the movies. Nano-bots don’t make people zombies or robots. They will eventually help a person’s body repair itself. They can be sent in to do what the body can’t do without help. The possibilities are endless. However, we are years away from us being ready to inject them into humans.”

“So, what does the frozen lady have to do with nano-bots?”

“She’s not frozen. She is sedated. Secondly, the doctor in this chair before me and the man who headed this project decided to jump ahead before we were ready. They injected them into her. The outcome was not good. Now we are stuck.”

“I hate to be crass, but just flush her down the drain. No one would ever know.” Tony’s partners have done that a time or two.

“Normally, yes. You would not be here, and she would be gone. However, they were so sure of their research, they faked a video of her doing things she shouldn’t be able to do. They sent it to a couple of Senators and a tech journal.”

“Now you are fucked. You could fool a couple of stupid politicians, but not other scientists. So, what’s your plan?”

“Our plan is to tell everyone they had gotten ahead of themselves, and their video was manufactured.”

“Why don’t you just have them admit it and move on?”

“Two problems with that. The publication wants to talk to the woman in the video and the two who cooked this whole thing up.”

“Okay, and…”

“Two of our major investors are business associates of your friend. It was your friend who supplied the man who headed the project. He was this woman’s husband.” Robert already knew where this was going. “These people tend to react rather violently when they are tricked.”

“You’re saying the two men are now unavailable for comment.”

“That’s one way of putting it. Now your friend and his two associates are in the crosshairs of a Senate investigation. They can’t produce the men, so they must produce the woman to admit what they did.”

“And she can’t because of what they did to her?”

“Exactly. It will be better for me to show you. We will bring her out of sedation so you can see what we have left.”

With that, he made a call, and they went behind the door. They went back into the room. The doctor pushed some buttons and the area around the woman changed colors. She was on a table, and it shifted until she was laying on a table in the room. The doctor was watching numbers rise until they stopped changing. The machine went silent after a while, and they waited. She opened her eye and Ümraniye Escort looked up at the ceiling.

“Mary Beth, can you hear me?” Nothing. “Mary Beth, you must answer me.”

Robert nearly jumped out of his skin at what came next. She sat up, turned toward him, and in a voice Robert could only describe as husky said. “Why must I answer you? Where is Daniel? Where is Andy?”

“They are out now. They will be back soon. Will you talk to me?” she just stared ahead.

“That is our problem. She has been programed to answer only to them. We have scoured their research, and we think it was a safety mechanism they put in place to protect themselves. Your friends solved their problem before we found out what a problem that would be for us.”

Robert went up and looked into the eyes of the woman. “So, why naked?”

“They were testing how nano-bots affected her entire body. It had some effect on her skin. They needed to see it to know when she changed something. Besides, she doesn’t care. In fact, she doesn’t care about anything. If we don’t override their safety measures, we are really in trouble. The Senators and your friend’s friends are coming here in a few days to see her. If she is like this, all hell will break loose.”

“Let’s say, for the moment, I believe any of this bullshit. Why am I here? Why did Tony send me here on an urgent mission?”

The doctor shuffled his feet and coughed. Robert definitely didn’t like the look of that.

“It’s like this. The man they put in charge of this project besides the doctor was a man referred by your Tony. He was a most trusted employee. We have finally decoded the doctor’s notes. He needed a back door into her programming that would not be noticed by anyone else. They used their DNA in their blood as the main doorway into her. There is only one other way into her. It is by the DNA of the one person Tony trusted to be sure no one could kill his man and take over. That man is you. We believe that if you touch her and speak to her, she will recognize you and operate in a normal fashion. We need you to try and start her up the way they intended.”

Robert sat down. Tony had put his DNA as a gate keeper to a secret government project. That is the ticket for a short life span.

“Yeah, Shitty, isn’t it? The only good news is, no one knows this but three or four people here. The investors have promised to pay them handsomely if this works and no one finds out. Once we are in, we believe we can change the key to remove you. We just need to get you to open her up, so to speak.” Robert felt like they were referring to her like having locked your keys in your car.

“I don’t have a choice, do I? I need to get out of her head, and I need everyone to know I am not in her head. Let’s get this going. When do we start?”

“We can move her to the lab and start right now. Mary Beth, lay down.” She didn’t move. “Mary Beth, I said, lay down.” She turned her head toward him, and before he thought about it, Robert reached out and caught her by her arm.

“Mary Beth” He spoke clearly and slowly. “Mary Beth, please lay down.” The effect was instantaneous. Color started returning to her cheeks and her eyes lit up. She smiled, turned, and lay down on the table.”

Johnson was frozen in shock. “I can’t believe it. It works. She has tuned to you. You can now control her. This is wonderful.”

“Yeah, wonderful for you, maybe. But it puts me squarely in the crosshairs of a mess.”

“Not necessarily. Now that we can communicate with her, we should be able to change her programming. We need to start now. We only have two days left.”

