Selling Shoes And More II

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It had been six days since my wife and I met Dan in a Walmart parking lot to complete our first sale of her worn black heels. We’ve had sex every night but it felt very different. My wife’s pussy was still stretched from taking almost all of his 10″ monster cock.This was a stressful week at work. One more day, just one more day I kept telling myself. I decided to call my wife on my way home from the office. Normally, I like the ten minutes of quiet ride to listen to the local sports radio talk, but I was hoping she would cheer me up.”Hello,” she answered.”Hey, how’s my sexy wife doing?” I asked.”Haha, very funny. I’m good, just busy,” she said.”Oh is that right? What are you busy with?” I pressed.”Well…you’ll be happy to know that I’m at the salon getting a pedicure right now!” she answered excitedly.What the hell, I thought, she never goes for a pedicure!She must have heard my jaw drop and took my silence as a sign to remind me.”Don’t you remember we’re going to see Dan again tomorrow for dinner and some fun?” she questioned.”Ah that’s right, I completely forgot. It’s been a crazy week,” I offered as an answer. Only slightly disappointed that the choice for a pedicure was most likely with Dan in mind and not me.”It’s only one night babe, you’ll have your time with them too,” she naughtily suggested.I replied, “You know me too well. So, what color did you go with?””Dan wanted a french tip this time,” she said, suggesting her and Dan have had some form of contact between the last meeting and now.I played it off as nothing.”Sounds great. I’m sure they look sexy.””Gotta go, see you soon!” she hung up.I arrived home shortly after our call and immediately went to my in-home bar to make a cocktail. The Brandy old-fashioned tasted extra good. I turned on the TV to try and distract all the thoughts racing in my mind. Before I knew it, I was up and mixing my second drink. Almost as I finished that glass, my wife pulled into the driveway.I opened the garage entry door and waited for her. I watched as she hopped out of our SUV and tiptoed to the door wearing those silly pedicure slide-ons. As she approached she gave me a huge smile and greeted me with a kiss on my cheek. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her little feet pitter-pattering towards me. The french tips looked perfect on her toes.My wife continued into the kitchen and set down her purse. I casually walked up behind her and wrapped my arms around her, pushing my hardening cock into her lower back.”Ah-ah,” as she moved away slightly, “no funny business tonight.””Oh come on,” I pleaded, “I need some release here.””You’ll have to wait until tomorrow….maybe,” she insisted.With that, she slid her feet out of the flimsy slide-ons and walked to the bar herself and poured a glass of wine.I eventually joined her on the couch and turned on a movie. We both dozed off and I remember waking up and checking my phone for the time. It read 12:25 am. I nudged my wife slightly and we made our way up the stairs to the bedroom.My wife fell asleep quickly, but I was now trapped with thoughts of how tomorrow night was going to go. I tossed and turned for the next four hours and felt awful when my alarm sounded at 6:00 am.I decided I was not going into the office today. I stayed home and slept on and off, finally getting out of bed at 11:30 am. I lazily walked down to the kitchen to find a note on the table. It seemed my wife ran out to do some shopping and she would be back around 1:00 pm.I decided to take advantage of the empty house and sat on the couch. I turned the TV on, but it was just background noise. My mind kept replaying the images of my wife with Dan last week and my cock was starting to engorge. I slid my right hand into my shorts and gave myself a few strokes. Almost cumming, I had to stop myself.I sat still for a few minutes, trying to clear my head when I noticed my wife was home early. This time, I watched from the window as she walked to the house. She looked beautiful dressed in her slightly ripped jeans, black top, and black and white Nike tennis shoes. I noticed she had two bags in her hands along with her purse.I stood up as she walked in and we kissed. She reminded me we were leaving at 2:00 pm to make the hour drive to meet Dan at the restaurant. I looked at the time and realized I had almost two hours to kill.My wife, on the other hand, announced she was going up to start getting ready. I watched as she went up the stairs and disappeared into our bedroom. I went to the kitchen to get some coffee when I heard the water running. I took a few sips, helping to rejuvenate both my mind and body.I finished my coffee and went to check on my wife. I peeked my head into the master bathroom and saw her soaking in the tub. I walked in.”Hey, how are you feeling,” I asked her.She smiled, “Pretty good, what about you?””I’m good if you’re good,” was my response.”We don’t have to go if you don’t want babe. It’s ok,” she answered.”Are you kidding me? Last time was so hot and sexy… not to mention getting sex every