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(Usual Disclaimer Time: Even though this story almost entirely takes place in a high school setting, all the characters in this story are 18 years old or older, and since we’re living in the wide wonderful world of porno-land here, where clichés roam free and things might get a little unrealistic from time to time, please remember it’s all in good fun. This story is highly serialized, and if you want to get all the story beats I’ll recommend reading everything up to Chapter 19, but if you’re just here for the sex, it’s still quite fun and I did my best to make all the story beats somewhat accessible to first time readers.)

(Author’s Note 1: I’d like to again thank MisterWildCard for acting as a second set of eyes on this chapter and for his honest editing and fantastic suggestions. Please check out his story, “Brooke’s Wild Ride” in Erotic Couplings, as it acts as a canonical side story to Senior Year Memories starring Regan Hills High’s favorite blonde cheerleader.)

(Author’s Note 2: To all of my faithful Senior Year Memories readers (and anyone who’s just stumbling into this for the first time, hi, welcome, hope you enjoy!), today I present to you another spin-off story with a character I’ve wanted to use again for the longest time but never found a way to work into the story proper. If you want to know exactly when it happens, I don’t have a canonical answer, but it will be referencing points made up to Chapter 19 and take place during SYM’s winter season. As always, I hope you enjoy!)


My name is Ryan Collins. If you already know me, fantastic, pull up a chair and feel free to continue on with my adventures. If you don’t, here’s a little backstory to catch you up.

I turned 18 right before my senior year at Regan Hills High School, and because I was an almost friendless nerd I expected it to be a year like any other.

To my surprise, it’s been anything but.

I thought I was doing a simple favor for my favorite teacher when I agreed to tutor cheerleader Kaitlyn Pruitt. Kaitlyn was an old friend I hadn’t talked to since we were little, ridiculously hot, and a major league bitch who didn’t want anything to do with tutoring. She offered me a handjob as a way out, and being that I’d never so much as touched a girl before, I took her up on it.

She didn’t count on me having a ten-inch long and very thick cock.

I didn’t count on her being so enamored with it.

The two of us had sex, and while that should’ve been the end of it, it wasn’t. You see, Kaitlyn had friends, and those friends had friends, and my reputation sort of started to grow. I got to fool around with cheerleaders, teachers, Goths, band geeks and gamers and everything in between. I knew Regan Hills High had some of the hottest girls I’d ever seen, I just never knew how many there were. And how creative they were. It’s been a year run by cliché and happenstance, and I’m willing to call myself a lucky fucking guy for the crazy experiences I’ve had.

I’ve had a lot of fun this year, made a lot of friends. Even found a girlfriend, who may be the kinkiest girl in a school full of kinky girls.

I’ve made some mistakes too, lost my best friend. That one still hurts.

The bottom line: I had a lot of adventures this year, some of which I haven’t found a good way of fitting into my main story but still deserve telling.

This is one of those stories.


Generally, I’ve learned to seize opportunities when they come. After a lifetime spent thinking I wasn’t good enough or that nothing good would ever come my way, senior year had taught me to seize the day. Sometimes that wasn’t always the best approach, but more often than not I’d been rewarded for taking chances.

Sometimes, though, an enticing opportunity came up that gave me pause, because I had to weigh the pros and cons of something that could potentially blow up in my face.

Take the e-mail I received on that cold and wet Friday in winter.


I hope this message finds you well. I’ve been thinking a lot about what happened between us back in November, the good and the bad. Though I could have done without the bad, I believe that ultimately more good than bad has come from it. Don has shown remarkable restraint in remaining faithful while vehemently encouraging me to take advantage of the “hall pass” he’s granted me so I can better make up for the time he cheated on me.

Well, today I’m going to finally take advantage of that. I’ve gotten a room (# 402) at the Pinewood Hotel in Blair Valley, and will be there tonight after 5:30. I’m content to have the room to myself if I must, let Don’s imagination run wild with what I might be doing, but if you’re available I would enjoy your company. More if you’d be willing.

I know things between you and Tori have been strained of late, and I’ll understand if that causes you to turn down my offer. I’m sorry that what transpired at Thanksgiving damaged your friendship as severely as it has, but I’m not sorry about what we did. You showed me more compassion and excitement than Niğde Escort I’ve received in a long time, and we were two consenting adults who found a way to bring some happiness into each others’ lives on an otherwise bad day. God knows there could certainly be more happiness going around these days. Tori may not approve, but since when does she completely rule our lives?

