Sex and Lies, but no videotape

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Sex and Lies, but no videotapeIf you haven’t already read the other stories previous to this one, but I hope you have, here is a quick re-cap, so far, on the surreal and sexual events of a weekend stop-over at the parental home of Jade, my girlfriend at the time.Deep breath, here we go…I had practically m*****ed Jade on the dining table, when she arrived home from work, dressed in her office clothes.We had both listened-in on her 17 year old sibling, Marcus, having sex in his bedroom with Keira, his 16 year old girlfriend.A chance encounter in the bathroom led to Marcus, whom I discovered was bi-sexual, wanking off my first time ever with another man.The next morning, while Keira was zonked out and Jade went to work, I joined him in the shower and performed my first ever hand job on another man. I was so turned on that I had to relieve myself in front of the mirror in Jade’s bedroom.The same morning, after Marcus had left the house, Keira offered up her young body on a plate (well, on the dining table, to be exact) and I gleefully accepted said offer, filling her ever so plump, little cunt with lots of my spunk.What happened after that left me rather shocked, but who was I to be hypocritical?Please read on..After the sex, Keira had returned upstairs and I set about clearing any signs of what had happened, checking the floor etc. for any suspicious stains or remnants. After I had finished, I decided that maybe I should go and meet Jade, who had left message with Keira that a new client was taking the office staff out to lunch.“Keira!!” I shouted up, from the foot of the stairs.She appeared at the top, her hair wrapped in a towel and a large, white bath towel wrapped around her torso. “Yes, dear”, she replied with a cute smile.“Did Jade mention which restaurant they were going to? I might go to meet her.”“Errm, she did mention Italian food..something called ‘Bellisma’..something or other.” She gave a slight shrug of the shoulders and raised her eyebrows.“I know where she means, the new place near the city centre. Ok, thanks..if I’m not here when you come down, you know where I’ve case she phones again.”“Okey doky, see you later..Oh, and Ryan..”I was turning away but turned back to look up at her. She dropped the bath towel and smiled while I drank in the site of her gorgeous body. Christ! I could have leaped up those stairs and ravaged her on the spot. “Behave yourself, young lady” I said with mock seriousness.“Haha, you wish!” She ran off, giggling and I went back to the kitchen, grabbing a beer before setting off to town.The bus journey usually took around twenty minutes or so, it gave me a chance to relax and close my eyes. Images and sensations swam through my mind..the awesome sight of Marcus’s hand wrapped around my cock and the juice splattering out onto the tiled floor of the bathroom, the splashing of his hot spunk against my abdomen and groin when I made him cum in the shower..the delicious, but totally wrong, fuck I had with his young girlfriend, and Jade, her beautiful face and how it would react if she discovered my actions. Feeling guilty, I rang Jade’s mobile, she was still in the restaurant, having a good time..and sounding a bit tipsy. I didn’t mention that I was on my way, I thought that it would be a pleasant surprise.The bus pulled in at the station, I disembarked amongst the throng of the other passengers, fighting my way through to the street. The city was busy, it was a Saturday afternoon and the Sun was shining, warm and hazy. I loved the city when the weather was like this, it brought out the women in their thousands, dressed to thrill in short skirts, cut-off shorts, skimpy tops and flirty Summer dresses. I remember one time, on a day such as this, I was nineteen and sat in a coffee house drinking an iced-mocha, when I noticed a stunning girl. She must have been around eighteen years old, long, dark hair, with the most güvenilir bahis siteleri delicately tanned skin I have ever seen and a face that would melt the resolve of the most ardently faithful married man. Every man in the goddamn place must have been drooling over her and she never even noticed, as far as I could tell.I was highly aroused, and with being only nineteen myself, even the sight of a well-turned ankle could give me a hard-on. I finished my drink and went to the restrooms, intending to leave a deposit of spunk in the toilet bowl whilst I still had her image fresh in my mind. Needless to say, the cubicles were already full of dirty bastards probably already doing the same thing, so I had to find the nearest public toilets and fast. Luckily, I didn’t have to travel too far and it was a blessed relief when I unzipped my pants and got my thickening cock out of them. I fantasized that the whole coffee shop, men and women alike, rounded on the girl, stripping her down to panties and bra and everyone took turns with her, sucking, fucking and filling every hole until she was left disheveled in a spunk-sodden heap over a table. I left the toilet seat covered in sticky sperm and walked out.Back to the present. I found the restaurant and decided to wait on the opposite side of the street. After about ten minutes of eying up every