September Night

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“They seem to really want to keep outsiders out,” I thought to myself as I drove slowly up the winding driveway to the apartment complex. It was about midnight and neither the building nor the road leading up to it was well lit. Not wanting to end up in the ditch on either side, I took my time driving up.

The headlights of my car washed over a solitary figure standing on the side of the asphalt. I pulled up to it and rolled down my window.

“You can park in one of those spaces about fifty feet down,” Thu said a little impatiently, gesturing to the right. She then came around to the passenger side and got in the car. I looked over at her but she just looked out through the windshield. It was a typical warm September night in San Rafael and Thu wore a thin brown T-shirt and matching skirt. Brown worked for her as it contrasted well against her fair skin. She looked younger than thirty-five and part of the reason was because she never tanned. But she also ran and this was evident as I looked over her lithe body.

I put the car in drive and parked in the spot she had reserved for me.

“I’m on the second floor,” she said, as she got out of the car.

I followed her upstairs to her apartment.

“It’s a small place, but I’m a small girl,” she laughed, pointing out the living room, kitchen, and bedroom. It was typical of a 1980s apartment building but I pretended to look around for the sake of courtesy.

I wasn’t sure what to do next so I just sat down on the couch. Thu had always been an enigma to me. She was Vietnamese, grew up in the Silicon Valley, and seemingly socially conservative. But the reserved façade hid a repressed Catholic side that was almost shocking.

We had dated for about a year then broken up when she moved to the coast but always kept in touch. Since our break-up we had learned a lot of things about each other that we were afraid to say when we were dating. Ironically, not being together allowed us to be more open with each other.

On one occasion over chat, I mentioned offhand that since she grew up in NorCal, it was understandable that her clothing choices were a little, and I think I used the word ‘crunchy’. I completely regretted my slip-up as it made her self-conscious, and she began to question her style. So, as a way of apologizing, for her birthday a few months ago, I bought her some clothing, and among the items were a few items from Frederick’s. Before I came to visit, I had joked that I wanted to see her in it. She had agreed on one condition: that we not have sex.

But then here we were.

Thu sat down next to me.

“Did you forget?”

I feigned surprise, “Oh right. Let’s take a look.”

She reluctantly got up and stood in front of me. She lifted up her skirt, revealing the lace pattern of her black G-string. It was low-cut and semi-see-through but other details could not be made out. Instead of immediately putting her skirt down as I expected her to, she kept the skirt up. I seized the opportunity and let my gaze linger then put my hands on her hips to examine further. I then turned her around – the two strings led to the back side and formed a Y. It was completely revealing – her ass was in full view. I swallowed slightly and kept my hands on her and examined her more closely, putting my face right up to her crotch. My breathing slowed and I was sure she could feel the warmth of my breath on her.

“You can’t see much of anything from the front,” I said.

“But everything from the back,” she said, still holding up her skirt.

“I thought it would be completely see-through,” I responded. I examined her again, pulling gently on a string until the material lifted up and I could see her shaven pussy in the half-light. A further pull revealed the two lips of skin that made my heart beat faster.

Keeping my hands on her, I spun her around again. The strings on her sides were twisted. I slowly reached around to her front until I could feel lace. My thumb and index finger crept underneath the strings and untwisted them so that they lay flat against her skin, all the while gently caressing her skin with the rest of my fingers.

On the back Y was a relatively large tag that I offered to cut off for her. Surprisingly she obliged Niğde Escort me this act of obsessive-compulsiveness as she had never been tolerant of this part of me. We walked to the kitchen where she found a pair of scissors in a drawer and handed them to me. I bent her over the kitchen counter and lifted up the back of her skirt, revealing her ass in its entirety, then as slowly and as carefully as I could, I cut off the offending tag. My heart was racing and a lump had started rising in my jeans but I pretended nothing was amiss.

“Much better,” I said, feeling her ass underneath the G-string, emphasizing her contours and the smoothness now that the tag was gone.

When we moved back to the couch, she again sat next to me. I stood her up and examined the G-string more closely, pulling it away from her at the side to reveal her freshly shaven pussy. It was beautiful, a perfect cleft with a small pussy. I asked her how it felt to wear it. She answered, “it’s comfortable but scandalous. The other one is less so…”

The other one?

I asked her to wear it. She went back into the bedroom and changed into a non-lacy G string. I wanted so much to follow her into her bedroom but took a breath and decided to let things play out. This took longer but would be more satisfying… She came back and stood in front of me. I lifted up her skirt to reveal a black triangle of cotton jersey attached to two strings that again wound around the back. I examined this one as well, straightening out the lengths of string, peering down the gaps between material and skin to catch glimpses of her pussy as a warm throbbing began to emanate from below.

