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I have no idea how the hell I got here.

The smell of sweat is still lingering in the air as it drips off of my chest forming a small pool around my girlfriend and I as we lay on our cum covered sheets, unable to move.

This is a good feeling.

The most we can do is lean into each other, push our lips together, sliding our tongues in and out of our mouths as our lower bodies recover from the bruises we’ll see on our pelvic bones within the next few days.

It’s nothing but smiles in the room as we revel on what’s happened within the past few days.

My girlfriend Carey and I decided to move-in together after two years of dating and busy schedules that caused almost near avoidance of one another. She’s a little older than me, but the maturity level is the same, and I’ll be damned if her body doesn’t make her appear more like someone barely legal to drink as opposed to someone who just got off of her parents health insurance. She’s a brunette at an average height of 5’6 with a cute round face that shows her beautiful complexion with every smile, bright green eyes, and pert lips perfect for kissing. Whenever she has the time, she doesn’t seem to mind showing a bit of cleavage for her C-cup chest and tight pants for her juicy round ass tight enough to bounce a cherry off of yet when slapped, jiggles like there’s no tomorrow. Her body speaks enough of her sex appeal, but her mind gives even more with her quick wit, great sense of humor, and care for others. You could see why I’d want to spend my life with this woman.

Marriage had been in talks a lot lately as well, and seeing as how we’re calm, understanding people, we decided to see if living with each other would work enough for us to spend our lives together. The first few months had gone seemingly well, but things just started to decline.

“I think we need a good night to just have a simple date,” Carey suggested while doing laundry one night.

“Did you have something in mind? Last time we did a ‘lovely romantic night,’ that ended with us screaming at each other and me sleeping on the couch” I reminded her.

“Well, had we done what I asked, then maybe going out for a small meal and drinks would’ve gone better than the bar and wings.”

“You did say a small meal.”

“Exactly. A MEAL!”

These small spats have been appearing lately a lot more than usual. Out of the two years we’ve been together, we’ve rarely had an argument that hasn’t gotten solved. Recently, we haven’t even cared to try and fix what’s gone wrong. Our work schedules vary so much that when we see each other, it ends up being food, short conversation, and a relief of stress from work that is just taken out on the other person. Carey runs a small graphic design company on the Southside of town. Design was a hobby she turned into a successful career while I meandered after college and found myself as a hotel manager for a large chain of resorts. Carey is known to take her work home with her and I’m known to simply crash when I get to the house due to the odd hours.

Tonight’s schedule was simple; we both had the night off (a rarity for me) and we decided a quiet dinner together, a walk in the park, and some lovemaking when we ended the evening. However, given the last few times we decided to do such a thing, I would get called into work for a guest that was too dissatisfied with their room or what the hotel offered.

I thought I could have one night to myself aside from having to deal with a bitter guest. One simple night would be enough.

Then my cell phone rang. Again.

“They don’t like to leave you alone much, do they?” Carey grumbled. She had already put on her favorite sundress, one of the ones that show her exquisite curves so well that any man would feel a tight grip in their pants if she shimmied by.

I put my coat on, grabbed my nametag, and walked out of the house with my head hung low, knowing it would be another long night.

After sitting at the front desk for an hour staring off into space, I felt a presence behind me. Slightly startled, I turned to see one of my front desk agents, Sasha, awkwardly jump back from my quick gesture.

“Sorry. I just…um…I think I’m gonna go home.” I managed to murmur more, but it came out as a grumble rather than words.

“Boss man, you look like hell. You’re here way too often to have a hottie like Carey at home all the time. Why so glum?”

I tell my employees to keep it as professional as possible with the guests, but don’t be afraid to treat me like a friend unless our executives are present. Sasha’s been a friend of mine for years and always seems to get stories around of her sexual exploits to the rest of our employees. I wouldn’t call her a whore by any means, but she’s a lot like a dude when she gets laid: not afraid to share the details.

I told her about the spats, moving in, and frankly, a sex life hasn’t been seen much as of late.

Sasha’s advice was simple enough “Honestly, boss, you need to fuck her and you need to fuck her good.”

“You think Niğde Escort it’s so simple while I get called in every night to get you guys out of a jam?”

