Seductive Dreams Ch. 08

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It took me a while, but I finally made it. I knew where Mel lived as I have been there before….but in the dark it looks quite different. Knowing that she lives with an alley behind her home, I proceeded to park on the street around the corner and find the alley to her house. As I thought and was planning she left her gate unlocked. I clicked open the gate and with my package of cute panties I picked out for her at Victoria Secrets and some flowers of course I quietly walked towards her patio door.

The door was left open just a little as she promised me and I noticed that there was a light flickering in that back. I closed the patio door and slowly walked to the light. I could hear a soft music in the background.

As I got closer Mel was laying quietly on the bed with a book in her hands.


She jumped a bit and smiled when she saw me.

“Come in and close the door” she said. “So is this all for me?” she questioned.

I nodded at her and she blushed a bit.

“Been a long time since I got flowers!” she gushed.

She grabbed me and put her arms around me and jumped up to straddle me and we started to kiss. As she pulled away, she said, “Now it’s my turn to take care of you! Take off all of your clothes and lay on the bed!” she said.

Sliding down my body she ran into the bathroom and I took off my clothes like she wanted me too.

I laid on the bed in the center and waiting for what seemed like forever. Then finally she came out of the bathroom wearing a black lacy nightgown and panties with red straps to hold the garters in place.

Laying naked on her bed she climbed onto the bed and started to massage and kiss my feet and then went to the ankles and then the leg and so forth. Eventually getting to my crotch, which was very lazy and soft until she got to my knees. When she reached my crotch, I was fully erect and ready for a party.

I Trabzon Escort didn’t realize but she prepared for this evening all day. Candles, music, lotion and restraints. It wasn’t much for restraints but nylons can be quite intimidating.

“I need you not to move, so I am going to tie you up….”she smiled at me as she slid up onto my crotch and her pussy was teasing my cock as she rocked a bit back and forth not allowing my cock to penetrate her.

Grabbing one arm and tying the nylon to my wrist and then to the bed post and then the other one, she giggled and said “I have you where I want you!!!!”

She grabbed the lotion and squirted some onto my arm and massaged my arm and then the other arm, doing the same thing. The lotion was edible and a fruity flavor. Each time she would massage my body parts, she would then lick then clean and go somewhere else.

I would feverishly make attempts at trying to aim my cock into her hole, but she valiantly made sure that she would move each time I made a move.

She put lotion on my nipples and then licked it off and working down my body she slid down too. When she got to my cock, she lightly licked the head and really softly a couple of licks on the shaft, but didn’t do much. Each touch of her tongue made my cock jolt with excitement and Mel giggled each time she had me in fits. Before she moved on from my cock she dribbled juts a little lotion onto the top of my cock and left it there.

Going down my leg with the lotion and licking it off she made to my ankles and then to my feet and then my toes.

But then it happened. She started to play with herself and massaging her clit and penetrating a finger then two inside her pussy. Just playing with herself teasing me as I begged her to let me fuck her.

She then with a few strokes of her fingers began to have her orgasm and cum on her fingers. When Escort Trabzon she was done she pulled them out and reached up and put them towards my mouth and I opened up and sucked on her fingers. Her cum was sweet and warm surrounding her fingers.

Then she went back down to my feet. She took my ankles and pushed them forward, so that my knees bent up and spread. She had full access to balls and my cock. She spread out my legs and began licking my ball sack and sucking my balls. I knew if she continued I was going to cum right there and not get inside of her. She eventually started to make her way up and around and to the shaft of my cock. The head still covered in the edible lotion she slowly licked my shaft like it was a popsicle. Eventually making her way around the whole head without touching the head itself.

Then it was like a cat pouncing on a rat. She slammed her head down on my cock and sucked me for all I was worth. Up and down my shaft she went taking in the majority of my cock deep into her throat and it felt unbelievable. Too see her bright red lips wrapped around my cock taking in almost all 8 inches and her blonde hair bouncing back and forth was sights too see.

She was working my cock with reckless abandon. Then without any notice or slowing down she stopped and plopped out of her mouth my cock stood then hard as a rock, glistening with her saliva and my pre-cum mixed across my cock. She then climbed up on top of my waist area and took off her top and unleashed her breasts to me. She put a little lotion on one nipple and then off it to me to lick off and then another. Back and forth this happened. As she continued, little did I realize, she positioned herself onto my cock and slid down on top very slowly and continued to tease me with her tits.

After a few minutes I began to realize that she did this and I tried to force myself to push Trabzon Escort Bayan in harder and harder and fuck her pussy, but when I moved she warned me…..

“Don’t you move I am in charge now!” she growled at me.

So I listened for once in my life and she took over and slowly fucked my cock. Up and down slowly and rode my cock and sometimes, she would ride a little faster and then a little slower. She even turned around on me and rode me backwards. I could see her little tight asshole this way and her pussy riding my cock.

She was making sure that I was going to explode when I came. At times, my cock would pulsate a bit and she would stop everything and sit there on my cock.

She did this for quite sometime. She even came again, but wouldn’t let me cum. The she climbed off my cock and started to untie me and she let me go.

She snuggled up to me and said, “I want you to get on top and make love to me” with a tear in her eye.

She lay back on her bed and I climbed on top of her and pressed my cock into her pussy and slowly it entered.

I slowly fucked her for quite sometime, allowing her to cum twice more. I had my cum building up and she was getting tired. Her pussy was so sloppy wet from all of the sex we have had over the last hour or so.

“Jim, cum….I need you to cum inside me. I want to feel you cum inside me!” she begged.

I began to pick up the pace which brought out moans and cries from her mouth. I tried to muffle them as much as I could and I fucked her harder and harder. I could feel it happening. After such a long dramatic pause, that I created, I unleashed my cock deep inside her pussy and with several long pulsations, my cock exploded inside of her pussy as I came.

I soon stopped and collapsed onto of Mel.

I soon slid down off of her and she slid out and off the bed as cum drooled out of her pussy and on the bed.

She jumped into her shower and I joined her for a late night cleansing of the minds. We fucked in the shower again and one more time on her floor, before I left.

I dressed myself and she walked me to the gate and I proceeded to leave wondering what may happen tomorrow at work.

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