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Sex maidIts been about a month since I met Ashley in person. We have talked on the web for quite some time. Sometimes we talk about regular things, sometimes we talk about how we feel about each other, and sometimes we even talk about sex. One time I remember telling her if Stacey just wanted to be friends then I would come for her even if she had a husband. I kept my word.Stacey told me she just wanted to remain friends, and the truth is it kinda made me happy. I got on the next flight down to Florida after Ashley gave me her home address. The flight lasted about 2 or 4 hours since I had to go to Buffalo, NY. Soon after I arrived I got to my hotel. Ashley was only a few days away from graduation which meant I was going to be around for a major event in her life. That was four years ago.Now we live together in Virginia. Our house is on the beach front and its only about 40 yards from the edge of the ocean. Ashley likes it more than I do, not that I don’t like it. She stays at home mostly until she gets hired at a law firm as a prosecutor. I know I’ve told her she doesn’t have to get a job, and she knows that. I make more than enough money as it is. Maybe she just gets bored, I don’t see how. You see, although we didn’t have a baby yet, we did have an addition to the family about 2 months ago.When we talked on the internet, sometimes we would fantasize about having a sex slave. Well we didn’t want a ?slave’ so to speak. So we decided to find a girl who was willing to be a slave but we told her she wouldn’t be treated like dirt. I call her our ?sex maid’. She cleans and cooks, looks after the house when we are out, and she even drives us places. Her other duties are to cater to our every sexual urge. I know Ashley hardly has our maid do anything for her, unless she is in the mood. I however like to have her take care of me when I’m horny and Ashley isn’t in the mood.Our maid is about 5’4; she has long, straight red hair that I absolutely adore. Her body is well put together, and she is even a nice lady. Ashley and I have had several 3ways with her. I have no issue with it since Maria is infertile. I have sympathy for her but she says she doesn’t want c***dren of her own. Maria is the maids name by the way.She is bisexual which I love. Ashley isn’t to fond of it but I love to watch Maria eat her out. It turns me on.But let me tell you about last night. It was a quite night, cool summer breeze outside; the stars shimmered in the sky, and the moon shown bright right at the edge of the sea. It was only a crescent but it’s the brightest crescent I’ve ever seen. I’d say it was around 9o’clock at night. I was out side staring at the sky and its beauty. Maria had just come outside. She was wearing a French maid’s outfit; I couldn’t help but smile at her. She sat down next to me. ?CJ, may I ask you something?” Maria said to me. I shrugged my shoulders ?Sure, what’s going on?”. ?Well?I just wanted fethiye escort to know why you stare at the sky at night.” I couldn’t help but laugh. When I collected myself I told her ?Well Maria I was raised on the country side, I’ve always stared at these stars.” Then Ashley came outside and sat behind me, her legs split, chest on my back.?Hey are you two thinking of doing something without me?” Ashley asked us. ?Well I wasn’t. If Maria wanted to then yes we were. But we are just having a talk is all, why do you ask?” I replied. Maria went to stand up but I asked her to stay for a little. All three of us sat and talked about our day. Then we were quiet for a while, although I was staring at the sky, I could just tell Ashley was horny. Maria looked at us and then at the ground ?Why do you guys treat me like a friend? I’m a slave aren’t I?” she asked us inquisitively. I smiled and took her hand then pulled her close. ?Because Maria, we love you.” Ashley nodded then gave Maria a hug.Maria was quiet but she had a smile on her face and a twinkle in her eye. I could tell she felt closer to us then she ever did. Although Ashley and I were married, I don’t think our life would have been as good if we didn’t have Maria around to keep us company. Ashley stood up with slight squeeze on my shoulder. Then she winked at me twice. I knew she wanted some action, but not with just me. I took Maria’s hand then we stood up together. ?I believe the wife wants to have some fun.” I said to Maria. She smiled at me softly. Then I pulled Maria in and gave her a very passionate kiss. Maria gladly received it with her tongue. After our kiss concluded, we headed out to the beach where Ashley was already naked in the ocean water.To tease Ashley, I looked at Maria and gave her a wink. Then VERY slowly I undressed Maria. When I removed her bustier, her breasts bounced down. The cool breeze made her nipples hard instantly. Her skirt was next, followed by her hoes, heels, then finally her thong. She smiled as she undressed me on the beach. First my shirt, then shoes & socks, my jeans followed. Finally when she slid off my boxers, my cock stood at full attention about 11 ? inches in length, 2 inches wide. ?Hey you to suck you know that?” Ashley called from the water. I laughed then pointed at her and Maria with both of my hands ?No, you to suck, and good at that.” Ashley gave me a naughty smile as she swam into the shore. When she stood up from the water, her body glowed in pure ecstasy. Her 30c breasts where perfect in size, and very firm, nipples hard from the water and breeze.Together Maria and Ashley began sucking my cock. When Maria came up she would just leave my head as Ashley when down. They did this for quite some time. I loved every ounce of it. Then Ashley looked at Maria and then at me. ?You know what?” she said. ?I don’t think I’ve ever eaten Maria out have I?” With that said. Ashley laid down on the sand. escort fethiye Maria strattled her head and then Ashley had began tongue fucking