“Well, we have two assistant managers. Just use some of your PTO, take a few days off, and just take time for yourself. Honestly, since you guys moved in together, you haven’t had the intimacy you’ve wanted, have you?”

“Now that you mention it, it’s nice to have a bed together, but it always ends up just being a cuddling session or some kind of reading, not much on the action scale for sex.”

The look on Sasha’s face made my brain melt with stupidity. She glared at me like I had just admitted homosexuality to a wife of forty years. I watched her reach into one of the desk drawers, pull out her phone, send a text, and place the phone back.

“What did you just do?” I asked.

“I sent a message to Carey. Go home now, get a good nights rest, and if she wants to, she’ll tell you what I sent, but it’s up to her. But just know that starting now, you need time off. If your cell phone rings, don’t answer it. For the next few days, just take time to relax for yourself and enjoy your woman. Stop living in misery and just do what your supposed to do: fuck her!”

I got home around one in the morning. Carey was passed out in her nightie with the covers wrapped around her feet. As I slipped out of my clothes, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. “Not too bad” I thought to myself. 5’10, fairly lean, not overly muscular but I have pecks and a stomach that’s getting flatter the more I go to the gym. As I took myself in, I took a glimpse behind me as Carey’s ass slipped into view. The shape of it was enough to stir some movement in my boxers. She kept in shape enough to make any man, gay or straight, turn their head at that beautiful butt. I laid down next to her and took in the sight. Her tits were pushed up towards her chin, one slipping out with a very pert nipple erect and pink, the other hidden beneath the silk. I couldn’t help but get hard looking at her. I snuggled up next to her with my arm draped around her side, my erection pressing hard against my restraint cloth and her ass. Carey always complimented the size of my dick and how I use it. I stand firmly at 7″ with a girth that’ll stretch any pussy or mouth wide enough to fit two average dicks inside. I tend to think I’m average, but she always tells me (and her friends apparently) how huge I am. I always assumed she was just tight.

I got cozy next to my lady and drifted off into slumber.

Considering my long night, I didn’t even think to set an alarm for the next day and found myself waking up at around two in the afternoon. Carey had already left for work hours ago and I was set-up like a tent in my boxers. I glanced at my cell phone and saw no missed called and no text messages. The small conversation with Sasha came back to mind from the previous night. I decided a cool shower and just a little bit of time in front of the TV would be good.

I rinsed off, threw on some gym shorts, and sat on the couch with the remote in hand. After flipping channels for what felt like hours, I heard my phone vibrating on the table, sighed, and walked over to see what the hell it was now. To my surprise, it was a text from Carey.

“Babes, I just wanna let you know that I love you more than anything. You’re my everything and I wouldn’t know what to do without you. I’m sorry everything’s been kind of shitty lately, so when I get home today, I’m just gonna lounge around for the next few days and make time for you and myself. I’ll see you when I get home tonight, baby! XOXOXO”

I couldn’t help but smile. After gleaming for a short bit, my phone vibrated again with another text from Carey, this time a picture message. What was in front of my eyes was a crotch shot of a lacy white thong with a small wet spot towards what covered her lips. Needless to say, keeping my composure was difficult now that my shorts were starting to peel themselves off of my waist.

After another hour of passing through the lamest shows, I heard Carey’s car pull into the driveway. My erection started to rise again as I sat up on the couch hearing the key in the door turn the lock. An eternity passed waiting for her to open the door. As it slowly creaked with her walking into view, I took in the sight before me. She was wearing a white button-up blouse and a pair of gray slacks that hugged her frame perfectly. All she had to do was smile and I melted.

She was sweating slightly due to the heat outside. Drops formed on her flesh, her exposed cleavage, dripping down the crevice between her tits, outlining their shape, outlining her white lace bra, moisture hitting the entirety of her chest. Her nipples started to harden from the air-conditioning, showing ever so slightly through the material. She turned her back to me and slowly bent down, taking off her shoes one by one and dropping her purse on the floor. The curves of her ass hugged her pants so tightly I could nearly see the outline Niğde Escort Bayan of her thong.

I couldn’t take it anymore.