I hope to see you, but if I don’t, I hope you have a lovely day.



Lauren McNeil. Mother of my former best friend Tori. I won’t go into agonizing detail about what happened, since I’ve gone over that one at length in my main story and don’t want to linger on it any longer than I have to, but the short version’s this:

Tori was my best friend, and I had a crush on her. I maybe also had a bit of a crush on her mom growing up, since she was hotter than hell. After my senior year got as crazy as it did, Tori and I had sex and I told her I loved her. She said she didn’t want to be in a relationship with me, which I thought I was fine with, but when she wound up falling for a girl she met on Halloween, April Martel, I didn’t handle things as well as I might’ve.

Mrs. McNeil was there to comfort me after I didn’t take this news well, and since she was nursing her own bad news at the time with her husband, Don, cheating on her, we both kind of fell together and had sex. It was awesome, and certainly inventive, even if we both knew it was a terrible idea.

Flash forward to Thanksgiving, and I’d also befriended Tori’s older sister, Rachel, and with one thing leading to another in the way my crazy life goes (and because I really liked Rachel), I wound up having sex with her at the McNeil house while Thanksgiving dinner was still in the oven. Tori found out I’d had sex with her mom and her sister and… well, things didn’t end on a happy note. Tori and I weren’t friends anymore, and I’d stopped holding out any serious hope that I’d hear from her.

I still fooled around with Rachel sometimes on Skype, but Mrs. McNeil… Lauren (it was so hard to know what to call her in my head sometimes after what we’d shared), she was another issue entirely, one that I wasn’t sure I knew how to handle.

Unlike Rachel, who was more than a state away, Lauren lived only a matter of blocks away from me. I’d been over to her house almost as much as my own when I was growing up, and after we’d had sex I couldn’t pretend I didn’t want her anymore. I hadn’t made any move to reconnect with her because I didn’t want things to get any worse with Tori, but with things with her about as bad as they could get…

The e-mail gave me a lot to think about.

I had a rare Friday without plans, and memories of what had happened between Lauren and me back in November swimming in front of my eyes (made easier by the pictures of her in the Senior Year Memories album on my phone), I had to pro-con the situation to decide.

Pro: The sex would be great

Con: If she found out, Tori would want to kill me

Pro: Tori was already about as mad at me as she could get, so I doubted it could get any worse

Con: If she found out, Tori would want to kill me

Pro: I really liked Mrs. McNeil; she was fun to hang out with and talk to, and it had been a while since we’d last talked

Con: If she found out, Tori would want to kill me

Pro: The sex would be really, really great

Con: If she found out, Tori would want to kill me

It was a tough call, but let’s be honest, you knew coming in here how this story was going to go, didn’t you?


Okay, so, fun fact. Contrary to popular belief, even down here in Southern California we have seasons. They’re random and they don’t behave like they do pretty much anywhere else in the country, but they do exist. They even come in their own flavors: mild and apocalyptic.

The winter rainstorm that came as I rode my bike over to the Pinewood Hotel in Blair Valley fell under that apocalyptic description. It was cold, the drops were heavy and came in sheets, and as usual in this area, once it began to rain people on the roads lost their fucking minds. How I survived the half hour ride to Blair Valley is the kind of arduous adventure that Tolkien or Martin would talk about in lengthy detail, but since that’s a voyage I’d rather forget I’ll forego it in favor of getting to the part of this story I much prefer to remember.

The Pinewood Hotel was, on the outside, much less quaint and cozy than its name would imply and was more a five story, gray business hotel for on the go travelers who wanted to be near but not too near an airport. Though I got some odd glances as I chained my bike up underneath an overhang outside and walked through the lobby while soaked to the bone and shivering, I walked with enough purpose that nobody tried to slow me down or stop me.

Still dripping and half-frozen and telling myself that this had better be worth it, I rode the elevator to the fourth floor and found Room 402.

I knocked, and seconds later when the door Niğde Escort Bayan opened, I knew that this trip had been entirely worth it.

“Oh my god, Ryan! Tell me you didn’t ride your bike here!” Lauren McNeil said, her eyes wide as she looked me up and down.

