Sex Education & Single Parents Part 6

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Sex Education & Single Parents Part 6This is part 6 of a story of taboo sex being discovered by some and encouraged by others. Stop here if that is a problem if not enjoy. Here are links to the earlier parts sat there stunned as she looked back and forth between her Daddy and Courtney. Monica vaguely recalled her father’s secretary who was a stunning black woman. She had never known that her father had an affair with her.”She is really my sister?” Monica asked.”Yeah but daddy never knew and neither did I until my mom passed away. I found a letter she had written to me that told me who my father was. It said that he would help me when she was gone.” Courtney said with sadness in her voice.”I never knew that I had gotten Norma pregnant. She just left suddenly and said she had a family issue. Anyways when Courtney and I met I realized what a wonderfully sexy girl she was. In many ways she was like you had been.” Their Daddy said.”Daddy took care me and put me through college. He also taught me about sex just as he taught you. I know you decided to call off your special daddy relationship because you could never be his wife but I can since no one knows that he is my father. The funny thing is some people think our relationship is taboo about our age difference or the racial thing but if they really knew they would shit!” Courtney laughed along with the other two.”So when are you going to get married?” Monica asked as she tried to take this all in.”Next month. I’m not as young as I once was and Courtney wants to have k**s.” Daddy said.”Do you think that is good idea? There might be complications considering the unique relationship.” Monica asked.”We will find a nice stud to get her pregnant. We are looking forward to having a family.” Her daddy said as Courtney agreed.”I have a suggestion for you. How about Brad?” Monica asked as she thought of perversity of the Grandson being the father of his Aunt or Uncle.”That would be awesome! We could have more than one that way!” Courtney said excitedly.”Hmmm, that would be interesting. How are we going to get him to agree?” Daddy asked.”I will ask him tonight when we are fucking. I guess I take after my Daddy!” Monica answered and her sister and father laughed with her.At the Taylor house Ron watched as Elly knelt in front of him and slowly slid her lips up and down his cock. They fucked two times already but Elly was determined she could make Daddy hard again.Ron had decided that they should watch porn together and Elly loved watching cocksucking and cum shot videos. She was very oral. On the other hand Ron was fascinated by cumming deep in Elly’s pussy. But now Elly wanted to have her face painted with cum from Daddy.”Just go slow and easy baby girl. Daddy is not a young guy anymore and this might take a while.” Ron said as he watched her red hair moving as she worked his cock.”Yes Daddy! You know I want to have you shoot on my face! Don’t you want to cum on my face like that first time?” She asked as she slurped his dick.”Yes baby! You are so sexy! Such a good Daddy’s girl!” Ron said as her mouth slobbered on his cock.”Did you really eat Monica’s pussy today?” istanbul escort bayan Elly as asked as she continued the sloppy blow job.”Yeah!” He moaned.”Did you fuck her?” She asked.”No baby….just a hand job.” He moaned as he realized talking about sex with Elly was nearly as exciting as having it.”She made me squirt with her fingers. I think she wanted to have girl sex with me.” Elly said and then took him deep.”Does that excite you? I mean about Monica….” He said as he put his hand on the small neck as he enjoyed the feeling of his cock sliding down her throat until she started to gag.”Yes, but only if you get to watch and then fuck her.” Elly said as she spit on his cock and stroked it.”I don’t think I want anyone besides you.” Ron said and wished she would change the subject.”Daddy, you need a woman besides me but I want someone that understands about Daddies and Daughters. Monica said that she is a special Daddy’s girl too!” Elly said as she started to lick his balls.Ron thought of the sexy blonde and her body. He began to wonder why he had not fucked her. Then he thought of his dominate bitch wife and the way she had humiliated him with her constant fucking of other men. She was just a mean bitch.”Are you scared of women Daddy?” Elly asked as she opened wide and sucked his cock deep again.Ron could not answer but the answer was in his mind and it was YES! “I think you are because I’m the first fuck you have had since mom