night after…” I trailed off.”Ok good! I was hoping you’d say that because I really want Dan to fuck me again!” my wife said.I smiled and nodded at my wife, walking out of the bathroom. I grabbed my clothes and set them in our spare bedroom. I then hopped in the shower in the other full bathroom.For the big night, I made sure I trimmed and shaved the hairs on and around my balls. Had to make sure I was ready just in case.Since the weather was rather warm for a fall evening I decided on wearing a pair of gray golf pants, a black button-up short sleeve shirt and my dress-casual black shoes.Out of the shower, brushed my teeth and fixed my hair. I was ready to go.The time was 1:30. I approached the bedroom door, it was closed. I reminded my wife we had about thirty minutes. She yelled back she was almost done. I had no idea what to expect to see her wearing. I went back downstairs and waited.About fifteen minutes after, I heard our bedroom door open. My wife slowly walked down the stairs holding a small gift bag. I took her in with every step.My wife was dressed in a black halter dress. It had a strap over her left shoulder, but her right shoulder was bare. Her light brown hair was straightened and sitting perfectly just below her shoulders. She doesn’t wear much makeup, but tonight she had some on. Rus Escort İzmir The eyeliner and eye shadow really made her green eyes pop.I eyed her up and down… finally noticing what I assumed were black pantyhose, and bright red 4″ heels to top off her look. Wow, was all I could think.I escorted my lovely wife to the car and we began our drive. At this point, I wasn’t sure who was more excited, her or me. On our ride there, we made some small talk about odd-end things. I think we were both trying to avoid talking about tonight.Finally, after almost an hour of driving, we arrived at the restaurant parking lot. We made great time, it was 2:51 pm.As I pulled in, I noticed only a handful of vehicles in the lot. However, we did notice Dan’s truck parked right up front. I pulled into the spot right next to his and turned off the car. I exited and walked around, opening the door for my wife.”Such a gentleman,” she commented.She climbed out and fixed her dress. I took her arm in mine and we walked to the doors. My wife entered first as I followed behind, taking glances of her little butt swaying in her dress. The host greeted us, my wife letting her know we were meeting Dan. She advised us to follow her and we made our way through the dimly lit restaurant. It was more of a supper club, really.We turned a corner at the end of the bar and noticed Dan waiting for us in a half-circle booth. He stood up and welcomed both of us, a kiss on my wife’s extended hand and a firm handshake for me. As we joined him, my wife scooted in first, next to Dan, with me on the end. Almost immediately, the waitress greeted us and got our drink orders.Was she cute, I thought. She had to be no more than twenty-three years old. Long blonde hair, blue eyes, and petite. I would guess she was slightly taller than my wife, maybe 5’3″. I couldn’t help but notice her little black skirt and top, and especially her black boots that came up to just under her knees. It really made me curious to know what she was wearing under them.My wife handed Dan the gift bag. “Here you go, a deal’s a deal,” my wife said.Dan opened the bag and pulled out a pair of my wife’s well-worn tan slide-ons. Dan instantly raised one up to his face, inhaling the aroma.”Mmm, they smell delicious,” he whispered.My wife giggled, “These are on the house from last week.”The little tease ended quickly with our waitress returning so soon with our drinks. Dan was able to hide the shoes before she could see. We all toasted and took our first sips of the night. Dan and my wife proceeded to reminisce about last week when Dan told her he had a surprise for tonight. Almost on cue, another gentleman approached our table. Dan introduced him as one of his investing partners, Brian.Brian shook my hand and then shook my wife’s. He squeezed in on Dan’s end of the booth, forcing my wife closer to me, which I absolutely didn’t mind. I put my left hand under the table and gave my wife’s right thigh a light squeeze. It felt so silky smooth with her pantyhose.Dan continued on with telling us how long he’s known Brian, blah blah blah. I started to tune him out, noticing our waitress was coming back again. As I gave her a smile, I overheard Dan telling my wife that Brian really wanted to meet us tonight after Dan had told him what happened last Friday.Our waitress must have overheard because she replied, “Ooh, what happened last Friday?”My wife turned red with embarrassment and shot a look at me. Dan, ever the gentleman, responded, “Oh, well, that’s just when I happened to meet these two lovely people.””Hm ok, sounds like there’s more to it, but what do I know,” she answered back. “Are you all ready to order or do you need a few more minutes?””Maybe just a few more minutes,” I suggested.She smiled and nodded to me and then turned and walked away. I watched her tight little ass disappear. My wife took