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Self release, in Public’Clackity Clack’, ‘Clackity Clack’, ‘Clackity Clack’, the sound the morning commuter train makes as it speeds across the tracks, hypnotically sending you back to sleep, and as you hold onto the overhead grip, wavering and heaving along with all those other commuters, unfortunate enough not to get a seat, on long this journey into the capital.The silence is deafening, with the exception of the odd cough and rustle of the morning paper, of those with a seat.The outside air is cold, very cold, and the sky is still dark and as you peer into the darkness you see all the reflections of those around you, bouncing off the blackness and the cold, outside, reflected back into the light and heat of inside. You note those sleeping and their little peculiar nuances, something you would only see if you watched them in the privacy of their own homes.With so many crushed together your sense of personal space is suppressed, a general unspoken acceptance, as we are all in the same boat, so to speak, so you bear the bodily contact, the rubbing up against you, up close and personal and you pick out the odd feel or touch, subliminally administered from an admirer, who would not normally get that close to take advantage.As you hang onto your strap your arm is heavy and when you shuffle your feet you immediately touch another persons foot, so close, you feel trapped, then you realize, istanbul escort he is rubbing your shoe, playing ‘Footsy’, and wondering if I will respond and let him venture further.As you look you realize you are surrounded by men, in front and behind, sitting to the left and right, how many are sporting, ‘A Morning Woody’ a need for sex with any female at hand, someone like myself, trapped amongst them, powerless to move and so warm and soft, curvaceous and sexy, a girl who might just feel the way they do, so another touch is administered, more daring and a tad more touchy feely, as it was more lingering with slightly more pressure, a crossover touch, the point where the administrator was testing my resolve to object or accept.He or they knew I was now aware I was being groped for sex and as I stood there with my mind racing and part fantasizing, I become aware of the rivulets of sweat running down my armpits, between my breasts, down my tummy and into my crotch.’OK’ I think, ‘If he does it again I shall confront him’, no condemnation or hysterics, just a firm look should do the trick, and I wait for his touch.There are strong overtures of sexual innuendo in the air as I wait and wait. Suddenly I am getting frustrated waiting for that touch and subconsciously move back a little and make contact, now I am happy, he is there, closer than I thought, so now he will surely touch.I beylikdüzü escort now realized I was wanting him to take advantage of the situation, I was open to his advances, there would be no reprimands or objections, I was open to be felt-up, groped or what-ever term meant, ‘Work your Woody here’.He must have been reading my mind at that point in time because I felt his hand across my buttocks and I stood firm in my spot as he pressed closer into me. It was a nice feeling that snugly fitted in between the length of my buttocks, firm and thick, warm, generating its own heat, transmitted through my thin cotton dress, aided be the fact I was not wearing panties, and onto my naked flesh, where it was absorbed, stoking my heat in my loins, lubricating my own desires.As we rocked with the motion of the train, I added another dimension of motion, the third, a slight ‘Up and Down’ as I rode his shaft with its bulbous head occasionally snagging my anal entrance, as high as I could go on my toes, and rode back down, my dress rising up with his cock buried in its folds. My heart pounded and I cared not a jot who saw us, we were too far gone, it was not my fault if they are now offended, after all our lead up to this point was obvious, they must have seen us tease each other and have expected this too happen.His grip on my hips was firm and masterly and when the man to our left stood up esenyurt escort and moved in front of me, I slightly panicked as I suddenly thought we were arriving, but we were not, no he stood up and put his hands behind his back and pressed them into my pussy.So we were observed and the men around were enjoying the spectacle of my being dry fucked.I dropped my arm from the overhead strap onto the man in front’s shoulder and brought my other arm into the same position on his other shoulder. The act of submission was now clear for all to see, and as if to emphasize it, I felt extra hands freely explore my legs, as they were pulled apart, be eager onlookers seated either side of the isle.My skirt was up around my waist when he entered me, pushing past the man in fronts fingers, that were buried in deep, and together they double fucked me in that fashion, while men reached in and did their thing.I never would have thought that ordinary men would have jumped into line in a very public gang-bang, but I guess free pussy is hard to pass-up when on offer, I mean after all, I never objected as I was caught up with all the excitement, even though they were excited with me, talk about positive feedback.Well if learnt something that day it is that I have sympathy for females who find themselves being gang-banged, and actually enjoying the experience, you see, I think most women crave multiple partners during sex, a good average being three, and strange to say, we are all equipped to manage three at a time b nature.Either way hope this little morning adventure gives you the release you need, in private or in public, your choice

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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