I slowly hustled myself behind Carey, my hands placing themselves on her waist, simply rubbing her sides. Feeling me, She arched her back slowly as she stood and leaned her ass against my growing cock, allowing my length to slip between her legs slowly, letting the head rub against the underside of her ass. I reached around to her front, undid her belt, allowing my hands to travel with her falling pants, sliding over her ass, down her legs, until I was kneeling behind her with my head level with her ass. I leaned in close, kissing her full cheeks as I reached my hands up the small strap of her thong and slowly slid the lace material down as I traced the path it traveled with nips and bites. My hands reached to the full flesh that stood in front of me and I squeezed the firmness as Carey pushed her cheeks against my hands and moaned. I could smell her wet scent as she leaned her hands against the wall, pushing her dripping shaven pussy back towards my face.

I couldn’t resist. I dipped my tongue in for a taste, licking her sweet succulent juices, letting them drip onto my taste buds as her cries became more frequent. I slipped my hand around her thighs as I began to tongue-fuck her pussy, allowing my fingers to slowly inch themselves towards her clit while I still worked my tongue between her folds. A loud moan escaped Carey as my hand finally found her bud and rubbed the sides gently.

“Fuck! I’m gonna cum! Fuck me, baby! Fuck me with your tongue! Yes! Yes! Ooooooohhhhhh!!!!”

I felt her juices gush onto my face as I swallowed as much as possible while she dripped down my chin. I was still licking lips when she finally pulled my fingers away and pushed my head back. Not knowing what she wanted to do next, I watched as she finished stepping out of her thong and pants wrapped around her ankles, looked back at me, and said what every man loves to hear.

“Pull my hair, fuck my cunt, and make me cum all over your cock. I need you inside me now!”

Before she finished, I already had my shorts off and across the room. I positioned myself behind her as she bent forward, spreading her legs apart to target her pussy lips. I rubbed my head against her lips slowly as I soaked my cock in her juices, lubricating myself for an easier entry. I slipped forward, rubbing my head against her clit, causing the moans to increase.

“Are you gonna fuck me or do I-AHHHHH!!!”

I cut her off as I slammed myself deep inside of her, burying my full length in her walls. At first I thought her cries were of pain. Then she turned her head back, started to slowly rotate against me as I eased myself back and forth inside her. My rhythm picked up gradually as I watched her ass bounce against me, the ripples in her cheeks gaining the same rhythm as my strokes. I found my hands traveling to her hips as I started to slam heavily against her, her inner walls rubbing the underside of my cock, her juices continuing to secrete against my foreskin rubbing her lips as she dripped on the floor. I knew another orgasm was approaching Carey as I felt her cunt tightening around my cock. Her legs started to shake violently as she cried out. I pushed myself as deep as I could while her legs nearly gave out from under me. Her arms clung to the wall for dear life as she moaned and waited for her spasms to cease while I stood behind her patiently, letting my throbbing erection stay in its position. Carey pulled back up slowly as her breath started to slow until I reached forward and grabbed a handful of her hair. Immediately arching her back with a slight moan, she started the rhythm herself against me, bouncing hard as I began thrusting heavily into her, pulling her hair tightly.

I could feel my orgasm begin to build. I leaned forward all while pulling and slamming hard into Carey’s cunt, whispering in her ear “Baby, I’m gonna cum…I’m gonna cum…”

“Cum inside me! Fuck me! Cum deep inside my pussy!”

Her encouragement became a blur of speech as I felt my balls tighten, my cock spilling load after load of cum inside her. The first load triggered another orgasm for Carey as I continued to empty my balls into her cunt, blast after blast pumping deep as both of our orgasms subsided. We dropped down to our knees as I waited for my dick to soften inside of her. When it was soft enough, I slowly slid out, wrapped my arm around her waist, and kissed her back until she stood and turned around, locking her lips with mine as she tasted herself on my tongue. There was nothing but lust in her eyes.

“Shower. Now.”

She stood, stripped off her blouse and bra, practically throwing them at me as she walked towards our master bathroom. Her ass shook and jiggled down the hall as she wagged it for me, letting my cum dribble down her legs in a mixture of her own orgasmic juices. I could feel my cock stirring as I followed her to the bathroom anxiously.

The water heated Escort Niğde slowly as we stepped into the double-headed stall. One of our custom designs to our home is a large shower big enough to fit two couples fucking, complete with a small bench for when you just need to sit and soak after a long day.