“I feel so self-conscious now,” she said. “You’ll have to take off your shirt.”

I obliged.

“How does it feel compared to the thong?” I asked.

“The thong is actually less comfortable because it rides up my ass,” she said.

“But how revealing is it?” I asked.

“Not as revealing as the G-string,” she answered.

Without further prompting, she walked back to her bedroom and changed once more. She stood in front of me, only this time she didn’t bother with the skirt. I felt that I had reached the point of no return. I turned her around in my hands and ran the tips of my fingers over the edges of the material and breathed softly on it.

“This isn’t as comfortable?” I asked.

“No, not as much.”

“Then change back to the lacy thong.”

She disappeared again and then reappeared in the original thong. I again examined it methodically, lifting it up from the sides to see her cunt. This time, however, as I peeled it away from her, I could see strands of viscous fluid stretch between her pussy and the thong. They grew ever thinner as I pulled the thong away from her, until the bridge collapsed, leaving small puddles of wetness on her skin and her thong.

“I can feel that I’m wet,” she murmured.

“Only a little,” I teased.

“It’s all the touching,” she added.

“When did it start? In the kitchen?” I asked.

“No, I was fine in the kitchen. It only started here.”

I pulled the G-string down and ran my hand underneath her pussy. My fingers felt her unique wetness. She gave a slight shudder. I danced my fingers over and around her pussy then the lips.

I felt her ass a bit more forcefully and then stroked my hands to her pussy again, never penetrating but just touching lightly on her pussy and thighs.

“I’m the only one naked here. Take off your pants,” she commanded.

I did as I was told, then pulled her panties down and brought her crotch to my face. I closed my eyes and licked her with the tip of my tongue. I could taste the slightly musky scent and feel its slipperiness in mouth. I wanted more. I put my hands around her ass and pulled her in closer, probing deeper with my tongue until it found the crevice between her lips and the button underneath. I ate, softly at first then harder, triggering gasps and slight moans from her. My teeth held her lips apart gently while I flicked my tongue against her clitoris. When I felt her flow, I inserted my index finger slowly into her vagina. She closed her eyes and then reopened them when I took it out – it glistened in the dim light as I put Niğde Escort Bayan it in my mouth and sucked it.

I pushed her higher so she was sitting on the back of the couch and pulled her panties down while I began to kiss her belly, then her mons, and finally her clit. I stuck my tongue in her pussy, hearing a small gasp, then found her clitoris with my lips. Vibrating my lips, I felt her hands clutching the top of my head – at first softly then harder. I vibrated my tongue all over her clit while inserting one then two fingers in her vagina. Thu looked down and watched as my fingers disappeared into her. After several thrusts, I pulled my hand out, shiny and wet, then licked my ring finger and made concentric circles on her asshole. I brought her to my mouth and began licking the edges of her brown spot. She exhaled and I curled my tongue into a U and pushed it in. It was soon replaced with my ring finger, climbing in slowly until the nail disappeared, one knuckle, then two, then three until I felt hardness.

“You like watching it go in you,” I observed.

“I figure it’s only natural to want to look,” she responded with a smile.

Thu ran her hands down my sides to my boxers. Her hands danced over the material covering my erection, then found their way into my boxers and started tugging. Seconds later, she pulled back my boxers and I stood up quickly to climb out of them.

No distractions. I went back to my knees and continued as before. My index and middle fingers found her entrance and slowly penetrated her while my ring and little fingers slowly dilated and pushed themselves into her asshole. I looked up and saw her furrowing her brow, eyes closed, with lips slightly apart. Her breathing quickened. I thrust, softly, softly, slowly, then harder, gaining momentum, harder, harder still, until I was thrusting as hard as I could with two fingers in her cunt and two in her ass. I thrust as deep as I could until all of my fingers felt they had reached bottom. Her breathing came in high-pitched gasps, shorter and shorter… punctuated with an “Oh My God…” when she climaxed. I couldn’t tell and so kept going until she finally reached up and embraced me, face dripping with sweat, trembling uncontrollably…

“I… can’t… catch… my… breath…”

She lay in my arms and I caressed her back gently. The throbbing in my boxers slowly began to subside.

A few minutes later, she let go of me, and motioned for me to stand up. She then crouched down to a kneeling position, grabbed my dick with her left hand, cupped my balls with her right, and took me in her mouth. She sucked my cock, from the head, down the shaft, to the base. She pushed me back onto the couch and then dove down to lick my balls one at a time. I exhaled deeply, aroused by the exhilaration I felt from the sensation of her tongue on my scrotum. When I thought I would climax, she stopped then licked my taint and then darted her tongue in my ass – first, short, quick thrusts like a snake, then she let it linger. I was getting too close so I got up.