notice and gave me a playful slap on my arm.”So, what exactly did you tell Brian?” my wife asked Dan.”Everything,” Brian chimed in.”Sorry,” Dan said, “I was so blown away I had to tell someone.””Well, this could be a very interesting evening,” my wife said teasingly.I gave Brian and Dan a smile and knowing nod.Dinner went off without much excitement and the drinks were strong. It seemed our waitress was either really into our table, or she was bored with the restaurant being slow. She joined many of our random conversations, gave me a few playful touches, and even some extra smiles. We also found out her name was Christa. She was single, and twenty-two.As she dropped off the check, my wife mentioned she had to use the restroom. Christa, our waitress, instructed my wife where it was. My wife stumbled in that direction. The four of us had a laugh, realizing the vodka-water drinks had caught up with her. My wife turned around and gave us all a big smile. She then lifted her left leg up and pulled her red heel off her foot. She repeated the same with her right heel.”I can’t walk in these damn shoes!” she said rather loudly.”Here, let me hold them for you,” Christa said, walking towards my wife.My wife handed her the heels. “Don’t let any of those guys near them,” she warned. She walked off to the restroom.Christa brought the heels over to the table. “Wow, these are so small, what size are they?” she asked out loud.I answered, “should be a six.”Christa raised up one of the heels and turned it a bit, looking at the inside.”It says 6.5,” she said, “that’s my size!”Dan’s response was exactly what I was thinking.”Well, why don’t you try them on, sweetie?” he suggested.”I can’t, I’m working. My manager would kill me,” Christa said.”Oh come on. It will only take a minute, besides there’s practically no one else here but us,” Dan said.Christa took a quick look around and then told me to move over.I scooted over to my left, giving her enough room to sit next to me. She reached down and unzipped her right boot. My cock was starting to harden in my pants. I peeked over her left shoulder and noticed she was wearing tall black socks. She quickly slid her foot into my wife’s heel.She held her foot up slightly, turning it side to side. Dan, Brian and I all ooh’d and aah’d as if she was modeling it for us. She then slid it off, put her boot back on and left the heels on the floor next to me. She took the check and payment izmir otele gelen escort from Dan and walked away.Dan got up next and said he needed to use the restroom as well before we headed out. Brian and I made some small talk for a few minutes. I was starting to get a little worried about my wife not being back yet. That worry was answered shortly after when Christa returned with Dan’s credit card.She leaned in, close to my right ear.”I think your wife is cheating on you,” she whispered.I pulled my face back slightly, turning it towards her. I gave her a puzzled look.”I just walked past the restroom and it sounded like she was having sex in the stall,” she continued whispering.I looked across the table, Brian was grinning ear to ear. He heard what she was telling me.I figured now was the time to tell Christa here what we were up to tonight.”Well, first, thank you for letting me know, but,” I continued, “she’s not cheating on me. I actually enjoy sharing her with other men.”Christa’s jaw dropped open.”Have you ever heard of the term ‘hotwife’?” I asked her.She shook her head no.”What time do you get done here tonight?” I asked.”9:00, why?” she answered.”You should stop over by Dan’s tonight. We’re going to go hang out and have a few drinks, see what happens,” I said casually.I didn’t wait for an answer. I wrote his address that I already had in my phone on the receipt and handed it to her. With that, I grabbed my wife’s red heels. Brian and I stood up and walked towards the exit.Things were definitely starting to heat up.As Brian and I got closer to the restroom, my wife and Dan appeared. Dan was adjusting the crotch of his pants and you could see the noticeably large bulge. My wife pulled at her dress, flattening out the wrinkles, her face looked flushed.She walked over and gave me a kiss on the cheek.”I think I’ll ride with Dan to his house. Why don’t you and Brian follow us”? she stated.”Sounds good!” Brian answered excitedly.”Ok, sure,” I agreed, handing my wife her heels.Brian held her steady as she slipped them back on both feet.”Dan. you weren’t kidding. She does have GREAT feet. And I’m not even a foot guy!” Brian exclaimed.Once outside, Brian held open the passenger door to Dan’s truck for my wife. She climbed up and in. She immediately took both heels off again, placing her hose-covered feet up on the dashboard.”Man, you are lucky. You got a real wild one!” Brian said to me as he closed her door.”Follow me,” Dan shouted.I started our car and Brian hopped in. I waited for Dan to pull out, but he didn’t move. After a few seconds, my wife looked over at us and smiled. She then lowered her head towards Dan’s lap.”I guess she couldn’t wait to get a hold of Dan’s cock again,” I chuckled to Brian.”I