Sex for Money, Rent, , Food Ch. 10

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Sex for Money, Rent, & Food, Chapter 10

June agrees to work for Malcolm but on one condition.

“Why you? Well, for starters, it’s not just the physical sex that lights my fire, June,” said Malcolm. “The verbal stimulation for me is just as exciting as the physical stimulation. In my case, the verbal stimulation is more exciting than the physical stimulation. My problem has always been that not all women, who do what you do, have the creative intelligence enough to cerebrally satisfy me.”

“I see,” she said. “For a man so big and so strong, you seem to be wired more like a woman than a man, Malcolm,” she said with a sexy smile. “With men more visual and women more emotional, much like you in that regard, women require more cerebral stimulation than do men.”

“Having my brain sexually stimulated is more exciting to me than having a woman making my cock hard with her hand and/or mouth. Preferably and even so much as not seeing nor knowing what the woman looked like and with neither of us allowed to touch the other, I’d almost prefer being in a pitch, black room with a woman who has a sexy voice and a dirty mind as her only tools to stimulate me.”

“Interesting,” said June.

“She’d talk dirty to me as I masturbated to her words,” he said looking at her as if afraid she’d think less of him for the confession of his sexual fetish. “If there was a way to arrange that kind of erotic interplay without having me come off creepy, I would. Only, I don’t know how to do that other than to look for a woman who is willing and able to satisfy my needs,” he said looking deeply in her eyes. “I think I found that woman in you.”

“Actually, being with you in a dark room with just my voice to arouse you, albeit challenging, sounds like fun, Malcolm. I’d love to try something like that with you sometime. I’d love for my words to be so sexually arousing that I can make you cum without touching you,” she said with a sexy smile. “Wow. How hot is that?”

“See? That’s what I mean and that’s why I like you, June. You understand what a man wants and what a man needs without questioning his desires and passing judgment on his fetishes to make him feel guilty.”

“There’s nothing for you to feel guilty about, Malcolm. Words whispered in your ear can be just as arousing as a tit in your hand or, in my case, a cock in my mouth. Sometimes sexy thoughts are more stimulating than getting laid. Think of dirty talk as mental foreplay without the physical interaction,” said June.

“You get it! That’s exactly what I mean, June. I imagine a woman as beautiful as you with a voice as sexy as your voice playing through the speakers in my house. No matter where I am, in the bedroom, in the kitchen, in the living room, or in the bathroom, and even in my car, I’d hear her sexy voice in my head enticing me to pleasure myself to her arousing words,” he said closing his eyes as if imagining his sexual fantasy.

“Of course the problem becomes when you prefer one over the other. There needs to be a healthy balance of dirty talk and physical sex. I’ll have to work on that with you,” she said grabbing his cock through his pants.

“I’m willing to work with you on that, June,” he said opening his eyes with a smile.

“Relax,” she said in her sexiest voice. “Allow me to excite you with my voice without touching you with my hands or mouth,” she said moving her hand away from his bulge. “Think of me as June, your personal, erotic computer you had installed in your house for your sexual, listening pleasure,” she said looking at him. “I can do this Malcolm. Maybe you could even prepare a dialogue for me to recite, different one each day. “Maybe if there’s interest enough, we can record our sexy thoughts on a computer chip and market our idea. Imagine a blowup doll being able to talk dirty.”

“I may not be interested in a blowup doll,” he said with a big laugh, “but I know you can excite me with your words which is why I offered you the job,” said Malcolm. “Yet, dirty talk is not the only condition of the job.”

“What other condition is there?”

“I have white friends too, of course, but all my close friends are black men,” he said. “Black men want white woman but not all white woman want black men. I need a white woman who’d be agreeable to exclusively having sex with black men. Much like me, all the black men I’ll introduce you to are successful, educated, and respectful. They’ll treat you like the lady you are, especially if I introduce you as my special friend. However, you must never tell them that you’re reporting everything they did with you to me. I prefer them thinking that I’m your man and am sharing you with them and not spying on them for my sexual pleasure, if you know what I mean.”

“Yes, I understand what you mean. You’re the man,” said June with a chuckle and giving his package a gentle squeeze while lightly teasing the head of his prick with her finger. “Only…”

“Yes? Only what?” He looked at her affection.

