Servile Tenants

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“Open those legs properly! You think this is a joke? My man has been travelling all day, and needs to be welcomed warmly, with lots of loving!”

“Yes, mama!” answered the young woman docilely, throwing her legs wide apart. She squealed as Kuria thrust his thick cock all the way in.

Yunika was one of the young wives living in the single rooms of the plot, whose doors faced each other. At the far end from the entranceway was the larger house in which lived the 43 year-old woman who was kind, compassionate or harsh in turns. One never knew what to expect from her at any moment. Thus the younger women, left in the house by their husbands going to work, were thrown upon the mercies of Beatrice, the older woman. They carried out errands for her willingly, looked after her water containers, or her 6 year-old son if she was not at home when he returned from school.

Kuria hooked his arm under Yunika’s knee, lifting her leg high and opening her cunt wider. His cock could now make longer strokes which caused the young woman to scream in her ancestral language.

“Wuui, mama-yo!” She felt his cock pistoning into her with brutal strokes. Surely he had not had a woman for at least two days! He looked quite mature but his fucking belied his years. She felt him begin to thrust himself deep into her pussy and rubbing something inside there that she did not know she had. Her blood seemed to come to a boil. The heat enveloped her entire being as she hit a more violent orgasm than she had ever enjoyed.

“Ngaiiiii, wuuuiii! kartal escort She ejaculated.

“Kush, push her to another climax. Come on!” yelled Beatie.

He pulled almost out of the young woman’s cunt and gave her a number of those long unbearably sweet strokes. Then he modulated them to hit her deepest spot, causing her to feel them all over her body. Only a few strokes later she exploded into such a powerful climax she thought her hip joint would come apart. She screamed so loudly that were there any babies nearby, they would surely have woken up startled.

Now he hooked his other arm under her leg and folded her like he was going to make origami out of her. This time he stroked her very fast, like a sewing machine needle. Her moans sounded like she was riding a tuktuk over a rough road. She felt two climaxes, one after the other overtake her, yet he did not slow down.

At last he yelled, “I am comiiiinng, Darling!

“Good. Empty those balls into that young virile cunt. Give her twins, no triplets!!” yelled back Beatie.

Yunika felt his semen gush into her pussy jet after jet. She was in the midst of her own climax and beyond caring if she got pregnant by this old guy. He slowly let her legs back onto the bed, without allowing the cock to emerge. In fact he rubbed it against her cunt walls, driving her into another unexpected orgasm. They lay immobile for a minute or two before he let his deflating cock to slip out of the young pussy with a plop!

“Yaaaay,” shouted the excited Beatie maltepe escort bayan as she climbed onto Yunika, placing her gaping cunt right onto Yumika’s mouth.

“Suck me, lick me, you worthless bitch,” she commanded. The poor exhausted woman had no choice but to comply. She sucked the older woman’s outer lips and found that her cunt was already flowing with sex juices. She was ready to be fucked, thought Yunika. But she used her tongue to fuck the mature cunt, sucking the lips into her mouth, and bringing the clit into play even though she wanted to delay stimulating it until later.

“Ah, you useless specimen of a human being! Suck me harder!”

Her neck still aching, Yunika tried her best to obey. When she inveigled the thick swollen clitoris between her teeth and tongue, squeezing it and pulling it for effect, Beatie screamed, “Suck me harder, bitch!”

With renewed energy Yunika sucked the whole clit into her warm mouth, increasing the pressure. As expected she felt her mistress’ legs clamp tighter around her temples, meaning she was about to come. Younika felt her shins grabbed powerfully, nails digging into her skin.

“Ngaiiiiii! You horrible bitch, what have you done to meeeee?” Her ears, tightly held between those heavy thighs, barely heard this opprobrium. Beatrice came all over the poor girl’s face drenching her with copious juices.

“Well done, both of you,” Kush’s voice broke into the two women’s consciousness. He was lying on his side enjoying the spectacle of his Beatie escort pendik being ravished by a younger woman. Yunika was clay in the older one’s hands. He wondered how Beatrice had worked herself to the top of the food chain in that plot. All four women were subservient to her, including one who was in her late forties, with grownup children of her own. He felt sure she would try to press him under her thumb, too. As he detected that her dominance was not malicious, and that it may not be all bad, Beatie got off the younger woman.

“Darling I want you inside me now!”

He threw a questioning glance in the direction if Yunika, but Beatie slid down on the bed, opening herself to him in silent command. Grabbing his organ in his hand he advanced on the wide open, inviting cunt before him.

“Suck my boobs, bitch! Must you be told everything?” The poor harassed girl rushed to fulfil the new command. But a hand was immediately laid on her head as soon as she had the nipple in her mouth. Beatie rubbed her gently, almost lovingly.

Meanwhile, in the south Kush had inserted his cock right to the hilt, after rubbing the helmet up and down her slit. He started with those agonizingly sweet long strokes which always drove her to the edge.

She moaned loudly from the double assault. “Pull and release that nipple, Yunika!” he ordered her. At the same time he pushed himself to the farthest extent, letting the head of his cock titillate her cervical opening.

“Ngaiiiiii!” she yelled, tightening her legs about his body. He knew this meant she had hit her second climax of the evening. As the tag-team worked her, changing positions every once in a while, she came so many times that by the 30th minute since he entered her, her head fell exhausted on the pillow, her whole body sated.

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