can’t say I blame her. He’s huge!” Brian said.”Yes, he is,” I agreed.Dan pulled off, I followed closely behind. Every now and then we could catch a glimpse of my wife’s head coming up for air from Dan’s lap. She must have been giving him some great road head, he was driving slow.We drove about ten minutes when I saw my wife’s head come up, and then she moved further away from Dan.Shit. I bet he came in her mouth, I thought.Just then, my wife moved around some more. Out of concern, I pulled up next to Dan’s truck on the driver’s side since he was in the right lane. As we got closer, I realized what she was doing. My wife was now turned sideways on her seat, and she had both of her feet pulled up and was holding them inches from Dan’s face. Brian and I got a clear view of both of her hose-covered soles.”Wow! I hope you don’t mind me saying this, but I want to play with your wife’s little feet so bad!” Brian said, never taking his eyes off what was going on in Dan’s truck.”I don’t blame you at all, so do I!” I replied back, stealing as many looks as I could without crashing.I slowed back down and got behind them again. I could vaguely make out what I thought was Dan now giving her feet kisses. This went on for only a minute or two before her feet were lowered out of view. I imagine this is when she started stroking his cock with her feet, she would later tell me about.Finally, a neighborhood. Well, not much of the neighbors to be exact. Dan’s house was in a cul-de-sac, his nearest neighbor had to be a good quarter-mile away. Dan pulled up the windy driveway and into the garage. I followed, parking just outside the door.Dan was out first. He walked around the back of his truck towards Brian and me. I noticed his cock was hard, and sticking out of the fly of his pants. He gave us a thumbs up and went to help my wife out of his truck. Brian and I stepped into the garage just as her red heels clicked on the concrete.Dan put his left arm behind her upper back and reached down to her legs with his right. In one quick swoop, he picked my wife up like a doll.”Ahh!” she squealed.Dan carried her into his house as if it was their wedding night. My wife reached down with her left hand and gave his cock a few playful strokes.We made our way through the kitchen and into an oversized living room. It was outfitted with a huge half-circle couch big enough to easily seat six people. Across from that were a large loveseat and rectangular ottoman in front of it.Dan set my wife down gently on the loveseat.”Let me get some drinks and some music. Then we all can enjoy what we came here for,” he said.Brian joined me on the couch, but we sat at opposite ends.My wife kicked her heels up on the ottoman and mouthed “I love you” to me. I mouthed it back to her.Some soft music started playing in the background. You could hear Dan still in the kitchen.”Would you like some help with those sexy red heels?” Brian asked my wife, inching closer to the end of the couch.”If you take them off, you owe me a foot rub,” my wife told him.”Deal,” and Brian moved to the ottoman.”Can I tell you, I’m not even a foot guy, but something about your feet is so sexy,” he said.”Yeah?” my wife teased.”Yeah. I’m an ass guy at heart. And you have such a cute little ass too,” he continued.I guess I should describe Brian for you. He was shorter than me, probably 5’10”, with a few extra pounds around his waist. I would guess 180-185lbs. He wore his hair short and combed over to the right. It was a salt and pepper mix. Brian had to be a few years older Buca escort bayan than Dan’s age of early fifties. He was dressed nicely in black slacks and a light blue button-up shirt.I was sitting directly across from my wife on the couch. I had the perfect view as Brian lifted her left leg slightly with his right hand. I noticed my wife’s dress slid up her leg a bit. Brian then used his left hand, and grabbed the heel, and wiggled it off her foot. He held her little foot up as he set her heel down next to him. I couldn’t take my eyes off her smooth sole. It was my favorite part of the foot.Brian gently set her left foot down on top of his right thigh. Then did the same with her right foot. Once both of her heels were set down next to him, Brian started his massage. He took turns rotating between rubbing her left foot, then her right. He fumbled around a bit, obvious to me he hasn’t given many foot massages before. My wife, however, was not complaining. In fact, she had tipped her head back slightly and closed her eyes.Each time Brian raised a leg to massage her feet, her dress crept up further and further. I’m not sure if Brian noticed, but I certainly did. I took a break from ogling her feet to see if my wife was wearing any panties. My curiosity was soon answered, she was not.So now I wondered did she ever have them on, or were they removed in the restaurant restroom?It couldn’t have been more than five minutes when Dan returned. He was holding a tray with a bottle of scotch, an ice bucket, and four glasses. He set them down on the table which stirred my wife to open her eyes. She thanked Brian for his massage, pulling