left.” Elly said as her tongue licked under his cock head.”Leave it alone baby. Your mom was a woman that used sex like a weapon. She liked to publicly humiliate me when she did not get her way.” He said.”What did she want Daddy?” Elly asked as her tongue work his foreskin making his balls tingle.”She got mad when I got her pregnant with you. She said it ruined her body. After you were born she just wanted to be in control so she could punish me.” Ron said as the distraction made uncomfortable as he remembered how his former wife had tried to pull him into a cuckold relationship.”I’m sorry Daddy! I guess I changed things.” Elly said as she sat back and looked up at her father who she loved so much.”You have nothing to be sorry for! You are the best thing that ever happened to me! I love you baby girl!” He said as he looked down at her sexy teen face and body. His hand pulled her mouth back to his cock. “Make Daddy cum!”Elly happily sucked his cock as her eyes sparkled. His taste in her mouth was so sensual that her pussy was dripping wet. She pushed two fingers in her sweet pussy and started to rub the spot her Daddy had when she squirted. She was close but she wanted to cum only when Daddy shot his cum.Ron watched as Elly worked his cock with her mouth as her right hand worked her pussy and her left pulled her nipple. Her face was glowing and contorted with lustful pleasure. He knew that she close to another massive orgasm and he wondered if she would squirt pussy juice again. Just these thoughts put him on the edge of getting his nut. His hand started rapidly stroking his cock as Elly opened her mouth. His balls jerked and a rope of sperm blasted into Elly’s mouth.Elly was thrilled when a large jet of sperm filled her mouth. It was all she needed as her teen body convulsed and puddle of girl cream was blasted from her cunt. Her mind went blank but she could feel more cum coating her face.Ron was amazed at how much sperm his balls had managed to produce. Elly happily swallowed the first massive shot that mostly landed istanbul escortlar in her mouth. Then she started orgasming as well. He watched as her pussy sprayed onto the hardwood floor. Then he watched as his second massive jet of cum landed on Elly’s right Cheek and her nose and then more cum landed on her forehead and in her red hair. Ron grabbed her head and pushed his still creaming cock back in her teen mouth where it finally gave her the last few drops. Ron looked down at her messy face as she tried to look up at him.”Do I look slutty Daddy?” Elly asked with a giggle.”Fuck yes and sexy too!” He said as he reached over for his phone and took a few pictures of her with his cum on her face.Later that night Monica arrived back home after her taboo visit with her Daddy and her newly discovered half-sister. As she pulled in driveway she noticed that the Taylor house had all the lights out. She wondered if the temptation she had put in Ron’s mind had moved that developing taboo relationship forward.Then her thoughts turned to Brad. He was so sweet and his cock always ready for fun and tonight Monica wanted some fun. Her pussy was still slippery with her Daddy’s sperm in her.She opened the door from the garage into the house and walked to her bedroom. She wondered if her son would be awake and waiting for her or would she get to wake him up with a sloppy blow job. Then she heard the TV and could tell that her teen son was watching some porn. She opened the door to see him slowly stroking his nice boy cock. She began to undress and noticed the video was two men with a young looking red haired girl with many freckles and Monica thought of young Elly next door.”Mommy hopes you have some cum left for me!” She teased as she slowly removed her clothes.”I have been waiting….I did have to cum once.” He said as his eyes darted back and forth between the threesome and his sexy mom.”Mommy’s sorry baby! I will make it to you and I do have a couple of surprises for you!” Monica said as she moved between his legs and kissed his balls.Brad groaned as his mom began licking his cum filled balls. Next she kissed them and then sucked on his left nut as she looked up at him. He loved the way she teased him when they played. He then watched as she puckered her lips and gave the head of his pulsing cock a tender kiss and then she sucked the large drop of pre-cum her mouth and moaned with pleasure.”So you found a nice sexy threesome to watch or do you just like that sexy red head? She looks a little like our neighbor.” Monica said as her tongue gently rubbed the bottom of his cock.”She does and that is the main reason I have