“You’re Kumköy escort the first black man that I’ve ever been with and even now, with you refusing to have sex with me and only wanting to talk about sex, I still haven’t experienced what it’s like to be with a black man,” she said with a laugh. Still playing the professional call girl, she decided not to tell him that she was horny and hot for him. “If your friends are much like you, considerate and kind, then I don’t see a problem with me having sex with them or with you, especially with you and especially with them helping me to earn a nice living. I’m not a racist, Malcolm. I’m a woman who’s been sexually neglected all of her adult life. I’m a woman who’s looking forward to making up for all that I lost by having some hot sex.”

“I know that, June. Just as I know you’re not a racist, I know you have needs too. Otherwise you wouldn’t be sitting here with me, a supersized, black man while wearing what your wearing,” he said with a booming laugh.

“Only, I’d prefer experiencing being with a black man first before agreeing to only exclusively having sex with black men,” she said looking up at him while rubbing her hand along his bulging erection. “Since you’re here with me now, alone in the back of your car, as any good pimp would, I mean, benefactor, why can’t you break my interracial cherry and personally show me what it’s like to be with a black man? I’d like to know what it’s like to be with you sexually.” She looked at him with as much sexual excitement as she did curiosity. “I’m curious to know.”

There was an uncomfortable pause where they looked at one another. Knowing that he’d never make the first move, based on his sexual peccadillo that he’d rather just talk and listen than to have sex with a woman, June leaned over and kissed him on the lips. When he didn’t pull away or push her away, she parted his reluctant lips with her tongue. With her fingers already toying with the head of his cock through his pants, she slid her hand down to feel the rest of his growing erection while French kissing him.

“No, June, please, stop. You mustn’t,” said Malcolm putting his hand over hers. “Damn, you’re such a hot woman. I’ve never been with anyone like you before. It’s so hard to say no to you.”

“Then don’t say no. Go with the flow, Malcolm. Please? Think of my sucking your cock as a practice run for me to see if what they say is true.”

“And what do they say?” He laughed.

“Once you go black, you never go back,” she said with a chuckle.

“Take my word for it. Think of black men as sexual vampires. It’s true. Once you go black, you’ll never go back,” he said returning her chuckle. “They’ll own your white ass with their big, black cocks.”

“I wish you’d let me do something for you,” she said moving her fingers beneath his hand. When he allowed her to move her fingers, giving her an opened door with his passive, albeit silent agreement, she knew that he wanted more. “Besides, wouldn’t you get more out of me telling you what happened between you and your friends, if you’ve already experienced me for yourself?” She looked at him and smiled. “Think of having sex with me as necessary research for you to more enjoy the visualization of my words.”

“You do make a strong argument, June, but I can’t. I’m sorry.”

“Why not?”

“I told you already. It’s not the intimate sex that I want; it’s the dirty talking that I need. As if in a constant state of foreplay with dirty, pillow talk or in a continual state of afterglow arousal with sexy banter, it’s the talking about the sex and not the actually act that does it for me,” he said.

“Must our relationship have to be so sexually one-sided. I have needs, too, Malcolm and, after all of his talking about sex and with my hand feeling your enormous cock through your pants, I’m pretty frigging horny right now. I’m human, too, you know,” she said lightly touching his hardening prick with her fingers while wondering what more she could say to change his mind to have sex with her. “What if I gave you a running, dirty talking dialogue while giving your hot sex? What if I included both as a way to light your fire?”

“That might work,” he said. “I’m willing to give that a try, if you are.”

As if giving her a reluctant, conciliatory consent when he removed his hand from his her hand, she continued gently moving her hand over his big bulge through his pants. He looked down to watch her feel his cock through his trousers.

“Do you like it when I touch you like this?” She looked up at him and asked another question when he didn’t answer the first one. “Do you like it when I feel your cock through your pants?”

Again, he didn’t answer her. Instead, he looked up from what she was doing to look at her before quickly looking back down again at her feeling his prick. Apparently, as was his idea of sex, was one-sided, his idea of dirty talking was one-sided too. Obviously Kumköy escort bayan he’d rather listen than participate in the dirty talking dialogue.