piece of totty that walked by, Jade and her party emerged from the premises. I was about to cross the road when I noticed her boss, Mr. Latimer, slip his arm around her waist and Jade, slightly wobbly on her high heels, slipped her arm around his and pecked him on the cheek with a small kiss. The other office assistant, Lyndsey, a well-stacked blonde of around thirty years old, followed on behind them, her arms wrapped around a guy I had never seen before, presumably the new client. I was a bit annoyed by this, she had been working for Latimer for around eight months and she never intimated any attraction to him at all. How come she was being so lovey-dovey with him? I held back, watching them get further down the street, then I followed on, all the way back to the law firm’s office. Latimer punched in the security code and they all disappeared inside. I was quite irate by now that she was doing this. Latimer was around 50 years old and the other guy, although leaner looking, was probably the same.I awaited for five minutes and decided to go inside. I knew the code (hoping that they hadn’t changed it) from the times that Jade and I had gone back after office hours to have sex, usually in Latimer’s office. The code was active and I went into the hallway. I checked the reception room, it was empty, the main office was up a flight of stairs, which I climbed quietly, trying not to breathe too heavily. At the top, I found myself in the second reception, it had some sofas in it and a neatly laid secretary’s desk, along one wall was a window that opened up into Latimer’s reception area, with his actual office glass-partitioned off at the far end. I stood at the side of the window and peered in. Against the left-hand wall sat a long, plush, white leather sofa..and on that sofa sat the client and Jade. They were kissing heavily, he had one hand tangled in her hair, the other was under her skirt, he had removed his jacket and rolled up his shirt sleeves, I could see that his hand was already getting to work in between her thighs.They broke the kiss, Jade said something, then he let go of her. She stood up and he watched, wearing a smirk on his face that I wanted to punch into oblivion, while Jade reached down and hoisted up the hem of her skirt over her panties. She was wearing her tan coloured stockings and white suspender belt with matching white panties. I heard the bastard whistle his approval, he pulled Jade closer to him and after smoothing his hands along her thighs, over her stocking tops, he slid his fingers between her legs, kaçak bahis cupping her mound in the palm of his hand and then gently squeezing it. Jade rocked on her heels, steadying herself with her hands on his shoulders while he carried on manipulating her cunt. Then, Lynsdey appeared..actually, she had been sat on the sofa under the window and I hadn’t even noticed. Latimer was also sat on it, he had his pants open and his erect cock was sticking up out of the open buttons on his shorts. Lyndsey must have been wanking him off while he watched the ‘show’.Lyndsey stood behind Jade and the client removed his hand, allowing Lyndsey to pull Jade’s panties down. She stepped out of them, Lyndsey sniffed at them, laughed and then threw them over to Latimer, who also sniffed them and promptly wrapped them around his shaft, using them to wank himself. The client sat back on the sofa, with both girls sitting on either side, rubbing their hands over his thighs and his groin area. He responded by lifting his hips up to meet them, each girl took it in turns to kiss him, deep and hungrily. They removed his belt and deftly undid his pants, drawing down the zipper, then both girls pulled them down to his ankles. He was more ‘old school’ in his choice of underwear, light blue briefs fought to contain what looked like a quite sizable erection..which proved to be the case as he raised his hips and the girls dragged his briefs down to his knees, exposing his long, thick tool which sprang up to greet them.Jade certainly didn’t need any prompting, she wrapped her fingers around it’s considerable girth and went back to French kissing him whilst tugging away on his rigid shaft. Lyndsey lowered herself down and took his fat cock head into her mouth, sucking on it and manipulating his balls with her manicured fingernails. This went on for a few minutes, all the while, Latimer was pulling on his knob, Jades panties looking decidedly unkempt as his pre-cum juices began to stain them. Actually, he had quite a good looking cock for his age. It wasn’t particularly big, but it was very straight and kind of pleasing in appearance. If he wasn’t such a twat for what he was allowing to happen to my girlfriend, I may have even considered wanking it for him.Events were hotting up on the other sofa. Jade was now straddled over the client’s telegraph pole of a cock, her back toward him, Lyndsey held him in her hand as Jade lowered herself down, the client’s big hands were holding her tiny waist, slowly his hard-on disappeared between her spread thighs, inching up into her cunt until she couldn’t go any lower. She hadn’t taken it all, she probably couldn’t, but it was enough for him, he began to lift her up and down by the waist, she had to use her hand on Lyndsey to keep