been watching. Elly is really getting hot next door. Do you think I could ever find a girl like her?” He asked.”Isn’t mommy taking care of you enough? Maybe I would get jealous if my sweet boy got a teen hottie and didn’t want me anymore!” Monica teased as she licked his cock just below the head.Brad could not stop and his stomach muscles jerked and then sperm began to spray from his cock onto Monica’s face as she squealed with delight.”That was so sexy baby! Mommy really made you shoot off!” She said as she started licking his cum from his belly and thighs. “You taste so sweet! Mmmmm mommy loves her big man’s sperm!”Brad always loved the way his mom was obsessed with his cum. Like most guys he loved seeing a woman get blasted but Brad loved it even more when Monica licked his up.”So baby what got you so hot about little Elly next door?” She asked istanbul escort as she cuddled up to him as the two men in the video did a joint facial on the girl in the video.”Mom, I want to try and date Elly. I know you said I was not allowed to date because you are afraid that I would reveal that we are lovers but I don’t think that would be an issues with her.” Brad said what he had been practicing since he returned home after watching Ron fuck Elly.”Why would she not be a problem?” Monica asked but she suspected that Brad had discovered that neighbors were also involved in taboo sex.”Because she her Dad fuck each other.” He said as his hands explored Monica’s ample tits.”And just how would my sweet innocent little man know such a naughty thing?” She asked as her hand stroked his cock which was already growing hard again.”Because I watched them through Elly’s bedroom window. She was masturbating and her dad came in and started sucking her tits. They are so small but they look so sexy. Then he started eating her pussy and then I saw the most amazing thing! Her pussy shot girl cum all over his face. It soaked him but I think he really liked the taste. Then he fucked her. It was wild seeing two people fucking.” Brad said recounting his Peeping-Tom adventure.”So you liked when she squirted?” Monica asked her excited son.”Fuck yes!” He replied as he lowered his mouth to his mom’s erect nipples.”Mmmm that feels good baby. Would you like to have a woman give you a facial like you do me?” She asked as her son tongued her tits.”Mmmm yeah!” He said as he started to go down on her.”Mommy wants you to fuck her now baby!” She moaned as she stopped him from licking her sperm filled pussy.”But mom I like to eat pussy!” He protested as she urged him to get between her legs.”I know baby but this is one of your surprises tonight. Mommy has a pussy full of sperm. This called sloppy seconds. Tell me if my pussy feels different this way.” Monica moaned as Brad did not go down in her but spread her open to see her creamy cunt.Brad placed the head of his cock at her opening and pushed. His mom was always wet but this felt so different. He liked it right away.”Wow you are so slippery it is hard to stay in but it feels great!” He moaned as he humped her pussy as his hands gripped that nice round soft ass.”Your Grandpa fucked mommy really good tonight. Can you feel his cum in me?” Monica said hotly in her son’s ear as he fucked her.”You started fucking Grandpa again! That is great! Does he know about us?” Brad asked as he now fucked her like a jackhammer.”Yes baby! Cum for mommy and make her really creamy!” Monica moaned as her body started to cum. Brad grunted as his sperm joined his grandfather’s.Brad lay on top of Monica as he felt his cock begin to slip from her now sloppy pussy.”I hope that was as good for you as me!” Monica said as Brad rolled off of her.”It was great and you can surprise me with a cream pie anytime you want.” Brad moaned as his balls tingled in satisfaction.”Well I’m glad you liked your first surprise. Now let me tell you something else; Mommy found out you have an aunt and her name is Courtney. Only grandpa, Courtney and you know that she is my half-sister and we will need to keep that secret. Do you understand?” She asked her teenage son.”I know she is fucking Grandpa too. Right?” Brad asked with a grin.”That’s right. But the other funny thing is she is going to marry Grandpa. Even better she wants to have k**s and you are going to get her pregnant.” Monica said as Brad suddenly had a new erection.Monica moved into a doggy position and soon felt Brad happily fucking her dripping pussy.To be continued….(I hope you enjoyed this little tale. There is more but I will only publish if you show your interest with a thumbs up)

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