While this would have been a perfect time for a witty retort, seeing her always had a way of taking my breath away.

Though in her early 40s, Mrs. McNeil took really good care of herself through a regular regimen of yoga and running. Matching my 5’11” height, her face had a youthful beauty to her that had always made her a lot more relatable than most moms. With flawless, porcelain pale skin and long, straight red hair that went to her middle-back, she was as stunning as ever. Though wrapped in a fluffy white bathrobe, it did little to hide the insane body I knew was there. DDD tits and an amazing, round bubble butt, all accompanied by a tight, fit body…

Yeah, she left an impression.

When words finally found me, I said, “I won’t tell you that, then.”

“Please, come in, come in!” she said, taking me by the wrist and guiding me inside, closing and locking the door behind us. For how Spartan the hotel appeared, it was a nice room with a king-sized bed, a large flat screen TV and windows that looked out over a dark and stormy Blair Valley.

She continued, If I’d have known you’d have tried to bike today, I’d have driven over, or sent you an Uber. Why didn’t you get a ride?”

“It’s surprisingly hard to grab a ride on a Friday?” I said, not wanting to admit that I just hadn’t thought of asking for a ride.

“Well… that was foolish, but thank you for coming,” she said, pulling me into a soft, warm hug. It was a warmth I liked, the kind that reminded me of good days before things had gotten complicated between us. Realizing I didn’t mind the complications that much, especially with how welcoming and familiar the hug felt, I returned the hug with as much warmth as I was capable of.

“You’re freezing, aren’t you?” Mrs. McNeil said, letting me go.

“Little bit,” I admitted.

She laughed. “I know I wanted to bring you here to seduce you, but when I suggest you strip down and take a shower now, that’s the mom in me talking. We need to warm you up so you don’t freeze to death in my hotel room (housekeeping would pitch a fit, wouldn’t they?); get you under some hot water so you’ll feel like a new man. Does that sound good?”

It sounded better than good, but I repeated, “Little bit.”

“Come on,” she said, wrapping her arm around my shoulder.

She looked good. She felt good. Fuck, she even smelled good.

I couldn’t help but lean in and kiss her. It surprised her, briefly, but she soon kissed me back eagerly. Our tongues briefly grazed one another, tasting, probing, with no urgency or franticness and only a fondness and warmth for one another exchanged. It could have gone on longer, led to something more immediate, but with as much time as we wanted before us and no chance for interruption, there was something unhurried to it that I really liked.

Smiling at me, Mrs. McNeil said, “Come on, hop in the shower; I’ll figure out something to do with those wet clothes.”

“Thanks,” I said gratefully, taking off my jacket and walking toward the bathroom.


She was right: standing under the spray of hot water really did make me feel like a new man. I don’t know how long I was under the hot, steamy spray, but I was enjoying the nice, large shower/tub combo her hotel room had to offer. When I might have felt shaky and uncertain when I got here, a little time spent in the heat made me feel more like myself again.

Her kiss lingering on my lips brought back memories I really liked, and even if I’d been crazy to ride here, it all of a sudden felt very worth it.

I thought back to our encounter back in November. We had a good time. A really good time. The kind of time that brought my erection to life in all its glory. I really wanted to touch myself, but had to remember that Mrs. McNeil was there waiting in the next room, looking for-

The bathroom door opened. I looked through the clear shower curtain as Mrs. McNeil stepped in, closing it behind her.

“Wow, you’ve really worked up some steam in here,” she said.

“They’ve got good water here,” I said, trying to sound cool with my newfound vigor and confidence and utterly failing.

“Any chance you’d want an old lady to help you heat things up even more?” she said.

“You’re not old; you’re a goddess. And yes, I’d enjoy the company,” I replied.

“Oh, you’ve still got that silver tongue,” she said with amusement, dropping her bathrobe to the floor. When I’d first gotten in, part of me suspected that she wasn’t wearing anything underneath, but seeing all of her pale, toned and absolutely naked body revealed… it was quite nice. Her DDD tits with their large, thick nipples and wide pink areolas looked positively mouthwatering, while the warm pink lips of her pussy were topped with a well-trimmed landing Escort Niğde strip of fiery red hair.

“You know where you want me to put that tongue?” I asked, turning so she could better see my hardness.