her feet from his lap and tucked them under her side.”I see you guys started without me,” Dan teased.”Just a foot rub, nothing crazy,” Brian answered.My wife gave me a smile, then looked at Dan. Her eyes were filled with lust. I noticed Dan decided to put his cock back in his pants while he got the drinks in the kitchen.Dan continued to pour us all a drink, handing them out to each of us. We all took a big gulp, downing our glasses. Dan then took a seat on the couch, opposite end of me, closest to the ottoman. My wife rose to her feet and walked over to me. She leaned down, kissing me on the lips. I leaned forward, kissing her back. I knew now she was feeling really horny.She broke off our kiss and walked over to Dan. My wife leaned forward, now kissing him on the lips. Dan kissed back, opening his mouth. Brian and I watched as the two of them took turns sliding their tongues into each other’s mouths. She then broke off her kiss with Dan. She spun around, causing her dress to raise up, giving us all a quick glance of her pantyhose-covered ass.She now took the few steps to Brian, still sitting on the ottoman, next to her heels. My wife took a hold of each of his arms, pulling him up to his feet. She got on her knees in front of him. She used both hands to untie his belt, then the button on his pants, and finally his zipper. She pulled his pants open and reach inside with her right hand.”Mm, what do we have here?” she asked.She yanked down on his boxer briefs with her left hand, releasing his cock, which she held in her right.”What a fat cock you have Brian,” she said in a low voice.”Mm, thank you,” was all he could muster.My wife now began stroking his cock with her right hand. I have to admit, it was fat. Her fingers were fully wrapped around it, and they were about 2-3″ apart from touching. She then playfully gave his head a few licks. You could see Brian already was having some pre-cum ooze out.”Mmm, that tastes good,” my wife said.”Are you going to eat my ass?” she continued, in between licks of his fat cock head.Brian moaned, “Mmm, yes…”My wife then took his whole cock head in her mouth and sucked, still stroking his fat shaft with her right hand.”I’m not sure this will fit in my ass, but I’d love to try,” she teased with her talking.”I’d love to try too,” Brian said.At this point, Dan scooted off the couch and onto the floor behind my wife. He grabbed her dress from the bottom on each side, pulling it up and off her. She had to let go of Brian’s cock for a second to have it removed.Dan then stood up, pulling his pants off, then his boxers. Once off, he moved over to the left side of my wife. She immediately reached out and grabbed a hold of his cock with her left hand. I looked on in awe, as she stroked a cock in each hand. I was amazed at seeing the size of Dan’s monster cock again, and now his friend Brian as well. He was now fully erect. Not as long as Dan, but he was a bit thicker. I guessed a solid 8″.I decided I should get more comfortable as well, so I stood up and quickly removed my pants and boxer briefs. My 5″ cock was already standing at full attention. My wife noticed and motioned for me with her right hand to join them.I walked over and stood to the left of Brian. My wife looked so sexy down there. She rarely sucked cock, but when she did, it felt incredible. She had a cock in her mouth, and a cock in each hand at all times. I was so worked up I could already feel my balls tingling.”Oh shit, I’m gonna cum,” I announced.My wife quickly moved her right hand off my cock and wrapped it around Brian’s. She then leaned over and swallowed all the way down on my cock. I erupted down her throat, jet after jet. After I stopped spasming, I backed away, sitting on the edge of the couch again.My wife now used both hands to work on Dan’s monster cock while sucking Brian. After a minute, she swapped.”Uhh…my turn!” Dan said.My wife turned her attention to Dan. She used both hands and her mouth, sending him over the edge. Dan grabbed at her head, pulling her mouth deeper onto his cock. I watched on as Dan came in her mouth and throat. It must have been a large amount because she was struggling to keep it all in her mouth, oozing out of the sides of her mouth.Brian watched and stroked himself. He wasn’t far behind Dan.”Oh fuck, here I cum,” Brian groaned.My wife finished with Dan, then turned to face Brian. She tilted her head back, closed her eyes and opened her mouth wide. Brian gave himself a few more strokes before the first rope shot across her face. Then another, and another. Brian shot off six ropes of what looked like thick cum. My wife’s eyes were glued shut, and she had a fair amount in her mouth.Dan excused himself to get my wife a towel. Brian sat back down on the ottoman, panting. Dan returned quickly and handed my wife the towel to clean herself up. We all agreed that that was a good start to the night.”Well, that was fun and all, but who’s gonna take care of me now?” my wife said, as she wiped all the cum off her face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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