The next couple of hours had a lot of activity. They moved her to a larger lab and there were several people running around. Robert sat in a corner, waiting. This is not going to end well for him. None of Tony’s close associates usually last very long. Either the government or competitors get them. Then there are the self-inflicted wounds caused by suspicion from within. Robert began formulating a plan of his own to survive this. She answers to him. He can use that once. He will need to wait until the correct time to deviate from their plan.

“We are ready to reprogram her. I will need you to wake her up and do as I say. Please tell her to wake up.” Robert did so and she opened her eyes and smiled.

Johnson and his team began punching keys in several computers. Robert had no idea what they were doing. This would have been a good time for Tabby to be here. After twenty minutes, Johnson thought they might be ready.

“Tell her to listen to what I say, please.”

“Mary Beth. I want you to listen to Dr. Johnson, please.” She nodded. Robert couldn’t believe this. She is responding to him.

Johnson punched the final key. She started shaking her head slightly and looking at Robert. It was clear she wasn’t liking what was happening to her. Johnson spoke. “Mary Beth, it is okay what is happening to you. It will be okay. Please be still.”

She Anadolu Yakası Escort looked at him. If looks could kill, he would be on the floor, melting. She stood up and began walking toward him. He was backing up while the other scientists were punching more keys. Robert waited as long as he could before he stepped between them and held up his hand to her. “Stop Mary Beth.” She stopped and stood still. “Please return to the table and lay down.” She did so quietly.

Johnson and his team were huddling together. Robert went and stood by Mary Beth. She turned her head towards him and smiled. He patted her on the shoulder.

Johnson came to Robert. “We will need to work on a backup plan. You will need to stay here until they come day after tomorrow. We have a nice room where you can stay.”

“There are a couple of conditions for my help.”

“Name them.”

First, get her some clothes. There is no need to parade her around naked. Second, I want her with me whenever you do not need her. I want to talk to her and see what the parameters are. She might help us figure this out.”

“We are not comfortable with leaving her with you alone.”

“You can feel however you want. If you want my help, those are my terms.” Robert started toward the door.

“All right. All Right. We will agree to your terms.”

Robert turned to Mary Beth. “Mary Beth, follow me.” She got up off the table and stood behind Robert. A technician led them to a comfortable living quarter in the depts of the building. She followed Robert quietly. When they went into the quarters, Robert reminded the man to bring her some clothes. He nodded and left.

Robert looked at her standing quietly, as if waiting for her next order. These people lie through their teeth. She is just like a robot. This is ridiculous. He told her to sit on the couch. She sat down.

In a few minutes they arrived with the clothes she came in. Robert told her to get dressed. She stood up and got dressed. When she was dressed, he told her to sit down.

He sat beside her and spoke quietly into her ear. He didn’t know how this programming thing worked, but he was going to rewire her if there was any way. When he was finished, he told her to lay on the couch and shut down. She did so. Robert went into the bedroom. He took a shower and went to bed.

He didn’t hear form the scientists for most of the next day. It was late in the afternoon when they finally showed up at his door.

Johnson talked for them. “We have a problem. We can’t find a way to override their programming. We only have one chance to do this. We will need to put a bug in her ear and tell you what to say from the background. They will believe we are telling her what to do. This should buy us time to complete the program in secret.”

“I will want to see the script ahead of time so I can know what is expected of her.”

“Done. We will have to you first thing in the morning.” They delivered the script early the next morning. It was a standard run through her pace’s performance. Robert spent an hour reworking the last page more to his satisfaction. By noon he was ready. They brought him lunch, but nothing for Mary Beth. He wondered how they were sustaining her. One of the many questions he was going to get answers for.

They came at 2 for them. Robert told Mary Beth to stand up and follow him. She did as she was told. The entire group headed for the recently set up stage. They asked Robert to have Mary Beth sit on the chair in the middle of the stage. She did so. They took Robert to the side of the stage. From there Robert would be able to see and hear what was done.

“You have your script. We are going to make this a short as necessary. We just need to show we are making progress so they will leave us alone.” Robert was sure that was what they wanted, but he was also sure that would not be what Mary Beth wanted.

The Senators and the “boys” were shown to their seats promptly at 3 pm.

Johnson began the show. “Thank you, gentlemen for coming. We believe we can show you the potential of what nano-bots will someday be able to do for humanity. And the first company to make them safe for humans will be in the forefront of this technology. What we are going to show you is just the first integration of nano-bots into a human being. It is primitive and simple. But it is safe and is the beginning of a great number of possibilities. Now, we are going to ask this woman for some answers and do some things a normal person could not do.”

He picked up a half inch piece of pipe. He tried to bend it and couldn’t. “Senator, would you please try to bend this pipe.” The Senator took the pipe and tried to bend it. He couldn’t move it.

“Now Mary Beth. Please stand up.” Robert told her to stand up. She did. “Please bend the pipe for us.” He handed it to her. Robert told her to bend the pipe. She took it and bent it to a ninety-degree angle. The audience gasped.

“The added strength is a sideshow. It increases the strength by using the nano-bots. It also increases mental capability. I am going to ask one of you to give me two large numbers. I will ask her to multiply them together. The other Senator called out 2,412 x 1254. No sooner had he finished when Mary Beth said. “3,024,648”

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