“How does it feel when I touch you like this, Malcolm?” Feeling the girth of him, she lightly squeezed his bulge with her fingers while running her fingertips over the head of his cock again. “As much as you need dirty talk, I do too,” she said hinting for him to join in their backseat pillow talk and tell her something erotically provocative enough to get her in the mood, even though she was already in the mood to suck him.

Again, as if he suddenly lost his ability to verbally communicate, he didn’t answer her. As if he was a nervous teenager about to have his first sexual experience with a woman and with her playing the part of an aggressive prostitute, he just stared down watching her hand and her fingers feeling his cock. For such a big man, he was so submissively respectful. For such a big man, he was so sexually shy. Needing to feel him respond to her loving affection and sexual attention, she leaned to him and kissed him again. She never thought this gentle giant would be so passive. She never thought he’d be so sexually stunted to only want to talk and not do.

“Do you like it when I kiss you?” She waited for him to answer before kissing him again and before asking him another question. Hoping he’d answer, she was playing his game after all.

“Yes,” he said finally but only giving her a one word, one syllable answer.

She leaned into him and kissed him again. This time, more cooperative but without fully returning her kiss, he allowed her to part his lips more easily.

“Touch me,” she said. “Feel me.”

When he didn’t respond by volunteering his hand, she lifted his big, left hand and placed it on her right breast. Not moving it away, when he left his hand there and gently felt her breast through her blouse and her bra as if he was feeling a ripe melon, she knew she had him where she wanted him. Still fondling his cock through his pants as he fondled her breast through her clothes, she felt his cock grow bigger and harder with the feel of her tit and the erection of her nipple. Definitely, she assumed, by Malcolm’s obvious sexual excitement, he was a breast man and June had beautiful, shapely, and firm breasts with big nipples. So, he wasn’t all talk after all, she now knew.

With him not objecting and by his obvious sexual excitement with hers matching his, she leaned forward and moved her hand higher to unzip him. With her fingertips poised on his zipper ready to pull him open as if he was can of male meat and with him more preoccupied with her body than with her fingers, she watched his eyes dart down to look at what she was showing with her bloused so unbuttoned, her cleavage so exposed, and her skirt raised so high. With him French kissing her and feeling her breast, as if trying not to make a sound and as if he was sleeping, she didn’t want him suddenly becoming aware that he was being unzipped. Slowly and stealthily, not wanting to frighten the big man with her sexual aggressiveness, as if secretly opening the combination lock to a safe, she slowly and silently unzipped his pants again.

He didn’t resist her undressing him this time. Instead, he watched her unzip him. Such a tall man, he had a much bigger zipper than a smaller man and much longer zipper than her husband’s familiar, normal sized zipper. Unzipping him was as if watching a zipper parody played on Saturday Night Live with the sound that a small zipper makes versus the louder and longer sound of a much bigger zipper. Once she unzipped him, once his sexual safe was unlocked and gaping wide open, she reached her hand inside his pants and felt his big, black, hard prick through his underwear. Just as was he so big on the outside, his cock was huge on the inside too.

As if holding onto a thick pole or a piece of pipe, she moved her hand along the length of him to answer her unasked question. With the feel of him telling her what she needed to know, his cock was comparable in proportion to his height. She looked up at him with obvious sexual excitement by the monstrous feel of him. His prick felt as big as he looked. Finally, his passion for her made him return her kiss while he fingered her nipples through her blouse and bra.

“You have such a big cock, Malcolm,” she said breaking off her kiss to whisper her sexy dialogue in his ear. “I love how your penis feels beneath my hand. I can’t wait to see your cock. I can’t wait to touch your naked prick. I can’t wait to feel your hard penis. I can’t wait to suck your big dick,” she said hoping that her words were exciting him as much as they were exciting her.

“Oh, June, baby, you’re making me so hot with your words,” he said.

Somewhat satisfied that she was making him hot, albeit only with her words, she hoped she was making him equally as hot with her hand too.

“I want to suck you, Malcolm,” she said leaning Escort Kumköy forward to explore his ear with her tongue before sexily whispering her words to him. “I need to feel your big, hard, hairy cock in my mouth. I want you to stretch my lips wide open while humping my mouth and fucking my face,” she said. “Make me your dirty, white, bitch, Malcolm. I want to be your cunt,” she said.