I turned her around so we were facing away from each other. While Thu took the length of my cock in my mouth, I ate her pussy out again, this time with more vigor. I pushed my tongue in as deeply as I could then wiggled it around, front to back, left to right. She let out a gasp, arched her back, and took her mouth off my dick. I turned her over again so she was reclining on the couch. My right hand found her pussy again and began to rub it vigorously. Thu spread-eagled herself to offer her body up to me. As the waves of pleasure began to take root, I took off her T-shirt and ripped open her bra, watching her breasts and nipples spill out from their constraints. With my fingertips, I reached up the contours of her breasts and gently squeezed her nipples. I knew she was greedy for stimulation so I kept thrusting and thrusting into her pussy and ass, while sucking and biting on her nipples. I was losing my angle and so pulled her up so she was on all fours. I stopped momentarily and reached down to grab my dick. I rubbed the head against the fabric overlying her pussy. Thu opened her eyes, turned her head around slightly, and smiled… I gently lifted the Escort Niğde G-and directly rubbed my dick over her groin. I almost couldn’t stop myself and took a deep breath, remembering what I had agreed to.

I licked my fingers, and went back to inserting them into her pussy. I began to pulse my fingers, hearing the sloshing noise as I repeatedly pumped my hand into her. Within a minute, I could feel her body tensing up so I kept thrusting my hand deeper into her wetness and reached over her to suck on her nipple. Thu pulled my head to her chest, then reared her head back and writhed violently until her whole body seemed to spasm.

“Oh My God! Oh My God!” she reached orgasm again, sending shudders down her body.

She lay limp like a rag doll.

“I can’t feel my fingers.”

“They’ll come back,” I teased.

“Can you stay the night?”

“I’m not sure.”

“Please stay. Nothing will happen. I’ll be ok.”

I picked her up in my arms and took her to the bedroom.

We fell asleep at one point but I awoke in the middle of the night with an erection. I pushed myself up on her so that my penis was in line with her face. Surprisingly, she was wide awake. She teased a smile, then took my member in her mouth and tongued the head like an ice cream cone.

I turned her over and fucked her with my tongue and hands – at one point thrusting almost my entire hand into her pussy. While one hand was in her pussy, I put the index finger of my other hand in her ass. It was angry and passionate and filthy all at the same time.

“I want you so bad,” she said and directed the head of my cock to her pussy lips, “just put it in for a little bit,” she assured me.

“No,” I said, “If I do, I’ll fuck you until I come.”

“Come in my mouth,” she offered.

“Will you swallow?”

“I’ll do it for you.”

I put my dick in front of her face again and she took me in her mouth. I put my hands on her head and she gulped further down, until my mouth reached the base of my penis. She tapped me on the side and pulled herself off me, coughing and gasping for air. When she finished, I took my dick in my hand rubbed it over her mouth and cheeks.

We fell asleep again.

What seemed to be minutes later, I woke up suddenly. Thu had climbed on top of me and was straddling me.

“I want you,” she said, “Just let whatever is going to happen, happen…”

I was still trying to wake up when Thu bent forward at the waist and grabbed my penis with her left hand. Before I could stop her, she had maneuvered it to her cunt and had taken up half my length. “Ohhh…” she gasped. I put my hands on her shoulders and pushed her down. Another gasp and I was completely inside her. She began rocking slowly, extending her back so that her nipples tilted towards the ceiling. I reached up and began sucking one, then the other. After a few more thrusts, I came out of her and pushed her down on the bed. She wrapped her legs around me as I rammed my dick into her. Five minutes later, we changed again, this time into the doggy position. I gave her a few pumps in her pussy and then pulled out my dick and holding onto it, pushed it slowly into her ass without telling her. “Fuck,” she swore as she tried to maneuver out of the position but I followed her where she went, and kept my dick in her. She started to say something else but then relaxed and began to sway in rhythm as I began to thrust into her ass…

My alarm woke me at 6:30 and I began to get dressed for a meeting I had in the city. She was still naked. As I sat on the edge of the bed, she began feeling my dick through the boxers, then pulling it out and sucking it. It’s difficult to keep getting dressed when that happens.

With an inordinate amount of willpower, I got up and walked to the living room where I retrieved the rest of my clothes. Thu came out to join me, only now she was wearing the G-string. We looked at each other in the hallway mirror. It looks pretty hot, she said, leaning back on me while I toyed with her nipples and dove my hands into her G-string. I inserted a finger in her then pulled her up so that her legs were on my hips.

“Still hot,” she said, reaching down to rub my erection. She got down and unbuckled my pants and started sucking my cock. I just watched her head bob up and down in the mirror. Pants and boxers around my ankles, I lifted her up again so that her pussy was at the same level as my dick. I could feel it pushing against the lacy material…

I never made it to my meeting.

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