The water cascaded over our bodies as we kissed and rinsed off the excess juices clinging to our privates and legs. I watched as Carey took a loofah sponge with her favorite body wash and scrubbed her pussy slowly, giving her self small shivers as the material brushed gently over her clit. This position forced her to prop her leg on the bench, squeeze her arms onto her chest, causing her tits to push together with those perfectly erect nipples no bigger than nickels staring at me just as hungrily as her own eyes. As she hung the loofah back around the top of the faucet, she turned herself around, letting the faucet spray directly on her pussy as she spread her lips, allowing the water to rinse out our sexual cocktail inside her. I had all the while been soaping myself down my chest and stopping right at my dick, turning a scrub and rinse into a slow masturbation with my growing erection as I watched her gracefully clean herself.

As I began to stroke slowly, I saw Carey’s eyes slip from between her legs to between mine. Her gaze lifted into my eyes, and although I felt as if I had been caught, you could see nothing but that same lust she had after our fuck in the hallway. She stood, reached a hand forward and propped it on my chest as she pushed me back onto the bench. Her hand remained entangled in my chest hair as she slid it downward slowly, tracing the happy trail of hair until just below my navel. I took the hint and removed my grip on my cock as Carey moved to sit next to me, her hand sliding onto my thigh as I awaited her touch. We gazed into each other’s eyes as I felt her hand slide between my thigh and cock, teasing me, making me wait on what I was expecting to happen next.

I leaned in, brushed my lips gently on hers as she slid her hand onto my length, and forcefully pushed her head into mine as our tongues became tangled. I moaned into her mouth as I felt her hand grip me and begin to stroke slowly, picking her pace up as she felt a throbbing between her fingers. I pulled my head back from hers, bending myself to her chest, my hand grabbing her right breast, my mouth taking her nipple in as she moaned and spread her legs, allowing me access with my free hand. I gently nibbled on her tit as my hand left and slid down to her warm moistening lips. I started to rub her clit gently and slowly, but was surprised when she grabbed my hand and pulled it back to her breast. I squeezed, slightly confused as to why she prevented my entry until she leaned herself forward onto my lap, her left knee propping itself on the bench as her right leg stood firmly on the floor. She trailed the same path with her lips that she had made with her hand just moments ago, kissing the insides of my thighs until she kissed herself up the length of my shaft.

Staring into my eyes, she kissed the head of my cock as I watched her slowly slide her lips around me, my moans encouraging her to continue as she engulfed my length. Carey’s tongue began to circle the head of my cock as her mouth slid down, beginning to bob as her cheeks sucked me in. I felt the wetness of her tongue slide behind my cock’s head and rub against the sensitive area as her rhythm increased. I couldn’t help but start to buck my hips and fuck her face as she played with my balls while she slurped, sucked, and face-fucked my girth. My hand moved to the back of her head, sliding in between the locks of her wet hair as I pushed her head down, forcing her to deep-throat me. Carey gagged slightly as I felt the back of her throat rub against me, sending a sharp moan from my lips.

She lifted her face off of my lap as she gasped for breath coming up. I thought she was going to slap me. Instead, she looked me in the eye with a determination and set her eyes on my cock once again. This time, without hesitation, she took my entire length down, her lips touching the base of my dick, dripping her saliva and my pre-cum onto my balls. I moaned feeling my orgasm reaching. I forced her mouth off of me, stood in front of the bench, reached behind her head once more and started fucking her mouth. Carey’s hand grasped me as she stroked while keeping her lips pursed on the top half of my head. Faster, harder, I thrust my hips forward into her grasp as my tip leaked into her hungry mouth.

“I’m gonna cum…fuck!”

Carey started licking my cock head for dear life as her hand blurred stroking me. I lost it. I started to spill my seed into her mouth. Much to my surprise, she grabbed my ass and forced my length back down her throat, causing every spurt to hit the back of her throat as she gagged with her eyes glazing over with tears. Load after load was shot down her throat with no sign of her moving her mouth. Finally, I felt spent with what came out. My eyes closed as I pulled out of her mouth, Carey catching her breath as she swallowed everything. Our eyes met. A smile brushed across both of our faces. There was nothing but a content atmosphere as we both finished cleaning ourselves, turned off the shower, dried, and went to bed.

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