Undaunted by his reluctance to have sex with her, her sexy words were his combination to his sexual vault that was still locked within. Daring to sexually assault the giant, June reached inside his boxers and wrapped her fingers around his naked prick. The mere touch of him excited her enough to harden her nipples more and she could feel the familiar warm, wet feeling between her legs. Ever so slowly, she stroked him to a harder erection while kissing him as he felt her breasts through her blouse and fingered her nipples through her bra. Wondering just how big this whale of a monster would get, she pulled out the top portion of his cock and stared down at him. As if his prick was an iceberg with the biggest part of it still submerged in his underwear, she could only imagine how big he was.

As if she was reaching her hand in a snake pit or taking hold of an eel at a fish store, pulsating. throbbing, and twitching, his cock came alive in her hand. The first time finally seeing his prick, the first time seeing and holding a black cock in her soft, small hand, and the first time holding a cock so big, his cock was enormous. Without doubt, even though her sexual experience was limited to her husband, John, and her pimp, Larry, Malcolm’s cock was not only the biggest cock she ever held in her hand and but also the biggest cock she had ever seen. His cock was so much bigger than the CFNM strippers she saw on stage when she attended a birthday party for one of her girlfriends. She wondered if his cock would even fit in her mouth. She wondered if his cock would fit in her pussy. She wondered what her beautiful, black man looked like naked.

“Oh, Malcolm, your cock is beautiful. You have such a wonderful prick. I love how big it is. I love feeling the power of you in my hand. Look at me holding you. You make my hand look so small in comparison to your cock. It’s so hard,” she said slowly stroking him. “I love how big you are. I love how hard you are. I love how you feel in my hand.” She looked from his prick to him. “Do you like me touching you and feeling you in this way?”

“That feels so good, June, but tell me more. Being that I prefer dirty talk to the actual sex, talk dirty to me. Also tell me that you’ll work for me so that we can continue this discussion on a regular basis,” he said looking down at his giant prick in her little hand.

“I’ll agree to work for you only under only one condition,” she said removing her stare from him to look back down at his magnificent prick while slowly stroking him and before looking back up at him.

“What’s that?” Malcolm looked up from her stroking his cock to look at her.

“Every time we get together, before I sexually satisfy you with my words, before I talk dirty to you by telling you what I did to your friends’ cocks and what they did to my naked body, you must promise to satisfy me with your big, black cock. My condition is that you must give me what I sexually need with your cock before I give you what you cerebrally need with my words.”

He stared at her before looking down again at her hand holding him and stroking him while her fingers fondled the head of his prick. He gave her a thoughtful nod and with that, she slowly slid her body down, unbuttoned and unbuckled his pants, and pushed down his underwear enough to pull out the rest of his supersized cock and giant testicles. She stared at his cock while stroking it, kissing it, and licking it.

“Do you like it when I kiss and lick your big prick, Malcolm?” She asked looking up at him with her big, green eyes while kissing and licking his prick.

“Yes,” again, as if a reluctant guest on Leno or Letterman, he answered with a one syllable word.

“Tell me what you want,” she said.

“No, you tell me what you want to do to me and my prick, June,” he said giving her a wide smile. “That’s the deal. I need you to talk dirty to me and not the other way around.”

“Obviously, Malcolm, I want to fondle the head of your prick with my fingertips,” she said staring down at his cock while fondling him and before looking up at him again with her big, bright, green eyes. “Does that feel good when I do that?”

“Yes,” he said.

Ready for the challenge, apparently getting Malcolm to open up more would take some time.

“Obviously, I want to stroke your big prick in my little hand,” she said slowly stroking him while alternating her focus from his cock to his brown eyes. She gave him a sexy smile. “Tell me, do you like it when I stroke your prick, Malcolm?”

“Yes,” he said as if he was a foreigner and the only word he knew of English was yes.

“Obviously, I want to kiss your cock and lick your cock. I want to feel, fondle, and cup your big, balls while licking them. I want to stroke your cock while sucking your cock. Would you like for me to do all of that to your cock?”

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