herself from falling back. Lyndsey, in the meanwhile was using her free hand to jack-off the base of his cock. His balls were also enormous, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at the situation, Jade was getting more than she bargained for, that much was sure.I turned my attention to Latimer, regretfully, I had missed the fun on this side of the room. He had shot his load and his expensive jacket was drenched in white goo, I had to smile at that as he vainly tried to clean it up with Jade’s panties. Speaking of my beloved, I could now hear her moans through the thick glass, I couldn’t tell from her face if she was in pain or pleasure..or that the client had picked up the pace and was literally jacking himself of using her slender body. Jade’s blouse was now ripped open and Lyndsey, who I assume must have done it, pulled Jade’s bra up to expose her bouncing tits and helped herself to a mouth full of nipple. Her hand was still tickling the client’s substantial ball sack. Jade’s moans began to reach ear-splitting intensity, thanks to this new attention her body was getting from Lyndsey’s succulent lips. Maybe she never knew of illegal bahis her work colleague’s lesbian tendencies, but it was something I had guessed at before now. I’d even fantasized in the past about catching the two of them in some compromising situation and, as they begged me not to reveal their secret, I had coerced them both into a no holds barred threesome. I spent many a night draining my cock over that one.But here we were, and it was not how I imagined it would be. My girlfriend was teetering on the brink of an explosion..make that ‘teetered’..because she had now fallen off the edge of composure and was screaming the place down, making it quite obvious that to all that she was having an enormous orgasm. Once her thrashing around had died down she lost all rigidity and flopped back onto the client, his cock slipped out of her sopping cunt. No worries there, as Lyndsey took over, wrapping it in her hand, proceeding to give him her best wank technique and attaching her lips to Jade’s mouth while she did so. The guy must have been in seventh heaven heaven! His cock soaked in pussy juice, a skilfull set of fingers pulling on it and a lesbian side-show in front of his could he resist the urge to empty his balls all over them? The answer is, he couldn’t. He must have had a massive reserve of sperm in those balls. Rope after rope of hot stickiness splattered up Jade’s even reached her chin, for Christ’s sake!! I counted at least eight spurts, the final ones entangling themselves into her pubes. Lyndsey gave it a final pull and then massaged the shaft down to his testicles, a dribble of white fluid ran down along her fingers, which she then cleaned with her tongue and then dipped her tongue into Jade’s mouth.The show was over. Jade pulled her skirt back down and was not impressed to discover,when she got her panties back, that they were saturated with Latimer’s spunk. She tossed them into a wastebasket. He bra and blouse reinstated, she took a mirror out of her bag and straightened her hair, re-applied lipstick and mascara. Latimer and his client, now back into their business attire, disappeared into Latimer’s office. Lyndsey and Jade were in conversation and then Lyndsey also went into Latimer’s office, the door closing behind her. Through the open window shades, I saw Latimer standing in front of her, unbuttoning her blouse..the client, standing behind, pulling up her skirt.Jade made her way to the door and I ducked down behind the sofa, just in time. She stopped briefly, looking around. Jesus! could she sense someone was here..could she hear me breathing? Apparently not. She left the office. I waited for a few minutes until I got up to leave, having one more glance to check the others. Lyndsey was bent from the waist, sucking on Latimer’s lovely cock and being fucked from behind by the ever-so-lucky bastard that was their client. That’s business for you, I suppose but I was bloody annoyed with Jade. I know what I had done was unforgivable and I certainly could not confront her with this because it would not end well.I decided not to return to Jade’s house, opting to go to a bar instead. An hour later, my mobile rang, it was Jade asking where I had been. Keira had told her I had gone to meet her and she sounded nervous. I said that I must have missed her and I had spent time looking around the shops, was now in a bar and would be home later. She seemed, relieved..with that. I ordered a drink, but not alcohol as I need to think straight. What I hadn’t realized is that I had wandered into the ‘Gay’ district of the city’s pub scene but that became obvious when a guy aged around his mid forties plonked himself down next to me, smiled and introduced himself as ‘David’. He was well-dressed, manicured, obviously kept himself in shape and smelled intoxicating.“Would you like a drink?” he asked.“Already got one” I said, pointing to my iced orange juice.“Ah, not indulging in the hard stuff?”“Nah, got things on my mind.”He smiled again “Maybe I can take them off your mind, just for a while..”Well, things got better that evening, and that will have to wait for another time.

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