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Send-offThere wasn’t much time. He had to leave to make his flight. Back to his base. Two more years to serve. He’d spent most of his leave at the cabin with me. There wasn’t much time. He had to leave to make his flight. Back to his base. Two more years to serve. He’d spent most of his leave at the cabin with me. Helping with the work, sitting in front of the fire, fucking the living shit out of me. Relaxing.I wanted to send him off right. “Let me suck your dick one last time baby” I whispered in his ear as I nibbled it. He smiled and we kissed. Deeply, each tongue working the other. I dropped to my knees. Unbuckled his belt. Unbuttoned his jeans and pulled down the zipper. Eased them down to his calves. Back up for his boxers. His cock was already pushing it’s way toward the ceiling. I felt it with my hands and kissed it a few times through the cloth. I couldn’t get enough of that cock.I eased the boxers down slow, exposing his soft pubic hair. Not brown, not blond. In between. I gave it a kiss and rubbed my lips in it. I kissed his pleasure trail above it and went back to work on his boxers. I eased them slowly over his rapidly stiffening dick. I stopped with the waistband of the boxers holding canlı bahis şirketleri his head captive. I kissed the back of his shaft a few times and ran my tongue across it and back up to his soft hair. I looked up at him. He was smiling. Back to work. I slid the boxers past his head and his cock sprang free. He was stiff now. Stiff like only a 20 something man can be. When I think about it now, when I fantasize about that cock, I wish that my 50 plus year old cock could get that stiff again.I pulled his boxers down to his calves above the jeans and got busy. I stroked him with my right hand and rubbed his head gently with the fingers of my left hand. A tiny bit of clear precum appeared; my cue to start using my mouth. I slid my right hand down to the base of his shaft, took his head between my lips and ran my tongue across his head. The precum was delicious. I decided to make more before I made him cum. I stroked slowly and sucked gently, rolling my tongue under his glans and around side to side. His cock was too big for me to get much of it into in my mouth. Christ, it was hard to get it in my ass when he first got to the cabin. But he’s a patient, gentle man and he eased canlı poker oyna me into it. Me on my belly, ass in the air, him on his knees behind me. Him pushing, me trying to relax the muscles more and more. Thinking about the first time he finally eased it past my ass muscles and deep into me makes my dizzy.I ran my lips across the sides of his shaft and then took him back in. Sucking again gently and rolling my tongue. He tasted wonderful, clean and sweet. I pulled back and stopped stroking. Kissed his pubic hair some more, then lifted his cock away and began working his balls, Talk about beautiful, they hung long and he let me shave them so they were as smooth as silk. I took each into my mouth and rolled on it. He moaned. He liked that.After a few minutes I returned to his cock to find my prize. The pause had done the trick, precum was oozing from him. “I’m sorry baby but we have to hurry a little” he whispered. I looked up and smiled, and then got back to work in earnest. It was time to finish him off. I began stroking a little faster and with a longer throw, bringing my hand right up to his glans on every stroke. I wrapped my lips around him and sucked gently, taking him as deep perabet güvenilir mi as I could when I stroked toward his belly and rolling my tongue on his glans when my stroke came back to his head. I increased the tempo as his moans became louder.The rhythm was hypnotic. He began to pump in time and his hips and thighs began to quiver and tighten. He was good to me, he always warned me when it was going to happen even though I had a pretty good idea. This time was no different. “I’m cumming”. I stopped pulling my lips back quite as far and kept him deeper. His hips began to jerk and his cock stiffened and he blew into the back of my throat. Hot and thick. His ate a lot of fruit and not much fat and it made his cum kinda sweet. Or maybe it’s just me, maybe I love that cock and that cum so much that I it would be sweet no matter what. There wasn’t as much cum in this load as there had been when he first arrived. I’d been having a steady diet of his cum for a few days. We had sucked and fucked every chance we got. I’d been his bitch, my mouth and ass were his playgrounds. When he said go we went, And he said go a lot. When I was sure that I’d taking it all in I stood up and we kissed again. Long and deep, his hands on the sides of my face. I ran my hands under his shirt and rubbed his chest and nipples. “I wish I didn’t have to go” he looked in my eyes. It was gonna be back to the dildo for me for a while, fantasizing about the next time he came back on leave.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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