Giggling softly, she slid the shower curtain to the side, climbed inside and said, “I can think of a few ideas…”

I closed the curtain while she stepped under the water, her pale skin flushing almost immediately as the hot spray coursed down her body. She ran her hands through her hair, making sure to get completely soaked, before turning with an impossibly sexy look. Looking so luscious my cock may have even grown a little bit extra, she bit her lip softly.

I couldn’t say who made the first move, but we were in each others’ arms in a flash, her tits pressed against my chest as my cock rested against her belly, the two of us making out furiously as months of pent up frustration and desire for more time together burst out at once. Our hands roamed over our bodies, though I couldn’t help but grab her sweet, sweet ass. It was the perfect mix of soft and tight, utterly delectable, the kind of ass I wanted to bury my face in until she screamed (and, who knew, we might make that happen).

Mrs. McNeil rolled until her back was against the wall, then reached down and gently grabbed my cock, lining it up with the tightness of her pussy. I didn’t need any further instruction, thrusting upward slightly and burying almost my entire length in her tight, hot, wet cunt.

“Fuck!” she groaned, grabbing my ass and pushing me even further until I was buried completely inside her. “Fuck I needed this, fuck I’ve wanted this… fuck, fuck that’s so fucking amazing!”

“You’re not so bad yourself,” I said, savoring her wet warmth, lingering on how much like home it truly felt. “You’re really wet.”

Smiling, Mrs. McNeil kissed me. “Absolute honesty: I didn’t know if you’d be coming here or not, so once I checked in, I got naked and spent some quality time with my Hitachi. My goal was to cum so many times tonight, tomorrow and Sunday morning that I lost count whether you came here or not.”

Playfully, she squeezed my cock with her pussy muscles. In response, I slowly started thrusting in and out of her, making her groan. She continued, “Obviously, I love my well-worn Hitachi and how it can make me cum like just about nothing else ever could, no offense, but it lacks a certain human connection. I want to be fucked by someone who knows how to use their fingers, their mouth, their… cock, but more than that, I want to be fucked by someone I care about, and respect. In short, I really want to be fucked by you, which is why I’m very, very, very glad you were able to make it here in one piece.”

“Me too,” I replied, fucking her harder against the wall.

Now, if you’ve read my story so far, you probably know that I don’t have the highest opinion in the world of shower sex. Screwing around while standing up is difficult enough as is, and with the added difficulties of everything being soaking wet and hotter than hell while trying to stand on a surface without the greatest traction, it can be less than fun. That being said, when you’ve got the right partner (especially one with some height on her so you don’t destroy your knees), it’s easy to get lost enough in the moment enough to ignore such problems.

Mrs. McNeil definitely fell under that “right partner” category.

“God, fuck me, Ryan, right there, like that, FUCK! I’ve missed this cock, I’ve really needed some serious cock like you wouldn’t believe!” she exclaimed as I fucked her against the wall.

“Well, I’ve got that!” I grunted, holding on for dear life and thrusting into her as hard as I could.

“And now you’ve got a real woman’s pussy. Best you’re, FUCK! Best you’re ever gonna find! Because I’ve got the experience, the fucking body, the skill, I’m built to fuck like none of those high school girls you’re wasting yourself on and… FUCK!” she exclaimed as I reached down behind her, pressing the tip of my finger against her asshole.

“FUCK! You know what I like!” she said, her eyes blazing as she kissed me hard.

“And I know how to give it,” I said, trying to match her level of cockiness. While normally one of the sweetest people you’d find, I’d found that Lauren McNeil had a habit of dirty trash talk when she got horny, and though I wouldn’t talk shit about any girl I’d ever been with, I was willing to encourage this for how much fun she was having. Especially when her pussy was so tight, so sweet, her body such perfection that it might just drive me over the edge here and now…

This wasn’t my ideal position for sex. I liked greater access to the body, and with someone pressed against the wall there is only so much flexibility. I was plenty warm by this point, and though I was definitely having fun, I was eager to transition us over to the bedroom for some real, serious fucking.

However, when properly motivated, I’d found my share of tricks to get things moving along.

While the two of us were properly braced against the tub, I kept one hand on her ass and dropped my other to her clit, fingering her vigorously while I continued to piston in and out of her. While she’d been moaning and crying out with ecstasy already, this only amplified her pleasure as I kept fucking her.

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