Maria. Maria tilted her head back then forward to my cock. She began sucking on it slowly till she caught her rhythm.Her tongue slide on the bottom of my cock while her teeth lightly grazed the top. I couldn’t believe how good it felt, it was the first time she had done that time. I held Maria’s hair, which ran down to her ass when she was standing up. Maria began moaning when Ashley had used teeth on her. Maria was loving it, for the first time I looked down and saw Ashley’s face buried in-between a girls legs instead of mine. It made me that much hotter. I grabbed Maria’s head and began fucking her mouth.Maria had gagged quite a few times. But I felt her begin to clench her teeth. I knew she was about to cum. Ashley’s tongue was working its wonders. Soon I released Maria’s head. She had grabbed my cock and began jerking on it while her juices had spewed all over Ashley’s face. She got out from under Maria then stood next to me. I licked off her face while I felt my own orgasm building. Maria had put my cock in her mouth once again and began sucking it so hard it felt like she forced my cum out of my cock. My load had burst in her mouth. She swallowed it willingly then licked my cock clean.Next Ashley laid me down on the sand. Then she put Maria on me. It was a 69 position. I began eating Maria out while Maria plunged my hard cock deep into her throat. Then Ashley walked behind Maria and began fingering her ass. One finger at first, then two, then using both hands she had 3 fingers in her ass. Maria was moaning into my cock. The vibrations from her throat made my cock begin to pulse. It gagged Maria but she never removed her head from my dick. I could tell Ashley was horny as hell but she was being patient for some reason.Ashley then pulled her fingers out of Maria’s ass then walked up to Maria’s front. She instructed her to lick her fingers clean. While Maria was busy with Ashley’s fingers, Ashley had began sucking on my cock. Ashley writhed her tongue all over my hard dick. I couldn’t believe how hungrily she was sucking. Never had I ever had a blowjob this good. When Maria had finished with Ashley’s fingers she moved to a strattled position over my head. The next thing I knew I was exploding inside of Ashley’s mouth. She to swallowed my molten cargo. Maria was getting ready to explode when Ashley got down on top of me and began licking Maria’s clit. Her orgasm was that much harder this time around. Her hot juice was leaking out of her pussy. Ashley and I licked it clean. Then Ashley smiled at us with a wickedly naughty smile. She told me to lay down again, which I did. She climbed on top of my dick then laid down on top of me. Then Ashley looked up at Maria. ?Maria, I want you to eat my ass out.” She said then looked at me. ?And you better fethiye escort bayan make me cum hard.”Maria knelt down and began licking her asshole while I slowly pumped her pussy. Soon I sped up to where I had hit her pussy’s depth repeatedly. Maria had fingered Ashley’s ass then began shoving her tongue inside of her ass. I was laying into her pussy now. She was getting everything I had to offer. Maria put a finger from each hand in her ass and stretched it out. Then her tongue went deeper inside her tight ass hole. Ashley was moaning in ecstasy. I could feel her grip on my shoulders tighten telling me to keep going. My cock continued to beat her pussy raw while Maria was eating her little ass out with a passion. In a few minutes Ashley snapped her head back as she came so hard I felt her pussy nearly crush my cock in-between her muscle walls.She laid on me limp, but I hadn’t had enough of her just quite yet. Maria laid on the sand as I put Ashley on top of her. ?Eat her pussy good, there’s still plenty of juice for you.” I say catching my breath. After Maria had begin eating her out, I took my cock and shoved it deep inside her ass with one good push. It was already stretched and lubed from Maria’s anal feast. I heard Ashley let out a small yelp, but I knew she liked being fucked from the back. I continued to bury my dick inside her little tight ass. Maria’s tongue twisted around in Ashley like a small tornado. Ashley was already breathing hard again.Maria started using teeth on Ashley. Then she slid a finger inside of her while she persisted to eat her out. Ashley’s orgasm was quickly rebuilding. My dick was deep inside of her ass. I was also near my climax. I pumped her little hole with everything I had. Ashley once again began to moan loudly. Her ass tensed around my dick. I buried my cock inside her hole and worked in circles. Maria was hard at work with her pussy, since I had been pushing her back and forth. Then Ashley’s pussy burst out a hot rush of cum onto Maria’s face. My dick was about to explode in Ashley. I pulled out and had them lay next to one another. I jerked my dick off till it exploded onto their faces. My knee’s gave out on me as I hit the sand, my cock drained. Ashley laid next to Maria breathing heavy. Maria was also breathing quite profusely. I looked up at the sky with a smile.Maria turned to Ashley and licked her face clean. Ashley returned the favor. They cleaned each other off with their tongues then stood up. They helped me up and we sat in the shore of the beach. The waves cooling our hot bodies off. I put my arms around the two girls and laid down, the water only came up to my chest area. I kissed Ashley, then Maria, then they kissed each other. ?I love you girls” I said quietly letting my eyes close. Maria kissed my cheek and rested her head on the left side of my chest. ?I love you to.” Ashley said resting her head on the right side of my chest. We stayed there for the night relaxing. When we were finally ready to go inside Maria looked at us then smiled ?I love both of you” she said giving us a hug. Then Ashley and I usually sleep in our own room. But tonight, we slept with Maria.

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